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One of the most common dream interpretations of the scorpion is that of intense danger. In reality many scorpions are not actually harmful. Some have little poison in their stingers. These little guys usually use their poison for neutralizing small bugs and as a weapon to larger ones for stabbing and subduing them. The amount of poison in their stingers would surely not be enough to kill a person. In reality, though dangerous scorpions can be found all over, it is likely that as long as you donít get too close to the scorpion put at the zoo, you wonít have to worry about them in your lifetime. But despite this, the meaning of dream about scorpions will usually always relate to danger. You might wonder why this is. The reality of this predicament is that the reason that the dream dictionary always tells you that dreams about scorpions carry negative connotations is because of the ways that we are conditioned to treat them.

Culture tells us that scorpions are dangerous, as well as instincts brought out from years of human development that are innately activated whenever we come across a scorpion. It is these warning signs that let us know when it is safe to deal with a scorpion or not. But it is also because of these instincts that we feel so intimidated by the scorpion as a dream symbol. When you see a scorpion in your dreams, this is a sign of fear, particularly fear for the new future, and the prediction of danger. Are you about to take part in an activity that you believe to be life threatening? Perhaps you are being pressured into doing something that has the potential to seriously hurt you. This could be why you are dreaming of scorpions.

Scorpions are also known to have a dream meaning related to self-destruction. Perhaps actions that you have been taking recently have put you in a situation in which you may be doing great damage to yourself. You could be drinking too much, or smoking too much, as these are the most common ways to be self destructive. But I could also be something different such as driving recklessly, or anything else that puts you at risk. The scorpion is there in your dreams to urge you to take better care of yourself.

A scorpion can also serve as a more subtle sign in some dream meanings especially if you are the type of person that thinks in astrological terms. Symbols such as this are often associated with their astrological counterparts in more traditional/mystic dream interpretation; therefore a scorpion can stand for someone that is born under the Scorpio sign. Have you done something with a Scorpio recently, or met someone that was a Scorpio? Possibly this isnít related to anything youíve actually done recently and you just happen to have been thinking about a Scorpio for some time. A dream with scorpions can be indicative of that.
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Amy 2014-07-24 16:52:41
I saw a scorpion it was the same size as any other it was walking on top of little rocks then it all changed. If you have ever seen a heat sensored camera that is the color I was seeing on the scorpion. Except now the scorpion was huge with one tail I can feel how heavy it was it got on my back I rembered if it stings you you can die. I walked slowly I was hunched back I heared my cusions they were just talking I walked to them and they freaked. They said she has a scorpion I manage to take my shirt off and the scorpion fell off the stinger waz long it was touching my butt. I was hearing a noice and I see the same scorpion but now theres another one this was has two tails. There making noices and start chasing us I'm the last one to get in the house but the door nob falls off there right at my feet. I run around again and they follow me I manage to get in the house and all I can hear is the noice on the outside.

After reading this article I guess I'm in danger or a warning. I'm under the sighn of the scorpio but I haven't done or met anyone els that's a scorpio. I don't smoke or drink I think it's wrong so I don't do it . I don't have a driver linces so I'm not a wreck less driver. If you have any idea what the dream is trying to say please reply.

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Roman 2014-05-11 14:43:52
In my dream, I was getting stung at my feet by like seven scorpions. One had the body the size of a hand. However, I was wearing boots. So they were not able to hurt me.

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Leah 2014-05-09 19:53:24
I dreamt last night that I befriended a rare green and white striped spider. Everyone was very interested in it and came to meet it, but when my grandmother came, the spider turned around and revealed a scorpions tail which it used to sting me before leaping off the table onto the floor. I loved the spider too much to hurt it for what it had done, and told everyone that hopefully I would be okay. A little bit later I felt tired and cold, and got very sick and could feel that I could slowly dying. I knew that there was an antivenin that I needed, that was sold in one very specific shop somewhere in the world, but I didn't know where it was and I was dying too quickly to get there... Eventually I passed out on the dream and woke up... Any idea what this could mean? I woke up feeling nauseous and shaky and shivering with cold.

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victoria menottis 2014-04-01 13:38:59
I had a dream of my sister and two black girls and one of the girl had a scorpion on the back of her hand and it kept hitting her and then the scorpin jump in my glasses and i grab it but the tail but it did not hit me and the black girl got it and throw it out the window. I still dont know what that mean

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john 2014-03-05 18:36:07
very big red scorpion in my dream .laughing at me..gt scared..please tell me wt it is..

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Ambur 2014-03-02 22:04:13
I had a dream of a scorpion.. it appeared.. and then ran and hid.. I was curious of it and was searching for it in my dream.. what does this mean?

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wendy 2014-02-03 21:55:39
i had dream of scorpion, coming at me with its stinger . i smashed it and left it couldnt influence me.

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Andy 2014-01-14 04:31:14
I had a dream that a rather large scorpion was crawling on my living room wall and leaving marks on the wall. It dropped down to the floor and I was hoping it would turn the other way but came straight at me and for some reason I could hardly move. I reached for a shoe to smack it and missed. The scorpion stung me and I could feel the intense pain in my dream except it was my left foot not my hand. My left foot got all red and the mark went up my leg then the dream ended.

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Gary Duclos 2013-06-09 14:24:16
I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with random noname friends and I noticed something stinging my hand... a scorpion... from there I noticed scorpions everywhere... all over the floor, I tip toed my way out of the apartment and grabbed some bug spray and started fighting back. After being driven outside by so many scorpions I saw a huge burrow in the grass and looked inside and saw a giant dog sized scorpion with red eyes gleaming at me. I hosed whatever it was down with as much bug spray as I felt would kill it and it did... there was only a little more to this dream but... wow trying to interpret this one has proven tricky... that's for the ominous warning of danger that I must retaliate against.. I only check this page to try and get a better understanding of something I see in a dream that normally isn't there... if you want to contact me I'm on facebook or email sephsnova@yahoo.com otherwise I may not check this site again until another strange occurance happens in my dreams.

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judy 2013-05-26 15:26:14
I am a scorpio, Dreaming for the second night in a row about driving and scorpions black in white ones being in the car but not hurting me. Im so scared of scorpions,spiders in snacks btw...
But recently me in my fiance been trying to have a baby in no luck but now there is a HUGE possibility that i am.. Wish me luck lol
Maybe its a new beginning of birth?? I hope
I dont drink or smoke, just work alot thats it, no drama in my life at all...

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Jlr 2013-05-23 21:22:57
What if your a Scorpio dreaming of thousands of cockroached sized scorpions that are close to a black color?

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mzbadazz 2013-03-11 01:33:52
this is crazy how I was dreaming about scorpions last night in the morning to wake up to getting the bad news that i lost my first nephew in a car accident due to reckless driving.. reading this is unbelievable but true  :( :'(

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Jessica 2013-01-01 07:31:39
What of you are a scorpio and you dream of a scorpion medium size of a dog chasing you and its goldish?

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Maz 2012-10-03 00:36:44
Is true on the part about the smoking and drinking as after the dream of the scorpion i deciced to give up smoking and start training again..... Weird or wot???

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