Dream meaning Monkey

Dreams about monkey are of most vivid in its form and meanings. Appearance of monkey may symbolize impish shade of your behavior along with the attitude that can hurt others unknowingly. Monkey is also significant of strong intuitive powers that can bestow upon you once you visualize them in your dreams.

Monkey is the most mischievous animal present on earth and this nature is clearly represented by their presence in your dreams. This attitude can be considered as funny at some times but immature at most of the times. Monkey in your dreams can be suggesting that you leave all the fears and worries aside and lead life king size. Several interactions with monkey in your dreams are sufficient to signify range of meanings that are related to your present situation.

Analysis of regular activities with the mischievous monkey in your dreams

Monkey denotes both positive and negative effects on your life and their special characteristics have special implications on day to day routine. To see a monkey in artificial habitat signifies that your close colleagues at work place are unnecessarily pestering you to get some work done. In general monkey also implies treachery by some trusted partner or person which is enough to distract you from your goals. In other sense they also attribute to your fun loving nature which is always taken as immature by others. To see a monkey in natural habitat hanging from trees signify that you are facing troubles in some special areas of life. To see your image feeding the monkey strongly suggests that you will be cheated by a close person whom you have considered as your well-wisher. To see a carcass of monkey in your dreams signify that you will be free from treacherous enemies in short time. Monkey dreams to women signify that her partner will doubt on her and hence she should get married soon. On positive side if you see the monkey eating his favorite fruit banana then it signifies that you will get unexpected financial gains.

Message for life through monkey dreams

Appearance of monkey in dreams is the strong connote of betrayal by close person may be at work place or at personal life. This monkey is trying to warn you to stay away from such people otherwise they will take your advantage and will leave you in misery. All the dreams are suggestive and the best ones are these having a monkey in it. They are present in your dreams to let you know about the leg pullers present in your vicinity. If you are women and having such dreams then you should understand that you will be cheated by your follower who admires you. It's best to heed to this monkey and protect yourself from these false admirers.

Dream of aged money and its significance

This dream is seen by women and hence it holds different interpretation. Consider a dream where you are having an engagement function at home and planning for the purpose. The function starts at night and you are communicating with some of your friends while you notice an aged monkey has entered your room and is conversing in your language. He is giving advice to you that you should stay away from the person you are getting married to and he quietly leaves after saying this. This dream conveys two meanings, one is that the girl is doubtful about the partner she has chosen for life and the other is the partner is deceitful and hence the experienced monkey is advising not to marry to that person. The strong symbol in this dream is the aged monkey and hence it should be taken seriously. To be at safe side you should communicate with the groom and should investigate about him before taking final decision.
The text Appearance of this naughty animal in your dreams is considered as the most mystic of its kind as it denotes both intelligent and immature sides of your personality. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
nana campbell 2014-07-16 22:50:23
i dream a monkey was holding his baby so the baby monkey was doing the number 2 in the road i came around the curve and seen it what is this dream about  ?)

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Amy 2014-06-30 02:33:07
I had a dream that I was in the hall way and there was 3 monkeys with sharp claws and evil eyes and they were trying to attack me, so i started running down the hallway and 3 more monkeys come at me and i know that if i keep running they will attack me.. expecting the pain of sharp claws in me i still ran and i remember one monkey jumped on my right arm and then i woke up..

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Alexis 2014-06-22 10:04:01
I have a dream that my younger brother and i were standing on the terrace suddenly i noticed, few monkeys have came at the back side of the terrace and sitting on the wall. i ran to close the door of our terrace by getting inside, but two monkeys one was a baby monkey and another one was an adult monkey ran inside, but they started getting panicked and they came downwards at our living room and then bedrooms running all over the house. I tried to open the main door of our living room, but before i can open the door the adult monkey came near to me running, first i got panicked that it will attack me or bite me but it went back running inside.
What can be the meaning of this dream. Do i have any betrayer in my life? or does it mean something else

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Johnny J 2014-05-12 23:04:07
My backyard is a small corn field....on the other side off the corn field there is a light post...in my dream there was one monkey at the very top...another halfway up the pole...and the other in the field walking towards the pole as though he was speaking to the other two....i remembering scream to the kids in the street to stay away

