Dream Dictionary Kidnapping

Dream Dictionary Kidnapping

The dream interpretation of kidnapping as a dream symbol is most easily understood based on the person that is being kidnapped.

Dream Kidnapping
Dream Dictionary Kidnapping. Being Kidnapped or Witness to a Kidnapping in Your Sleep? What All of This Means

While seeing someone else kidnapped in a dream might signify that you feel that that person is in danger, if you see yourself being kidnapped, the meaning of dream can be entirely different. The dream dictionary will tell you to be very strict in discerning the people that are being kidnapped, and if anyone that is significant to you is the ne doing the kidnapping. If you have had a dream involving kidnapping, do your best to recall as many details as possible because this is a sensitive subject.

According to most dream interpretations, when you dream that you are being kidnapped, this is related to feelings of censorship, and a lack of expression. You feel that you are being held back. Perhaps a person or a task is taking you away from doing something that is more important to you. It is also just as valid to assume the possibility that you could be the person that is keeping you from doing an important task, but whatever the cause, a dream about yourself being kidnapped has a dream meaning related to restriction. You feel held back by something, and will begin to feel freer once you evaluate the reasons that you feel this way.

If you are dreaming about someone else being kidnapped, dream interpretation would suggest that this means that you feel that his person is in danger. Let your feelings be known to them so that you can rest a little more easily knowing that they were warned and made to feel more aware. Alternatively, another meaning of a dream like this can be traced back to similar feelings to dreams about yourself being kidnapped. The main difference in this case is that if someone else is being kidnapped in your dream, that you are not allowing the traits of that person to be expressed within yourself. In other words, you may be blocking out their input on certain things subconsciously, or undermining their importance. Make sure to take a dream like this seriously, as dream interpretations that are this well customized should be well heeded to in order to incite change in personality or behavior.

If you dream that you are the one that is kidnapping others, then this can relate to feelings of not wanting to let go. There is something that is weighing heavily on you that you need to cease thinking about or considering, but you are not allowing yourself to do it. Once you start having dreams where you are a kidnapper, this can be a sign that your mind is ready to let go of whatever thought you have been having recently. Sometimes this can be a trigger to get rid of emotional baggage, but most of the time it is simply a reminder that you have been thinking about something too long. In the future, try not to dwell too much on the past, and accept the future for what it is, rather than feeling nostalgic for an older time. This is a sign to live in the now.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Kidnapping

Unknown 2018-09-09 15:26:36
This is my 2nd time having this dream , I keep having this dream that my brother is being kidnapped , by the same people, and it happens the same way , the first time he got kidnapped we were walking out of a restaurant and this couple took him. But , they had kids themselves I didn’t understand why they took him. In the dream I chased down the car and I called my dad and the cops but I saved him before anyone could. And last night I had the same dream were I was coming out of the restaurant our whole family and then the same people take him , I chase down the car again and call my dad and the cops, but this time it was different I got into their neighborhood and watched them take him into their house , I tried to get inside and I did , then I couldn’t find him , I had suggested that they killed him , then their friends started coming over and thinking everything I told them was normal , and one of their friends tried kidnapping me but I ran away until I got to this house where the garage was open and this man and his son where sitting so I told them what happened and they let me use their phone, I hid in their garage and waited , then te strangest thing happened is that the lady who kidnapped my brother was with my mom and my mom was completely blind to what she did I told her and her she didn’t believe me , then then went back to the house and my mom came back and she finally slowly started to believe me , then I told her they killed him the garage , and my dream ended.
