Dream interpretation Drowning

When you see images of some being drowning, or feel the water closing in on you, it can certainly feel very upsetting. Before you decide this is a dream based on emotions or some other non-tangible factor, you might want to make sure the dream is not rooted in physical reality. Among other things, being hungry, or something as simple as a blanket or sheet slipping over your face and nose can induce this type of dream. Once you are certain that the dream does not have a physical basis, you can look to other modes of interpretation.

General Dream Meaning: Drowning

Drowning can easily symbolize drowning in debt, social obligation, or other areas in which you are "over your head". In particular, if you dream of someone else drowning, the odds increase that the dream represents a situation beyond your control. If the drowning is preceded by sinking, then you can consider this a magnification of the theme "overwhelmed".

While many feel this dream tends to be related to emotional issues, it can also represent issues or thoughts from your past that you have been trying to suppress. Oddly enough, if you dream of dying in a dream, it may mean that you are about to experience a rebirth or regeneration. Fortunately, if you survive the drowning event, it may indicate new beginnings, but you will have to overcome a difficult situation.

How Dream Symbol Drowning May Fit in Your Life

Even though a dream of drowning may leave you feeling overwhelmed and shaken, you can still use it to your advantage. At the very least, if you have been trying to suppress your insecurities, this dream will give you an opportunity to confront all of the problems that have been building up in your life. You may even be surprised to find that these dreams will serve as an indicator that a once impossible path may now be open to you. No matter whether you are unable to cope with stress at work or at home, this dream can give you the necessary space to explore your feelings, and perhaps find a way out.

A Sample Dream, Drowning Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you were swimming in a beautiful lake. Suddenly, you develop a cramp and begin sinking into the water. Your friends are sitting on the bank of the lake, chatting and enjoying the weather. Frantically, you try to wave your hands and alert them that you need help. As your arms become tired, you slowly feel water creeping up to your chin, and finally over your head. Within a few seconds, you see a beautiful blue light and awaken in a field of beautiful flowers. One of your co-workers, dressed in silky garments offers you some food and wine. While you are eating the meal, you find yourself wondering why you were ever afraid of drowning to begin with.

In this dream, you should start off by understanding that you most likely feel overwhelmed by some type of relationship. Even though you call out and ask your friends to help you, their lack of response indicates that people around you are not aware of your feelings. The drowning event itself can be seen as the point at which you succumb to all of the stress and finally let go of it. Since you awaken in a beautiful place, you can conclude that your life will be better once you confront the situation. Awakening to helpful co-worker may indicate that you will find new levels of happiness in your career once you are no longer torn between it and other aspects of your life.
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Elaine 2014-03-29 12:48:42
I keep having visions or dreams my grandson falling into the ocean with no way out. what does that mean.

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L. W. 2014-03-22 02:14:52
I dreamed i pulled my husband off the couch and he was covered with water from head to toe i pulled him off the couch put him over my head the water splashed on the couch in a puddle. He seemed dead.

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Donna 2014-01-30 14:19:20
I had a dream that the family had a day out and my dad drove through a river and my daughter was tryin to swim so I got out the car to save her and something in the water grabbed my feet and took me under.then I woke up .what does this mean

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Daniel 2014-01-10 21:11:42
Had a dream one time that I could breathe underwater. My breathing was very labored but I thought it was awesome that I could do it. I woke up with my face buried into the pillow.

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rol 2013-12-07 22:53:28
I had a dream that I was told that my 10yr old drowned. What can that mean?

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Linda 2013-06-28 06:34:25
Can someone help me what does it mean when you dream about your son drowning it hurt for me cause I have dream about my son twice that he was drowning. 1 was that I took him to the zoo and one of the alligators was grabbing him down and I was trying to saving my son on my dream. but the good thing that I did save my son I kill the alligator but I still want to know what does that mean.

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Selena 2013-04-11 23:45:57
I remember this dream so vividly. I was at the beach, surrounded by palm trees and sand and clear water. I wasn't walking but floating on what seemed like a cloud. I floated in a circle around and around, and it was really peaceful until I suddenly collapsed into the ocean. I couldn't move; I just laid in the water paralyzed. It felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest, just massive pressure, and my vision literally went red. It startled me so much that I woke up gasping.

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Luna 2013-04-07 22:06:54
I had a dream once that I was with other people and it was some task you could say mission we had to face and we had to go up stream in the water very face pace but I couldn't see the others when they went in the water. The building behind us was coming apart and I was with this guy I have never seen before and told me to go and I said I was behind him but once he went inside I was afraid to go in but I went and started drowning then he came back and saved me and we left. Pretty long but it bugs me that I don't know what it means?

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ethan 2013-03-29 12:15:18
I had a dream i took my little brothers to some unfamiliar body of water and as soon as we got there, one of my bothers jumped in before i could tell them not to and he never came back up. i was scared but never jumped in after him..

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Kathy 2013-03-22 21:26:45
I had a dream my son was drowning and then one that my grandson fall into the water...I woke up

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destiny 2011-12-28 22:49:01
i dream that i fell in to the water and swallowed alot of water all at once and sank down down to the bottom and i could see the top of the water then i floted up and i left my body behind

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