Dream Dictionary Breaking

Dream Dictionary Breaking

One of the most popular misconceptions about breaking as a dream symbol is that it relates to something negative.

Dream Breaking
Dream Dictionary Breaking. Breaking into Your Dreams: What it Means When You Dream About Things Breaking

While this is always a possibility, the meaning of dream about breaking does not have to be negative at all, and on the contrary, can be very positive. For example, if you have broken out of a bad relationship recently and are on your own, you might dream about something breaking. While single may not be the ideal status from some people, when it involves getting out of a bad relationship, a break up can be a very positive thing. According to information found in the dream dictionary, breaking can be good or bad depending on what has been going on or what will be going on in your life, but there are two main dream interpretations for breaking, and one relies on past while the other relies on future.

If you have had a dream about breaking recently, one of the many possible dream meanings is that you have been dwelling in the past. You have been thinking about changes that have occurred in your past and have been heavily contemplating them. This does not mean that you are stuck living in your past, just that you have been putting emphasis lately. Whether or not this is a positive thing can be evidenced by how you have been handling your life so far. Do you believe that you have made progress in your life despite your inclinations to stay stuck in the past? If you believe you have still been progressing along in life just fine, then do not take breaking as a negative symbol, but if you haven’t been able to get past something that occurred then, the breaking may mean that it is time for change.

No matter what is breaking in your dream, a standard dream interpretation will be that it has to do with change. Because of how closely change is related to the future, it is only natural that you would have the future on your mind when something breaks in your dreams. Again, this could be positive or negative depending on the stare of life of the dreamer. If you have been in a bad position financially or romantically, then a break in your dream could mean that you will soon find something or someone that will pull you out of your slump. However, if you have been doing just great and have been very successful, a break in your dream may be a sign to watch out for what could be coming in the future.

A life change is not the only dream meaning of breaking occurring in your dreams, but it is the one that is the most discussed. On a related note, if you are in a room in your dream where everything around you seems to be breaking uncontrollably, then this is a sign that you are overwhelmed by stress and need to calm down. Taking a break from your dream about breaking to reflect over some life occurrences may be a great way to keep yourself sane and less stressed out.

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