Description for Birthstone: Purpurite


Purpurite is a high vibrational stone used by shamans, psychics and light workers for spiritual ascension. The stone's vibrations offer support in times of change and chaos. By rising above the limitations of the comfort zone and connecting to the spiritual realms, a person can unleash his dormant inner strength to embrace change. Often people are trapped in a fixed routine and become dependent on what is familiar and predictable. Moreover, Purpurite assists us in breaking out of old habits and behavioral patterns to live a more spiritually evolved life. The stone's vibrations expand our perspective and raise our spiritual awareness; this automatically releases us from our narrow-minded egocentric thought patterns and allows us to understand how others see us. Hence, Purpurite promotes cooperation and mutual understanding.

This stone displays pleochroism, exhibiting grey in the X-axis and magenta in the Y-axis and Z-axis. Grey is the color of old age. Grey symbolizes the wisdom, which comes with old age because it is the accumulation of life's experiences. Magenta is both the beginning as well as the end of the color spectrum, the alpha and the omega. As such, magenta symbolizes death and rebirth, evolution and spiritual ascension.

Purpurite is the lucky stone for teachers, writers, orators and spiritual leaders. Its energies help writers and orators find the right words for broadcasting their ideas and thoughts. In addition, the stone guards against misunderstandings and ensures the message contained in the words is correctly understood.

Purpurite is a majestic stone; its vibrations give its wearer or bearer an air of royalty and authority. If you want to be heard and have your words taken seriously, wear a silver pendant set with a piece of Purpurite on a chain just over your heart or on a chocker over your throat.

Purpurite is a powerful dream stone. Sleeping or meditating with a piece of Purpurite will induce lucid dreaming as well as clear the mind and heart from all forms of negative thought patterns.

If your heart has been broken by unfulfilled love or personal tragedy, Purpurite's healing energies will not only offer you comfort but also open your heart to allow a new love to enter your life. Here are the simple steps for meditating with Purpurite:

1. Lie comfortably in bed on your back.

2. Close your eyes and hold with your right hand a piece of Purpurite against your heart.

3. You will immediately feel your pulse slowing down as the stones loving energies infuse your whole being.

4. Before falling asleep place the Purpurite under your pillow.