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Many people have been known to experience the action of giving birth in dreams, or to witness someone else giving birth in their dreams. Because most cultures place a lot of emphasis on birth, we often take these moments as a serious sign of something important, and once someone has a dream like this, theyíll find themselves flipping through a dream dictionary the next morning trying to look for the meaning of dream that they had last night. The truth is, while a dream about giving birth may mark an important point in your life, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a baby.

A standard dream interpretation in this vein might tell you that you are having dreams about giving birth because you are a pregnant woman or a soon to be mother. You are probably having dreams because you are anxious and excited to see the baby. Either that or you are worried that you may become pregnant, and your anxiety is manifesting itself as a dream about giving birth to a baby. If this is a fear of yours, then this could be an example of a dream meaning that applies to you.

What other dream interpretations may tell you is that the dream meanings of giving birth generally have much more variety. You could be dreaming about giving birth because something new has happened in your life that is going to cause great change. Babies are seen culturally as representing major life changes and additions in responsibility. If something has happened to you recently that you believe has changed your life in a very important way, a dream in which you see yourself giving birth could be your subconscious notifying you that you have acknowledged the change. The meaning may even be something less tangible than that, such as perhaps a change in ideals or a change in perception that you have noticed within yourself. Maybe youíve seen a new side of an argument or youíve just gotten a new perspective on an important issue. This is one way of looking at a dream about giving birth.

Another interpretation of dreams about giving birth relies on whether the thing you are giving birth to is human or not. Sometimes people have dreams about giving birth to nonhuman creatures. If this describes your dream and you happen to be a pregnant woman, then this usually means that you are simply worried about the health of your future child. If you are having this dream, and you are not pregnant, then it usually just signifies that you are worried about a new change that may be coming about in your life. Perhaps you have just had a startling revelation that you also had a negative reaction to, or maybe something new happened that you think will have a negative effect on you in the long run. If any of this is true, it may result in a dream about giving birth to an animal, or a monster.
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shani 2015-01-15 06:07:26
what does my dream mean , I had a dream I was in the bath and helped myself give water birth to 4 children 2 girls 2 boys and I named them Gregory , alex , scarlet and sharne.... and after few seconds the boys were toddlers and I had 2 baby girls left im confused someone please tell me what this means ???

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adriana 2014-11-30 15:25:31
I had a dream that i was giving birth to red and black scorpions.In my dream they were harmless Can soneone tell me what that means

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Jamie 2014-10-21 01:32:54
I've been having this dream since I started my period(which was the age of 7) I dreampt of my mom getting cancer. She would died before I find out I'm pregnant. Than it would skip to where I'm rushing into the hospital it was long painful labor. I Finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now I remember every detail of those gorgeous child, dark curly brown hair, cyan colored eyes light skin. Now the father I couldn't see or hear but I knew what he was saying"so glad we stayed together. I'm so happy". (Now noting I haven't had this dream at all this year. I've had others that followed with, like a story. Starting in jan, than June and again in dec)

Idk if I should worry of being pregnant but my mother died on the 18th oct of this year.(of cancer, same type and line as my dream but I was off a month but the day was the same) And my boyfriend and I are having some difficulties. I think my dream was preparing me. Has this happen to anyone else before?

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seirra 2014-10-06 09:05:55
Hi I have just had a dream that I was pregnant but didnít know until I gave birth but when I did so I pulled the blankets up and pulled the baby out the side of my stomach. It was a beautiful baby girl that weighed 8.4pound. She had no father either. She was perfect I was trying to yell for my motherís help but she was slow on getting to me . When she did she pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the cord I then sat up holding my baby and she smiled at me. After that I was not sure I could look after a baby so I gave her to my mother while I went for a walk to clear my head . When I got back all my family were there so I took the baby to my room where she was crawling over my bed on the day I had given birth. So weird. This was the most real dream ever I abruptly woke up and ran to my motherís room to see if it was real. Iím actually quite freaked out about how life like this dream was. Iím not a child person and have no wishes to have kids but I remember feeling so happy that she was healthy and just perfect. Hopefully you can help please. What does this mean?

