Dream interpretation Drowning

Dream interpretation Drowning


When you see images of some being drowning, or feel the water closing in on you, it can certainly feel very upsetting. Before you decide this is a dream based on emotions or some other non-tangible factor, you might want to make sure the dream is not rooted in physical reality. Among other things, being hungry, or something as simple as a blanket or sheet slipping over your face and nose can induce this type of dream. Once you are certain that the dream does not have a physical basis, you can look to other modes of interpretation.

General Dream Meaning: Drowning

Drowning can easily symbolize drowning in debt, social obligation, or other areas in which you are "over your head". In particular, if you dream of someone else drowning, the odds increase that the dream represents a situation beyond your control. If the drowning is preceded by sinking, then you can consider this a magnification of the theme "overwhelmed".

While many feel this dream tends to be related to emotional issues, it can also represent issues or thoughts from your past that you have been trying to suppress. Oddly enough, if you dream of dying in a dream, it may mean that you are about to experience a rebirth or regeneration. Fortunately, if you survive the drowning event, it may indicate new beginnings, but you will have to overcome a difficult situation.

How Dream Symbol Drowning May Fit in Your Life

Even though a dream of drowning may leave you feeling overwhelmed and shaken, you can still use it to your advantage. At the very least, if you have been trying to suppress your insecurities, this dream will give you an opportunity to confront all of the problems that have been building up in your life. You may even be surprised to find that these dreams will serve as an indicator that a once impossible path may now be open to you. No matter whether you are unable to cope with stress at work or at home, this dream can give you the necessary space to explore your feelings, and perhaps find a way out.

A Sample Dream, Drowning Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you were swimming in a beautiful lake. Suddenly, you develop a cramp and begin sinking into the water. Your friends are sitting on the bank of the lake, chatting and enjoying the weather. Frantically, you try to wave your hands and alert them that you need help. As your arms become tired, you slowly feel water creeping up to your chin, and finally over your head. Within a few seconds, you see a beautiful blue light and awaken in a field of beautiful flowers. One of your co-workers, dressed in silky garments offers you some food and wine. While you are eating the meal, you find yourself wondering why you were ever afraid of drowning to begin with.

In this dream, you should start off by understanding that you most likely feel overwhelmed by some type of relationship. Even though you call out and ask your friends to help you, their lack of response indicates that people around you are not aware of your feelings. The drowning event itself can be seen as the point at which you succumb to all of the stress and finally let go of it. Since you awaken in a beautiful place, you can conclude that your life will be better once you confront the situation. Awakening to helpful co-worker may indicate that you will find new levels of happiness in your career once you are no longer torn between it and other aspects of your life.

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Drowning Dream 2024-01-26 07:09:09
Dreaming of drowning signifies potential loss, but rescue suggests rising to wealth and honor. Assisting others indicates helping friends and achieving happiness. A drowned sweetheart implies a young woman's loss.

Dreaming about drowning often stirs up feelings of fear, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed by circumstances. In dream symbolism, water is associated with emotions, and being submerged can suggest being swamped by one's feelings. This motif might foretell challenges or obstacles that threaten to pull you under, both emotionally and in your waking life.

If in your dream, you find yourself fighting to stay afloat, this battle could be reflecting the way you're dealing with concerns or issues. Just as water's force can be overwhelming in a dream, so can emotions like despair, uncertainty, or stress in real life. It's important to consider the context – are you giving up, or actively trying to save yourself? If you manage to surface or are rescued, there is a powerful message of resilience and the arrival of assistance. This symbolizes your ability to overcome hardships and potentially emerge in a much-improved situation, possibly achieving prosperity and respect that you hadn't expected.

On the other hand, observing others flounder in water reflects your perspective on the people around you. It might imply that someone close to you is struggling and is in need of your support. Acting as their savior in the dream speaks to your capacity to lift others out of their adverse situations, which reflects positively on you. It suggests that, through these acts of kindness and solidarity, you will ultimately find contentment and joy for yourself as well.

