Dream interpretation Cake

To see a cake in your dreams have many dimensions regarding its color, icing, purpose and so on. In general viewing a cake in dream is considered as a good sign to bring in positive changes in life. In some places it is also considered as a wish fulfillment sign where after observing a birthday cake in dream signifies the most desired wishes accomplishment. These dreams can sometimes signify negative characters depending on the particulars seen in the dream.

General dimensions of a cake dream symbol

Cake dreams are foretellers of fun and enjoyment ahead and they also signify rewards in some quarters of life. These dreams are interpreted on the basis of interaction between you and the cake in your dreams. To dream that you are purchasing a cake means that you have taken the honor given to you respectfully. To see cake cutting in your dream signifies that you are going to have a pleasurable time with your loved ones. To see a birthday cake in dreams also suggests that you want to be friends with someone special. A sweet cake indicates good inheritance in future. Cake sometimes symbolizes selfishness which means you are feeling that someone around you is doing partiality with you. To see a piece of cake half eaten indicates opportunities that you have failed to capture. To see pond cake in your dream is considered as the most auspicious symbol which detonates pleasure from society, work place and family members.

A hauler of good luck-cake dream symbol

If you are suffering from hardship from long time then be ready to experience the companionship of good luck in each and every part of your life. Dreaming of cake surely signifies that your struggle has come to an end and you are finely going to taste the success. Rarely a cake dream signifies misfortune as itself the cake is the medium to celebrate happiness in life. A wedding cake dream can sometimes caution the girl to be ready for troublesome marriage but otherwise cake in any format is good sign for life events.

A model cake dream with its meaning

Consider a dream where you are standing in the market of cake and placing the order for birthday cake and you are in extreme hurry. The manufacturers are making the cake in front of your eyes and you are telling them to do it faster. This dream signifies that the dreamer is going to experience a period of wish fulfillment but at the same time due to impatience can lose everything coming in hand.
The text A dream about cake signifies both sweet and sour things in life but overall cake dream symbol explains level of satisfaction in personal and professional life. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
Del 2015-12-14 22:32:57
I dreamt was being offered some cup cakes and there were so many flavours, colours and shapes to choose from.

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Isabella raven 2015-11-13 14:36:54
I had a dream that I literally was a cake. Not a human shaped cake but a three tiered Victoria sponge with pale pink icing. What does this mean?

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lynn 2015-10-24 07:20:26
I dreamed of a birthday cake with sixes drawn all over it but I was counting the pieces there was able to count the pieces

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Aya 2015-08-18 08:49:37
My dream was that i went to a market and wanted to buy cake with my bestfriend

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Patricia 2015-06-06 08:56:42
My dream was standing at a cake stool. I wanted a sweet cake and everyone in the cue kept pushing in, in front of me and grabbing the cake I was probably about to go for. There were other cakes and when the other customers left, the cake people handed me a savoury cake with party sausages inside! I prodid it and thought euwgh! I don't want that! So waited for the cake people to put out another sweet cake. Someone standing next to me, a women asked, what do I want? I said, I just want a sweet cake!hen when I looked back, the cake people left the stool and all that was left was the savoury cakes! I saw the cake people in the distance on a different stool selling other things. I stood by the cake stool waiting for them to come back. Does this mean I should stop standing around for what I want and go to a different stool? I recently graduated in beauty course and my niece got lucky, found a salon who she knew and got a job but I've had no luck with it! I really want some cake now too but I'm trying to cut out sweet things lately xx

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Ciara 2015-06-03 16:38:19
I had a dream that I was still living with my grandma(who is mean) and my two friends and I each has there own cake, but when one of my friends left the room to get changed, me and the other friend decided to eat my cake fist sharing with all of us. But I was wanting powdered sugar on my cake. And I woke up then (due to my cat)

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tan 2015-05-29 16:44:35
What is the meaning of off white cloud like a block that fell from the sky and hit someone on his forehead while standing looking directly to the sky while falling including two other people in the dream world.please i need your urgent response,you can reply to my email address below



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Mr Tan 2015-05-29 16:39:45
I am a civilian and i saw myself in a black police uniform in the dream,please i will appreciate ur sincere response thanks

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Mike 2015-05-29 15:23:50
I had a dream,i saw a big birthday cake in my house and my baby mama was sitting close to the cake while carrying my daughter on her legs,and i walked in and stood close to them smiling

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thembi xulu 2015-05-23 19:21:16
I was dreaming having two big birth day cakes and i was with my grany and my frnds , then we decided to cut one of the cake when im cutting the pieces for all of us the cake was nice and well cooked bt the time i was dividing it as everyone of us was taking a big piece and my piece was half baked there was still small dough inside and it was like water entered in the cake as it was baking

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Paul 2015-05-18 16:39:43
I had a dream that I was walking on a concrete surface in my white socks and I was stepping on tinying pieces of broken glass. I felt pain in my feet but it was bearable. As I continued to walk on this glass I came up to multiple cakes stands with unaccountable varieties of cake sizes and decorations. I finally white frosted cake with with either chocolate or purple cake.

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Kaeldra 2015-05-07 10:00:53
I keep having cake appear in my dreams. Sometimes it's given out to me as samples or single slices from someone behind a counter, and it's always given by someone who recognizes me personally and assures me that it is gluten free and they know I'll love it. I always go back for more, but then they close and I can't get another piece. Sometimes I'm walking into a room of people who all know me and are welcoming me as I arrive late to party, and I see a huge partially eaten cake. I usually get really excited and either take multiple pieces or just grab at it with my bare hands and start smashing it into/onto my face with great zeal and always to the amusement of group. It's almost always a chocolate cake. In one dream I was overheating and after trying multiple things to cool down and experiencing no relief, I finally grabbed great handfuls of a chocolate ice cream cake and smeared it all over myself. Might just be that after going gluten free I am so desperate for cake that I'm dreaming about it. Lol

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Roger 2015-04-29 16:18:19
I had a dream I was trying to get into my back door and plates of chocolate cake slices blocked my entrance. I was with one of my brothers and Michael Rappaport. They started biting into the slices as I put them in trash can.

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Omu 2015-04-26 15:57:00
I was trying to find a vegan birthday cake for my boyfriend, and there was a lot of freezers in the shop but all the cakes had egg in them. I was trying to find ice cream as substitute but also didnt find it. Only I found candy snakes but I didnt buy them since I dont like them.

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Marie 2015-02-13 18:09:11
I'm an orderly at a hospital. So my dream was I was picking up all the trays of the patients n I remebered putting a few cakes that the patients didn't eat, only to find out they have been thrown out in the garbage and I was really so sad about it. And then finally, we have this metal box that we push around with a the trays inside, I opened it and there it was 2 huge pieces of white cake! I ate them and it delicious!

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