Dream interpretation Drowning

When you see images of some being drowning, or feel the water closing in on you, it can certainly feel very upsetting. Before you decide this is a dream based on emotions or some other non-tangible factor, you might want to make sure the dream is not rooted in physical reality. Among other things, being hungry, or something as simple as a blanket or sheet slipping over your face and nose can induce this type of dream. Once you are certain that the dream does not have a physical basis, you can look to other modes of interpretation.

General Dream Meaning: Drowning

Drowning can easily symbolize drowning in debt, social obligation, or other areas in which you are "over your head". In particular, if you dream of someone else drowning, the odds increase that the dream represents a situation beyond your control. If the drowning is preceded by sinking, then you can consider this a magnification of the theme "overwhelmed".

While many feel this dream tends to be related to emotional issues, it can also represent issues or thoughts from your past that you have been trying to suppress. Oddly enough, if you dream of dying in a dream, it may mean that you are about to experience a rebirth or regeneration. Fortunately, if you survive the drowning event, it may indicate new beginnings, but you will have to overcome a difficult situation.

How Dream Symbol Drowning May Fit in Your Life

Even though a dream of drowning may leave you feeling overwhelmed and shaken, you can still use it to your advantage. At the very least, if you have been trying to suppress your insecurities, this dream will give you an opportunity to confront all of the problems that have been building up in your life. You may even be surprised to find that these dreams will serve as an indicator that a once impossible path may now be open to you. No matter whether you are unable to cope with stress at work or at home, this dream can give you the necessary space to explore your feelings, and perhaps find a way out.

A Sample Dream, Drowning Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you were swimming in a beautiful lake. Suddenly, you develop a cramp and begin sinking into the water. Your friends are sitting on the bank of the lake, chatting and enjoying the weather. Frantically, you try to wave your hands and alert them that you need help. As your arms become tired, you slowly feel water creeping up to your chin, and finally over your head. Within a few seconds, you see a beautiful blue light and awaken in a field of beautiful flowers. One of your co-workers, dressed in silky garments offers you some food and wine. While you are eating the meal, you find yourself wondering why you were ever afraid of drowning to begin with.

In this dream, you should start off by understanding that you most likely feel overwhelmed by some type of relationship. Even though you call out and ask your friends to help you, their lack of response indicates that people around you are not aware of your feelings. The drowning event itself can be seen as the point at which you succumb to all of the stress and finally let go of it. Since you awaken in a beautiful place, you can conclude that your life will be better once you confront the situation. Awakening to helpful co-worker may indicate that you will find new levels of happiness in your career once you are no longer torn between it and other aspects of your life.
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CSH 2015-09-29 02:24:27
I forgot to say... both times that I dreamed of drowning, I woke up gasping for air and my heart pounding

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CSH 2015-09-29 02:19:00
I have had two dreams of me drowning while someone else drove the car into a lake or pond. 1st time was my husband driving and he intentionally drove through a fence into a lake. 2nd time was a high school acquaintance who I have not seen or spoken to in 20+ years. She was trying to drive to higher ground during a flood but ended up driving into the water instead.

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Sophia 2015-09-13 18:53:44
I had a dream of 2 kids playing and they came up on a lake r it could have been a pond and the little boy was pushing the little girl on some type of board r something then somehow he let go and started sinking under at first he just didn't fight he just starting sinking then all of a sudden he started to fight to get back to the top but it was to late he drowned but the little girl was out of the water and safe she notice he was missing but just thought he went home and left her alone so she went home hours later someone notice he was missing and they started to search for him they found him but my mother carried his body he was of no relations to my mother, then I had another dream of a woman at the ocean just standing and looking out and a big wave came and wash her out to see she also drowned in both of these dreams I didn't no anyone except my mother carring the body of the drowned little boy

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rashmi ranjan 2015-09-06 08:28:57
I had a dream thatI am drowning & a snake looking at me and smiling. This has been a continous dream.what could be the meaning of it .

