Dream Dictionary Guns

Dream Dictionary Guns


If you are worried before you pick up a dream dictionary that gun won't be listed in it, don't bother worrying. The word gun is listed in just about every dream dictionary imaginable because of how prevalent they are in the media and culture. The gun as a dream symbol is just as powerful. We see guns everywhere now, in movies, in TV, and sometimes in the streets. We even have to hear about them in lots of popular music. Guns have taken over the list of top fears, higher than snakes and almost as high as public speaking. With this in mind, it is hard to imagine the meaning of dream regarding guns as anything other than powerful. Correctly, it seems that a conventional dream interpretation for a dream about guns is very powerful indeed.

When a gun enters your dream, the first thing you imagine is probably danger. Well, that is probably a good thing, since the gun symbolizes danger in dreams just as it does in waking life. The gun as an emotional symbol is also host to many other dream interpretations. Some say that guns symbolize anger and aggression, or fear and cowardice. Some even say that they symbolize death. These are all true, the only stipulation being that it all depends on who is holding the gun in these dreams.

If you do see a gun, there is a good chance that you are really worried about something in your life. There are many different dream symbols that represent worry or fear, but the gun is one of the most urgent ones. If you are dreaming of guns, then you may be considering something very serious and important happening within the next few days that is of a very threatening nature. Gun dreams should be dealt with in some way immediately.

If you are dreaming about loading a gun, this is your subconscious way of warning yourself not to get too carried away with your angry emotions, it could lead to violence. If you dream that you are using a gun to shoot someone, then it denotes your aggression and anger, and at the same time indicates that you are feeling particularly angry towards one specific person, if the person in the dream is identifiable. And if you are attempting to shoot someone and the gun jams, fails to fire, or misfires, this indicates feelings of aggression as well as feelings of powerlessness. You may be extremely angry at someone for something they've done to you, and want to get back at them. This dream stands as a sign that you don't actually feel capable of getting retribution.

No matter what is happening in your dream, as soon as a gun is pulled, or even seen, the atmosphere of the dream becomes dark, and the gun is the focal point. When you see a gun in your dreams, make sure to find out why it happened as soon as possible.

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nat 2023-07-26 07:16:40
i dreamt i was loading a gun in tears
Erica 2023-05-03 22:03:47
What about atral travel dreams of a door ajar you shut it and a gun goes off
vinny 2023-04-06 19:09:41
i was dreaming i was in the passenger seat in a car w my brother and 3 guys started pounding on the car telling us to run our wallets and i knew he had a gun in his car and i was loading it up putting bullet per bullet and i remember cocking it back and telling them that i will shoot and i remember pulling the trigger but the dream ended and i woke up
Jude 2023-02-09 19:41:00
A little Japanese lady dressed as a nurse(old style uniform)had a gun with silencer under a sheet and pressed it to my chest , I fainted.(lol) there was much more to the dream but that was the gun part.
Anonymous 2023-02-07 15:30:29
I had a dream where I was in my elementary school in the middle of the night with my sister and someone else, and there was a random person there. When I said, "Who's that over there?" The man turned off the life and cocked the gun. He was talking about something, while I tried opening the door behind me. It didn't work so I ran to the front door, which was open. My sister came running down the hallway shortly after and we ran out. I woke up as soon as we left the building. (At 4 A.M.) I was paranoid because I was worried that someone was going to break into my house with a gun and couldn't fall asleep after that for about an hour. Went to the bathroom and my hand was shaking.
HeliosEos 2023-11-29 04:53:54
Here's a possible interpretation of the elements of your dream:

1. Elementary School: This setting may symbolize a period in your life where things were simpler or more carefree. Alternatively, it could represent something from that time period that is currently relevant to your life.

2. Middle of the Night: The night often represents mystery, the unknown, or fear. Being at school at night may suggest you are encountering a situation or emotion in your waking life that is unfamiliar or scary.

3. Sister and Someone Else: The presence of your sister might indicate that your dream involves family dynamics or that you feel a need for support. The unidentified person could signify an unknown factor or person in your life that you are trying to understand.

