Dream interpretation Maggots

Maggots as true to their characters signify similar emotions in real life if appear in dreams. The strongest emotion the maggots dreamer having is the fear of its own death. You can say it as fear or curiosity related to death but the persistent thought of death can be the result of such type of dreams. Maggots in dream also signify that the person is far away from mental and spiritual peace which can prove harmful for him in many ways.

Common significance of maggots as a dream symbol

Maggots generally signify incorrect feeling or emotions regarding someone or something. To see yourself stepping on the bed of maggots indicates that you are suffering from feelings of regret. It also suggests that you are hiding your thoughts or emotions from everyone out of fear. It is also indicative of fact that you need to confront these thoughts to get rid of this guilt or regret. To see single maggot in dream means that you are not able to trust anybody anymore. To see many maggots sucking on your body means you are going from turmoil in your mind about a particular issue. This also means that you are getting suspicious on a close person for his behavior and intentions .On positive side observing maggots in dreams certainly shows your will power to through any hard situations at any point of life.

Maggot dreams lesson for life

Dreaming maggots certainly shows your anxiety and fears that are tormenting you round the clock in wake life. You are going through emotions that you consider are not wise or ideal and hence feeling guilty for having such emotions in your mind. This dream is the result of persistent fear that you need to culminate by communications. The issue concerning you should be sorted out in short time and this is only possible through truth revelation. Maggot is suggesting you to face the situation and give your mind rest from these tormenting thoughts.

A common example of maggot dream and its meaning

A very common dream of maggots is to see them gathered around you and you are trying to remove them as quickly as possible. This you are trying to do with vacuum cleaner or burner or chemicals. All the dreams suggest the need of your brain to be free from nay complications and guilt. Your attempt to kill them shows that you want to bring thing back in order. This also means that you are facing some troubles in life and standing on your grounds to let it pass.
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Francis 2016-05-26 18:57:48
I had a dream that I was picking the shoes I wanted to wear and looking in a large box, I found the shoes I wanted but when I put them on the floor the top of the heel (where the heel sits) it came apart and dead brown maggots started to pour out like a lava from a volcano. Can anyone tell me what this is about? thank you.

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Curiousity 2016-05-22 06:48:42
I had a dream that Maggots where at the corner of my left tear duct and puss came out of my whole left eye and I pushed it out and wiped it away. I wonder what that means?

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isabella 2016-05-20 18:16:50
A long dream, but I just remember i was in a kitchen wanted to prepared eggs, I ntoke one and was fine, broke the second one inside a bowl, at first the yolk was fine, suddenly it turned into thousands of maggots, it growth and was almost getting out of the bowl, I tun out from the house, cross a small street, and trow the maggots inside of a sewer, I remember that i was trying as much as possible of not letting them to spill on the floor or to climb on hand, which a few did got into my hand, a few. The st where i throw them out, was the same one where I was living across the st of my parents home. It seems it was my childhood home, I saw my daughter also in the dream, I think that I wanted to prepared th eggs for her, she is 14 years old now.

I hope I get an interpretation of this dream, this dream is Very unusual for me.

Thank you for the help!

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tasha 2016-05-15 09:43:52
Had a dream pulled a maggot out my teeth with a piece of meat

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moe 2016-05-07 18:13:34
in my dream,maggots came out of my eats.what will happen to me,good or bad?

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Rocio 2016-04-22 13:47:05
I dreamed that I walked into my bedroom and it was full of maggots and flies and i was trying to swep them but the more i sweped them the more fly around me and the more maggots came out

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Joana 2016-04-13 07:20:29
I dreamed last night about maggots!
It started when I visited my classmate (elementary classmate) and he is dying so I hugged him to say my farewell, I put my hand on the wooden bed to support my weight as I reached him and I was surprised by suddenly a maggots are falling from the wooden bed where my hand is placed. The maggots falls in my foot and in my hand and they are going inside so I shrugged and brushed it off until the maggots are gone.
Then I don't know if someone told me or I just know that my classmate is dying because of maggots are killing him (maggots are inside his body). So even though the maggots are gone I still feel or think that their is maggot left inside my foot and then I woke up with a doubts in my mind.
*queations::please answer
--what will happen to my classmate?is he going to die?
--what does maggot mean to me in my dreams?
---what does maggots mean?.
I'll wait for the answers
Thank you

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Britt S 2016-04-12 09:29:57
Right after I had my son I had a dream where I went into his room and he was laying in his bassinet and when I bent over to look at him there were maggots pouring from all his orifices his eye his nose his mouth they were even crawling out of his diaper. I've never had a dream scare me so bad, I still worry about the dream almost 3 years later, someone please explain this

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erickestra 2016-04-09 00:18:57
hmn... same here having a moggots inside my body..

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Vergenia 2016-03-29 04:04:08
I had a dream last night that I had to get all my hair cut off because it was infested with maggots.

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stacy 2016-03-24 13:25:00
i had dream that people that was living in a house their home was full of maggots what do that mean for me to dream of people that living in their full of maggots

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william 2016-02-26 07:13:06
i have dreamt that my hand got rotten and there are maggots inside then afterwards, i saw my hand healing. what does it mean?

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Dustin Hyde 2016-02-24 00:55:20
Hi my dream was I had something like a egg or shell in my right ear like a black had zit and when I got it out and opened the shell it had some maggots inside not much but it was there

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A.M 2016-02-17 18:18:40
I had a dream that I was in a building, surrounded by people, and we were all covered in maggots. Even the room we were in was covered. I was trying to get them off of me and some others but it was difficult. I finally got them off and they all disappeared. I was very frightened and scared in the dream. I woke up in a cold sweat and my heart was pounding. If anyone has any idea to what this could mean, please let me know.

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faith 2016-02-05 01:45:01
Hi .first time here so I'm not sure how this works.i dreamt maggots were full all over me under my skin and I was getting them out by tieing .A part old the body and they would pop out.i would dust them off .But they were all on my family as well and all of us were taking them out .Please help

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