Dream meaning Brother and Sister

Appearance of brother or sister in your dreams represent possible disputes with close relatives or family friends. The main interpretation of your dream depends on the interactions and situations observed inside.
Dreams about siblings are considered as strong representations of emotions and inherent feelings. They may or may not concern about practical relation with brother or sister but can foretell overall future of family. To extract the correct meaning from such dreams, you need to concentrate on the facts observed in your dreams. Facts regarding his or her age, your relation (brother or sister) and situation are considered in dream analysis. You will find most common interpretations of dreams related to siblings in this dream dictionary to help you understand about your qualities and near future.

Brother and sister associated dreams explanation

To observe dreams about your sibling generally express a hidden quality or feeling that is not previously expressed to anyone. There is no differentiation in the meaning of these dreams regarding the appearance of brother or sister the main focus is only on the activities involved. To see joyous interactions signify sudden financial gains in business or investments. To observe quarrels with brother or sister suggest financial problems or innate differences. To see hatred about brother and sister signify break up with a friend or lover. To see your brother or sister suffering from illness is a bad omen and can indicate future distress or sorrows. If the dreamer is brother and observes his sister is killed by someone represents misfortune and heavy losses. To see you giving a welcome party for arrival of your brother or sister from foreign tour indicates huge financial gains. Dream of your sister begging for some sort of help implies that you will face failure in career.

Empowered descent of wisdom by dreams of brother or sister

Having dreams of brother and sister are great signals to make the changes in behavior. It signifies that you need to work towards improvement of your relation with your sibling otherwise it will bring worst aftereffects. You may have realized by above descriptions that faulty relation with siblings implies to losses and sorrows in life. You can extend a hand for friendship with your brother or sister in order to make a fresh start. You can share great joys, failures with each other to construct a happy bond between yourself. These dreams are suggesting making timely changes in your behavior to experience happiness in life.

Sample dream about marriage of brother or sister and its implication

Marriage dreams are special ones and have special impact on life. If your sibling is grown up you may sometimes observe a dream of attending his/her marriage. Consider a dream where you see notice yourself preparing for marriage of your brother or sister happening in few days time. You are engrossed in related activities and see your sibling merrily involving in the preparations. The d day finally comes and you are ready to celebrate, when you notice that would be partner of your brother or sister does not come up that day and everything is spoiled. This dream signifies an expected family achievement may be related to some inherited gains that fail to reach you due to some troubles. Many people interpret marriage dreams as bad omen and this dream can also bring second meaning which is related to your brother or sister who may face some sorrows related to career in future.
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Marelyn 2014-12-08 07:52:26
I had a dream of having a little brother names Noah from my mum and her fianc and I was pretty happy about itnl what does it mean ?

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Swati 2014-12-05 05:41:21
I had a dream of having a step brother and i m feeling lot of hate towards my father and my step mom

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Danii 2014-08-26 07:27:25
I had a dream about a brother, I don't have a brother.
My father (he is dead), asked me to help my troubled younger brother, so I let him in to live with me.
One day I came home earlier from work and found out, that he sold all my clothes and my furniture. I had a big argument with him and told him to leave. After he left someone came to pick up my bedroom furniture. I told them to get lost and was sitting on the bed in my bedroom and crying and thinking to call my father and tell him what happened. But I didnít call, just was thinking about it.
what does it means?

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micky 2014-06-23 13:26:43
What about dreaming of a brother that you don't have?

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Robert 2014-06-21 19:20:05
I had a dream with my younger sister (She's 4) and in my dream she was older, around 14 or 15. We were talking to each other and had a really good time, we were back at my home country in the house that I use to live in, and outside it was flooded by rain and there were waves too. I'd really really appreciate if someone could help me interpret this dream because its very rare that I remember a dream this vividly.

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Amanda Tenise 2014-02-22 20:10:40
I had a dream my younger sister, younger brother and I were at a sort of school (i swear its terribly tacky, but it was like harry potter or something) and I had a vision something terrible was coming. It came in 3 quick flashes and i remeber on was a straw doll in hay, but i cant remeber the other 2. So we took off into the woods. It started to rain and we crossed over a clay pit where they cleared out land for what ever reason and i remeber looking back and it had turned into a small lake and put good distance between us and the school but not enough for us to rest, and all the kids were goin inside the school and soon they would relize we were gone. We came to the edge of a wood line and look to the sky and it was purpleish and there wer these whirl wind circles in the clouds. I told them it looked like a tornado and next thing i know, one formed and was heading our way. I saw an old mattress and yelled at them to get in this old closet looking cabneit from an old trailor or something of the sort and threw the mattress over us. I told them to keep there heads down and not to move no matter what. It felt like it could have passed us becuase there wasnt any sounds and it didnt feel like we were moving, so i looked out and we started to lift up. I asked them what they miss most and they said moms biscits and gravy, and i said yea, with dads home made potatos... i dont remeber anything after that jsut jumping awake. My family is close and both are going thru a bit of rough patch in thier lives...they are in tx and i am in ga and im fixing to move to hawaii, could that have anything to do with it?

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Mirage 2013-12-12 04:34:56
I had this strange dream where my older brother was cutting into my older sisters arm... I'm having a hard time figuring this one out... any ideas???

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reena 2013-12-04 06:41:51
I see in my dream that my littlr sister in problem like she does not walk and having a lot of stomach pain she want to my help.

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Gloria 2013-11-27 16:30:30
I had a dream me and my older brother were driving and started arguing about small petty things! What does that signify?

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sanjay kumar kedia 2012-04-30 08:18:01
I am little bit tensed abount relationship in future with my own sister,

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