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AlgerianBro(second comment) 2014-04-22 14:10:52
Salam alaikoum all (peace be on you), how are you ?
im not just kidding in this comment about a dream two days ago, it's enlightening and completive to the previous dream i had about the waterfall. First of all, i am a muslim white arab by birth. All my country's people(algeria) are "orthodox" Muslims. In Islam, there is a famous prayer called the Supplication or Istikhara, it's usually prayed before taking such important decisions such as marriage, and most of muslims in the world (nearly two billion) aknowledge to have experience its result. I swear to God that i started praying it a week ago, and i had a very special result, generally answers of this prayer are either through a sign in a dream or real life change that fit the aim of ur prayer.I know it's hard to believe by someone who is not a muslim, but if you just know little but Islam, you would understand. Unfortunately, there r a lot of islamophobia in the world today. and Islam was the dominant religion and civilizations for centuries that changed the lives of billions of people on the planet since centuries. There are many islamic books about dreams which you can check out.
Summing up, i had a dream in the most prescribed best period of dreams in Islam, that's between dusk, dawn, or before them or in the second half of the night. I had a dreaming walking in a very huge area of green grass, it was very beautiful and surrounded by hills and trees, then i noticed a woman in the black islamic full scarf, i was surprised and thought that she was with her family, so first i didnt want to look more, then i noticed she was alone and could notice that she was sitting peacefully and silently on the grass, and could see her starring eyes behind a thin and transparent piece that covers her eyes, that was the only thing we could notice coz she was covering well all her body and only the eyes could be seen starring at me when close...then i woke up.
in the dream, i didnt speak to her, and she didnt speak to me, she was just seeing me like any person expecting someone to come. In Islam it's known, that the green color is the best sign in life, and in dreams. also the grass is a best and explicit form of green, and such kind of clothes represent chastity, peace, ethics etc...so i made sure that it's a nice sign in cha Allah...

May Allah bless u and guide you all. Salam

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Cameron 2014-04-21 00:29:12
I had a dream that I was riding in the passenger seat of a pickup while a male friend was driving, I think I remember who this friend was but Im not completely sure.

We were driving in Australia and three monkeys ran up and over this rock... I knew that they were headed across the road so I yelled at my friend to stop "don't run them over" but he only slowed down a bit while swerving to the side of the road. He ran one over, killing it.

As he pulled around to stop I noticed the other monkeys in panic and one in particular in mourning and acting very sad and upset. I got out of the pickup to go check on the wounded monkey and as I did the other monkeys ran towards me. I was scared they might attack me but as they one ran up my leg I felt a sense of control through my nervousness. I looked down at it as if to reassure it that I was not there to hurt them and as I looked into it's eyes I realized the monkey was looking for safety. I nervously pet it on the head as the others came close around me and another clinging to my ankle looking for protection.

I awoke.

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AlgerianBro 2014-04-22 13:56:44
Hi,how are you ?
...defeating a monkey is winning ur enemy and being chased is that you have to stay away from troubles after defeating ur enemy.

