Description for Birthstone: Iolite-Sunstone

Iolite-Sunstone has recently been discovered in India. This high-vibrational stone is a beautiful combination of Iolite and Sunstone. The synergetic combination of these two rock types produces a unique vibration that enhances your power to manifest your desires and dreams in the physical world. By meditating with pieces of Iolite-Sunstone in both hands, you can use guided imagery to visualize in your mind's eye what you wish to manifest (in other words, the desired change or outcome of an effort). Like for example, if you want lose weight you can visualize yourself more slender than you are now or if you want to acquire a new car, you can visualize yourself driving the car you want to have.

Parents and educators who want to create a change for the better in the behavior of their child or pupil, can make him/her a personalized amulet with a piece of Iolite-Sunstone (raw or set in a piece of jewelry). To do so, take an Iolite-Sunstone into your right hand and pray for that youngster whilst focusing your intentions on drawing Divine Light into the crystal to help him/her see the truth and realize what is best for them.

Furthermore, Iolite-Sunstone is the lucky crystal for artists and visionaries, as well as mathematicians, lawyers and economists. If you are studying law, economy or art you can wear a piece of jewelry set with an Iolite-Sunstone or keep a raw piece with you in your pocket or medicine pouch. The crystal's energies will inspire your creative thinking capabilities, expand your mental horizons and help you to think outside the box.

Iolite-Sunstone is a stone of inner vision and clairvoyance. Therefore, if you place a piece of Iolite-Sunstone under your pillow before falling asleep, you will be able to receive clear night visions that offer you a glimpse into the future or into one of your past lives.

Artists, musicians, writers and poets who are experiencing a creative block, can set in motion a new flow of creativity by working with the crystal's energies. First of all, place a piece of Iolite-Sunstone on your desk and gaze at it allowing your ideas come forth without inhibition. After that take your dream/meditation diary and start jotting down words, drawings, sketches and ideas as they come to mind. Then close your diary and put it back in place. Later when you go to sleep, place that piece of Iolite-Sunstone under your pillow. The following day you will wake up with fresh creativity.