A common dream might involve you walking by a serene lake that suddenly turns tumultuous. Your friend is out in the water, panicking and gasping for air. As you dive in to pull them to safety, your feelings of panic transform into a wave of relief and victory when you both reach the shore. This dream could be interpreted as an inner call to action – perhaps your friend is facing hardships in reality, and your subconscious is indicating your role as a key support system for them. The successful rescue predicts that your selflessness could lead to personal growth and fulfillment.
Ciara 2018-09-02 19:33:23
I had a dream that I was with all my friends at one place all at once, people I've been seeing before was there and my long term ex's brother also. I'm unsure if this has anything too do with the drowning part but I got back seeing someone I was seeing before in this dream it was actually the person I had lost my virginity too and my ex's brother had a chat with me after and said it was ok now and I cried and apologised that I didn't love his brother the way he had loved me. I then was at a heavily flowing pond of some sort with my two girl friends, I fell in and the water was like sea water hitting me around and I couldn't swim up as much as I tried it was like I then came out of my body but I was still alive and drowning but standing out of my body I seen my friend save me. When I came out of the water I watched myself face bruised and bleeding and I cried looking at myself and I walked over and we smiled at each other and I hugged her so lovingly as If I wanted too tell her I'm here for her. We were both the same person but we cried and hugged it was hard too explain. I then was just me again the person who was drowning still bruised and bloody from the nose. I looked over at all my friends etc who were all talking and I remember wanting too saying bye and hugging them as if I wasn't going too see them again for a good while like I wanted too say goodbye too everyone. It felt sad but it was like a relief sort of cry. I don't know what too think after having this dream its a hard one for me and id really like too know what it means can anyone help me?
Jamjam 2018-08-24 14:18:09
I dreamt of a person who is dead in real life, alive and drowning. Unfortunately the current of the water was too strong it took her away . What does this mean?
David 2017-11-13 00:43:22
I have had a few dreams were I am getting drowned by someone holdng me under the water. I wake up just as I am about to give up in my dream I wake with my heart pounding
nikita 2017-08-11 03:28:41
I went to a place and i fall down into the water as a bridge broke and i felt died what does it mean?
Noor Mohammad 2017-06-10 09:29:54
I saw my friend drowning in the dream
What does that mean in life
sharon 2017-05-21 10:51:36
I had a dream that my mother drowned in bridge while we cross it and the big wind come and pushed her in and I was behind watching her drowning.
fabienne 2017-04-17 21:19:05
I dreamt that my best friend drowned three times in two different pools...
Mike 2017-04-16 03:00:02
What does it mean when you drown someone in a dream that you are good friends with
Natalie 2017-04-12 18:43:22
I'm dreaming about my crush and all of a sudden he gose in a hole full of water then jumps in and closes the top of the hole but I free him
Kimberly 2017-04-09 08:27:24
I had a dream about my teacher kidnapping me and my sister. I told my sister to call our father but she wouldn't. During the car ride, there was creepy people. During the red light, the person next to us had red glowing eyes. It was frightening. During the second stop light, a random man was raping a baby! I couldn't open the door because it had the baby lock thing. I was banging on the window yelling at the man to stop! Then I remember everything disappearing. My sister and I ended up on a cement that was in the middle of no where. On the left there was a big ocean. And, on the right was sewer. My sister told me the safest way is fhe sewer. Remember, I can't swim in real life. When we were half way in the sewer we came a across the deep end... My sister waste no time but jumped in, but before she jumped in she said, "Be careful. We're almost home." That made me panick and jumped in but I was drowning! I immediately woke up. What does it mean? I can't stop thinking about this dream.
amy 2017-02-23 09:54:58
scenario of my dream: I am walking somewhere where there are some people chasing someone, not me because I was walking towards the opposite direction..then all of a sudden, this strangers chase me instead and caught me near the seashore then drowned me.as they were drowning me, I woke up from my sleep.
I wonder what that dream means???

