Dream meaning Diamonds

To see diamonds in your dream, signifies the comprehensiveness of the personality. You may find clarity in crucial subject that seem vague to you. It also represents your newly found self esteem and pride.
Dreams of diamonds are the one which are always enjoyed by the dreamer and hence implicates joyous meaning for the dreamer. The female gender is particularly keen on diamonds hence the meaning of dreams changes for them. Diamonds generally signify meaning for particular ambitions or desires of life that are may be impractical or not attainable. They also suggest forthcoming events or material gains from a favorable business deals or other profits. To understand the analysis of these dreams follow this dream dictionary to get the perfect understanding.

Several dreams of diamonds associated with their proposition

Dreams of diamonds are always enjoyed by the dreamer which may signify pleasures ahead. To obtain diamond ornaments in your dream signifies immense love, obligation and dedication from your loved one family members or your partner. To see loss of expensive diamond jewelry suggests complexity in your love relationship you may observe some conflicts and misunderstandings arise in your relationship that will take a long time to get cleared. Similarly, loss of diamonds may signify disappointments in business deals of work related dealings. If you see grief after loss of diamond then it indicates that you will face distress in coming weeks that will drain you mentally. To dream that a diamond is bogus suggests that you are forging a fake personality or behavior to others which you are not from inside. You may behave like an influential person in your life but it will expose your false attitude to others. For young women, dream of diamonds presented by her lover may symbolize successful marriage and happy times ahead. Contrary to this, if the women dreams of losing the diamond then it is a bad omen and signify distress in relationships. Diamonds are always carriers of good fortune unless they are lost in the dreams.

Gain for life from diamond dreams

These are generally related to a fake personality and hence diamonds may warn you to leave imposing a personality just to impress others as it will bring bad results. If you are single, then your friends will soon recognize that you are different from inside and will take you are unfaithful. If you are married then it will bring worst results in form of conflicts between you and your partner. These dreams are also symbols of unattainable desires that you want to achieve. It is waste of time and hence it is better to invest time and energy in some creative works.

Interpretation of common diamond dream

Consider a dream where you have entered a field behind the house and searching for some signs and signals that you don't know for what. You see that you have started digging in the back yard and after reaching reasonable level you find a pot covered with cloth. You open it and find colorful diamonds inside and you lay hands inside and recognize that your life has been changed overnight. This dream signifies your wishes to become rich to wend off your financial problems. Even though your dream suggests happy end but do not expect anything in wake life just do hard work and enjoy the fruits.
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Norbu lhaki 2017-06-02 01:38:17
I dreamt of discovering pearls and old jewelleries while digging for some other thing. I dug a huge no of pearls and antique ornaments. what does it signifies?

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maryj 2017-05-25 05:27:07
I dreamt that I and my baby was in a bank to collect some money and I was delayed for hours without calling to collect d money but d cheque was with them so I reported the teller to bank manager but insisted of him giving me money he started giving me different cluster of diamond but I said I need the money urgently not diamond and he said there is no money for me that I can use the diamond for anything I want

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Guddu 2017-04-22 03:18:08
Hi, I saw cops finding diamond in my home while everyone searching I realised someone from family or friends hide it so we don't get arrested by cops for diamond. Then after some time I saw a big white diamond underneath my bed and everyone still finding diamond in cupboards and other places.
What does it mean?

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Karen 2017-03-19 19:52:38
I dreamt diamonds were coming out of the arm of a little girl and her name was diamond. I can see more in there but I did not try to get a more out .they would indiscriminately pop out and in very complex trapezoid shapes

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Isabella 2017-01-19 13:51:22
I dreamed that I was on a trip to steal a diamond. Then I see that many people try to get it but could not so then a group of people decide to send an elephant to get the diamond. I decide to go with the elephant. Next thing I know is I am carrying the elephant up the stairs. Then as I have the elephant in my hands I reach the house, the elephant shrinks and disappears. I try to get the diamond. Its night time. I figure the diamond is not where I thought it was. I know its in the house somewhere but where the diamond was, instead of it I see a small rock in diamond shape. The lady who lives in the house is sleeping since it is night time. I think, nah I am not gonna steal it as this woman seems nice and so its like I have been friends with the woman.Then I am still standing where I thought the diamond was. I smell gas, I turn around. There is a stove behind me, the gas is on, it smells bad. The other stoves light up and I turn them off. The one with the gas lights up too. I turn it off.Then I turn around and see my arm had caught fire. I run for a moment then I think nah why run, I will remove the fire the same way they so in movies and the fire goes.It never hurted and it didn't leave any scars. It all happens at night and I am standing up stairs. I had fun in the house and then I make friends . I look at the place where the diamond was suppose to be but where there was a rock instead. I realize the lazer beams to protect the diamond were turned off and I was afraid of nothing. I then look at the rocks on the wall and see that the diamond is inside. I don't remember what happens next but what I do remember is the next thing I know I am woken up for school.

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dege 2016-11-14 09:25:10
I dreamed of having a Kohi noor diamond (world costliest diamond)...what does it mean?

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maria evelyn kapirig 2016-10-31 20:38:30
i dreamed i swallow a diamond i choked but i did not see the diamond.pls help me what is the meaning of this?

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francis 2016-09-15 18:01:45
I dream a diamond early in the morning first I saw a small pieces of diamond and start to collect it.then later I try to collect more and I did not able to put in my hand.then I found a basket and I put it all.I about to fill the basket with different size and shape of a diamond.after that I was awake.

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Elsa cabrera 2016-06-12 07:29:56
I dreamed some ordinary diamonds.one of those is a ring and ontop of it have plenty of small diamonds but 2 of the stone is missing.what to know the meaning of it

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raviraju 2016-03-18 19:53:47
I dream of big diamond found in the depths of ocean.For protecting it from others .i disguised it

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Vel 2016-02-18 13:45:34
I dreamt that my friend give me a bag with lots of diamond in it...what does it mean?

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Donna 2016-02-04 05:06:01
I had a dream that I lost the big diamond in the ring from my grandma and grandpa but I found it right after I noticed it was out of my ring. Right after that I got I into an argument with someone about losing the diamond. We got into an actually physical fight about the diamond being lost and she walked away as in out of my life.

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ravi bhatia 2016-01-23 01:42:19
i dream of collecting diamonds and giving to a lady with a child.

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Buna Sim 2016-01-18 18:54:59
I dreamt about many diamonds in a box inside the coffin. Then I took one from it and put it on my hand. It was so bright on my hand.
After that, I put it into my underwear so as not to let its brightness or light illuminate outside. Then I woke up. I told my wife about it.

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Mily 2016-06-02 02:47:39
You don't let yourself shine. Afraid to be awesome. ..

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Jenny 2015-10-08 03:36:47
What does it mean that I had found two very large diamonds and was hiding it lol??

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