Description for Birthstone: Rhodolite

Rhodolite, also known as Rhodolite Garnet, is a natural combination of Almandine and Pyrope Garnet. The stone's name comes from the Greek words meaning 'rose like'. The color ranges from rose red to pink and violet.

Like a blossoming rose, Rhodolite is a stone of royalty. It is the lucky stone for leaders, rulers, executives and anyone holding a position of authority.

Carrying or wearing a piece of Rhodolite will boost your personal charm, enhance your charisma and give you an air of majesty. The stone's vibrations will not only give you the self-confidence to claim what is rightfully yours, but also increase your personal power.

If you feel ignored, trampled on or shoved aside by peers, then wear a silver ring set with a piece of Rhodolite on your index finger to regain the love and respect due to you. Once you start wearing your new Rhodolite ring, you will notice how people will want to be in your company as well as seek your advice. Conversely, if someone near and dear to you is lacking the courage to speak up and has not been given the attention due to them, then give them a silver ring set with a piece of Rhodolite as a personal talisman for gaining popularity and a higher social status.

Sleeping with a piece of Rhodolite can align you with your inner knowledge and enable you to hear the Divine messages of your spirit. The gentle vibrations of Rhodolite will energize your physical, emotional and spiritual powers without overwhelming you.

Rhodolite is a powerful manifestation stone. By meditating with this high-vibrational crystalline ally, you can manifest your ideas and wishes in the physical dimension of planet earth. Simply hold a piece of Rhodolite in your right hand, close your eyes and utter in clear words and sentences that which you want to manifest. Beware how you word your prayers and meditations, lest you manifest something you didn't intend.

Victims of abuse, especially rape and violence, can use Rhodolite's healing energies to overcome their feelings of guilt and shame. The crystal's soft comforting vibrations not only promote physical and emotional healing on all levels, but also help the victim deal with the degrading experience and memories in order to release any traces of the trauma.

Rhodolite is a stone of Divine Love. The crystal's energies will open your heart for you to receive and give love. In many cases, low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness will block a person's ability to love themselves and others. Rhodolite's frequency of Divine Love will transmute all those pent up negative feelings into unconditional love and joy.