Kristen 2018-07-01 18:31:06
I had a dream where I was kidnapped and Idk why I was or who but it was by a big family and I was in the middle of nowhere and it was in the woods. They we’re reallt dirty people and jus crazy. After a little into the dream me and all these people was trying to escape so we was running and trying to be very careful. The lady that was in the family was trying to help us but it didn’t work. Becuase after she let us go it was all a set up it was like we had to earn this guys trust or he would kill you. He had pictures of all of us and if your picture was on the wall it ment that you owed him something or you did something very disrespectful. By the end of the dream I was the only one that survived because I had to respect him I killed his wife becuase she was trying to kill me and he never suspected it towards the end the more respect I gave him the more freer I was . I wasn’t put or tied up or anything I could do bout anything but run away . I remebrr before I woke up he said how he might jus let me go so I went to the bathroom locked the door and texted my mom my location ans for her not to text back and help Soon. Then I woke up
supreeth 2018-06-06 19:04:40
I dreamt of being kidnapped but i didn't got fear of him and also i saved a kidnapped girl from him, after that we went to home and home being renovating by the workers and my own dad, meanwhile my brother came and telling like this room was constructed very good, that girl was talking with ma dad like she knows ma dad well
Kanders 2018-06-05 10:26:31
So I keep having this reoccurring dream. It’s never actually the exact same, more of a continuation from the last time.
I have been kidnapped by this family. More specifically the oldest son, but the whole family is in on it. They make it clear without saying that it’s a family activity they do often... I’m terrified the whole dream, though nothing bad is really happening other than I’m not allowed to leave.
The oldest son who seems to be in his mid twenties has a very sinister and controlling attitude and a bit of a temper but stays calm until I inevitably attempt to escape in every episode of this nightmare I have... it’s always right after they take me to this weird opening in the woods in the middle of the day and do this ritual with sticks where they circle me and laugh but like a β€œ im having fun” laugh, not β€œ laughing at you” kind of laugh. Then they take me back and this when I realize the son is going to kill me.
I get super scared and open the door and run. The first time I was caught while running and woke up. The next time I had the dream I was injured from trying to get away last time and the son was a little pissier with me the whole time... eventually I try to escape again after the ritual but I don’t.. I close the door myself and apologize even though I know I’m about to be killed and for some reason this time I have a strong sense that it won’t be a quick death. Then I wake up.....
Never been so scared
rochelle 2018-06-02 17:13:16
i always have this dream me and my friends leave her house ecause of her abusive parents we go underneath this tunnel and three people start shooting at us im high in the sky and fall so they shoot even more. My brother escapes but i am so close I just lay close to the floor and act as if im dead, when they drag my body inside the tunnel and block it off. They think im dead and decide what to do to me when "I wake up" and say please dont sell my body, keep it, ill stay with you just please dont hurt me. They are psycho paths and throw knifes at eachtoher killing one girl then the boy comes over and starts groping me while the girl holds down my arm. Every night beforei go to sleep he rips my shirt revealing more of my bra each time. once it was ripped all the way he movd to my pant un zipping them little by little until my vag jay jay was revealed i could nt move my hands and evenutally i went numb and would even sleep while he would grope me. two weeks later i was found and taken home. I fliinched at my birthday party and could never fall asleep. The man who did it was never found
Help. 2018-05-23 04:06:51
I’ve been having this same dream for a while now. Everynight it happens and evrtynight I wake up shaking.
The kidnapper is named Madge. She keeps trying to kidnap my brother for who knows why. One time she finally gets away with it and in each dream she says rhe same thing. β€œOnly Lord knows I was meant to be a kidnapper, everynight I take someone and every night I succeed.”
If anyone knows someone I can go to please tell me. This has been repeating every night for months.
Brittany 2018-04-28 15:53:38
I finially made my First Holy Communion at age 15 with the 7and 8 year olds in the class and my parents dressed me the same as the lottle girls in a poofy white above the knees communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white shoes and the same cloth diaper and plastic pants and undershirt under my dress as the little girls wear.In the days and weeks afterwards,i had dreams about being kidnapped in my communion otfit and taken to an abandoned farm house by a man and forced to take my communion dress off and when i did he saw my baby type under and forced me to do sex acts on him! I dont know why i have been having dreams like this,but they do get me horny.
Zak 2018-04-25 06:51:16
I have had a really weird dream, where I was walking down an alley with a big ditch suddenly I saw someone i wasn't able to see to many details about the person, but I could spot that I was in danger. So i started calling them names like b*cry eventually the person ran at me if was some fat guy probably in his early 40s. He ran at me and pushes me in the ditch he was just holding on to me really hard would not let go, I kept biting and scratching and still couldn't get him of me then I woke up to my alarm clock i dont know what this means in the article it said if you are kidnapped in the dream that means you are trying to do an important task but the person kidnapping you doesn't want to me you go. But nobody i don't think is holding me back, if anyone has a lead to what this could mean please reply.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 18:29:40
So in my dream I was walking down the street with someone i don’t know, this creepy van pulled up and pulled us in but I was somehow able to push the kidnapper out of the Van. I pinned him to the sidewalk outside and took a random blade and started to slice his neck in different directions, each slice went through a different layer of muscle.
