Dream interpretation Tidal Wave, Tsunami

If you have ever been surfing, chances you will always feel awed by the walls of water that surround you as you head for the beach. While videos of tsunamis and their damage may also evoke some fear, there is no question that they also remind you of the awesome power of nature. Therefore, when you dream of tsunamis, you may not want to focus just on the “overwhelming” nature of whatever may be going on in your life. Rather, you may want to stop and think about the power that you are giving the situation, as well as how to overcome it.

General Dream Meaning: Tidal Wave, Tsunami

Overall, dreams of a tsunami or tidal wave indicate that you feel overwhelmed in some area of your life. Since water can be used to symbolize both romantic and monetary affairs, you can look to either area for the underlying cause of this dream. You can use the size of the waves as an indicator of the level of distress you are feeling, as well as the effects a crisis may have on your life. In addition, you may also want to consider how you or others managed to deal with the waves. Even if you dream of being killed in a tsunami, it may indicate relief from your problems, as well as the opportunity for a new beginning.

How Dream Symbol Tidal Wave, Tsunami may Fit in your Life

No matter how out of control various aspects of your life may be, there will always be opportunities to change that. Unfortunately, sometimes those mechanisms of change can be destructive. That said, if the situation is bad enough, the relief that you feel afterward may just be worth it. When you dream of a tidal wave, you can prepare yourself as best as you can for whatever is coming, and then look forward to new days and new beginnings ahead.

A Sample Dream, Tidal Wave, Tsunami Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream in which it is a beautiful sunny day. You are walking along the beach, and notice the tide coming in. For some strange reason, you decide to seek higher ground. As you climb up an embankment, you turn around to look at the water. You notice a huge wall of water headed directly for the shore. Desperately, you begin to climb as fast as you can. As the wall of water approaches, you trip over a surf board. Suddenly, you are no longer afraid, and stand on the board. When the wave finally comes in, you maneuver into it and ride it out. While this proves to be difficult, eventually you reach safety. Looking around, you notice that your co-workers are having a picnic, and have no clue that a tsunami just landed on the beach. When you wake up, you realize that the people you thought were co-workers are actually strangers.

Even though there are no clear indicators at the beginning of the dream, encountering co-workers at the end of the dream indicates you are feeling overwhelmed at work. Since they are all enjoying a picnic, you can also conclude that you may feel like you are doing all of the work, or shouldering burdens that should not be yours. Your initial fear, and then finding the resources to survive the tidal wave indicate that you will successfully navigate out of your problems. This is further indicated when you awaken and realize that you were actually talking to strangers in the dream. You can interpret this to mean that you are not connected with your co-workers, and efforts to regain alignment will bear positive results. Alternatively, you can view this dream as somewhat precognitive in the sense that you will go through a crisis at work, and then meet new people at a different job. Being past the tidal wave itself and joining the picnic indicates that you may wind up being much happier in the new job environment.
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maddog11 2015-11-26 08:42:09
I had these two awful dreams but the first one was I was living near a beach like almost right on it but not super close to the water. And there was a bunch of people around me but I only remember my best friend being there and the sky was either black or super dark blue and i remember looking around and looking out the window and i cant remember what happenedd but then all of a sudden everyone is screaming and freaking out so I look out the window and see this giant and i literally mean the biggest tsunami forming in the horizon and its coming straight for where I am but its almost like its not wven moving and i remember so vividly if I was just gonna let myself get killed by the waves or if i was gonna do it sp i didnt have to suffer. It was really weird and then the next night I had a dream was that i ripped the dermals on my face out and you could see the holes and all the blood and i was screaming for help but no one would help me wven tho i remember people being around me.

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Unknown 2015-10-05 16:15:40
I have a dream, i am sitting at work then all of a sudden the tsunami comes and i stand up and scream run, and everybody runs, but we cant get out and then everybody drowns, what does this mean

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Alisha francis 2015-09-28 22:29:38
Twas like I was at a frens place terrace floor.. Suddenly I noticed that the building was on fire so I rushed to open the gates but the people were in such a panic that they forgot that some people are still inside the building.. So by the time I went to inform my frens I could feel the building move twas a tsunami so I just closed my eyes and prepared myself to die till I felt the water and I woke up in a start to see it was just a dream phew

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Sindhu 2015-08-22 03:24:28
My dream goes like this a person whom I don't like gives me a call. And I am outside home talking to him over the call with slight drizzling and like its a s drizzle but the moment I turn back I see this huge tidal wave like tsunami over my house I run inside and tell mom chummi tsunami and there is this huge splash were everyone is flowing in the water my mom tells me to grab something but another splash and I woke up getting scared with slight thought of my father and mom getting died no one there to help and had one clue of my sister.... The dream is quiet disturbing ....but its i the first time I am getting tidal waves in my dream it had happened before but not so disturbing.

