Dream interpretation Feces and Excrements

No matter where you encounter feces in real life, it tends to evoke a sense of revulsion. Therefore, it tends to be a bit surprising to find out that excrement actually has a very positive meaning in your dreams. On the other hand, once you consider that many people consider money to be the "root of all evil", then you may be able to see why this symbol can manifest in a person's dreams when money luck is about to manifest.

General Dream Meaning: Feces

Even though feces in a dream can portend a financial windfall, it may have other meanings in terms of your inner landscape. Among other things, the relationship between feces and filth may indicate that you may feel ashamed of some things in your life. This dream symbol may also indicate that you are holding onto negative emotions or sentiments. Without a question, if you dream of being constipated, or cannot seem to get away from feces fast enough, it may indicate that you need to do an emotional inventory in order to find out what needs to be released so that you can go on with your life.

How Dream Symbol Feces may Fit in your Life

If you have money problems a dream of feces can be something you will welcome. At the very least, it may offer some insights into why you are having money problems, as well as give you a window of opportunity to make changes in your outlook. For example, if you are thinking about starting a business or changing jobs, a dream of feces may indicate that you are leaning towards making a decision that reflects your unconscious feelings about money. Once you take this factor into consideration, you may have a better chance of uncovering hidden information that will help you make a decision that truly serves your best financial future in the best way possible.

A Sample Dream meaning and Feces Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are walking along a sidewalk, and step into a pile of feces. Embarrassed, you try to rub your shoes in order to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Instead, the feces begins to spread onto your pants leg, and onto your shirt. Disgusted, you reach into your pocket for a tissue, only to find that the feces has gotten in there as well. As you stand there, a few strangers pass by and laugh at you because you are covered in smelly feces. Upon waking up, you begin to wonder if you should apply for a job that you saw in the classified section of your local newspaper.

In most dreams, feces relates to money luck. If you happen to believe that money is the root of all evil, this dream indicates that you may look upon positive money making opportunities with disdain and disregard. Needless to say,if you can't pay your bills, or have other money problems, this dream can herald change. That said, you should not simply sit and wait for a windfall to occur. Rather, you should look at your internal landscape, and look for ways to improve your ideas about money so that you can make the most of any opportunity that may arise.

Since you awakened form the dream thinking about a new job offering, this may be a good indicator that you should put in an application. On the other hand, if you are happy and doing well at your current job, this may be a good time to see if a promotion is available. No matter how you look at it, a dream featuring feces indicates that you should not simply stay in the current situation. Rather, you should look for the kinds of improvements that come with liberating various aspects of your inner landscape in such a way that they will lead to improvements in your life.
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NOURSE 2017-01-08 15:51:37
Reoccurring dreams about going into public restrooms (work, high school locker rooms, ect ....) and there is Sh!t everywhere. Every stall, walls, floor, seat, in the showers ...... disgusting and terrible

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Kerri 2017-01-08 05:33:14
I dreamt that I found a cure for cancer and was about to give a speech about it with my friend. The cure meant eating some kind of animal poo. I put it in my mouth beforehand and was trying to spit it out before talking to everyone, but I couldn't get it all out well. I was feeling like dry wretching as I was trying to get it out, but then I actually spat in real life and woke up.

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Gg Allin 2016-12-29 10:42:27
I had a dream that I shit my pants around my friends

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Nicky 2016-12-15 10:19:38
I dreamt that I wanted to give myself an enema but ended up giving one to my sister instead. I could basically see all the waste before it left her and could see it all leaving before it was empty and the floor was disgusting and I ended up waking up before giving myself the enema. What on earth does that dream mean ?

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Juice Ripper 2016-12-12 08:40:42
I had a dream once that I took several dumps, each one larger then the one before the last. They had no particular shape to them, mostly just reminded me of a runny cake batter or perhaps some chunks of liquified meatloaf. There before me were 6 spotted leopards capable of speaking in English but amongst themselves they had a language that consisted of only the word "poop". One of them didn't speak at all but when 5 of them started to nod their heads the 6th one walked up to me, licked my forearm then proceeded to eat my smelly, hot, brownish-yellow loafs and smile with all the content of a fat girl in line for a funnel cake.

