Description for Birthstone: Albite

Albite is the lucky stone for detectives, librarians, archivists and information specialists. The stone's vibrations enhance and support that part of the mind, which organizes information into logical categories, hierarchies and structures. Meditating with a piece of Albite helps to make sense out of experiences and events that are seemingly chaotic. But in truth everything in the universe and in life is a sequence of cause and effect, even those events which cannot be logically explained at first sight. By finding the cause of an occurrence, you can understand and explain the meaning of it and this will enable you to learn from the experience, draw conclusions and make the necessary changes to insure more positive outcomes in the future.

Whenever, you plan an important project, you can meditate with a piece of Albite. Simply hold a piece of Albite in your left hand and focus your mind on your options as well as your goals. This will help you to make the right choices for ensuring a successful completion of that project.

Place a piece of Albite on your desk to aid you in organizing your thoughts whilst wording a written text. All forms of writing involve a basic mental process of selecting the right words to express your thoughts in a clear and comprehensible text. Albite's energies stimulate and aid your brain in this mental process.

If your life is in a turmoil and full of unexpected events, then keeping a piece of Albite in your pocket or medicine pouch will help you to summon the courage and stamina needed for venturing into the unknown. Moreover, the stone's energies will enhance your self-confidence and resolve to take decisive action rather than being a passive victim of fate.

Sleeping with a piece of Albite under your pillow will stimulate your subconscious mind to receive and transmit Divine inspiration for finding creative solutions to life's trials and tribulations. When you wake up the next morning you will feel renewed mental energy, this will allow you to adjust to the changes in the course of your life.

Albite is also the lucky stone for having a "Eureka" experience in research. Scientists and scholars, who are trying to create a breakthrough in their research, can sleep with a piece of Albite under their pillow. The energies of the stone will help the subconscious mind receive new perspectives for understanding the laws of nature. This will help the conscious mind gain new and revolutionary insights into the subject being researched that will lead to a breakthrough in the research.