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Tamara 2015-07-18 01:05:23
I had a dream i was at a beachwith my friend and all our kids and the wind had picked up and started blowing everyones things everywhere. We were all running around and trying to grab our things then i seen our canopy rolling away. I went to go get it then something told me to turn around so i did and found my youngest at the bottom of the swimming pool in the caravan park. I dived in grabbed her and pulled her out and she yelled out get a ambulance call 000 she started breathing but was going in and out of conscenance (sorry for the spelling). I then had woken up and was quite shaken up about it and have no idea what it all meant.
What could this mean ?????

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Kikki 2015-07-17 14:22:47
I keep having a reoccurring dream about my four year old son drowning and I can't seem to save him. I would see him going near a lake and I would scream and tell him Kaiden come back here . He then will turn, look at me and smile , then jump in the lake with alligators knowing he can't swim. Every time it's always a lake with Alligators, and I can never save him. I have a phobia of water so that really don't help. This is stressing me out.

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Jackie 2015-10-06 02:30:02
Also have reoccurring dreams my children drown one I'm swimming to him n never get there in time n my youngest daughter just started as well they have been reoccurring on n off for 11 years

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Dorothy 2015-07-14 11:44:33
I have never dreamed of drowning before. Instead, I often dream of being quite near to the sea. Sometimes I am at the seashore (on a safe distance ), other times I am watching the sea from a window of a tall building that is quite near the sea. I once dreamt that the sea came to the garden of my house (it was a sea tide, I knew that, cause my house was not that close to the sea).
Sometimes the sea is blue and clear, other times is stormy (either way, it gives me the shivers, it's never something pleasant). The tide element is always present, because the sea is always 'trying to get me'. And I always stand somewhere safe and unreachable, aware that most probably I will be ok but always fearing the otherwise. There are dreams where I try to save other people from being engulfed by the sea, because they are not as lucky as I am. In the end I always end up OK, the sea never gets to me. But the feeling it awakens into me is dreadful.

May I just add that even though I love swimming, I have always related the sea with the city I spent most of my life in. I really hate this city, the life I had there, it's people and what it represents.

The only time I dreamt of almost drowning, I felt relief. I entered in my old house. Everything (furniture, people etc) was gone and the house was burned to the ashes (idk why). The ceiling was gone (actually one of the rooms was never finished so it never had the ceiling, so it's not like I made it up in my dream). As I was walking, I felt devastated, as if I had returned from a journey to find everything I loved gone. In the corner of the room there were these three concrete open boxes and inside two of them were two bodies. The woman was wearing blue jeans and a red blouse, the man was wearing blue jeans and blue shirt. Actually, they were literally Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler from 24 - season 5. With the same outfit and same look. But to me they meant something dear. Their bodies were floating side to side in the concrete boxes. It had started to rain (it was a soft rain that was washing the ashes away and dirtying everything around with the mud - like mixture that was created). I lied in the box in between and I was weeping slowly. As the rain filled the box, I would just look at their faces and let the water cover my body little by little. The sense of despair and of being lost from moments ago was being washed away as I felt I was drifting myself.
PS: I have been having dreams related to water (mainly sea) for more than 5 years now. I never get scared or have nightmares. I can mock a whole bunch of hideous monsters in my dreams and bare any pain or misfortune. But these dreams I have leave me with a horrifying taste, as if I am lost, hopeless, so small and defenseless, my soul being suffocated. As if in every inch of approaching water, something suppresses me.

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Amy 2015-06-24 06:48:36
I had a dream that there was an ingured woman on a plane In a quarantine room. The plane started to shake and then fell apart. She was strapped to a bed and the bed was falling out of the sky and into the sea. I watched the bed sink and she was screaming really loudly and lashing out in the bed. It really frightened me!

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Sophie 2015-06-15 02:04:37
I had a dream that me and my freind (neighbour) went in a car for a ride in a car then we was by a river and the car fell into the water and we was drowning we didn't even know that we was by water as well
What dose this mean ?

