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Even though you may wear all kinds of clothes, or own all kinds of things, when it comes right down to it, your body and all its attributes are the only home that you really have. That said, it is also perfectly normal to place an enormous amount of attachment on the physical building that you live in. This, in turn, creates a situation where dreams of a house often correlate to some aspect of your body or personal life.

General Dream Meaning: House

Dreams of houses are usually symbolic of some aspect of your personal life and inner landscape. Some common variants are as follows:

Old house - may indicate that you are living in the past, or that you need to get aligned with modern thinking and outlooks.

New house - Indicates a new beginning in your life.

Run Down - indicates that your thoughts and feelings are constantly circling in the same worn paths. This dream indicates you recognize a need for change.

Slaughterhouse - indicates that some aspect of yourself is being destroyed. It can also indicate you believe this is necessary in order to achieve some type of goal or long range plan.

Lighthouse - can indicate that you are seeking guidance, or that you are following it without necessarily thinking about what you are doing.

courthouse - may indicate that someone in your life is judging you, or that you feel you are being judged.

Glass House - may indicate that you are living in precarious circumstances in terms of your reputation. A dream featuring this type of house may also indicate that others around you are not being completely honest with you. Rather, they are just telling you what they think you want to hear, either to manipulate you or to avoid arguing with you.

birdhouse - may refer to a new beginning about to occur in your life. A birdhouse may also indicate a need to attend spiritual growth and development.

Greenhouse - usually indicates you life is going to undergo some significant changes. These will usually occur because you want them to, however you may find yourself very lonely once the transformation is complete.

Haunted house - As may be expected, haunted houses indicate you are avoiding coming to terms with issues, feelings, and people from the past. If you are able to confront them in the dream, then you may also want to see about doing so for real in the days and weeks ahead.

Funhouse - may indicate that you are not seeing things around you as they really are. If you are able to shake of your fear of something in the fun house, it may mean that you are, or soon will do the same with some aspect of your waking life.

Dollhouse - may indicate that you are living in a fantasy about the wellness of your family life. If you are playing with the dolls, it may indicate you are trying to figure out how to solve a problem.

bake house - usually symbolizes danger in your waking life.

Dog House - may indicate that someone is angry at you, or that you are in for some kind of distressing situation in which a judgment will go against you.

How Dream Symbol House may Fit in your Life

When you dream of a house, it is very important to take a full inventory of your life. While the type of house can give you some clues about where you need to look, you will always need to listen to your intuition as you interpret the dream. Among other things, if your love life seems to come up more than work, or some other aspect, then you should look to those areas for a deeper understanding of what you dreamt. Chances are, once you uncover a problem in this area, you may just be surprised at the kinds of solutions that were worked out by your dreaming mind. Needless to say, whether or not you decide to take advantage of those ideas will depend on whether or not you perceive an opportunity that is worthwhile taking advantage of.

A Sample Dream, House Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are just coming home from work, and realize that your house looks very run down. As you begin tallying up things that need to be repaired, you notice that the windows suddenly seem dimmer, and the paint is peeling even more. Before your eyes, the grass seems to be growing taller, and the roof develops a huge hole. Stunned, you watch as the entire house collapses and erupts into flames. Frightened, you try to get into the house to find your spouse and children. As you go from room to room, you realize they are not in the home. Finally, you reach the kitchen, where you see a note that they all went on vacation.

As you may be aware, the fact that the house is run down indicates that you are tired of the same old though processes and patterns in your life. The fact that the house is decaying right before your eyes indicates that the distress is accelerating and reaching a point where you cannot stand it much longer. Once the house erupts into flames, you can conclude that the ending of this particular situation will not be pleasant. Even though you may be looking for your family, the fact that they are on vacation indicates that this dream may not be about your family life. Rather, it may have to do purely with your own inner landscape issues. This may include stress related to how you deal with issues from your past, as well as how you treat others in your life.

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Smith 2015-07-01 22:47:09
few nights ago I had a dream about my childhood house.I was in my bedroom with two of my childhood friends.The dream was so real that it almost made me cry beacuse I havent seen both my house and my friends in a very long time.But then I remember they started to ask me all kinds of questions and then sometimes one of them would answer the question just before I would say anything.After I woke up I felt tottaly empty since I had a feeling that we are saying our final goodbye to each others.Since then I tried to find them on internet but no luck.
Patience 2014-08-14 12:03:33
last night i dream about poeple who were destroying my neighbours house.

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