Francina 2017-02-04 12:40:16
I just woke up half an hour back from a drowning dreams and it has left me confused. I am with few friends at a lake with clear water, when one of my friend spots few bags and trolleys in the water which of clear to see. My friend dives in to get them. Just when i spotted few many other things just next to a small land in middle of the lake. I dived in from the cruise which was very high. I think that made me go very deep into water. After a while i could not myself from going deeper. I reached a dark muddy place. I could not see anything. I tried swimming around but wondered if im going in the right direction. Just then my body settled down on weeds and mud, and i could not move my body. I still had breath but panic got me and i was out of breath. I wondered if anyone can see me from above and looked up but i could only see darkness with very few sparks of sun light. I guess i had gone too deep away from the clear water. Just then i woke up chocking. I am confused and emotionally disturbed. I donno what this means. I really wanna know. Someone please?
micheal 2017-01-27 06:17:20
Beware of actually drowning in dream.I ended up with heart attack.I had a job, that was physically and mentally draining.I went to visit family for xmas.to cope with my royally dysfunctional family, me and my brother went for a hike. A famiy member was involved in near fatal car accident. 😨 I had a way of coping with life without drugs. This way was not available,because of holiday hours. I had a dream of jumping into a pool and yelling. After reaching bottom of pool I was struggling to siwm to surface. I was trying to reach surface but couldnt hold breath any longer and swollowed water. I woke up. 😭 and had whooping cough. I made my way back to the city where my job was. I had to work Jan 1st. I worked and someone and someone told me I was going to be fired for poor peformance. i should have left early to get to place that i could deal with stress.Due to holiday hours I couldnt get there. I drove home. I had sweats in beds
it has been 27 days later and I have been in bed ridden. I hope I find a god of my own undestanding soon.
Ariana 2016-12-29 07:55:03
I was having an odd dream I can't really remember most of it other than wondering around but I remember there where these people swimming in a very skinny pool and it would bring you around and around . so you got a few people swimming in it and there is this one guy who starts struggling because he had to turn his face and he tried. then it got worse and he was drowning saying" someone save my life please" while turning a different color,it also seems as if he was being pulled down by something though.after that he may have gotten electrocuted because I saw his body flashing and exploded. Not sure what this means because it wasn't me but if I get an answer ud appreciate it.
Wendy 2016-11-28 14:07:19
Hi everybody ! All the above mean ! Go to church follow Jesus Christ teaching ! And accept it & get baptize ! In the right church then we all no longer drown !
Brittney 2016-12-07 06:52:58
Jesus freak!! Everyone has different beliefs. U need to respect that. U stupid. U can't make people believe in something that isn't real

