Dream Dictionary Marriage

Dream Dictionary Marriage

Culturally, despite increasing divorce rates and despite what is seen as a devaluation of marriage, we still regard marriage as a very important life event.

Dream Marriage
Dream Dictionary Marriage? Dreaming Of Marriage: Tying the Knot between Relationships and Feelings

This is why the meaning of dream regarding marriage has always been seen as important as well. Marriage is considered to be about as significant as giving birth as far as the dream symbol spectrum is concerned, but the dream interpretation is usually very different. While dream interpretations found in the dream dictionary usually tell people that dreams of birth are about birthing a new idea or lifestyle, the dream meanings of marriage are usually centered on the unification of two ideas. We have become highly gender oriented as a society in recent years, but this does not change the fact that many men possess certain characteristics that are seen as intrinsically feminine, and many women possess characteristics that are seen as inherently male. When you are getting married in your dreams, one possible dream meaning is that you are finally accepting the balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself.

Another interpretation of a dream about marriage is the idea of commitment. Marriage is seen by everyone as a strong symbol of commitment. Perhaps you have taken on a project in your life that needs a very strong attitude to accomplish or that requires you to be very diligent and to really commit yourself to. Perhaps you have taken on a new job, or signed onto contract that will lock you into a certain position for a while. This may just be one reason that you might be having dreams about marriage. Marriage also symbolizes a kind of harmony and peace in love. Perhaps you have reached a good spot in your relationship. You may not actually be ready to marry anyone yet, but you might be having dreams about marriage if you are content with the state of your relationship.

However, if you are dreaming of something such as a proposal for marriage, this could mean that you think that something in your life could take a turn for the worse soon. You will have to do some soul searching on your own to find out what that thing is that you are apprehensive about, but a marriage proposal is usually bad news in dreams.

If you are dreaming that you are marring an ex of yours, this is actually a good sign and is not necessarily a message that you need to take him or her back. All that this means is that you have likely learned something from this past relationship. It could be something new about yourself or something you discovered about your ex, but whatever the case, it usually means that you have learned and are ready to move on to the next relationship. These are all of the different interpretations you may find in a dream dictionary.

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sandhya rani 2015-07-07 19:29:48
I want to know when is my marriage is going to happens....and i got a dream where i dressed up like a bride...is it good sign or bad i am worried about it.....plz tell me

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