Lali 2018-04-18 14:51:12
I dreamed my brother got kidnapped but I don’t have a brother ???? I was so devistated and the only one trying to look for him. Does anyone know what this means?
Unknown 0328 2018-04-10 12:42:22
I had a dream that me and my daughter was in a mall. She was in front of me. I saw her in an area one minute then she was gone. I ran and a guy had her in a bag. I beat him and got her out. This occurred doing the whole dream. Either they were trying to kidnap myself or her but the whole time i was fighting. A gentleman and his son also stepped in and helped. we ran to this lady and begged her to drive us around to find our car. Its like the people that was trying to kidnap us kept coming back. I made it to my car and noticed a lot of my gas was out. I started my car and drove off. The same people were trying to do things to get me to stop and i put my foot on the gas to run them down. I eventually woke up
Hzliii 2018-01-27 01:10:36
My hubby dreamed that someone kinapped me. He knows the guy that did it. He sees the guy often but they aren't friendly. This is the shortened version of the dream. What does it mean?
Jenni 2018-01-18 23:50:47
So I had a scary dream yesterday: Basically it was in my neighbourhood and I was walking with 3 or 2 other people that I seem to know. For some reason we were all super tense and it was nighttime. The small trees suddenly became big and they were towering over us. It felt like some sort of movie. We were carefully walking fast as if we know sometime bad is going to happen if we don't go home fast. And suddenly we heard this blood chilling scream from the girls a couple meters in front of us. But we can't see them. Instantly I knew it was a kidnapper for some reason. And we all started running in the opposite direction. And then for some reason me and this other girl tripped and fell on the grass. I can't remember exactly but I think I was motioning for her to get up quickly and hide. Or at least I was thinking about that. I was scared for myself and the other girls. And then the dream stopped. And that scream was the scariest blood chilling scream I have ever heard. Still have chills in my back.
Anonymous 2017-12-30 05:36:09
Ive been having the same dream since I was 12 It always starts out with me and girl I don't know on a beach in the water then the sky goes all diff colours we run to the car,we are lying in the back of the car then a man(he is with a group of 6 or 7 ppl) with blonde hair knocks at the window with a flashight and pulls me and the girl out of the car this group takes sexual pictures of me and the girl writing horrible words on us then the group keeps us held hostage in an abandoned prison then I eventually wake up I go to sleep the next night and the rest of the dream happens(this happens for 3 nights and comes an goes after a few months) on the 3rd night my friend ends up getting killed then I wake up and dont know what happens to me.
Carmen 2017-10-29 06:56:12
My dream: I was walking it's my sister to English class, and suddenly, a car comes, a fat man that kind of looked like Vernon from Harry Potter grabs my little sister and puts her in the back seat. I obviously wasn't gonna let my sister aloneness with that strange man, so I tried to save her, but I somehow ended in the back seat with my little sister, Then I remember they did some driving, and suddenly we stopped. Everyone got out, and the somehow disappeared from the dream. There was a bookshop in front of us, so we got in and I remember me and my sister looking at the books. When we got out, I saw my mother, thank god. A girl that was in the car explained everything but I don't remember what she said.
Anon 2017-10-11 22:54:41
I had a dream where i was at the GTA V airport for some reason, then at a dutch airport, ( i live very close there) There were people telling kids to come with them into a van, but it was kind of racisty (asian kids were purseud by asian men, etc.) So this kid i used to know in elementary school shows up like he was back then he approached by one of those men, i then hit a secuirty alarm that was there. The alarm went off and the guy started running after me, then i stumble upon my 8th grade class, and now were in some wastelandish area near my neighborhood and i get handed an MP15 (this is what i used to go to the range with) And ask for some 9MM’s. Then i blink and im at my childhood home. The front doors open so i walk in and go up the stairs, as im going to the stairs i notice all of those men in a car, one of them is pointing at me. They all get out and start to attack me, i see my dad across the street but he just stands there, then i wake up, all sweaty. This was some wierd dream.