4. Random Person with a Gun: A gun often symbolizes conflict, aggression, or a perceived threat. The presence of a weapon carried by an unknown figure could represent an unidentified threat or anxiety in your life.

5. Difficulty Opening a Door: Struggling to open a door may suggest obstacles or challenges in your life. It might be something you are trying to escape from or resolve.

6. Running to Safety: Running to the front door and managing to escape reflects a desire to find an easy way out of a stressful or frightening situation. It might indicate your coping mechanisms in dealing with issues.

7. Physical Response Upon Waking (Shaking Hand): Your physical response suggests the dream invoked a strong emotional reaction, which may be linked to stress or fear in your waking life.

8. Paranoia About a Home Invasion: This fear may reflect feelings of vulnerability or concern for your safety and security.

Amkela Vayeke 2022-11-21 01:36:43
I had a dream I was in my home and then a few people that some I know some I don't arrive and there's this gun am trying to fix the part that is for cocking the gun or something but I never seem to fix it
Tara 2022-07-17 15:26:13
I had a dream I was running away, escaping something. I got caught, when I turned around I saw a man with a gun. It was an inch from my face, so close when I exhaled it traveled down the barrel. I instantly closed my eyes and listened to my breathing down the barrel for a few breaths. It felt like I was present, it no longer felt like a dream. I was there. I could smell the gun powder and taste it. I waited for him to shoot, but he didn’t. He laughed and pulled the gun away. I felt relief and confusion, then I woke up. There were also wolves, howling, and I could hear claws before I tried to escape.
Shakes 2021-03-31 13:19:51
I dreamed of one of my brothers pointing a gun at the other one,accusing him of killing our father
Casey 2020-12-28 17:12:40
So I dreamt that I was tied up to a wall with a gun in the middle of the floor and I had a shot wound I am so confused as to why I can’t find awnsers the weird thing is I don’t remember getting shot in the dream only the wound
Jaybird 2020-07-28 22:43:42
So, uh.. I dreamt of me holding a gun and the dream was VERY clear, i could see every bit of it. My OWN dream taught me how to load & shoot a Handgun even though i dont know how to use any gun, i didnt watch any videos about guns or anything... weird? Or no..
QveenGin 2019-03-26 16:57:36
Last night I had a very scary dream that I hope lord forbids ever happening. So It was me, and a few of my family members. We were outside, sitting in the screen-shed. Joking, laughing. Soon after, some car pulled up on the road that's located on the side of my house. I'm the only one who seemed to notice. three guys came out, one holding a gun. I remember telling my people that we need to go inside because someone has gun. We began going inside, on the way in, I heard a gunshot. I turn around and there was my brother. Laying back downward, with a gun shot wound that pierced his forehead. I felt hurt, I Remember that I was crying over his body telling him to wake up. I don't understand why I had this dream but It disturbed me very badly even after i woke up.
Erica 2022-12-29 19:33:51
hi hope all is well. did anything ever happend in real life after having this dream?
thanks in advance.
Jess 2018-11-18 18:28:04
I dreamt I was raging with anger and tried to kill many people with the gun. Also I drowned this one guy. And then all of as sudden my family and I were going to a mall. As we were going in, this lady started yelling and my sister for having muddy shoes. Then, I defended her by choking her to death. At that point, I was furious. I can’t really understand this dream and why I had it. In real like I really hate to fight. The only anger I have is towards myself. I hate myself. I’m a disgusting disappointment. So yeah thats it..
Mary 2022-06-02 10:26:39
You need to accept yourself, be positive, everyone has significant role to play in life, pray to identify your own capability and work on it, don't try to be someone else, please be focused, be prayerful, prophecy positive vibes into yourself. Try to show love and understanding towards others, above all love yourself more Best of luck.

