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Dream interpretation Tiger


There are many situations in life that can make you feel powerless and weak. On the other hand, there is nothing quite as evocative as a mighty tiger prowling in the jungle. In fact, if you are feeling timid, or having problems in your love life, seeing a tiger in your dream may just herald some exciting and rewarding changes.

General Dream Meaning: Tiger

Overall, tigers in your dream symbolize power and aggression. They can also symbolize female sexuality, seduction, and leadership. If you happen to dream that you are being attacked or bitten by a tiger, it may symbolize repressed feelings. On the other hand, if you see tiger skins, they may portend good luck.

Since tigers are also wild animals, seeing them in unusual settings may mean that your inner landscape has some things that need to be brought forward. Typically, friendly tigers may have to do with unacknowledged positive feelings, or good will from others. On the other hand, if the animals are sick or aggressive, you may not be as happy with what you find within, or going on around you.

How Dream Symbol Tiger may Fit in your Life

Even though you may not feel like a powerful person, or an aggressive one, both elements play a crucial role in everyday life. Therefore, when you dream of a tiger, it is very important to take the time to examine your emotional landscape, as well as each aspect of you life. Depending on the mood the tiger is in, as well as what happens to it, you may want to consider it an omen for future events. On the other hand, it can just as easily represent your thoughts and feelings about what will happen in your life.

A Sample Dream meaning and Tiger Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where a tiger enters your office, and calmly sits down on the carpet. Even though you are initially frightened, you take one look at your boyfriend's picture and begin to feel more determined. While you are looking at the tiger, your boyfriend's old fianc?e enters the office. Instantly, the tiger begins to hiss and growl. You smile softly, realizing that you are no longer afraid of the tiger. On the other hand, the other woman decides to leave without saying anything to you. After she is gone, you begin to pet the tiger. As it licks its paws, you begin making plans for a wedding. When you awaken, you are reminded that your boyfriend still calls his ex-fianc?e on a routine basis. Even though you believe you trust him, you still feel like something is missing in the relationship.

This dream is a clear indicator that you may be feeling helpless about something going on in your love life. In addition, the fact that the dream takes place in your office also indicates that your concerns about your love life may be interfering with your career. Even though you are initially afraid of the tiger, which symbolizes you own power, its ability to scare off the "other woman" should give you plenty to cheer about. Among other things, you can rest assured that at some level, you already know that this woman poses no threat to you. In addition, as you become more aware of this in your daily life, you will also find yourself coming to terms with your own power as a woman in love.

The fact that you awaken feeling concerned about your love relationship should not cause you undue distress. That said, you should be prepared for some type of power struggle, or challenge to your relationship. No matter whether it comes from, you can, and should take that experience as an opportunity to learn about your own strength and vitality. While you may hesitate at first, you can rest assured that dreaming of a tiger friendly to your goals will herald a future victory.

