Description for Birthstone: Prehnite

Prehnite is named after the Dutch mineralogist Hendrik Von Prehn who discovered the stone in 1788 in the Karoo dolerites of Cradock, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Today Prehnite is also mined in Canada and Australia.

Prehnite's soothing energies aid in calming restlessness, hyperactivity and stressed nerves. People, who tend to worry and expect the worst, should meditate or sleep with a piece of Prehnite as a protective talisman against bad feelings, bad thoughts and nightmares. Prehnite not only helps one to enter an optimistic frame of mind, but also empowers one to make positive choices for ensuring a happy future. Furthermore, Prehnite teaches one to enjoy living in the moment instead of dwelling on past sorrows or worrying about what the future has in store.

Prehnite is the lucky stone for healers, therapists, herbalists and anyone in the health profession. The stone's powerful healing energies are said to 'heal the healer".

Spiritually Prehnite is a crystal of unconditional universal love. As the saying goes: "What you give is what you get", and "What goes round comes round". Similarly, if you want to attract love into your life and feel more loved by others, then you need to learn to love yourself and others wholeheartedly. Wearing or carrying a piece of Prehnite, will open your heart to give love freely to those around you; this in turn will make others love you too.

Prehnite enhances our spiritual connection to the earth's Divine energies. Earth healers, geomancers, herbalists, farmers and anyone who works outdoors, can benefit from Prehnite's nurturing energies. Healers can use Prehnite as a massage tool or in crystal layouts. Geomancers can use Prehnite to grid the earth or dowse for hidden treasures, ground water or even underground tunnels. Herbalists can store their dried medicinal herbs with a piece of Prehnite to enhance their healing powers.

Prehnite vibrates the energies of the Olive. It's protective energies will help you to weather all the trials and tribulations that life can bring. Olives symbolize the power to rise above hardship and turn pain into Divine light and love. Olive oil can only be extracted from an olive by beating it and exerting pressure. Olive oil has been used as the most prized golden healing elixir throughout human history. Olive oil has also been used to light a lantern in the dark. Likewise, the most powerful spiritual teachers and healers who have been like a beacon of light to heal society of its ills are themselves survivors of hardship and misfortune.