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rax 2015-09-10 11:36:48
i had a dream that me my friend and his other friend were in a car and there was a bridge over a small but deep river, water was rushing up to the bridge and one sides railing was missing, a car in front of us was speeding and lost traction as the road was wet but gained control just barely enough in time to make it safely straight over the bridge, but as we drove over the bridge, my friend started to turn towards the open side of the bridge to test how far he could go before the front left wheel would go over, the water was not clean so it was impossible to know, also the bridge was slightly tilted towards the open side, i knew inside that we would go over, but did not tell him to stop taking the risk, when he tried to pull back up to the right, the water current swept the car into the river, i was in the back seat and urged him to open the doors at least, he was in a shock, we were all going to die, i unlatched his door from the backseat somehow while his friend slid through the window, and then i just knew that i was to die. and oh i had the a hunch beforehand that something would happen to me right there, when the first car to cross made it through even though all odds were against it.

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Aisha 2015-06-21 15:25:56
I had the exact same dream last night only it was my mom in the car with me and we were in a car by the side of the road/ditch and it slipped down the side of the road/ditch into the river and we both drowned...

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Amuzio 2015-06-10 09:54:14
My dream starts off with me and a group of my highschool mates playing rugby on some feild. I didnt know where but it was just a grassy feild with lights around the feild at night time. Then after we played, we all said bye to eachother and just scattered elsewhere and i saw some of my friends just walk off and vanish. But somehow it didnt bother me. Then i walked and out of no where ended up in some sorta futuristic place. Flying platforms everywhere. And i met some of my friends again. We start playing and going up and down on the platforms and going crazy! The flying platforms violently went up and down real fast. Thats what made us go wild and scream with joy, then I remember going all the way up with the platform and screaming with joy, as i came rushing down... i remember my mates watching me say "Oh sh!t" as my platform vanishes out of no where and i end up going down underneath water that came out of no where. But i knew it was bottomless and i also knew it was a dream. But i felt my nose getting cloggled with so much water and i faded. As i faded I was trying my hardest to move around on my bed, and I managed to wake up. But I was kinda scared and my feet was numb. I was so scared i slowly tutned to my stomach and pinched myself a few times. I checked if i was in a sleep paralysis and i grabbed my phone to go on facebook. Sure enough, i was algood.

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Robyn 2015-06-09 07:37:24
My sister had a dream that we were in a public swimming pool and I was in the 3ft area and someone pushed me into the 10ft area of the pool. I was drowning and she was yelling at the girl who pushed me. Then she was awakened from her dream.

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daisy 2015-06-07 12:18:35
I had a dream me and my mom and sister was walking and my mom fell like in a beautiful clear pond and my sister jumped in to save her but I seen a lady come from under the water and pull my sister right under and I woke up scared

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KK 2015-06-03 18:24:18
Hello! I had a dream last night that I was in a frozen pond with my golden retriever and we are both trying to prevent from drowning. My dog gets out first and it's a huge struggle for him and I help him but as soon as he gets out I start to drown again and everytime I think I'm getting ahead, I sink back in again. My dog is barking because he's trying to get someone's attention to help me. I finally see someone who spots me but then I wake up and my whole body is tight and it takes me awhile to really get myself together but it really scared me.

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Shasha 2015-06-02 05:51:50
I dreamed of someone drowning, but i don't actually know the person. He drowned and died but then he after some time he came back to life, but never got out of the water, just stayed there floating.

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dolma lhatso 2015-05-08 02:14:37
I saw in my dream that I first witnessed a murder and then the murderer was after me. I was running from him and on the the road I saw more than 5000 children's dead body. They were all drownded after the school bus fell off the bridge. The bridge was broken and I saw a flashback of them drowning and only five or six kids had survived. It was so vivid that I'm still trembling from fear. Please help me .

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