Blue Nephrite Jade

Description for Birthstone: Blue Nephrite Jade

Blue Nephrite Jade

The Blue Nephrite Jade is also known as "Vonsen Blue Jade", because it was first discovered in 1949 by Magnus Vonsen, a well known U.S. rock hound. Magnus Vonsen found deposits of Blue Nephrite Jade on his ranch in Marin County, north of Petaluma, California. The stone's natural chatoyancy gives it a soft blue velvety look like the starlit clear night sky with a bright Moon. Hence, a Blue Nephrite Jade with a smooth surface is just the perfect stone for scrying. Not surprisingly, the Blue Nephrite Jade is the lucky stone for stargazers, musicians and poets.

Meditating with a piece of Blue Nephrite Jade can boost your artistic creativity and inspire you with new ideas. By holding a piece of Blue Nephrite Jade in your hand during meditation, especially at midnight, you have the potential for receiving new melodies from the higher spheres by means of clairaudience. Alternatively, if you place a piece of Blue Nephrite Jade under your pillow before going to sleep and focus your intention on opening up to receiving Divine inspiration, then you will be able to "hear" the celestial bodies sing, or "read" sacred texts from the Akashic Records in your dreams.

Furthermore, the Blue Nephrite Jade's energies will enhance your telepathic communicative abilities with the plant world. This is one of the reasons why the Blue Nephrite Jade is such a wonderful crystalline ally for Herbalists to use when selecting the right medicinal plants for preparing healing essences. Moreover, if you place your healing herbs to dry in a Paua Shell (Abalone), or a bowl made of glass or wood together with a piece of Blue Nephrite Jade, then the crystal's energies will greatly enhance the healing powers of your herbs.

Individuals with a greedy nature can wear a piece of jewelry set with a Blue Nephrite Jade to help them curb their urge to grab for themselves more than their fair share. If someone dear to you finds it difficult to be happy with what he/she has, then gift them with a piece of Blue Nephrite Jade or a piece of Jewelry set with a Blue Nephrite Jade as a personal talisman to help them gain control over their self-destructive greediness.

Astrologers can meditate with a Blue Nephrite Jade pendulum to help them tune into the rhythms of the celestial bodies. This will help them gain a deeper insight into the cosmic influences of the transiting planets and their effects on our lives here on planet earth.