Dream meaning Pig

According to Chinese astrology, pig represents love, affection and care which can be experienced in your real life after having dreams about pigs. These are also considered for implications of negative traits in personality of its dreamer such as greediness and egotism. The environment of the dreams concerning pigs also play important role in its interpretation.

Interpretation of pig related dreams is greatly deviated by cultural beliefs of various sides of world. The interpretation also differs on the post or type of work the dreamer is pursuing as the meaning of pig dreams to an officer suggests the greed and cheating with the occupation and position. The physical properties of pig observed in the dream also change its ultimate meaning.

General connotations of pig dreams

A pig presence in dreams is not exactly a negative symbol but indeed consist certain negative factors associated with them. To see a fat or obese pig in your dream may symbolize possible gains of property or finances in near future. It also implies to a positive gain of some inherited wealth or similar profits to the dreamer. Dreams of fat pigs are considered lucky for farmers as they can expect huge profits from the sale of their good in few months. To see a dirty pig suggests that you will be forcefully laid to a situation or condition where you have to face allegations from close people. This meaning is also implied to pigs eating in the mud. If you see a happy pig rolling in the earth then it definitely means that something important is going to happen which will make you cheer. To see a trapped pig or a pig humiliation signifies selfish attitude to reach the destination. To see a pig in distress suggests that you are having negative vibes around from your known people as they might hurt you. According to a superstition to have pig's dreams also means great loss in the business which can be anything from loss of deals, tender, catch of customers and so on.

Practical impact of pig's dreams

Pig dreams can bring wisdom in some forms or a sense of guilt in others. Generally these dreams are enough to teach a person his treacherous attitude towards getting the goals. If the dreams are on negative side one should understand that his approach towards desires is wrong and should understand that everything should be achieved by following ideal path. This is in regard with the selfish attitude manifested in the dreamer which can harm himself and the surrounding people.

Ordinary pig related dream with interpretation

Consider dream where you are representing a young women sauntering in courtyard of big house where pet animals are kept. You see a strange person entering your house and directly claiming to enter the pig's yard. He seems to annoy your pig and other pets and they start wailing and with this sound you are awake. This dream includes pain to the pigs and their wailing is the representation of sorrows in following days. As this dream represents young women and if the dreamer is women herself suggests that she will experience bad patch in her married life. It also signifies marriage to a greedy and selfish companion who is not suitable for anyone. After getting this dream you should become careful while choosing partner for your life.
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WTF 2014-03-27 07:05:42
i had a dream about two women ontop of a pig on a cross and one was vomiting on the other while getting vomited on she was rubbing into her skin like wtf????

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jorden 2014-01-18 14:37:35
I dreamt of a cute little pig I owned as a pet. I don't remember how I got to own him. I think it was a male pig. I remember locking him in the bathroom while I left somewere came back and he was dead. Later at the end of the dream my dad said he died because I didn't take better care of him...I cried a lot in the dream. I woke up

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Dan 2014-01-11 14:37:56
I dreamed of a white sheep, white dog, white pig and rats eating big fish. I checked the meaning of this and each animals represents different things and sometimes in conflict with one another.

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cas 2013-12-11 00:11:18
I had a horrible dream about a pig being slaughtered, not just slaughtered but injured badly then stuffed into a microwave and cooked alive, still squealing. I have been shaken all day from this dream.

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Catherine 2013-06-11 05:00:25
I wanna share my dream last night. I dream of two large pinkish pigs that cross in front of me. From left to right. The second pig that crossed my way has a strange horn in his head. I wanna know what it really means for me? And I also dreamed of monkey, it was 2 or 3 monkeys. As I scanned the net, I think it looks like an amazon monkey. Then 1 monkey jumped in front of me and just looked at me. That's it. Hope you may interpret my dream.
Thank you!

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