Edward 2017-10-09 06:51:24
I dreamt about me going somewhere and then while i was walking i saw a guy.And then he stopped me and started talking to me and i didnt wanna really talk to him so i said that i have to go he then grabs my hand and i dragged my hand fast and i started running and i think im kinda fast (btw im 14)and the man obviously was much slower than me so i got away.I got to a restaurant and i got inside and i was searching for help.The man was somewhere outside,I was very sure.For a strange reason so one would give me attention so i ran outside and started running.And then i woke up.Plz respond what that dream means.Thx
shantii 2017-12-02 12:56:56
well this man is someone u see before because you never have a dream about a person you never seen before like in the store or looking out the window and see a person you really paid no attention to but your dream means your avoiding an issue or a person in your day to day life

hope this helped even though i'm super late 😭
Cheyanna 2017-09-27 15:46:18
My dream was that I was being kidnapped by this group of stoner looking punks with guns and one of my friends, it started out that I was hanging out with them. Then when I tried to leave they wouldn't let me and we were in an rv . it was around Halloween cuz in the dream my brother and some friend randomly stumbled in drunk trying to trick or treat and I tried to ask for help and he wouldn't help. Then they left and we ended up driving off. Then later I ended up at my house and saw my brother and again asked for help and he told me to do it my self. Then I ended up in the rv in the bedroom where they were keeping me. Well after my friend Kim had me outside for some reason she let me run away and i was trying to runaway as fast as I possibly could , I could feel that they were behind me. I saw a franz bakery and ran inside. Locked myself in the bathroom, blocked door and called 911. Before I woke up I was on line with dispatcher while a car was being spent over. I must of sounded panicked to her cuz she was really trying to calm me down.
When I woke up I was terrified andgasping I was so scared .
Anon 2017-08-31 12:40:50
[just=center][/just]I had a dream that I was out at the mall with a bunch of people I only knew a few, the rest were just randoms. The whole dream we were walking around the mall and they were bullying me the whole time (trying to trip me, calling me names,taking stuff from me, talking bad about me to other people). I wasn't phased at al in the dream, I just let them do what they wanted and I laughed at them. Until we were all leaving, huge group of high school kids. We were leaving the mall strip so we were outside with loads of buildings, walking up a steep hill. This random guy dressed in all black comes out of no where and says something to us (me and 2 other girls I was walking with) about getting into his car. He has hold of 1 of the girls arm and is pulling her. Right away I scream help, There were a lot of people around us. Including a cop car. But the cops were dealing with a robbery that happened at the same time. They ignored me. This man was walking away with this girl but everyones running felt restricted.. And he just kept going at a normal pace. Keep in mind, this is a dream where there are people I don't know in real life, only a few. But as soon as the kidnapper came out, everyone I knew was no where to be found. They were all strangers to me.
Dezaree 2017-08-16 09:43:56
I had this dream right before I started to type this. I was with my boyfriend in his car (he was driving) and we were going to meet someone about buying a car from them and I was going to drive his original car home. So he gets out and says "stay in the car so you ca drive home" and I just say okay and nod and he walks off towards the car (there was a van type car parked next to it) I'm watching the entire time and they throw a bag over his head and are scrambling to get him into the car (2-3 guys) and I freeze, I start the scar and try to drive off from the passabger side (πŸ€” and I start getting shot at so I can't scoot into the driver seat and they just keep shooting and eventually I get into the drivers seat and drive away without being hit. I call his mom to tell her and she is so calm and I see him in like a vision and he's so scared and I go home and my phone blows up with messages like "I'm so sorry this happened" and "he'll be okay"... etc.. and I'm sitting there (in my house) crying hysterically and terrified and everyone is so calm about it and not exactly caring and I was just crying and crying and I even said "this feels like a dream" and they shook there head no and I was crying so much and I woke up from a dead sleep sobbing my eyes out and I don't think I've ever had a dream hit me that hard.
adie 2017-07-31 23:46:29
dreamt i was picked out at random by this big guy with a gun, i had a led zep t-shirt on and he decided not to shoot me as he thought i was cool cos i was a guitarist like the zep guitar player so he saved me put his arm around me and spared my life, we talked music for a while, then i woke up.it was in this big layby in a big city.any answers?.