Tiff 2018-08-02 01:11:54
So, I’m in between jobs and that’s been heavy on my mind lately so there’s no surprise that I’ve been dreaming about starting a new job lately. In my dream I was in orientation in some office building with other people there and a guy walks in and makes a cheesy joke about what’s happening in orientation no one laughs and everyone pretty much ignores him as he’s asking questions (myself included) so then he pulls out a gun and everyone is scared. Now had it been real life I would’ve been scared shitless but in my dream I stood up and told the person next to me “excuse me ( so I could get pass” I don’t have time for this shit “and walked out” lol then I got on the elevator to leave and on the elevator there was a big table with self serve coffee, tea etc lol in my mind I was thinking wtf how long do they think you would be on an elevator to make coffee but what they get I made a cup anyway then I got angry there was no more creamer and got pissed and trashed the table lol I have no clue what any of this could possibly mean
Billy 2018-02-20 06:13:22
I dreamt I was arrested because i have a pistol on me and the pistol was collect from me
Kara 2018-01-21 17:07:44
I had a dream last night night that I was in a high school for magic and I was in twelve grade. I won some kind of compitention and I got to design the glo class. Then, the headmaster ask me to find Mabel from gravity falls. I went around whole school, and ended not going home so I called my dad and said that I had to do that again. So I went around the whole school again and we got to close to this little wooden shack (I had this shack in on of my dreams about 2 years ago and we got shot at and ran in that dream) and we got shot at. The shot hit my friend’s arm and she went to the nurse. I didn’t leave that area and the person that shot my friend came out and we both sat down. She was someone I don’t know and she kept on shooting the gun around me but never hitting me. I was trying to convince her not to shoot me and she kept on telling me “turn around”. I finally said that she should talk to the person that’s making her do this. And then I asked why she was doing it. She told that the wooden shack was a shop for all the worlds other people are from. She had this friend ( I didn’t know him either) and they both liked each other. He was playing around, not helping her, so she said to leave and come back when he could help her. So he came back a year later and got her pregnant and she was really made because she was only 16 and not ready (she stayed at the school 2 years after graduation). She closed the shop and told him to leave. She shot right next to his foot with a gummy bear covered gun. But the bullet bounced of and he killed Mike’s mother from stranger things. She freaked out and she’s been shooting at peoples arms ever since. By now the person that mad her made was sitting next to me listening to the story. When she was done, he said that he was sorry for causing her to kill someone and told her that he never meant for any of this to happen. They said sorry to each other and I asked them where to find Mabel. They said in the fire area. So went the fire power area and ask where the World gravity falls was in and he said nerve. So we went in and we could find it. We went through a door that we thought lead to more portals and it was the exit. I starting going crazy and saying we need to go back over and over again. The man who told us the name of the portal was there and said i’ll go with you next time. So he did and he lead us to and into the portal. We got there and told Mabel and dipper they had to go back to school, so they did. We went back to school and that’s where my dream ended. Please tell me what some of this stuff means!!!
Natarsha 2017-12-06 20:24:36
I had a dream that I was going to the toilet at school and then I found a gun and it was like a silver grey and a hand gun. And it like was laying on its side in the bathroom floor and shot by itself once every few minutes or so. Then I picked it up no touching the trigger and looked through the hole of the gun curiously and quickly put the gun down scared it might shoot. Then my friend from school which was identifiable came and I told her and I thought I should take a photo of it to show my mum in case she didn't believe me. And then my friend came with me to take it to the teacher and the gun was still hot on the side. Then the teacher for some reason said has it been used. By anyone or yourself or in the tech room. Then my friend went to the tech room leaving me and I woke up from the dream. That's it
Nubia zepeda 2017-08-23 19:23:52
I had a dream last night that i was at someones house with a older couple i dont know i had my babby in my arms and i kept telling the couple to please lock the doors and they kept arguing that nothing happends and as soon as they said that two people came in with guns i was scared trying to hide my son and one of the guys tryed to shoot my baby on the head i grabbed the gun he shot in the air and i took it from him and as soon as i tryed shooting him the gun didnt work so i threwbit and ran out the door.
Jade 2017-08-12 10:36:10
I had a dream that I was talking to a close friend in a open Place and then out of nowhere alot of shooting started.
So automatically I ran but I lost my friend maybe we ran in different directions.
Persons were jumping over board to be safe so I did the same I was under water for a few Seconds then I raised up only to see 2 persons being shot in the head by my neighbour.
I tried and tried til I got out of the water then I started to run but he was chasing me so I went into this building and locked the door from the inside wen I turned around my close friend was in there but she was an employee so I sat there.
Then I saw like the killer was coming so (I'm not sure if we called the police or not) but the police came and collected the killer.

