Dream meaning of holding hands

These dreams are the representative of hidden fears in your mind about the loss of the special one. You might be concerned to contact him/her urgently in order to keep them in your life. These dreams are quite simple and have a pure dictum that is to unite with known or strange (those who attract you) people.

Holding hands or other interactions with hands represents feelings for a particular person and the expectant reaction from the other side. It is a strong reflection of your inner feelings about a person with whom you want to develop friendship with. Many people ignore dreams like this but all the dream symbols should be noticed properly to get the accurate suggestions and meaning. Follow this dream dictionary interpretation to know in detail the meaning of holding hand dreams.

Analysis of different versions of holding hand dreams

In general holding hand dream suggests the desire to become a special friend of a known or unknown person. If you dream of holding hand with a stranger of opposite sex represents that you are feeling alone and yearn to be involved in two way relationship. To see holding hands with a known person signifies that you are searching for a trustworthy fellow to confide your fears and secrets. If you see a complete stranger may be from same sex signifies that you are feeling a connection with that person and want to build strong friendship. To see holding hands with your true friend of wake life represents that you are having fear of drifting away from the person and hence want to clutch this friendship forever. These dreams are mainly the reflections of your minds loneliness and hence he is seeking emotional intimacy with anyone present nearby.

Position of dreams of holding hands in real life

To dream about holding hands is of special kind and gives a reflection of your inner sense and situation. If you get these dreams too often then you should understand the need of sharing a strong bond with someone is cultivating inside the mind. If this aggravates can result into frustration and depressions hence it is necessary to take steps in time. Seek someone around you and start conversations from your side. You may or may not get a positive response but you have to keep trying. You will surely find someone to confide your thoughts and share that special relationship you were striving for.

A particular holding hand dream with its analysis

Consider a dream where you are attending a program in some sort of theater where you have come up with some known people. You sit beside a person and enjoying the show but then you understand that the person is holding your hand and you are also comfortable with it. Your known people are staring at you but you are not ready to leave the hand. This dream signifies that you are alone in the group of people and striving for romantic relationship in your life. Despite of observing a total stranger the total significance of this dream is you want to move out of the environment and want to enjoy the special feeling. These emotions are strong but give yourself some time to sort things out properly.
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Dear_lifedreams 2015-07-29 12:33:24
In 3 nights I had been dreaming of 3 different guys and it all somehow connects to a church. My first dream was with a guy who is completely a stranger I think he was in his mid-late 20s.he was with someone that loves him I even in my dreams I could feel it. So then my dream completely change into a wedding where he decided to get married to me for no reason even tho his in love with I believe his friend, we were happy and I enjoyed his company. My second dream was with a another guy but this time I know him, or I've sees him before back when we were still in school, he was leading a choir and he does in real life. After the song he walked towards me and I didn't know I was standing next to him, we got support close to each other he put his arm around my shoulder and the next thing I know we were holding hands looking inside the church while standing I front of the door. And my third was with my neighbor, we were sitting at the back of the car goofing around, I honestly never talked or my neighbor I don't know why, but I did used to be close to him when we were kids. Then we had to stop and look for a cabin and the next thing I know the cabin is full of choir people, there's even mean girls...... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. and in my dream I had this old Asian lady that read my palm in my dreams and she told me "your pretty, but be careful" I still don't get it be used it seems really true what ever she meant by that.

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MissTerry 2015-07-28 15:41:59
In my dream, I was talking to my friends and they suddenly disappeared from the scene. Then this guy from my class appeared. I knew he was there but I'm still surprised to see him especially when he held my hand so firmly. The weird thing is, I can feel the warmth from his hands like it's real. =3= Btw, I noticed him on the first day of class when we're still freshmen students and now that we're seniors, I can't stop thinking about him because of that dream.  :( For 4 years, I've been avoiding him. But the dream made me realize one thing. No matter how I try, I can't avoid him.  :(

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michka 2015-07-28 12:18:12
In dream i was walking in the snow with my exboyftiend ( in real life) holding hands and heading to an hotel in Amsterdam that once we were in a relationship we spent few days there.. but the hotel in the dream was different than it was in reality and it had a big symbol of a lion in the middle. But i was so feeling happy in the dream. I also saw his mom and dad in my dream. Thanks for helping

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Lovly cupcake 2015-07-06 21:25:38
Well in my dream me and the boy i like (in real life) were at a place called omsi in Oregon and he was looking at some thing and the group we were in started leaving and I told him let's go but he wouldn't leave and so then I pulled him by his nike jacket and he pulled me toward him and he said he would always care for me and about me so I blushed
and then I woke up blushing

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a girl 2015-06-30 14:06:20
there is a boy (in real life) ho is my closest friend who is a boy. he has liked me for sometime now and people always say we should go out but i just ignore them because i like our friendship....anyways, in my dream we were at school and i was holding his hand, im not sure what this might mean.

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Unknown 2015-06-22 00:35:39
I my dream I was Holding hands with my boyfriend after I found out he was a killer I acceptedhik for who he was and we went to kill people together.

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Ann 2015-06-07 07:39:59
I saw an unknown girl in my dream. She was a normal girl but her eyes looked kinda different, they were light brown n dangerous.
i was entering a hall in which there ws no one n the girl ws standing at the entrance. She gave a smile n even i returned her smile( as it is my habbit).
As i finished my work in the hall i came out n she ws still there. I passed her but suddenly she held my hand. I got so scared, i tried to resque myself n i succeeded. I ran as fast as i could n then i saw a grp of spirits in front of me.( The spirits i saw were something like we see in movies but the girl makes me scared). I can never forget her light brown eyes. What is the meaning of this dream???

