Chrysanthemum Stone

Description for Birthstone: Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone is a black rock with white patterns that resemble chrysanthemum flowers. The black rock is a combination of Gypsum, Dolomite, and Limestone and the white "Chrysanthemum flowers" are minute crystals of Calcite, Feldspar, Celestite or Andalusite within the black rock. This unusual stone was first discovered in Japan, but today it is also mined in China, Canada and the USA.

The Chrysanthemum Stone vibrates the energies of the chrysanthemum flower. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize lifetime happiness and longevity. Similarly, the Chrysanthemum Stone is a stone of self-fulfillment that attracts opportunities for living one's dreams.

Sleeping or meditating with a piece of Chrysanthemum Stone, will enable you to receive Divine messages that will guide you in finding your true purpose in life. Wearing or carrying a piece of Chrysanthemum Stone will help you to see the Divine Synchronicities in your life and learn from them.

Chrysanthemum Stone is a stone of balance and unity. Its vibrations help to harmonize between contrasting energies and blend complimentary forces into one unified power: the physical with the spiritual, the masculine with the feminine, the concrete with the abstract, the active with the passive. As such, it is an ideal stone for manifesting spirituality in the physical reality, transforming an idea into a concrete action, and making a dream come true.

Chrysanthemum Stone is the lucky gemstone for those who are young at heart and wish to retain their childlike carefree attitude as well as their fun-loving nature. Its energies protect one from the harsh realities of adult life and wards off anyone or anything that could cause disillusionment or the loss of innocence.

People who are stuck in their rut will find the Chrysanthemum Stone a very helpful ally for breaking out of the vicious circle that is inhibiting their spiritual development. The stone's vibrations imbue a person with the necessary courage and will power for embracing change by raising their spiritual awareness.

Just like a blossoming chrysanthemum flower, the Chrysanthemum Stone can serve as a talisman for renewal and abundance. The energies of this stone increase fertility both on the physical and spiritual level. You can give a Chrysanthemum Stone to a pregnant woman or a newborn baby as a personal talisman for protection. Business owners can place a Chrysanthemum Stone on their counter to attract more customers and increase sales.

Shamans and light workers can meditate or sleep with a piece of Chrysanthemum Stone to induce psychic visions, dreams and telepathic communications. Furthermore, many psychics and clairvoyants use the Chrysanthemum Stone for scrying and time travel.