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charles 2015-09-26 01:11:31
omfg the same exact dream

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Ariana 2015-07-03 12:21:28
I just woke up. Mine was as follows. My grandfather sent me away to a small island for a week for a small vacation. I didn't really wanna go but I had to. I went on a huge pirate boat. When i got there, I slept in a hotel. Everything was fine, until there was an earthquake and after an hour we saw a tsunami at a distance. Everyone freaked out and thought we were over. I freaked so hard I started planning to have everyone go to the highest room in the tallest building. I forcefully broke in hitting the door handle with a hammer and brought up all the children first. Then my family. My cousins, aunts, uncles. I remember my uncle telling me it was a natural tsunami. Hours passed as I did that and I asked my uncle how much time I had. He said it would strike at 3:00pm. It was 3:08pm. We freaked out and hurried to the room. I helped my grandma and grandpa up the stairs and dashed with them and my uncle to the room as water started going up the stairs. We shut the door and all started praying loudly to god that we'd be protected. I made sure to press against the door as hard as I could so the water pressure wouldn't break the door and get in.....and I woke up.

The funny thing is, people had lost hope. They thought it would be better to just live off their last moments. But I convinced them to go to the room.

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Jose 2015-06-28 03:35:47
To my understanding this dreams are related certain
Drama in our childhood or problems that are happening to us

Sometimes this are warning that our unconscious
Mind tell us to be ready or prepare
Or try to advoid
For example I had a dream that the world was coming to and end
1-Next day I got pull over by
Several police office
When I was mistreated brutality
2 dream world coming to end
A foreclosure notice
Afraid of loosing my home
3 dream
Worry about a tenant giving problem
Tenant calling the city for failure to comply

So some of this dream are result of real problem that we faced in the daily basic and we worry

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Emma 2015-06-09 15:29:46
I often have dreams of Tsunamis, but in all my dreams I get to know beforehand that a Tsunami is to hit and I dream myself trying to get to safety, sometimes with my husband, my siblings or sometimes old friends. And every time, I manage to get to a high tower ( most of the time, it's my office which is near the sea on the 35th floor of a building) and me and whoever accompanying me are saved and we watch down as the wave crashes and destroys things and drags people with it. I do not feel fear when I have these dreams because i know that I and whoever is with me is not gonna die. But it's very disturbing to have the same dream at least once every month.. It has been happening for the past 3 years..

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Jen 2015-06-02 14:38:02
i keep dreaming of tsunami in my sleep. first i saw the tsunami coming, a huge wage of water. then i look for my little brother to get him to safety. and when i reach him and the tsunami hit us my dream stops and i dont know what happen next. i kept dreaming thesame thing for almost 4 to 5 times. me seeing the tsunami reaches for my little brother to save him and then black. i dont know what that means.  :) just sharing.

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lid 2015-05-26 16:08:56
I too keep dreaming of tsunamis in my life. Didn't think anything of it but this is my 6th dream in last 3yrs. They all start out super happy. Fun day at the beach with my family. Next thing you know the waves surprise us and in some I am in a safe place. High enough to get away but my kids, husband, parents and relatives aren't. I wake up drenched in sweat and crying miserably. In others I'm under water, again panicking because I can't find my loved ones. This last one, I had gone up to the hotel room to get suntan lotion. When I made it up I saw the waves coming but I kept screaming at my kids from balcony to run. I was too high up and they couldn't hear me. I remember the waves were so strong that the hotel started collapsing. I was under water and I saw my son float by unconscious...I tried to grab him but something was in my way and couldn't. I'm seriously terrified that this might have a deeper meaning beyond my dream. I don't want to let my kids out of my sight not even for a second...