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Eleen 2015-06-01 15:33:17
In my dream, I was walking down a certain street in my city when I saw a familiar face in the crowd. When he saw me, he ran towards me, held my hand, and looked intently like he wanted me to tag along with him. I was abashed so I asked, "Where are we going?". I waited but there was no answer. He dragged me to a busy neighborhood where children are playing, and mothers are guarding their kids. My dream ends there because I was unfortunately awaken by my grandma. Fyi, I've known this guy since childhood and this guy was already three years older than me.

Then comes the second dream.
I dreamed about him again. I was lying down with my face on the floor 'cause there was an activity in our p.e. class when suddenly he appears and also lies down beside me. He made an unexpected move again. He hugged my feet and there I was. Lying down and unable to utter a word or make a move.

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FRIENDZONED(?) 2015-05-31 09:55:59
I had this dream last night, Me and my friends were going to a mall and like there's a pool in it so we are planning to go for a swim. Then I got lost in the mall and I wasn't panicking or anything I just walked and walked then I found this guy (which is my friend in real life) and then he suddenly held my hand and I kinda enjoyed it. He was kissing it and yeah. Then after that I found my friends and I kinda left him then we went to a dressing room to wear swimsuits but then the guy sudddenly opened the door then he saw me NAKED. I mean wtf does this mean?

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R 2015-05-28 05:05:12
I had a dream that me and my best guy friend were holding hands and I really enjoyed it and we where in a huge group and everyone was watching but I sorta have a crush on him.

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sophie 2015-05-27 13:19:54
me and my friends were in the playground (and my crush but I don't really talk to him in real lfe)and my crush took fun of my friends bag so I went over to him and ask why he said it . then we astaling about his ne hair style and to wind he up I said I like your old one better he just laughed after that me my friend and my cruh wwent over to my other friends and my crush was being really flirty and stuff and when one of the teachers called him in for something he took my hand then stood up everyone was looking and say (my crushes name) ahd sophieeee I didn't care though then we walked to the teacher and I td my crush I have to go because my mum would get wworried he said ok and stepped abit closer to me and smiled then walked in the school I saw ellie (my enimie she also likes him) look annoyed then me and my friend walked out of the playround and waited around n are phones and talking for a while when we decided to go that when she asked all about me and my crush as I was telling her I relised my crush was in front of u and could hear everything I was saying then he laughed and took my friend hand ad kinda done it cheekily then let go and walked away to catch up with his fiends >>>>

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Sarah 2015-05-15 02:12:28
My crush and me were at gym and we were holding hands waiting for the teacher to come get our class....... I'm so confused... that and my friends keep making fun of me because of it

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Sierra 2015-05-12 02:50:41
I would really like an analysis of this dream. It's strange and almost had me in tears.
Me and a few other FFA members were hanging out at what seemed to be the county fair. We were all just sitting there and talking, when two people I had known walked by. I had never seen these two people talk to each other, yet they were holding hands. But what had actually upset me was that the male had been a crush of mine who I had gotten into a fight with a long time ago. I still had strong feelings for him, but had not been able to speak to him since the argument. When I had saw them, it was almost like my heart broke. Before the argument, it was difficult for me to get thorough his hard shell, but a girl that screams to be the boss was holding hands with him, never talking before.
I don't know why but i followed them to the stadium for horse riding. They had met up with his family still holding hands.
I woke up depressed and still don't know the reason why I had dreamt that.

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Jeneth 2015-05-12 00:52:06
I have a dream that someone is holding my hand and i just said God bless u and my friend heard me speaking so loud. But i know i said God bless u many times and i woke up i my own voice.

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Carlie 2015-05-10 15:35:25
I had a dream that I woke from this morning where I was sitting in a classroom. I'm no longer in school anymore, its been years since I've graduated. It was like all the adults my age were back in high school all over again. Anyway, in the dream I was walking down a hall, straight to a classroom. Most of the seats were taken except the left side of the room right when you walk in had a few empty seats left. I walked all the way to the back and asked this boy if the seat was taken, he didn't say a single word but motioned to me that it was. I sat down and looked around, everyone was loud and chatting. And the boy I sat next to was quiet and drawing something. I look over and he's drawing anime comic like drawings and i'm in awe at his talent. They were really good, I leaned over close enough for him to hear me over all the noise to tell him I thought his drawings were amazing. Before I knew it he was evaluating his drawing for a second than made an exasperated breath and than started to erase it with his hand. I extended my hand out in front of his big paper that covered his desk to stop him from erasing anymore. He looked at me with an expression that said "What are you doing???"
Understanding what he meant to say, I looked straight into his eyes and told him, "Stop...its beautiful, don't destroy it." He sits back and takes a deep breath and looks at his drawing once more. After I told him not to destroy it, I relax and sit back upright in my chair and continue observing the rest of the class. A minute or two goes by and I can see out of the corner of my eye that he really listened to what I said and was looking at his drawing to try and see what I saw in his drawing. Like I said, a minute or two goes by and I feel something touching my hand that is my lap. I was sitting with my right hand holding my right side of my face and my left hand was resting on my left leg. I look down and he's holding my hand. I look at him and still he is not saying anything. Just simply holding my hand and smiling at me and than looking at his drawing. It was a very happy, at ease type of feeling. Like we understood each other without having to say anything at all.

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