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mickban 2021-03-11 10:04:14
In my dream, I was riding a tiger and he was jumping up hill from lower level to a higher one
Shanjida 2019-11-26 00:54:44
I had a dream a tiger is trying to attack me. But somehow I managed to escape. And I jumped into my x bf to save me. What does it mean?
Fatima 2019-07-30 17:13:19
I had a terrible dream where I was at a neighbors party. But it was a different setting. It wasn’t the house she lives in now. She had a tiger. My stepdad and siblings needed to use the restroom so I stayed with my mom. I had a bad feeling and I tried looking for them but I didn’t find them. I told my mom I was worried so multiple people went looking for them and it turns out the lion was in that room. My mom didn’t come back so I asked my neighbor if she knew anything and told me my family was at the hospital . She told me this grinning. She told me my step dad was never going to see again and that sister wasn’t going to make it. I remember that I took a shower in the room where it all happened and I cried. Then I went to visit my family at the hospital and what she said was true. But why was she grinning? It’s such a mysterious dream and I’m afraid. I don’t know what it means!
Shelby 2019-04-02 21:39:52
There were three tigers in my back yard. They were peaceful and sleepy. Playing with my dog and swimming in a pond with him. I wasn’t afraid at all. Just in awe of their beauty and gentleness. I was in the yard with them as well, filling up the pond for them to swim in, feeling the sunshine on my face.
Jacob 2019-03-13 15:09:48
Never have I ever dreamt of Tigers before I was in this weird bunker and for some reason in my mind I knew it was a captivity where my girlfriend worked (which is odd because she doesn't even work with animals). I brought in our dogs to surprise her at work, she went to the washroom or wasn't in at that time when I got into the bunker her boss who I somehow knew (Never met her boss in real life) asked me if I wanted to see something cool... I thought maybe one of the Tigers were close to the glass and she wanted to show me that. I said sure and she started to open the glass. I felt super uneasy she said if you stand perfectly still the tiger won't attack. By now I figured out why I felt uneasy it was because my dogs would definitely be freaking out once a tiger would come into the bunker. I begged the workers to stop trying to draw out a tiger which they were doing by throwing buckets of blood around us. I went for the door it was locked, so I layed down hiding hoping the tiger wouldn't find me or my newest pup. The tiger found me. At first she wasn't mean she just purred alot eventually she thought my body was a toy and started throwing me around like a ragdoll the staff tried to stop her but couldn't as she was killing me... That's when I woke up.
Dale 2018-06-19 22:15:48
I had a dream where I had a pet tiger on a lead on my first day in a new place, the ppl around me were looking at me oddly but the tiger was very offectionate towards me.
Lily 2018-05-25 04:54:05
I have never dreamed about tigers until last night. At first, there were many tigers white and golden running in an endless field and that made me feel calm and happy. When I ventured off on my own from a group of family members I encountered a tiger alone. The tiger latched on to my head and we were laying on the ground together while it had its mouth on my head and hair. It's teeth weren't in me but I could feel the tension and pulling of my hair. I honestly wasn't completely scared and I felt like I could kind of trust the tiger. I thought that once it was done laying there with me it would release and go away. So I had a bit of unease in regards to how long I'd have to stay there. A lady came with what I thought was a gun and she somehow handed me a knife. The tiger was asleep at this point. She placed the knife on the arm of the tiger and I could feel the fur as I took it. She said to stab it when she gave me the signal still pointing her gun at the tiger. I was afraid now because I thought the tiger would react badly to me trying to escape. I didnt know where she wanted me to stab it and I didn't really want to stab it. She stepped closer and soon until I could only see the gun very close to mine and the tigers heads. She said something and then the gun went off three times in very slow motion and without a sound. A pale blue and green light emitted from around the gun when it went off. Nothing came out of the gun either. I saw no bullet ever leave the barrel. Then I felt the tension on my head ease and she told me to run and I left the tiger and the knife behind.
Jax 2018-02-04 12:20:21
Within the past 3 months I've had 2 similar tiger dreams. The first, it was sunset and i was in sparse woods and saw a tiger very far away and just knew it would eat me if it saw me so I climbed a tree and whispered to the people I was with to do the same, but they walked away. After that, the tiger just kept coming towards my tree but never looked up until it was under it. It started clombing at me and I tried climbing higher too. Similar dream the second time but I was on a safari or something and climbed a tree near a fence and there were people around when it climbed at me. I woke up from both dreams before it touched me, but I'm assuming it got me in the end. Heart pounding hard.
Chloe 2017-12-05 09:44:02
I have recurring dreams about tigers. They come to my house or out in the country to a random house I'm at or even there in the street. I'm always petrified although they're not being aggressive I'm very aware of what could happen. I can never get the tiger to go away. I ring the police animal control but nobody can help. Only once have I managed to call a vet that came and got the tiger otherwise I can never get it to leave, I try and shut them in a room but check on them. I become very anxious that they're are going to attack my children. Sometimes they're just strolling around the house with us
Jay 2019-09-28 07:30:15
What does it mean u think ? Coz im having similar dream
Glenna 2017-11-28 11:00:22
I had a dream that we had a baby tigers head. Then we saw another tiger on a roof across from our house. Once it realized we had the head it came into the house. We ran into a room and my friend was rushing but I remember being really lackadaisical and calm. Which is why the tiger managed to get into the room. He snatched the head that was in a bag and left. At the moment there were human babies sleeping on this linen and he bit off the right ear of one of the babies ear. My dream ended in a storm forming and I woke up.
Anyone can help with that?
Roxette 2017-10-24 04:47:22
My dream was I am being chased by a big grizzly bear while I’m a tiger. I was a tiger that was running so fast afraid of getting caught by the big bear. Running as fast as I could even at the highest roof just so the bear will not be able to reach me. What does that mean?
Vicky 2017-10-23 22:44:21
Today in a dream I saw A tiger roaring and yelling at me outside the house but not doing any harm to me.. I was so terrified that I started running here and there telling everyone that there's a Tiger roaring and yelling here outside but seem nobody bothered about my statement and rather made fun of me.. Suddenly the Tiger appeared in front of me roaring again and took away those other guy in front of me but did not do anything to me.. I was so terrified that he came to me roaring and took the other person and didn't even touched me and then I suddenly woke up with so much horror.. Plzzzz suggest what does this dream indicates..??

