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Many people have been known to experience the action of giving birth in dreams, or to witness someone else giving birth in their dreams. Because most cultures place a lot of emphasis on birth, we often take these moments as a serious sign of something important, and once someone has a dream like this, they’ll find themselves flipping through a dream dictionary the next morning trying to look for the meaning of dream that they had last night. The truth is, while a dream about giving birth may mark an important point in your life, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a baby.

A standard dream interpretation in this vein might tell you that you are having dreams about giving birth because you are a pregnant woman or a soon to be mother. You are probably having dreams because you are anxious and excited to see the baby. Either that or you are worried that you may become pregnant, and your anxiety is manifesting itself as a dream about giving birth to a baby. If this is a fear of yours, then this could be an example of a dream meaning that applies to you.

What other dream interpretations may tell you is that the dream meanings of giving birth generally have much more variety. You could be dreaming about giving birth because something new has happened in your life that is going to cause great change. Babies are seen culturally as representing major life changes and additions in responsibility. If something has happened to you recently that you believe has changed your life in a very important way, a dream in which you see yourself giving birth could be your subconscious notifying you that you have acknowledged the change. The meaning may even be something less tangible than that, such as perhaps a change in ideals or a change in perception that you have noticed within yourself. Maybe you’ve seen a new side of an argument or you’ve just gotten a new perspective on an important issue. This is one way of looking at a dream about giving birth.

Another interpretation of dreams about giving birth relies on whether the thing you are giving birth to is human or not. Sometimes people have dreams about giving birth to nonhuman creatures. If this describes your dream and you happen to be a pregnant woman, then this usually means that you are simply worried about the health of your future child. If you are having this dream, and you are not pregnant, then it usually just signifies that you are worried about a new change that may be coming about in your life. Perhaps you have just had a startling revelation that you also had a negative reaction to, or maybe something new happened that you think will have a negative effect on you in the long run. If any of this is true, it may result in a dream about giving birth to an animal, or a monster.
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Desirae 2017-10-26 04:25:40
I had a weird dream that my mother was giving birth to a shark

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mrs Bernice 2017-09-22 06:27:38
in my dream I have given birth with another man I don't known him, what is the meaning ?

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Cai 2017-05-01 18:25:35
I dreamt I was at a hospital giving birth to a baby. A Mongol was holding my left hand. Then he sat on the bed next to me. I lay down on him and the water breaks, baby comes out without any pain. The baby is born healthy. No crying. Just looks up at me with dark brown eyes, tufts of black hair.quiet like his father. :)

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Aniezelee M 2017-04-23 13:29:02
Had a dream that I woke up as if I just gave birth in my room wile asleep and when I look down and there's a small baby my boyfriend grabs it and we are both suprised so I go on my day with the baby and this one time he frys one tear of blood

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Charmaine 2017-04-11 22:24:54
I don't always google dreams. Last night I dreamt I had a baby. I was very casual about it,it just literally popped out. I didn't know if it was a girl or boy and wasn't perturbed so called it Sam,unisex name. Within hours the baby was behaving like a 1 year old. It weighed 4.3kgs. I didn't even know I fell pregnant because I'm past the baby stage. Any specific interpretation?

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Shaun 2017-03-17 10:06:56
I dreamt my girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl can someone tell me please what it means.?.

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Kiarra 2017-02-26 08:06:27
Dude... i had a fucking nightmare... it wasn't bad becouse i had one.. but becousr they wouldn't give her to me after.. i had a dream where i had a baby. My grandparents rushed me to the hospital and i was without a father.. william had left me.. it was his kid.. and then randomly waking up at home.. dateing someone else.. the clinic got me really high off pain killers and forced me to sign my baby over when i wouldn't remember.. and i ended up remembering and freaking out where was my baby? And i cried and said i was going to sue klawock clinic and i got ahold of Jessica someone in the clinic and i said i wanted my baby, and she said okay one second.. and then i woke up crying..

