Dream interpretation Tiger

There are many situations in life that can make you feel powerless and weak. On the other hand, there is nothing quite as evocative as a mighty tiger prowling in the jungle. In fact, if you are feeling timid, or having problems in your love life, seeing a tiger in your dream may just herald some exciting and rewarding changes.

General Dream Meaning: Tiger

Overall, tigers in your dream symbolize power and aggression. They can also symbolize female sexuality, seduction, and leadership. If you happen to dream that you are being attacked or bitten by a tiger, it may symbolize repressed feelings. On the other hand, if you see tiger skins, they may portend good luck.

Since tigers are also wild animals, seeing them in unusual settings may mean that your inner landscape has some things that need to be brought forward. Typically, friendly tigers may have to do with unacknowledged positive feelings, or good will from others. On the other hand, if the animals are sick or aggressive, you may not be as happy with what you find within, or going on around you.

How Dream Symbol Tiger may Fit in your Life

Even though you may not feel like a powerful person, or an aggressive one, both elements play a crucial role in everyday life. Therefore, when you dream of a tiger, it is very important to take the time to examine your emotional landscape, as well as each aspect of you life. Depending on the mood the tiger is in, as well as what happens to it, you may want to consider it an omen for future events. On the other hand, it can just as easily represent your thoughts and feelings about what will happen in your life.

A Sample Dream meaning and Tiger Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where a tiger enters your office, and calmly sits down on the carpet. Even though you are initially frightened, you take one look at your boyfriend's picture and begin to feel more determined. While you are looking at the tiger, your boyfriend's old fianc?e enters the office. Instantly, the tiger begins to hiss and growl. You smile softly, realizing that you are no longer afraid of the tiger. On the other hand, the other woman decides to leave without saying anything to you. After she is gone, you begin to pet the tiger. As it licks its paws, you begin making plans for a wedding. When you awaken, you are reminded that your boyfriend still calls his ex-fianc?e on a routine basis. Even though you believe you trust him, you still feel like something is missing in the relationship.

This dream is a clear indicator that you may be feeling helpless about something going on in your love life. In addition, the fact that the dream takes place in your office also indicates that your concerns about your love life may be interfering with your career. Even though you are initially afraid of the tiger, which symbolizes you own power, its ability to scare off the "other woman" should give you plenty to cheer about. Among other things, you can rest assured that at some level, you already know that this woman poses no threat to you. In addition, as you become more aware of this in your daily life, you will also find yourself coming to terms with your own power as a woman in love.

The fact that you awaken feeling concerned about your love relationship should not cause you undue distress. That said, you should be prepared for some type of power struggle, or challenge to your relationship. No matter whether it comes from, you can, and should take that experience as an opportunity to learn about your own strength and vitality. While you may hesitate at first, you can rest assured that dreaming of a tiger friendly to your goals will herald a future victory.
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praveen 2015-11-19 05:25:16
I saw 4 tigers in my dreams in a forest..Me and my friend are walking. When they seen us 2 ran away and one is jumping to us but we moved. last one is coming straight to us , when it is near me and my friend jumped from the wall. Its a clear dream. May i know what is the meaning??

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rock 2015-11-13 00:41:11
i had a dream that tiger was my pet and they act like a dog.. it was a great pleasure at my dream...what does that means?

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SHIVANI 2015-11-10 03:40:17

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bojo 2015-10-26 22:51:08
Had a dream my dog gave birth to babu green bangle tigers. In my dreams she left the Tigers in an underground room with cages. For the whole of my dream, I tried getting them to give them to her....my dog

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Airianna 2015-10-17 15:57:59
My dream is very often I dream of a tiger looking at me he isn't angry he just looks at me but he is so close I only see his face we both just looked at each other.

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Tiger 2015-10-02 09:03:00

Dream of trapping a tiger in a house. I had a dream that a tiger got its way into a house i lived in. Bedroom I was staying on the top floor and found s tiger. It almost killed me I escaped and locked it in the bedroom it seemed angry about this. I ran downstairs and tried to lock the entrance to the house before it made its way out and killed me. This tiger is after me and almost killed me. I called 911 to get the animal. My heart is still pounding like the tiger is still after me. What does this mean?

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surabhi 2015-09-18 14:17:59
Hi.. my dream was..
Am somewhere in middle of a family function. . A b d rather disturbed. Then I leave with my friend to pick up her child from camp and are stuck nearby a field. When my friend goes out to inspect suddenly a small tiger attacks her . She runs back to the car. Tiger jumps in the car through the window and attacks her. I am sitting behind . Tiger comes and sits right next to me absolutely calm.
What is the meaning of this dream? Am not able to analyze. Please help.

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cheryl Weismantel 2015-08-31 14:27:22
Hi! Dream of being in a rural area somewhere, nice conversations with a man there as if we were friends, knew each other. I was outside enjoying the view, stream, nature, and tigers in couples walked calmly by the river bank, always in pairs. I went to the house and said, Do they come out at dusk? He said yes, and they are everywhere. Land of tigers. Then we were laughing at a little cat who was young, hiding in something and popping out, cute like a kitty, and the small cat ran to follow 2 of the tigers. I became concerned, as she was so small, called her (a her I guess) back to me and she came running. No other animas in dream. I was mothering the little cat, protective. No other animals, only tigers and the cat. Thanks.