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shankay 2014-09-18 02:15:53
In my dream I was in a unfamiliar home with other people in the home just not close buy. I originally did not even know I was pregnant until I started going into labor. I went through the entire event alone and gave birth to a female child that had slanted eyes but with pink skin. As soon as I seen her I knew it was me. I am of Native American decent and was born Asian looking almost as were 2 of my other children. But because of family history I know we resemble my great grandfather. I looked at this child/me and felt such utter and complete love for her but also knew I was staring at myself. So confused.

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leah 2014-09-04 19:27:32
In my dream I was instAntlky pregnant and then began going into labor. IN my dream I was having a home birth so I'm assuming the man in the dream helpinf me to be my husband but he sat me on the floor and was conforting me. As I began pushing he got up and left the room to get something and I started pushing because I felt the baby coming. As I was pushing I felt something was wrong so I put fingers in and started to feel around and realized the baby's head was stuck so I stood up legs spreadand started to swing side to side slowly. I reached back in and was able to move his head forward. I squared back down and began to push again. Before I knew it I felt the head then the rest of the baby fall into my hands. It was pure joy seeing the baby in my hands. It was a boy. I'm not pregnant. It was all a very positive dream, and very detailed. Very painless. I wish I knew exactly what it meant.

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sohe 2014-08-01 14:25:38
The beginning of my dream as weird but I remember some of of friends wanted to go on vacation and ask me and my boyfriend to come.Then all of a sudden we were at this beach area a body of water and ocean like place. We were surfing and and everyone was having fun and then we discovered this cave. In side the cave was icy and cold, but beautiful. It was shiny and so on. I remember climbing to the top where it was so nice and warm and there was snow. the next part of my dream was when I was pregnant. I did not look pregnant but I was. My sister and mom helped assist me. my boyfriend was at work and was notified that I will be in labor soon. So he rushed home. When he got there I was like why are you here. You have work. He said that I was in labor so he took work off. I told him that I was not sure so why did he come and he said he wanted to be there for me and said he already took work off. I was at home and not a hospital because my mom wanted me to give birth at home. So I waited and waited and finally I gave birth to a baby. My sister took the baby and gave it to me to hold while she yelled out to my mom. the day was 12/12 wen she was born. I think it was a girl. After holding her I gave it to my boyfriend to hold onto and I woke up.

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san 2014-07-25 13:37:09
in my dream,i saw my aunt's baby ,actually she dont have any baby.she cant give birth to child. what does this dream really means

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virgo 2014-07-23 01:08:33
I had a dream that I gave birth but I didn't see the baby. I asked where is my baby and the father said"he took him" later on I walked in a room and turns out I gave birth to a crab. Somebody please help me with this dream ! What does it mean???

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ebby 2014-06-10 02:22:21
Ive been skimming through countless articles and this one seemed to help the most!! i dont have any children and im 27yrz old..this is the first time i have ever had a dream about giving birth!! But in my dream it wasnt a creature or whatever, it was a beautiful healthy baby boy..i went through labor and everything!! Maybe its time for me to start planning for a baby?!?

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odyssey 2014-06-01 03:28:29
Last night I dreamed I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and instantly became nine minths pregnant, the next day giving painless birth. But I have birth to seven rats... five rints and two the size of guinea pigs, all hairless with eyes closed. Nobody found it weird. I breast fed them and loved them, but one night I left for a party and left them in a cqrdboard box with a blanket and came home feeling sorry...

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I am 2014-04-05 10:53:16
Ohhh my god I had a dream about giving birth to a white pig with long blond hair,, and as soon as it was born running away, and this is so weird and disturbing , especially becouse I am a male, but yes I have had significant changes in my life lately, and I asume that what someone comented before about it could be true, ,, jesus, what a dream lol

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hayley 2013-05-24 11:10:53
Wow, this really helped! I have realised a lot this week about who I am and learnt a few major life lessons, I thank god!

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