Ellie 2017-07-26 12:21:38
I just had a dream that I was getting back from a concert with my friend and walking to the parking lot. I noticed something weird happening. Someone was trying to kidnap a girl by trying to get her to get out of the vehicle. I was unable to help. Then I went to my car and noticed a man standing behind my car. My back door to my car was open and I went to ask the guy what he was doing. The first thing I saw in my car was my mom's keys. The man tried to take but I kept running away. We just kept arguing and fighting. I was trying to be rid of him.
Unknown 2017-07-17 18:23:00
I just woke up and had this dream. Literally this is how the dream went. I wanted to go to my friends house which is literally my next to neighbor so I did and soon we went to somewhere very crowded and I got lost and I don't see this as kinapping but I found this darker skinned family and I asked for help and they said ok they would help they took me in there car and we drove away from where me my friend and her mom was. I didn't noticed because I was tired so I had fallen asleep but I heard the girl and mom talking to the dad which he was driving and the mom on my left and the daughter on the right she was like 15. TBH if u have ever watched the movie KC UNDERCOVER the whole family looked like the kidnappers. I woke up and the dad said we are almost at gittiesburg and he kinda laughed and the m and daughter grinned I was like I'll race u guys home but little did I know I was surrounded by other ppl that worked for the dad and I couldn't run away so I chanced them home. Once we got home to their house they strapped me down to a bed and started hitting me while walking in a circle around and they had taking my clothes off and the dad started to rape me then I just kill me I don't want to have ur baby you stupid bastard as soon as I said that he shot me in the forhead nine times but I wouldn't die so he kept raping me and I told them to all shoot me now! They did and nothing happened so I lied there not knowing if I was pregnant n if I was ever gonna see my family again but they did take me home but they said if u tell them anything about me raping u when I get out of jail I am gonna kill u but he couldn't cuz I couldn't die but they gave me a bath and let me get my self together... then I was home and I hugged my dad and mom so hard they said when she was with her friends she got lost so I brung her here to u guys and my parents started to say something while they were walking away but they didn't hear it so they kept walking to there car and drove off them I said to my mom and dad they raped me and abused me and hurt me they r not real humans y would god do this to me when I did nothing wrong and I started to cry then I stopped and start I wanted them to kill me but it didn't work because I'm inderstructible and my parents said we r calling the cops and I quickly said no and my mom didn't listen but my dad asked y not and I said they r going to come after me and kill me cuz they have s tracker in my body then my dad said to my mom I'm taking her to the hospital and tell the cops to come then my parents said we r all understructible and no one can hurt us they fixed me all up and then the cops said can u describe what they look like and I said they looked like the family off of KC UNDERCOVER and they drew it out and they bring it to me and they said these ppl and I said yes and they said they have been after them for a long time but we can't catch them... they searched and searched and I told him they were in Gettysburg they check there and they did find them they were already rapping another teen girl that look like me they caught them and I looked different so they knew I didn't do it so they went to jail for there whole life. And that was the end of my nightmare
Anon 2017-07-15 18:44:24
I had a weird dream where my family was kidnapped, not including me, and i was trying to find them for the majority of the dream. For some reason, i was naked while trying to find them. I never did end up finding them, however, because the dream morphed into focusing more on me being naked in public rather than the kidnapping thing.