But it turned out tht it was a whole group of them (only boys) and they keep calling person names that were on their kill list.

The dream ended with me and another close friend walking down a dark road scared. We were trying to get a bus but didn't get tru so we were walking.

What does this ?

David 2017-06-20 13:38:35
I had a dream last night that a big man I couldn't identify, put a gun in my face. I took it from him and shot at him, to find the gun had no ammo. This happened two more times, then he pulled out yet another gun and loaded it. I and pressed it against my head. I then grabbed his hand and forced him to pull the trigger and the gun jammed.
K 2017-04-28 13:06:34
I've dreamt of being a survivalist with a group of survivors in what seemed like the end of the world, we were running out of food and one day they left me at the house with a dog or animal of some sort that was starving, it wanted meet and it tried to eat me i was being chased by this thing of some sort and i tried getting on higher grounds so it couldn't reach me then when it was distracted i ran for a gun that was lying on the ground and i shot it twice in the head but as i was shooting it appeared as a man and not an animal. When i shot them i felt immediate regret but they ended up not being dead, the gun was never loaded to begin with. I don't get it at all but i was scared and felt an adrenaline in the dream as i was reaching for the gun. I don't really understand the meaning of the dream altogether though.
loolee 2017-01-11 15:42:57
Sum1help? I had a very BAD, continual, (I was woken 5-6 x's only to 'finish' where I started) dream, that has me beside myself w/confusion&mistrust.
My husband had been 'after' me the whole dream.. I mean, trying to kill me.
After a threesome (in my dream), with a friend that just came back into my life, only weeks ago..
We were all 3 just hanging out, enjoying what we'd done.. only GOOD feelings.. we ended up all together, living.
Then.. it turns dark.. as I said, it woke me up A LOT, only to continue, like a movie. Finally, I thought; well, it's trying to show me something.. let's see??
My husband was after me.. I seen him kill everyone that I love, that loved me.. AND him! (As if he destroyed my life & everyone around me's life!)
I finally quit running, trying to hide from him.. running all around our house (in the dream, it was not MY house, but it WAS mine.. ya know🤔 jumping, running, hiding, TRYING to escape!
I just give up.. I stand there, look at him, and close my eyes (almost in relief) and let him take aim.. shooting me, over & over, in my 'body'(not arms or legs)
& I then I remember opening my eyes, seeing a bullet hit my chin & I woke up!
Laying here, thinking wtf, trying to go over the whole dream.. I remember seeing the face a my old friend (whom I just had invited into my life only weeks ago) at MY kitchen sink, washing my dishes!
I called/hollered her name.. she never looked up.
Then I get repeatedlly shot by my husband..
needles to say, I'm disturbed. Deeply.
I don't feel I should just 'let it go'
I've been freaking out ALLDAY
Steph 2016-11-16 03:37:45
I had a dream that I was at my friends wedding in a church and we were watching them get married. Then these 2 black mean walked in and the pastor announced that these man were here because they shot a bunch of people the other people the other day so the people wanted to identify them. I looked over at my dad beside me and said "what if they are packing?" Then these men started walking all around the church and looking at people in the eyes, then they pulled their weapons out and started shooting people. They were running all around the church and I tried hiding then he chased me. Then I woke up now I can't fall back asleep. I have been reading books about slavery lately. So I'm wondering if that had something to do with it
John 2017-01-12 21:16:13
You were probably wanting some more black night stick and was craving
Youngcassie53@gmail.com 2016-11-04 19:13:31
I have a very important question I had a dream that I shot myself twice once in the mouth once in the back of the head but nothing happen to me I was perfectly fine I even walked to my daughter School after I put white gauze pads on my holes I was perfectly fine then I continued to walk to the hospital like nothing to happen to me what does this mean it's the first one I've ever had like this can anyone email me or something and let me know what it means my email is the my name above I would greatly appreciate anyone who will email me what this could possibly mean thank you
Que 2016-08-25 02:08:51
I dreamt that their where some young kids around 16-18 African American kids and where I stay in North Minneapolis MN it seems like it would happen but anyways they where trying to rampage my car I saw the lights on in the car and their was 3 of them I said hey get out my car my brother has a 9mm and then I tried to wake up my brother he shrugged it off one of the boys came closer I was in my house which is on the second floor and he pulled out a gun and waved it I tried to wake up my brother I told him mark wake up theirs a boy and he has a gun he woke up like I have to pee then he went to check the door then he said Anit nobody and that's when two men with face masks with guns appeared one grabbed him and the other me I tried to grab the gun but he quickly grabbed it also revealing another gun of a sniper gun of some short then I quickly woke up WHAT DOES THIS MEAN HOPE NOT DEATH IN MY FAMILY IM FREAKING OUT

