Black Phantom Quartz

Description for Birthstone: Black Phantom Quartz

Black Phantom Quartz is a variety of Quartz with "Phantom" inclusions of black carbon or manganese. Some of the most outstanding specimens of Black Phantom Quartz have been found in Arkansas, USA.

Generally, every person has been raised with a part of themselves denied and rejected as "unacceptable" by family, community and members of one's culture. Each culture has its accepted norms, rules and taboos. All those suppressed parts of your personality and inner world comprise your shadow self. Hence, we each have two sides to ourselves: our official face, the way that others see us, and our true face, the way we really are. Our shadow self is part of our true face. However, many of us are quite unaware about the hidden parts of our personality. This prevents us both from manifesting our full potential and also causes us to neglect our subconscious traumas and wounds until they reach a point of eruption.

Furthermore, subconscious memories which we carry with us from our past lives constitute a substantial portion of our shadow self. Hence, past life therapy is an important part of learning about our shadow self. Sleeping or meditating with a Black Phantom Quartz helps to bring into our conscious mind those memories from our past lives, which can shed light on our shadow self.

Meditating and praying with a piece of Black Phantom Quartz allows us to discover those parts of our shadow self that have been previously unknown to our conscious self. Also sleeping with a piece of Black Phantom Quartz allows us to encounter our shadow self in our dreams and thereby gain a deeper understanding of who we really are.

Black Phantom Quartz is the lucky stone for psychics, shamans, counselors, educators and writers. Many counselors find answers for other people's issues by means of introspection. By understanding oneself, it becomes easier to understand others. The Divine light within our spirits connects us all on a metaphysical level. This enables us to learn from other people's experiences.

The Black Phantom Quartz is a powerful cleansing and protection stone. The first step to deep healing is the cleansing of the aura from all forms of negativity and harmful energies. The second step is to create a protective circle around us in order to shield off any possible negative forces impacting the aura. Therefore, carrying or wearing a Black Phantom Quartz point serves as a protective talisman to help eliminate all the psychic debris that are causing one's physical and psychological issues as well as protect one from any harmful influences in the future.