Mae anne 2017-09-27 18:55:02
I hava a verry bad dream.i was walking in the place i cant recognize if wer and wat thats place.1 woman attack by the tiger and we saw it.tiger ddnt bite us.after im with my sister my baby 8months old and my nanny wer walking in ground.but my sister my baby and nanny they are in the longist builing rooftop with tiger together tiger smiling at me.and me in the ground the building.im shouting my sister to jump.but she told me cannot so high.and i shout again jump smoothly that i said to her.then shes jump with baby n nanny.so scary i saw by my eye my baby was to much crying and to much blood her head becoz its broke her head when i see i feel dying.and my sister sad call 911.thats the last i remember becoz i wake up quickly..
What is the meaning of it.

Lynna 2017-08-05 23:46:39
I have a long dream but I will give you a specific dream and that is about the Tiger....
one girl lying on the floor like she was sleeping. But suddenly it caught my attention that voodoo doll thing on her chest with string on her neck. And I saw like on that thing voodoo doll eyes was blinking 3 times so I ignore it and continue to chat to someone. And suddenly the voodoo doll on her chest talked and I couldn't hear it very clearly because in my dreams I don't like to hear what his saying.
Then the owner of that voodoo doll talked and she said, "you're not supposed to be here and why that child still alive?......" in my dreams... I am calm and collected and didn't even flinch on what the girl said. I didn't even try to give her reply. Then the girl talked again and said ....."you saved the child that should be dead and you entered Tiger..." And I answered her, "Yes, I saved this child and I do not want everyone to know about this so please keep it quiet." Then I walked away on that place silently.

After that .... the voodoo doll and the girl told me, stuck on my head and I got wake up with a heavy feeling. Can you tell me what is that meaning of Tiger inside me and the voodoo doll is?
Vinod 2017-07-12 04:43:10
I dream me with my friends are boating in a lake.. suddenly a tiger jumps from underwater and starts chasing us..my one friend who is driving the boats increases the speed and another friend throws the wooden piece on the tiger..it continues for five minutes and we reach at the beach safety. What does it mean sir
Manning 2017-06-29 11:35:52
I had a dream just now and woke up terrified.. my 5 year old daughter was in the forest and I went to go get her.. over there I saw that she was with her dad/my husband, Some teenage boy and a tiger. Her dad was trying to distract the tiger so he can make a run for it with our daughter but the tiger already had his eye on the Teenage boy but that boy kept following my daughter and husband... It seemed wrong but when I got there I immediately catched on to what my husband was trying to do... let the tiger eat that boy so we can escape with our daughter.. when the tiger jumped towards that boy I grabbed my daughter and ran but that boy somehow managed to escape the tiger and he began to run with us ! I was afraid the tiger will no longer want to eat him but my daughter or me instead so I tried running away from both of them. I threw myself and daughter into a river and turned around to see that boy jump in too along with the tiger so I was trying to pull my daughter into land but the current was strong and out of nowhere my husband pulled her into land I was relieved! But he disappeared when I was on land..I fell to the floor along with my daughter and saw that the tiger had the boy pinned up to the ground right in front of me..the tiger didn't bite him yet just growled and starred at him.. I tried to escape but the boy was crying and holding on to my shirt.. he begged for help As I begged for him to let me go as my daughter was right next to me on the ground watching everything.. eventually he gave up and let go of my shirt.. I picked my daughter up and ran! And I heard him screaming from behind as I ran away but never turned to look at him and then I woke up.
indy 2017-08-28 19:24:07
i read that means something about a car accident when someone else get attacked by a tiger..very interesting dream
Tania 2017-05-13 03:18:49
2 or 3 days ago i forgot to check on Interpreter Dreams but today i remember to checking it out.. I couldn't find the answer of the meaning of my dream that Tiger passed over next to me from the left side of it but didn't hurt no one but passing through and the tiger came back again and everyone already left outside but i am the only one alone in the building and i was scared but start looking for climbing up the roof and some how i find a way to climbs up before the tiger comes back.. I was looking at the tiger and there was 2 guys trying to trap the tiger with the long stick that come with round rope for the neck? I don't remember what is called it but they're making the tiger angry and fighting them off with the strap and keep bother the tiger, anyway, after that the tiger seem like he know where i am from the top of the woods.. But i was a little scare of him didn't want him to hurt me but he didn't hurt me at all.. What does this mean?
Tania 2017-05-13 03:14:45
2 or 3 days ago i forgot to check on Interpreter Dreams but today i remember to checking it out.. I couldn't find the answer of the meaning of my dream that Tiger passed over next to me from the left side of it but didn't hurt no one but passing through and the tiger came back again and everyone already left outside but i am the only one alone in the building and i was scared but start looking for climbing up the roof and some how i find a way to climbs up before the tiger comes back.. I was looking at the tiger and there was 2 guys trying to trap the tiger with the long stick that come with round rope for the neck? I don't remember what is called it but they're making the tiger angry and fighting them off with the strap and keep bother the tiger, anyway, after that the tiger seem like he know where i am from the top of the woods.. But i was a little scare of him didn't want him to hurt me but he didn't hurt me at all.. What does this mean?
minakshi 2017-05-05 00:15:24
i see a family of tiger in my dream they go infront of a room wich have lots of doors n i close all door n seeing the tigers
Manoj 2017-06-13 04:15:49