S 2016-11-22 15:08:04
Once I had a dream about me drowning. I was in CA with my family.We were all happy. We were all laughing. Then I wanted to try and scare my brother so I went under the water forced my eyes open so I could see. But,I tried to grab his leg and couldn't hold my breath any longer I jumped out of the water grapsing for air. But as soon as I came up a powerful wave shoved me back down. I can remeber coughing,water filling in my lungs,my eyes tired from the salty water. I was drowning. Suddenly everything went black. I woke up. Stiff,sweaty,and hot. Scared. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard I could feel it throughtout my body. I forgot to breathe. The werid thing was I that happened to before and I was going on VACA to C.A. again in a few weeks. It scared the poop out of me. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
Jessica chapman 2016-11-20 18:31:29
I had a very vivid dream of a girl I didn't know fish on a birdge and catching a fish. And eventually falling into the water only to float down the water and fall down a small waterfall and die. Later on in the dream I am walking into a park were I was telling my sister about the story of the girl dying in the dry area in a river accident. And I had a swarm of emotions standing in the area where she had died. I would really like to understand what this could mean. It was the most vivid dream I have had in a long time. Thats why it is so important to figure out why I had it.
Sulema 2016-11-19 05:46:59
I dreamnt that I drowned, but I still carried on as if I was still alive. Kindda like the movie the 6th sense with Bruce Willis. And when realizing I was dead I kept trying to explain it to my mom. It was a very weird dream. What could this dream mean?
charley 2016-11-16 13:29:02
I had the weirdest dream ever. In my dream i saw a girl's soul drowning while her body was standing next to it and couldn't do anything. I felt so sad wanting to help but can't do anything.
Lilly 2017-05-15 21:01:21
Charley you saw your first spirit.
Des 2016-11-16 12:35:04
Hi. I had a terrible dream last night that left me feeling sick and extremely emotional. I dreamt that there was this wishing well type pool, wasn't very deap, maybe shin height. Water was clear. I was there with a co-worker and her son (not sure why her, we are just colleagues). Anyway, I turned to look for my 6 yr old daughter and she wasn't thrre. I turned back to my co-worker and she was also no longer there. Her sister was suddenly next to me and we saw she had put her purse on the ground. We looked into this pool and she was lying under the water in the fetal position cradling her teenage son. Then I spotted another co-workers sister and niece in the same position and then my daughter and teenage son, same position. They all looked peaceful, like they were sleeping. I woke up straight after seeing my kids and was terrified. I felt like I wanted to cry and then like I wanted to be sick. I really don't understand this dream at all. It has left me with such a nervous tension all day and I couldn't even talk about it at work with a friend because I just wanted to cry. What could it mean?
Alwin 2016-11-10 18:16:26
I dreamt my sister and me drowning in the middle of a wild sea . Will this cause any bad luck to me and her ??
Josh 2016-11-08 01:13:44
I had a dream of someone drowning but when i jumped in so save them i could not find them at all.
Dee 2016-11-05 09:33:09
I dreamt I was in something like a pool and a man was standing over me. I was gagged, something over my mouth. I didn't die, tho. I remember being afraid, but some how I was still breathing. I can still see the man even tho, I under the water. I feel like he's in on trying to kill me

Kk 2016-09-18 19:06:39
I just remembered at the most random time of my recent what I thought was a nightmare. I was kidnapped and thrown in a tank full of water with others. A man watched as we all drowned together. I could feel the water fill my lungs,and my body react. I am not sure if I died. But, after reading the meaning of this dream,couldn't of been more accurate of my situation. I am ready for this positive change
B Janelle 2016-09-06 05:26:43
I dream.I was standing by the sea,the water was clean,but there were people drowning...... The next night, I dream the sea again this time the water was this still and I was enjoy its beauty.
sofia 2016-08-15 08:20:35
I had a dream where i was in my room, then i walked over to my closet door. I opened it, and there was a water slide there. I jumped down it, and at the bottom there was a huge pool. I was automatically terrified because i didnt know how to swim. Then at the bottom i was in the huge pool and i couldnt breathe. Nobody was helping me! Then i got this warm feeling all over and a huge headache. I told my mom and she said i probably stopped breathing in my sleep because in real life when you drown, you get a hot feeling in your head and a huge headache. Weirdest dream i ever had! 🙁
Regina 2016-07-19 02:46:04
I had a dream about a guy I know who was coming to give me something and when he left he left out the wrong way thinking the nets would save him from the river underneath. I called to him. He jumped in before I could warn him. I feel really bad because I don't see him.
K. Rica 2016-07-10 13:52:39
I had a dream that a guy that i am intimate with drowned in a lake in my back tard( i dnt have a lake in real like tho) i didnt call the police wen i happened but wen i woke up i saw his body floating and this i began to panic n wanted to call them but i didnt know wat to say! I didnt really remember how he got in there! Help intreprate my dream please. pS. Me n this guy havent really been communticating good this weekend !
Gloria 2016-05-17 23:59:15
I dreamt I was in a metal box some people threw it in the ocean.I decided I wsant going to hold my breath or nothing that I would accept it.so I did buy I wouldn't die.

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