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appy 2015-08-13 06:40:10
Every night I use to have dreams of a tiger....he never attacks me...but wherever I am he's there..at first I am frightened but later on no such feeling out there in my mind

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Amanda 2015-08-05 04:01:11
I had a dream that gigantic tigers, hundreds of thousands of them, attacked a city. Me and several people i didnt know had to try and esxape through tall office buildings. Several are killed. At one point i see a tiger eating a lion. The city was on fire.
What does that even mean???

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Rick 2015-08-28 12:20:12
Wow. Dunno abt interpretations.. but, would love to be in your dream.  :)

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abbey 2015-08-02 00:16:10
My dream was.. i was in a tree and the tiger is attacking me.. weird thing is.. the tiger has no eye and has one horn. He's bitting my foot but it didnt hurt me

Please email me here of the meaning of it

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Tiger in the Hallway 2015-07-26 13:15:38
I am in my house all by myself eventhough in reality I live with my mom and sister.
There is a tiger in the living room and it is leaning up againts the door of the living room, it doesn't pay any attention to me. It's as if the tiger has nothing to do with me.

I get into the living room and immediately it becomes night. A mighty sounds starts speaking, introducing me to the ancient spicies of animals that lived on earth long before humans did.

There were a couple interesting animals. It felt like they were projections shown from a machine into my room but they looked so realistic. There was a mother Yeti with deer horns and it had a baby yeti with smaller horns. They did not harm me and slowly got away.

A one eyed shadow with numerous tentacles. It was as if that creature was a sea animal and tried to get me. I was doing all sorts of movements to avoid it and I succesfully did.

The last creature looked like a mutated worm. It had as many tooth as a shark and it didn't have any eyes. It was very violent and I was jumping on couches to get rid of it. I managed to get out of the living room and hold the door closed behind me. I think I locked it but all of a sudden the mutated worm tries to open it but I manage to keep it closed. It is still dark when all of these happen

All of a sudden though, the scene resets and it is day time again. I see the tiger in the same position before I got in the room. This time in order to close the door I try to push it. I touch the tiger and feel his soft fur. After giving and unsuccesful push, the tiger gives me an aggressive look. Saying if I don't stop pushing him, it will attack me. I slowly walk into the kitchen without making the tiger mad and that's it.

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Angela 2015-07-23 18:35:11
Last night I had a dream which was a little strange to say the least! Well what dream isn't lol anywho I remember getting married to a stranger but I had no ring and I felt something for him but somthng was a little off then out of no where I'm walking home I new where I was but when I think now I don't know the place lol. I was walking down a path with a canal to the left grass and trees looked tidy, I see a tiger walking calmy towards me, at a distance I immediately start going to the left to try and get round it but I think to myself it's going to come this way and it did, the tiger was not aggressive more of a house cat attitude, I thought to my self for some reason get in the water as it won't follow me but hang on tigers love water don't they? Next thing I was clinging on to the side of the canal trying not to fall in completely I looked around and no one was there to help me then low and behold the tiger was in the water and playful but heavy, after that I saw people dressed in black as if I was at my own funeral but it was hard to say
I have no idea what this means lol

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Danielle 2015-07-18 22:46:08
Hello, how do you do?  :)

I had a dream, I was in a jungle, running from I don't know who. I hide myself at the bushes and then a group of tribe appeared, shouting....for a second, I thought it was me, but when I looked at the side, there was this hideous tiger that they wish to tame. When they left, I ran towards a small hut. The moment I entered, I noted that the table was set for 3 persons. And so the owners entered. They helped me after I explained about the tiger. A second later, the animal came back around the house. Everyone went quiet as the tiger strides. The child, a boy, begins to cry in front of me, so I comforted him. But he suddenly hummed and everything went right. The tiger was gone. So I went out after checking. Someone suddenly shouted the name of my friend. I was about to lead myself towards the voice but the child that I had hugged a moment ago held me back and offered me a cup. Her then pointed a pond. Indicating me to have some drink and I did. I was drinking as I was standing at the sandy road in front of the hut. And when I looked straight up the way, the tiger appeared once again. The cat saw me as well. It run towards the house and I myself run towards the voice I heard. And I woke up.

.....would you be so kind as to mean it out for me? And thank you so much

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JustDream04 2015-07-18 18:05:31
Yall I keep having a reoccurring dream about a tiger coming in my house. Every time it's here it only stays in the basement and like nobody knows it's down here. Idk how it gets in but it's always here. Usually I just get scared and lock it out my room and it roams the hallways but not tonight. Tonight the tiger and this other animal I think it was a dog was waiting at my door but the tiger was sleep in my doorway. So I kicked the tiger out but it was trying to force itself into my room and it almost did. So I decide tonight I'm going to fuck with the tiger so I started by throwing pencils from underneath the door because I left the light on. It started meowing like a cat because it wanted to come in but then I started ducking with it more and it kept trying to claw at me. So I grabbed a ruler and hit it back really hard but I wasn't effect it. I bit the tiger and it let up a little bit it didn't let go. It had its claws in my hand and it just kept digging and wouldn't let go. I wasnt bleeding or anything. It just had a really deep grip in my skin..

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