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AlgerianBrother 2014-04-16 18:08:10
Salam alaikoum all. How are you ?
i had multiple of dreams of at least three monkeys of different age attacking me, on a dominant rock near my living place, this dream happened severally for years before my adolescence. I never cared about it, and thought it could also be self-deceptive to search about its meaning. But nowadays as i am getting close to a new page in life with my 17 years old wife, who had a terrible childhood with her atheist parents who doesnt respect her choice of becoming a muslim, she used always to have dreams of drownings repeating for years, but thanks God, finally i gave her my hand and we both saved each other Al Hamdoullah (thanks Allah). However, coming back to my old dream, in fact it was a real big rock which is on the top of a landscape where i lived, and which we and my childhood friends and above all me liked to raise and stay on it every evening in summers, and also i used to stay on for most of years and seasons. So, in details, there were about three monkeys, an average monkey sitting silently, the youngest monkey preventing me to get on the rock by stoning me, and another oldest monkey starring at me as a very wicked human being. Nowadays, i'm 22 years old, my life has changed rapidly, every day is a novel. i usually check the interpretations of dreams but this the first time i check what one of my first dreams meant probably. It really enlightened what i hv been through and what also coming next, seeing monkey is the most negative dream in fact...
I dont dream just once or twice a month. Two days ago i subsequently had two very worrying dreams, in first day i saw i went out at night in front of our old house and felt like a murderer was killing some people, and he touched me with his two hands in the back on my shoulders and when i turned, i heard only a falling but no body was there,...in the dream when i wake up in the morning i found very damaged dead bodies of two average-aged women badly decorated with sticks...then one of my closest friend came to search for and tell me that this is his mother (Omg)..
And yesterday or this morning i mean, i had another scary dreams, i imagined myself in a house in front of a river with stranger guys, we went to swim in that river that seemed calm, i was some yards far from them then suddenly a very high waterfall appeared, i tried to swim away from it but water was taking to the fall, i thought in that moment of the dream that's my end because i never swam in a river, never jumped like that, and there could be shallow water downthere, so after some seconds, i lost all consciousness and just hearing myself "greee greeee" inside waters, after exactly 2 days, i wake up in a standing up position in front of a garden i usually cross(a small park) in the city-capital of my country, Algiers, i was standing and feeling that i just woke up, the strange thing is that i was up, i asked myself 'why was i sleeping up? who brought him here, why im doing here"...also my clothes were different and looked like my first and second year clothes at university (popular western clothes), and my mind was telling me that i am here to take the students bus to my univ (im now in 6th year or 12th semester in algerian school,french syste), so i got on and went to my classroom, and i found my real studying group of this year there with a new teacher i didnt expect, and some of them told me that i was absent for two days...
email: rayan.oktar@gmail.com

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Hannah 2014-03-17 23:24:01
I had a dream last night I had three people at my house. They all three went outside to smoke and I was picking up around the house when I look outside I see no one and assume they just left me with out saying goodbye next thing I know I see three monkeys in my home and all three stare at me for a while as one puts his hand over is mouth the other over his ears and the other one over his eyes (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) and then they disappear one by one right in front of my eyes. I have no idea what this could possibly mean?

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Gabby 2014-02-17 01:22:50
I had a dream that of a small furry animal at my friend's house. He was hanging out there, and only I interpreted as a monkey. It may have been some other species, I can only associate it with a monkey. Anyways somehow I always think we should love each other and not be afraid, especially animals. So in my dream it came to me and I hugged it really tight. Idk what does this mean?  :like:

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Monisha 2014-01-24 08:01:16
A Black monkey chased me,Wat does it meant?

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ruth 2014-08-27 07:45:15
Really similar to mine

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maddy 2013-12-14 14:08:17
I had a dream and it was of this baby monkey that just appeared out of no were. I was startled at first. Then i realized that it was scared i went over and picked him up anf he clung to my neck abd would not let go. He stayed there fo a while. But every time he got scared he would flip out and hold on to me very titly for comfort i geuss.. he was very sweet but at the end of this dream he dies holding on the me and i tried so hard to brimg him back[size=3][/size]

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jo 2013-11-24 16:08:28
I had a dream i was in someones house when they weren't there. All of the sudden a small monkey with a shirt was there on the kitchen counter. I picked the monkey and started screaming at him like a monkey and he was scared. I wanted to hug him but i was afraid he would bit me if i tried to comfort him. So i kept screaming at him and making him cry. ??? any ideas?

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Sam 2013-10-26 22:40:11
I had a dream that I was talking to my sister..next thing we hear news that a monkey was loose. Few seconds later i can hear my sister screaming like someone's biting her ..sounded like she was being bitten viciously. As I turn to walk towards her (feeling of panic starts to rush in) then nxt thing I know out comes a moneky n it's face was sort of Human like sort of (cnt explain) as I looked at my sister she yells about how she's had enough with life and then walks back in the room.....

I was so scared that I woke up....frightened and shocked you could say.. 1:30am in the morning

Wonder if anyone had a similar dream?

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Mayank 2013-09-09 05:48:37
I dreamt about this tiny cute monkey as a partner and saw myself on a pimped out tricycle and we were being chased by three or four bulls. For a while we evaded them and then when I felt safe enough to go out they were back at our trail. Oddly, enough we or rather I, defeated one of them and then someone woke me up. Whatever does that mean? Any help?

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Sharon 2013-07-07 10:16:41
My dream was about an apparent furry fly who was annoying springing around me but when I was close enought to see it, reaslised that it was a micro sized monkey sprinking arouond the curtain poles from side to side very bizarre woke up a couple of days to this dream now!!

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