White Opal

Description for Birthstone: White Opal

White Opal

The precious White Opal is the most common variety of precious Opals. It is mined worldwide; however, the main source for precious White Opals is Australia, especially in the town of Coober Pedy, which is known as the "Opal Capital of the World". Thus, not surprisingly, Opals are the national stone of Australia.

NASA published a statement in late 2008, that deposits of opal were found on Mars. Indeed, precious White Opal vibrates the energies of Mars in Capricorn. Furthermore, Capricorn is Mars' sign of exaltation. Hence, the precious White Opal arouses in its wearer or bearer the ambition to succeed. Moreover, the stone gives you the stamina to invest the effort and hard work needed for accomplishing the goals you set yourself. As the saying goes: Success is the reward for hard work.

Precious White Opal has been a popular gemstone used in jewelry. Wearing a precious White Opal on a gold chain will enhance your personal charisma and make people hear what you have to say.

The precious White Opal is like a lantern, which carries the Divine fire that dissolves all forms of negativity and transmutes it into positive creative energies. The transmutation process is sublime and gradual without causing trauma. The stone simply raises our spiritual awareness to motivate us to direct our inner fire (such as anger, restlessness, and frustrations) towards creative activities for the highest good of all.

Precious White Opals radiate the energies of optimism, joy and lightheartedness. Therefore, whenever you are in a bad mood or feel overburdened by life's ups and downs, meditate with this crystal or simply gaze at its play of colors. You will feel your spirits rising the moment you see the colors dancing like tiny lights on the surface of this beautiful gem. The happy energies of this lovely gem will put a smile on anyone's face. If someone you care about is going through a hard time, give them a precious White Opal, as a personal talisman for finding new joy in life.

The precious White Opal is the lucky stone for business people. The stone provides mental clarity and heightened perception when negotiating a deal with a supplier or a customer. It also gives one an aura of credibility, which helps to earn the trust of the potential client.

The precious White Opal is a powerful manifestation crystal. It is particularly helpful for finding one's soulmate. A husband can give his wife a gold ring set with a precious White Opal as a sign for the eternity of their love.