Red Tiger Eye Birthstone


Red Tiger Eye Birthstone

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Ox Eye or Bull's Eye, helps to counteract lethargy and enhances motivation. Healers use Red Tiger Eye in crystal layouts to increase the flow of Qi. In traditional Chinese Medicine, the "flow of Qi" is the flow of life force, breath, energy, or in other words the immortal spirit.

Red Tiger Eye is the crystal that is associated with the Bull totem animal. It's invigorating energy offers the courage and strength to stand up to any form of bullying. This crystalline ally will help you to keep your calm in stressful situations and avoid losing your temper. Whenever you feel that you are about to reach the end of your tether, do the following meditation with a piece of Red Tiger Eye (raw or tumbled):

1. Lie comfortably on your back, either in bed or on your living room couch.

2. Hold with your right hand a piece of Red Tiger Eye against your heart.

3. Close your eyes and focus your intentions on letting the crystal's energies infuse your whole being with youthful energy.

4. Inhale fresh air through your nostrils.

5. Exhale as much as you can through your mouth until no air is left in your lungs. As you exhale the air focus your intention on releasing all forms of negativity.

6. Close your mouth and automatically inhale the air through your nostrils. Do not let your conscious mind interfere with your automatic inhaling. Your breathing will feel like a vacuum cleaner sucking in the air. As the air comes rushing into your lungs focus your intention on absorbing Divine love and light.

7. Repeat this breathing exercise until you feel energized.

Red Tiger Eye is a powerful money stone, which is used as a talisman for increasing one's cash flow. In business, the Red Tiger Eye will boost your self-confidence and stamina to see a transaction through to the end, be it negotiating with a supplier, making a sale or dealing with a customer complaint.

Red Tiger Eye elixir is very helpful when trying to lose weight. Here is a simple way to prepare your own Red Tiger Eye elixir:

1. Fill a glass decanter with distilled water.

2. Rinse a piece of Red Tiger Eye under running tap water. Whilst rinsing the stone, focus your intentions on cleansing your stone from all forms of negativity.

3. Place the piece of Red Tiger Eye into the water filled decanter whilst focusing your intentions on magnetizing the water with the stone's healing energies.

4. Light a candle on the windowsill in your kitchen.

5. Place the decanter with the Red Tiger Eye inside it near the candle so that the candle's light shines on the water and crystal.

6. The gemstone elixir will be ready for use after the candle has gone out.

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