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Mary 2015-05-16 06:40:38
i had a bizare dream about me, my youngest girl, my husband and my in laws on a cancun beach, i was standing next to the beach when suddenly waves got bigger and bigger i ran to my condo that was above the water to tell the others, we were calm just on the balcony watching the big wall come and go no one got injured it felt so real , current was crazy coming from both sides causing the water to crash ?! I the. Went to the bathroom and miscarried my baby in its bag where it was still moving...i had a bad bad night lol

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heaven knows 2015-05-13 18:20:16
Well mine would be a different story. Yes, it is still about big gigantic waves of water but I think this is more terrifying. What makes it terrifying for me is that EVERYBODY died. Its like the 2012 movie. Its May 14 2015 and I just dreamt this 3 days ago. Yes, I have dreamt of tsunamis before, but not like this one, not this big and not this scary. I was practically having a hard time breathing while dreaming about this because I woke up grasping for air. When I dreamt of a tsunami more than a year ago, someone dear to me died. Now that its bigger, I don't know what will happen.

Me and my family live literally at the foot of the mountain, and my dream had a similar setting. So in my dream I was staring at the mountain outside of our house when suddenly this huge wall of water appeared behind the mountain and was closing in on us. The wall of water was 3 times the height and the size of the mountain. I ultimately felt fear as I warn my family of the oncoming wave. I told them that we should drive away from the mountain but i was thinking to myself (if this water is 3 times the size and height of this freakin mountain, then theres nowhere else we could run to or nowhere else to be safe) but I still tried. I ran outside to the open road trying to get away from the wave. I found a school bus and got in but as i looked back, i saw all of those many people including my family get sucked in by the great wall of water, and theyre shouting that i should just accept my fate and not prolong my death. I panicked and i told the driver of the school bus to drive away quickly while we were getting other peopke to safety. As we drove further away, i saw many people die and get sucked in to the water.

When we thought that we drove away far enough from the wave, we saw another huge wall if water (as huge as the first one) coming in from another direction. I felt claustrophobic of the situation. I thought (theres no escape from this) as i was thinking, i was then transported to another place (kinda like suddenly becoming a third person or like watching a tv) and ive watched many people die in different places/countries because of these huge waves. And i started to hear my own heart beat increasing as i watched many people panic, die and lose their families. Theres no way that people are gonna survive this.

Then i woke up and i was having trouble breathing because of that dream and i was sweating like an ice melting.

I dont know. But that is one of the scariest dreams i dreamt. Watching your family get sucked in to the wave like that abd watching lots of people die, almost everybody getting sucked into the wave like that.  :(

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Jenevy 2015-05-11 09:59:03
I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one, I literally just woke up from this nightmare. Its 3:54Am and It was Me and my bf which been together for a year and we were walking close to the beach and all of nowhere We both saw a tsunami rise about 800 feet high over our heads and we started running and cars where flying and houses where falling apart. It was so scary and after all the commotion we finally got to a safe size of the town where it wasn't storming I guess. The entire nightmare I was sick I had a virus, And I remember my bf mentioning that the tsunami had the virus in it which made it even worse.

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Paul 2015-05-05 11:17:17
Last night I had a dream that me and my family were walking along the coast. Next the Sea disappear. I knew that there is a tsunami coming so I got my family to higher ground. It was still coming I think we were just about safe as far as I could remember. Dream was inconclusive. Couldn't go back to sleep just in case. I seams to have recurring dreams about water. WHY

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Christopher 2015-05-05 09:31:34
I have these dreams all the time. I think it may be because of school. In one of my dreams the tsunami got really close but then went back idk why? The other ones I go to the top of a building like a giant car park thingy but everyone is there and I am trapped. I dont understand them. Tbh I kinda enjoy the dreams

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jane 2015-04-26 13:49:53
I had a very cool dream this morning. I was on a large boat at a dock. The boat began to rock and suddenly I was tossed into the water. The water was aqua and very clear. The tide took me out and I was wondering if I was going to get back in. All of a sudden the water began to rise. I was on top of the wave, riding it back towards the shore. I could look way down and see people who had already died, still in their beach chairs, submerged. It was a slow, steady ride back to the shore and the wave placed me gently on the shore. I ran to a little house where 5 little children were being taken care of by a teenage "island girl" I said to hurry and we would take the car up to the top of the island. I woke up. It was not a scary dream and I feel like the children represent the children I teach (kindergarten). But what about the rest of the dream ?

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