Jules Cramer 2017-07-09 08:59:22
I had a dream that on the news there were warning for a guy trying to kidnap women around the area my dream took place. And I was at the gym working out and I saw this man and I knew it was him and I knew he was watching me so in the dream I took this really long back road trail home to try to lose him but he followed me into public and grabbed me and I was screaming for people for help but not very many people were really reacting that much. Then the dream started being narrated by the kidnapper. And he was talking about How he had seen me so many times at the gym but this time was special. It was really strange then later in my dream he broke into my house and I was with my parents and we were hiding in there room. and I was trying to call 911 and get a gun but I couldn't find a gun or a phone and I kept forgetting what to do and I couldn't keep him out so my parents in the dream just fell back asleep and were like sorry there's nothing we can do your on your own. It was such a weird scary
Daviana 2017-07-02 15:54:59
I had a dream that my brother was kidnapped and died. It's weird bc in my dream we saw people chasing him, but my dad, oldest brother, my dog, and I couldn't do anything. It took place in a huge Sams club with a basement and 2nd floor. I was going outside and I saw a 3 yr old, checking everybody off at the door(where they make sure they bought everything and didn't steal) it was my family friends 3 year old daughter that I haven't seen for a while. I asked her if she's seen my brother and she said no, but you can check downstairs. I go in the basement and ask people, then I talk to these men, clean cut, white, wearing nice outfits. I ask them if they've seen my brother and they said no. They told me about all the kidnappings that were happening and they said he's already gone by now. I then got sketched out in my dream and started walking back upstairs. When I look at people, I tend to study them. It added up and the more I caught on, the more I wanted to get away from these guys.(They were in mid 30, early 40's) one of the guys pulled out a cigarette and once I saw that, I ran upstairs back to the main floor.(Cigarettes clear scents of people or things) I went back upstairs looking and looking, then I just turn around and I'm in my house, literally. It was like a movie where u turn around and end up somewhere else. I'm just there, staring at my dog (black pure breed Chow Chow) while he's staring out my pool deck sliding door window. Then I walk up to him and a screen popped up. I just start getting emotional in my sleep at this point. I felt myself holding in my tears and wanting to burst out. Some tears came out in my dream, but in real life I was holding myself from crying. I knew I wanted to cry bad bc my throat was starting to hurt, and I can feel it in my dream too. I just start typing on this screen, it's a map of the area, I think it was Europe; which I don't even live in Europe which was odd. But it had 1 letter of the alphabet in each corner, and the map was like a grid, so it had the full alphabet. I just start typing "The World is Corrupted" then I noticed my mom said something, I think it was her, idk, but it was some woman like voice behind me, and in front of me saying something that made me stop typing. I just dropped to the floor crying in my dream at this point. Then I turn back around and end up in Sams Club again. I just start grabbing flowers, bright vibrant flowers,m that they sell in Garden and placing them in a beautiful way on some steps in front of Sams Club sing the side entrance. I ran into an old friend that I've known since I was born bc we were neighbors and went to school since pre k to high school and we're going to graduate the same year as well. I ran into her, her twin (they look nothing alike), and her older sister. I said Maddie, isn't Molly missing. She said no she's right next to me, that's when Molly(her twin) popped out of nowhere. I said oh, with my face still sad and with tears on it. I have never seen my face like that before, sad,crying, except, I looked like I was just puzzled, and dead inside. I felt like I lost everything. My brother is so annoying, and acts like my dad, and snitches on me for things, and I was crying bc I didn't have him. I put down more flowers, I placed down this one flower. It had a huge stem, the petals were a royal yet deep blue with huge that we're brightly pigmented. The middle was bright yellow. I place it down, and I non stop cry, crying soooo hard. I felt my chest in real life start to hurt, it was burning. I transitioned from my dream to real life which was when I finally woke up. That's when I realized that I got very impacted. I was crying, my heart and throat was hurting. I could not stop crying, that's when I went and grabbed my phone and instantly looked up what this meant.
sophie 2017-06-21 03:12:15
I had a dream where I was in my room asleep and some man dived roled in to my window and on to the floor. But weird thing was, was that I was on the second floor of my house. I yelled "who are you" and I see the man turn around and he had a gun in his hands. I fell back on my bed and just watched the window but I had two windows right next to each other and i look out my other window and theres a man staring at me i hurd him say "oh she scared" but he had a gren on his face. i then dive half way under my bed and had a blanket over me and my head, i fell asleep and i turned over and looked up and i see a shoe and i grab it for some reason and it was the mans who was staring at me through the window a few minutes ago. he puts his knee on my chest and puts all weight on it i couldn't breath much and i end up passing out. i feel him put duck tape on my mouth and for some reason he puts it over my eyes!? then i got woken up. i was so seared.