Swifty 2016-08-12 18:56:58
I have repeated dreams where I get in a gun fight and either I don't have the strength to pull th trudge or the gun breaks.
ROYA 2016-06-03 23:44:27
I dreamt that in a family confrontation regarding a child's complaint against my partner where he asked her to do her homework my family gathered and my uncle who is dead almost 10 years was in the dream holding a gun.we didn't like each other whilst he Lived.when I saw him with the gun I said you brought a gun. Why,to shoot us, then shoot.He fired the gun at my partner and me and black ink squirted
Anthony 2016-06-02 01:49:16
My dream is kind of scattered and has blank spaces but the parts I remember distinctly two areas. It revolves around a gun but I can't find an interpretation for mine.

Basically, at some point in my dream, I came up with an idea to buy a big empty landmass and decided I would do something big and great with it like a benefit to the people.

Later I find myself being escorted away by people I cannot recognise and for my own safety in a place high up in an obscure location I'm formally handed a gun for my own protection and from this location I can see everything that is around me. I was wearing a dark suit and so was the person who gave me the gun, I may have also had a bodyguard. The gun in question was highly unconventional, it had a design unlike anything I have seen yet it felt familiar.

Shortly after I find myself in a room sitting down with people who I don't recognise but I feel oddly drawn to the person next to me, a tall woman with dark long hair, never saw her face and she had a healthy figure, her drest was black and figure hugging. The last moment I see with the gun is me setting it down next to my leg with the barrel facing forward as if I'm making a precaution "just in case" and I happily go about my business, by nature Im very careful and meticulous, the gun would have been more than safe with me. I should note that the chairs we're all in a row as if we were wating to watch or observe something but the dream ended there.

For one thing, because I know how I think as a person I can already see that this dream was detailing the way I think in a metaphorical way from protecting myself in obscurity to the fact I'm on the lookout for a girl who's name I do not know (romantic interest from 6 years ago) but certain areas are a little odd. For example, the gun. Why a gun? It's unlike me to think of a gun if I ever imagined a weapon to defend myself. As I was on the move in my protected state, I was test aiming the gun due to me not being used to them at all trying out different stances and poses but I never fired it. When on the move, the platform i was in when hiding moved sort of like a sky rail road. What baffles me the most about the gun is I never checked it's inner workings the gun felt like an extention of myself like I just knew instinctively that this gun would not go wrong in any way. It's like it was literally part of me yet also a seperate object.
Dawn 2016-05-24 07:25:14
i dreamed twice about GUN. in a place where I stay, all the people ther was being shot while me was trying to escape coz afraid of death. what does it means?? I AM SO AFRAID OF IT!
BANKS 2016-04-10 22:10:56
I had a dream am protecting the children of a unknown person. and later I was target by the enemies. one move straight to me I shoot him on the chest three times. I just waked up after shooting
Kyle 2016-04-07 10:03:26
I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a way of loosely interpreting this dream:

I'm with my dad on a quiet street. all of a sudden a man appears and pulls out a loaded gun. I jump into action and grab the muzzle of the gun to try and point it away/disarm him. I find he is stronger than me and the muzzle is pointed right next to my head. I know he's about to shoot. The gun fires and the bullet grazes my skull, cracking it but not penetrating it. I drop to the ground and assume I'm going to die, so I tell my father I love him. It's then revealed that my skull is only fractured and I will survive.

Any thoughts on what's going on here?

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