Yellow Tourmaline

Description for Birthstone: Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline, also known as Golden Tourmaline, is the lucky stone for leaders, military officers, and artists. Meditating with a Yellow Tourmaline can help you overcome your visceral fear when in confrontation with others. It also helps actors and people who need to appear in public, overcome their stage fright.

In power struggles or heated verbal skirmishes, the Yellow Tourmaline, either raw or set in a piece of jewelry, can serve as a personal talisman for holding your ground without relent. In most cases, a person will be defeated as soon as they give in to their opponents' intimidation attempts. Once you realize that nobody can gain control over you unless you let them, you will have won the battle.

Besides promoting self-confidence and perseverance, Yellow Tourmaline arouses a generally positive attitude to life itself, in spite of all the trials and tribulations it has in store for us. A simple change of attitude will help us see our difficulties as challenges from which we can grow and develop. As the saying goes: What doesn't break you makes you stronger and wiser.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by events, then you can hold a piece of Yellow Tourmaline with your right hand against your heart and sit quietly with your eyes closed whilst the crystal's reassuring vibrations penetrate your whole being. This exercise will put you into the right frame of mind for finding creative solutions to your issues. In this way, you can gain control over your life even in times of chaos. Remember: A shift in your attitude will entail a change in your life because it's all in your mind. As the saying goes: Smile and the world will smile back at you.

Yellow Tourmaline is also a lucky stone for attracting abundance and prosperity. By placing a piece of Yellow Tourmaline in your moneybag, or wearing a piece of jewelry set with a Yellow Tourmaline, you will attract new opportunities for making money and improving your financial situation.

Emotional empaths and healers, can carry with them a piece of Yellow Tourmaline for protection against all forms of negative energy or ill wishing. Furthermore, Yellow Tourmaline is a potent healing crystal for helping victims of power abuse to release their traumatic memories from their subconscious mind. If someone you care about is a survivor of severe abuse (psychological, physical or sexual), then give them a piece of Yellow Tourmaline to help them overcome their experience.

Yellow Tourmaline is also an extremely beneficial healing crystal for soldiers, policemen or firefighters suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Its energies can aid them in dealing with their war traumas. If someone near and dear to you has returned from war a psychological wreck, then give him a Yellow Tourmaline as a personal healing amulet.