Description for Birthstone: Erythrite

Erythrite, also known as Red Cobalt is a magenta colored cobalt arsenate mineral. This mineral was officially reported in 1832 after being discovered in the St. Daniel Mine ("Grube Daniel") near the Saxonian mining town of Schneeberg, Germany. The name of this mineral is derived from the Greek word "erythros" meaning 'red'. Today Erythrite is mined in a number of locations including the Canadian town of Cobalt, Ontario; the Bohemian town of JΓ‘chymov, Czech Republic; the U.S. Blackbird mine, Idaho; the Mexican Sara Alicia mine, Sonora; the South Australian Dome Rock copper mine, Mingary; Cornwall, England and Bou Azzer, Morocco.

Certain of specimens Erythrite have been found to exhibit pleochroism in which a pastel pink color is displayed through the x-axis, a pastel violet color is displayed through the y-axis and a red color is displayed through the z-axis. The pink color represents Erythrite's loving energies, the violet color represents its spiritual energies and the red color represents its invigorating energies.

Like all magenta colored stones, Erythrite aligns one's will power with one's spiritual and mental powers. This makes Erythrite a wonderful manifestation stone which helps to motivate one in striving towards one's goals without giving up.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Erythrite can help to boost one's personal power and physical stamina. The stone's vibrations also aid in harmonizing one's relationships with others, by preventing misunderstandings and raising a person's general social awareness.

Sleeping or meditating with a piece of Erythrite will expand one's spiritual and mental awareness. This helps one to see situations, people, tasks, dilemmas or any other issue, from multiple perspectives. By observing things through different perspectives, one is able to gain a more objective view of life.

Mentally, Erythrite promotes creative thinking and learning from experience. This is a very important part of finding answers to personal dilemmas as well as resourceful solutions for solving various problems. If your profession entails a lot of decision making and problem solving, then place a piece of Erythrite on your desk. This beautiful stone is not only suitable for decorating your office, but also cleanses your work space from all forms of negativity, especially harmful thought patterns.

Erythrite's healing energies can be harnessed to treat infections and inflammations, as well as health conditions related to bone marrow, red blood cells and skin disorders. Reiki masters can use a piece of Erythrite for sending healing energies and crystal healers can use pieces of Erythrite to create therapeutic mandalas. Also earth healers can use pieces of Erythrite for making healing grids.