Drake lee 2017-06-19 03:20:54
I had a dream the other day about a guy with long hair named Jordan, heres how the dream started. I was with a group of friends then I feel extremely dizzy and cannot talk after that all happened I was picked up by the man and put into a cell chamber and after that is when I woke up exretemly scared and anxious [just=right][/just]
anon 2017-06-18 23:16:29
I had a extremely,extremly weird dream last night it was so weird that I cant really remember it or describe it. I know I was kidnapped and there were others to and I saw lots of colors in my dream as well more than usual...it was strange.
Zoe 2017-06-05 18:20:16
I had this dream where I was at a carnival at my school and I went to the bathroom but I want out the back entrance and there was a guy there that was all dressed in black and I tried to get away but I couldn't then he put me in his car and drove away he had me met his sister and two other girls that got kidnapped then he raped me and let me go but I had to seem home every weekend or else he would hurt my parents.
leigh 2017-05-31 00:26:46
I had a dream that this guy that i knew kidnapped me and would rape me and made me have kids with him. and background story of him. i've known him for 4 years and we met when i was directing a mission retreat. so he lives in a different city. he has been telling me since we met that he was going to move to where i was and we were gonna be together and would constantly tell me how beautiful i was and stuff. but he always came off as a fuck boy and a player. he would also talk about the fights he would get in and i had told him hat he wasn't gonna have me. and when he graduated HS he moved to sa and i told him i didn't see him that way but every time i was in a relationship he would tell me we were gonna break and that me and him would be together. Now i'm in a very serious relationship and i finally blocked him on everything a month ago because he claimed he saw it in the universe that we were gonna be together and he could kick my boyfriends ass and he could get "ppl he knew" to break us up and such.
Jake 2017-05-28 09:53:53
My dream was me walking home at night and I was almost moving and there was a car parked in front of me so I slowed down before getting my shirt tugged, this was at a parents evening in school so there were lots of parents and children and I was shouting help help she's kidnapping me! And everyone just looked but didn't help. Then I woke up? Help?
Laura 2017-05-25 12:30:16
I'm 17 and I dreamed of being kidnapped when I was 10 or so (with my whole class of those times) by some strangers that dressed up as clowns...? And they gave us a lot of candies.
I don't know the true meaning, probably got impressed by something I watched or read (even though I'm pretty sure I never read something about clowns, recently), or it was just my brain pulling a prank on me.
Anon 2017-05-15 21:23:46
I'm 17 and I had a dream I was kidnapped or "abducted". I don't really know or remember if my dream showed me HOW I got kidnapped and I don't remember my kidnapper's face. What I do remember is me having symptoms of "stockholms syndrome", being overly attached and reliant to him(the kidnapper). He was also attached to me, opening up to me and confessing a few of his deepest emotional secrets. I'd befriended him to the point where he could trust me walking around. I suppose he also trusted me having my phone because I had it lol, and I remember trying to copy+paste my location to my dad or mom or SOMEONE so they could send help, but I could never press the right key or figure it out and I had to put my phone away before my captor saw what I was doing. I began to KIND of like being there and being around my captor(like I mentioned before) but I could feel he was getting bored with me and I knew if he got too bored he'd kill me. I finally just screenshotted my location on a map app (i think probably google maps as that's the only one i have on my phone) and sent it to my dad. [[this was a random bit in the dream but i remember having to ignore or block my mom's number because she kept sending me emojis after she found out i was alive and able to text lolol]] but my dad messaged me basically saying everything was going to be taken care of and I interpereted that as help was on the way! I spent the remainder of my dream eagerly awaiting for police to arrive where I was before my captor got bored and killed me, but I woke up before I could find out what happened :/
I sound dumb 2017-05-06 05:27:23
I had a dream that me and my other friends got kid napped and every time I would run away and tell people to call the police but every time the guy who kidnapped us always got me, in the dream I also ran into a babysitting place and asked to call 911 but the phone never got the last 1 it would always go to like 912. I had this type of dream twice.
Also dumb 2017-05-30 10:02:49
This happened to me too lastnight and also a week ago. I can't figure it out.Our dreams are so similar: me and a bunch of my friends, the kidnapper keeps finding us, 911 and 912

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