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Erika 2016-11-16 15:22:24
I had I dream I took a poop in a closet inside of a drawer and I turned around,picked it up and ate it. What does that mean

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Shirley 2016-11-14 22:14:14
I dreamt of human feces full in my hand. It was just filling over.

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She 2016-11-12 04:36:03
I dreamed I was sitting on a white toilet but it was in a living room. We were in an apartment complex it seemed, and on the ground floor apartment. The living room had the window blinds opened on the windows and the door. I was using the toilet oddly located in the living room, my 6 year old was in the room talking to me as I went (always happens) and some boy looking to be about 9 or 10 came up and looked into the window. He was shocked to see some one sitting on the toilet in a living room and ran away to tell people. As he ran, I remembered there was another bathroom with more privacy in the back. I yelled at my child to come and help me. I got up from the stool with out wiping, and ran hunched over with fecal matter attached to my bum toward the back of the apartment. I got to the bathroom in the back and there was some guy there who looked to be between the ages of 18 and 20 he had a bit of a slightly superior attitude toward me. I yelled at him to leave because I needed to use the toilet back there. He did leave and I was aware my daughter was playing in the master bedroom beside the bathroom so I went on to do my business but I saw my husband had used it before me and left it all messy. He had had a blow out as we call them and he had left the seat all messy. I had to wash the seat down. Still with my pants down and fecal matter hanging off of my a-hole before I could sit down to finish my pooh. I did and I guess I finished because the dream shifted to a different scene where I was in a library, but I was aware I wasn't far from the toilet I had used and my husband was there, and the guy who I had yelled at to get out was there and he was staring at me. He eventually came up to me while my husband was distracted and said to me he remembered seeing me in an embarrassing position earlier. He shifted his eyes toward the bathroom and to my husband as if he were going to tell my husband. I didn't want him telling people I had been exposed and in an embarrassing situation with pooh, but I knew I couldn't do much to stop him if he wanted to run his mouth. But I again told him to leave and shut his mouth and he listened. Then I suddenly realized while I was in the library that I had missed an important phone call that was a telephone job interview I started crying because I had missed the interview. I was devastated. My husband tried to console me but wasn't very successful. I set about trying to see if I could salvage it in any way.
I actually do have a phone interview this afternoon.

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MS 2016-11-07 08:52:48
I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I put my fingers and I believe in someone rectum. Lots of green poop came out and was running all over my right hand. What could this mean..

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its me 2016-11-05 05:51:22
I had a dream I let a gross load of poop out but in a washer machine.Den people noticed I did it nd had to clean it up and people were calling me out on it I was embaressed in the dream and when I woke up as well lol

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Nitin k 2016-11-02 11:35:05
I saw I went in public toilet and somhow lot of fallen on me from upside and on my head and on face its was a dark place and o can't see much in my dreaam.
Also the door was not proper and some cloth type material was there at door and from that all the feces fallen on me

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Mildly 2016-10-21 23:18:30
I had a dream in which I defecated and thereafter started collected the faeces with my bare fingers into a container. any interpretation please.

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AKS 2016-10-05 14:38:49
I saw a dream that , stool was there in my toilet and am liking flushing it

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Jj 2016-09-12 09:29:45
I met a new person and I dreamed with two toilets filled with feces and then I saw him sitting in the bar and he just giving me that strange look he disgustasedat me and they serve me a plate and need to play that had some beans and some poop what does that mean

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Sal 2016-09-05 05:42:33
I had a dream that I was wondering through a house and saw three piles shit in different locations of the house. One of the piles was white which I remeber thinking was unusual. Can anyone tell me what this means. Thanks

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