Description for Birthstone: Bloodstone


The Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is in essence a Green Jasper with red spots that are inclusions of Hematite. Archeological evidence proves that the Bloodstone was already used in antiquity to make carved signet rings and magical amulets. The famous medieval German bishop and physician, Albertus Magnus, called this mineral the "Stone of Babylon". In his great scholarly work "De Mineralibus" Albertus Magnus wrote about the various metaphysical properties of the Bloodstone. For example, he cites Pliny the Elder, a first century Roman naturalist, who stated that magicians used the Bloodstone as an amulet for invisibility.

The Bloodstone embodies two opposing yet complimentary forces: the Green Jasper vibrates the energies of health, growth and renewal in contrast to the Red Hematite which possesses powerful grounding energies. The synergy of these two minerals make the Bloodstone a perfect tool for balancing and integrating Yin and Yang energies within ourselves.

The Bloodstone is a stone of purification and healing. This stone helps to cleanse both the body and spirit from all forms of negativity and disease. Medieval scholars described the Bloodstone as a magical amulet that will preserve the health and youth of its wearer and bearer.

The Bloodstone teaches us the importance of living in the present and making the most of it. The revitalizing energies of the Bloodstone make it an ideal talisman for recharging ones physical, mental, and emotional batteries. It is also a wonderful stone for infusing one's relationships with fresh energy and youthful vitality.

Carrying or wearing a Bloodstone will bring harmony and peace into all aspects of one's life. On the one hand, this stone inspires one with new ideas and dreams, but on the other hand, it also fully grounds one in the physical realities of life on this planet. Balancing our spirit with our body gives us vitality and health. Balancing our ideas with the realities of this world allows us to manifest our spiritual inspiration in physical form like creating a work of art or developing a new technology.

Meditating or sleeping with a piece of Bloodstone will open our eyes to see the Divine light in all forms of life. This helps us to understand our personal and collective experiences in greater depth and learn from them. Learning from the past helps to create a better future.

Geomancers can use a piece of Bloodstone on a pendulum for dowsing water or hidden treasures buried beneath the surface of the ground. Earth healers can use the Bloodstone to create healing grids.