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Kittens are usually seen as a universal metaphor for cuteness, and the dream symbol of kittens is no different at all. If you are having dreams about kittens, then chances are you have done something exceptionally cute lately. Perhaps the meaning of dream about kittens is simply to remind you of how much fun you had getting your nails done the other day, or how entertaining it was to play with your young son or daughter one afternoon. The entry on kittens in a dream dictionary will usually be very short because of how simple they are as a metaphor.

Another possibility for dream interpretations regarding kittens is that they represent innocence. This also goes back to activities such as playing with your child, or revisiting old childhood memories in some cases. Kittens are widely known for being innocent creatures. Seen as adorable and angelic to most, even if a kitten has done something wrong, it is hard to find them guilty of a malicious act when they have no real knowledge that what theyíve done is wrong since they are animals, and baby animals at that. This is just one dream interpretation of kittens though.

Another dream meaning that kittens might have is more directly applicable to responsibility. Besides being cute, adorable, and innocent, kittens also take a lot of responsibility to care for. If you have a dream in which you are buying a kitten, or own a kitten, this may be because you are taking steps in waking life towards increasing your responsibilities.

Perhaps you are dreaming about cats simply because you want a cat, and think that it is time that you owned one. Other dream meaning assert however, that the kitten can simply be a universal dream symbol for responsibility. You may be seeing cats in your dreams if you are a babysitter, or perhaps even a soccer coach. Cats manage somehow to represent responsibility on all levels. Even if something as obscure as a promotion at work has recently occurred to you, you might be seeing kittens in your dreams.

If you are having dreams where you are being careful with kittens, or petting kittens lightly, this might be a sign that you should be more cautious with your decisions in your waking life. It is also a sign of how decisions you make and actions you take affect others. If you are having too many dreams about kittens, this might be because you feel too responsible for others, and are having trouble deciding what you need to do in order to keep everyone you know safe. This might be a sign that you should step back from whatever authoritative post that youíve assumed and take some time to yourself. Simply allow yourself some time to make decisions that affect only you, and do not try to interfere too much in the affairs of others. If you make sure to stay within your own personal bubble for long enough, it is likely that you will stop having so many kitten related dreams.
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Helen 2015-01-09 17:03:26
I have a recurrent dream of adult cats & kittens; either lost in an abandoned building and I try to catch them to provide safety and or either I find that I have too many in my home and I let them all out of my house and watch them travel into the woods. There is sometimes a bobcat that comes out of my house and travels alone into the woods with the domestic cats & kittens. I fear the "my" cats will leave with the other cats & kittens and then I will go searching in the woods and find a cat & kittens and bring them home. They are always fluffy beautiful and caricature-like when I hold them.

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lily 2015-01-05 04:39:59
I keep having these bad dreams bout kittens surrounding me.

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sylviester 2014-12-18 13:00:41
I dreamed that our black male cat was dead & around him were 6-7 black dead kittens, what does it mean please

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zack 2014-11-16 23:42:12
In a dream, I woke up to a sound of a cuet kitten. But when i tried to chase it away it stuck its little sharp teeth onto the fingers of my hand and started to drain/suck the blood out of me until I clenched my fist so hard to squeeze I its mouth in my hand was when it let go and I woke up right after. I can still feel the pain wwhile I'm writing this

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Heather 2014-10-12 04:32:18
I dreamt that I had a tiny kitten that I kept in my nose. I pulled it out to show it to someone and it wasnt breathing, so I gave it CPR and brought it back to life.

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Cynthia 2014-09-20 22:37:18
I had a dream last night that i went outside ob my patio by the pool and i saw a black kitten sitting by the open patio door, then i looked at the pool and saw my two cats looking frantically into the pool. I saw a kitten like in the pool under the water, i jumped in and found it incredibly hard to move, which was so scary and frustrating since i had to hurry and save the kitten. I grabbed the kitten and put it outside the in-ground pool, and it spit out water and was immediately okay. I then did the same for about 4 more kittens !!
Just random kittens !! I've had a dream about kittens by my patio door before so if's odd. Also it's my biggest fear to find anything dead in my pool, especially one of my cats.

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Mellisa 2014-08-17 20:50:29
I have dreams all the time of kittens...last night was a dream of choosing a kitten...there were two black, orange and calico...I chose the two black ones.. They were asleep all curled up cover with a lid and the other ones were awake...once I started petting them there was a person looking at me through a window and I got scared and woke up...any ideas?

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Sue 2014-08-02 21:35:23
I keep have bad dreams about kitten. There are around my feet, sticking there claws into me, then they are under my skin and start to work their way out of me. I even have dreams so bad, that they are going or coming from my v*g*na. This has been going on for about 3 months with a totL of 7/8.

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Heather 2014-07-24 11:30:05
I had a dream that I had 3 dead kittens under my bed and their mum or dad cat was trying to save them? I've had a bit of stress in my life recently and wondered if this could symbolise something? Thank you

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JoAnna 2013-06-19 14:46:55
Thank you for the extended interpretation, it helped me a lot.  :) I have too many kittens that aren't mine!

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