Purple Fluorite

Description for Birthstone: Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite is the stone of Divine inspiration and spiritual evolution. Shamans, psychics and light workers use Purple Fluorite for astral travel and accessing the Akashic records.

Meditating with a Purple Fluorite enables time travel, remote viewing and telepathic communication. Telepathic communication entails both transmitting as well as receiving thoughts and feelings to and from someone in a different location. For telepathic transmission, hold a Purple Fluorite wand in your right hand with your eyes shut and visualize in your mind's eye the person you wish to communicate with and verbalize the message you intend to send them. After you've telepathically sent your message, transfer the Purple Fluorite wand to your left hand, close your eyes and focus your intentions on receiving whatever message is sent to you. Usually when someone is thinking about you or wanting to establish a telepathic communication with you then their face will appear in your mind's eye.

There are two ways for receiving telepathic messages: (1) by means of psychic communication, or (2) by means of Divine synchronicities. The vibrations of the Purple Fluorite raise our spiritual awareness and aid us in reading the messages contained in Divine synchronicities.

Purple Fluorite is a high vibrational stone that emits ultraviolet light for protection against psychic attacks, ill-wishing, black magic and the Evil Eye. The stone's ultraviolet light fortifies the aura, making it impenetrable. Hence, any negative energies are automatically repelled by the aura and reflected back to the sender.

Purple Fluorite is a powerful purification stone. Individuals who are bogged down by past traumas, frustrations, resentments or any other type of hard feelings, can meditate or sleep with a piece of Purple Fluorite. The stone's energies help to release all negative feelings and fill one's being with fresh energies of optimism and hope. If someone you care about has gone through a bereavement or is recovering from an illness, give them a piece of Purple Fluorite as a personal talisman for healing.

Purple Fluorite's grounding energies help to keep one firmly rooted on the ground during all forms of psychic activities. The stone's energies help to unclutter the mind and keep one focused on the task at hand. On the one hand, Purple Fluorite inspires one with new creative ideas, but on the other hand, it helps one to put those new ideas into physical form.

Earth healers and geomancers can use the Purple Fluorite for gridding and creating crystal layouts against geopathic, electromagnetic and computer stress. The stone's vibrations protect against the harmful influences of all types of radiation.