Even I got a same dream as below

Message from minakshi
i see a family of tiger in my dream they go infront of a room wich have lots of doors n i close all door n seeing the tigers

Stephen 2017-05-04 06:24:01
What about a dream where someone has a Pet Tiger that takes a liking to me and wants to play but I am afraid of it because I feel like that could change from play to attacking. In this dream I keep trying to avoid it and it keeps finding me and then eventually the owner leaves with the tiger but the tiger still ends up coming back.The Tiger also playfully bites like a dog does when it plays. I also remember there being dog in this dream and the Tiger would play with the dog as well.
Michael 2019-06-27 14:24:49

Tiger was in my dream. I was at this place like a bar with pool tables with open windows. The tiger was with the owner. When I saw everyone else around was calm but I was the only scared one. I kept trying to avoid the tiger. I was jumping in out of the Window trying to avoid the tiger. Then finally when the tiger came back in I just stood there to see. Then the tiger came up to me then leaped on my back, the owner said these words, he’s the dad now it’s out of hands. The tiger didn’t bite me or kill me, just licked me. Then I woke saying he fing licked me!
Shivani 2018-09-18 01:18:54
I too had a same dream, pet tiger wants sleep beside me and i even my family is avoiding that tiger.. and trying to get out that tiger from our home , what does that mean :/
tara 2017-12-05 05:21:08
i also have the same dream every night
N.a 2017-05-29 20:19:20
I had the exact same dream but the tigers owner seemed suspicious. Did you ever figure it out ?
george 2017-04-14 22:33:28
I dreamed of protecting a little dog from an aggressive tiger that wanted to eat it and it was attacking me, and I had only one book in my hand and I couldn't yelled and my arm was feeling weak, and fortunately I wake up.
ronron 2017-03-21 18:05:53
I dream about a tiger and cat playing together I might be positive meaning
char 2017-04-06 14:18:12
I had the same dream a few nights ago
Colet 2017-03-09 17:56:48
I dreamed about being surrounded by tigers in a place i dont know where. They doesn't bite me, they just walk pass me and looks at me. Some sits next to me and it's scary as heck.
Anika Tazin 2017-03-07 22:03:29
I see tigers alot in my dreams.always it scares me.one day I saw its chasing me, another day I saw its fighting with me,tonight I saw me with my whole family were in jungle and tigers attacked.all tigers from zoo were freed,all people left there home.it was so scary

sundar 2017-03-04 22:55:27
I had a dream of tiger appearing once in a month it always frighten me, fear me. it oftenly appeared friendly with my family but not me.
Regina 2017-02-23 13:26:20
I had a dream of 2 white tigers laying under a tree that had one blue bird singing and chirping happily the bird was not scared of me and neither were the tigers. The tigers were a male and female and they were licking each other and laying close to each other. At the end of my dream the male sat up and looked at the bird in the tree and rubbed on the tree. The tree didn't have any leaves on it and it wasn't very big. The tigers were in grass and I felt like I was the female tiger and she wanted to tell me something.
Ty 2017-03-07 17:56:37
I had a similar dream kind of...there were 2 white tigers that walked into my back yard and layed on my deck next to my cats ...it made me nervous because i didnt want them to get eatin but as nightfall came in my dream the 2 tigers were on my deck juat laying there
En 2017-02-19 00:50:30
I just had a dream spending the whole sunny day with loving and cuddly tiger that just appeared at my grandparent's' garden. He was showing me love, piece and protection and behaved like a cat basically. But still I could feel his wild power and free will to do whatever he wanted to. But he was just loving.
Unfortunately I found only a dreams descriptions about "killing a tiger, chasing him or feeding him.."
Purna Kachhawaha 2017-02-18 05:17:54
I dream that i had a cartoon tiger pet who happily opened my door, came and sit in my loaby and watching tv.
Dreasmer 2017-04-21 11:49:02
Tiger in a dream usually represents a enemy.
Maria E 2017-02-13 00:49:13
I have had dreams that I'm just at home with my father and then I would hear the door knocking but when I go to ask "who is it?" I would feel a bad feeling like I'm scared to open it or know who it is. Then I backed away and I looked out the window then there was the tiger looking inside the house. The tiger was neutral, he was just looking straight at me... It's weird that I don't feel afraid of the tiger; my fear is always directed to what's on the other side of the door... I have had the same dream continuously the only difference is that I'm in a different room. I just want to know, what does it mean?
leeanne 2017-02-08 22:38:46
I had n dream of n baby tiger and
That tiger growe up with me what does that mean

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