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The butterfly is a very great dream symbol for positive energy. Whenever you have a dream involving a butterfly, there is a good chance that it is going to mean good things for you overall. Butterflies have traditionally stood for positive values such as creativity, beauty, grace, happiness, and spirituality. Though the meaning of dream about butterfly might be a firm message, it is still going to be one that will ultimately lead to the betterment of your life. When looking through a dream dictionary, make sure to read through a list of all of the different dream meanings provided for the word butterfly, and try to discern which one applies most to your life.

When you dream of a symbol that has so many different dream interpretations as a butterfly does, you are going to want to be careful to see which one applies to you most. A butterfly can symbolize creativity, so it could very well be that your dream is trying to let you know that it is time to express your creative side. If you work in a stifling business environment, maybe this means that you need to start up an artistic hobby like painting or writing while you are home. Of course, if you are a painter as your career, then maybe the butterfly isnít exactly suggesting that you become more creative. It could be there as a sign of congratulations for all of the hard work that you have been putting into your creative life so far, or it could have a completely different dream meaning.

A butterfly can also symbolize romantic thoughts. Perhaps you are an artist by trade, but that romantic element is missing from your life and it is something that is very important to your happiness. The butterfly may be showing up in your dreams to remind you not to spend so much time inside, to go out and meet someone that will make you happy and live their lives with you.

Even if you are already an extremely creative person in a happy relationship, the butterfly still has relevance in your dream. The butterfly is also a sign of settling down. This does not mean that it is a sign of calming down, but according to at least one dream interpretation, the butterfly exists as a symbol for marriage. If you are already in a happy relationship with your significant other but are still seeing butterflies in your dream every night, this could be your subconscious way of telling yourself that it is time to finally buckle down and ask them to marry you.

The butterfly is also a symbol of joy. If a butterfly appears in your dream it could be something as simple as a reminder that you need to be happier. Donít let little thongs get your mood down too much. The butterfly is there because secretly, you do not want to be sad, and you are trying to tell that to yourself in your dreams.
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Jade 2015-02-26 04:06:12
what if in your dream you actually willingly turn into a butterfly yourself?

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Little thongs? How about worry about big thongs 2014-12-27 18:02:25
Little thongs? How about let big thongs bother me?

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Seeker 2014-02-17 23:50:42
Little Thongs.

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irum 2013-02-11 07:33:38

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