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N.oreilly 2017-02-11 06:11:27
I had a dream that I was in a shower and I labor I walked out of the shower and said I think I see the baby's head I called for help and no one came, while standing up I delivered the baby myself held the baby in my hands and the baby was crying and healthy, I stood there and then people came into the room and I woke up?????!!!!

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Keka 2017-02-20 00:16:41
we have the exact dreamed.it's just that it happened to me 3 years ago.

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Beckie 2017-02-04 07:54:39
This morning I had the weirdest dream. I've never had kids, am not married and am not planning for kids anytime soon. But last night I dreamt I was pregnant, went into a hospital to give birth. Take notice that the hospital is empty. I don't notice in the dreamt, though, I walk to the bathroom and that's where I end up giving birth.I hold this baby girl in my arms, looks just like a real new born baby, screaming and all. I then feel this presence of a man standing above me. Nothing that I can see, I know, but a spirit of some kind. He gives me the reassurance that everything will be okay. Then I hear my mothers voice echo in my mind something she's told me before she says, "Until the day you have your own kids, you will never know the true feeling of undying love." And I finally understood what she meant. I hold the baby as I am crying of happiness, yet I feel pain and all from giving birth. I thought I was going to pass out while giving birth.
The dream goes on about me taking self defense classes because I wanted nothing to hurt my baby. I was terrified of losing her.
She grew into a toddler and I remember wanting to put sun lotion on her white glistening skin because we were outside in the warm sun. She cried because I got it in her eyes.
Then I wake up.

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Sarah 2017-01-23 01:38:06
I am currently pregnant with a baby boy but last night i had a dreamt that I gave birth to a baby girl

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Jordan 2017-01-15 10:29:15
I would really like this dream to be interpreted as i cant quite work it out. I have dreamt i was pregnant/givingbirth before and thought nothing of it, but this dream has stayed with me, all I can remember was I was getting ready to give birth my boyfriend was there I think, and a load of people telling me im not ready to push, but i was telling them I am, and just gave birth pain free. I then have had a sense of joy since waking up and realised i do actually want a child, my whole teenage life i was set on not having any but something switched today,

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Victoria 2017-02-09 13:03:54
I think you already interpreted your dream clearly. Something changed deep in your heart. That's beautiful!

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Era 2017-01-14 18:40:31
I am an unmarried girl and recently I've got a job in a MNC. For the first time I am staying away from my family and at that it's almost 1200 km away. Yesterday I dreamt of giving birth to a baby boy and I saw its face clearly. There was no one to help me at first and then after giving birth I went to my mother to tell her about it. I was happy in that dream. What does it mean?? Somebody please answer.
P.s. I am an Indian girl from quite an orthodox family and yet in that dream my parents were happy about me having baby

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sonia 2016-12-06 09:53:52
I had a dream, that my parents have given birth to a new born. Can anybody tell what does this mean?

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Hae Soo 2016-12-02 20:53:22
I dreamt that i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with extraordinary powers. Men from a cult were tryibg to take her away so i kept her in a church. But she took me to a different dimension instead and we lived there... My dream could be a movie...

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Dianna 2017-01-04 13:22:33
Do you have a daughter? If so this is true. The government has been programming us since birth, public school they program them only what they want to teach them. The higher ups belong to a higher society. They social program everyone. Then they use mass media to reinforce it. But if you wake up, step out of their matrix, step into your higher power within, you begin to feel and see your power. The truth was shown to you my friend. Your inner self knows. This was your subconscious which knows all revealing the truth. You are awake!

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Olivia 2016-11-13 23:57:30
I had a dream that I was laying in bed and I felt something up inside me, so I put my hand down to feel around and I feel something round and pull on it, and it's a baby??? A happy healthy baby boy, with blue eyes. So I found some clothes somehow and take him and show him to everyone and everyone just goes about like normal like nothing ever happened and that it's not totally nuts that I had no children or thoughts of children ever then all of a sudden I have this cute ass kid???

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