Dream meaning Stranger

The exact meaning is evaluated on the basis of your reaction to the strangerís appearance in dreams. Appearance of strangers in your dreams may imply to some hid dent emotions that are unknown to you. It also means facts that you regret to accept or are neglected by you.

The reason for presence of strangers in dream is that you confront with many people in your daily routine that are known to you only by face and hence the images are stores in your subconscious mind that are reflected in dreams. Our mind uses these images to confront the hidden feeling about your surroundings and other people. Your interactions with these strangers also matter a lot in their interpretation.

Mostly observed stranger dreams and their meanings

Appearance of stranger is generally considered as the mirror to our feelings and emotions or some personality traits. To see stranger of opposite sex signify that you are having some suppressed emotions that are struggling to come out. To see an angry stranger who is shouting at you signify that you are frustrated over a chance that was yours but due to some condition you missed it deliberately. To see a stranger whom you know just by listing to his mention from your friend is suggestive of arrival of good news. To see a stranger who is counseling or giving advice on fields where you need it strongly represent arrival of solution for your nagging problem. To see a stranger wearing soiled clothing represent that some close person will put up obstacles in your goals. To dream of a stranger killing you suggest that you will be backstabbed by a known person. To dream of stranger with vague features and dark clothing indicate deterioration in health. Soft and glowing stranger women in your dreams imply to be a symbol of healing.

Where to set this stranger dream in life

Mostly dreams of stranger are representations of your unknown fears and emotions hence after getting such vivid dreams you should concentrate on eradication these unnecessary fears. Strangers have impact on prominent areas of your life such as marriage, career, financial stage, career and education. Determine the lacking in these areas to find the solution for your problems. Also track the hidden emotions and surface them in your mind to get an insight on your right path. As many stranger dreams imply on health issues, you can concentrate on building health by maintaining diet routines.

One of the common stranger dreams and its related explanation

Consider a dream where you are walking by an empty road at night and searching for someone you donít know. You are just moving ahead on the road and thinking of a known person. While walking you suddenly come across a man wearing clean cloths with sharp features. He starts communicating with you and even though you have never met him before he is aware of every single detail about you. You are slightly frightened and not able to recognize this person who is talking in friendly manner. Such situations in dreams are just representations of your unconscious mind and hidden emotions. Fear of the stranger may reflect anxiety or worries. This dream particularly indicates your fears that you are trying to suppress. The meaning of the fact that the stranger knows everything about you is indicative of fears of unexpected happenings. You actually need to relax and communicate with your inner mind to get to the root of these fears.
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chingu 2015-05-30 04:32:42
Oftentimes I had this nightmare where i was being chased by people or zombies. When I couldnt find a way to escape or think like Im about to get caught or die, I tried to wake myself up but im unconcious that it's just a dream (it just happens when Im very scared that i try to wake myself up). So I did, i opened my eyes and palpitated. I told myself not to fall back to sleep but unknowingly I slept and the nightmare continued as if my waking up was just a tv ad. I could still manage to wake from it but my eyes closed and was unable to control it. When I was awake i tried to sit down so I wont sleep back anymore but I was feeling so weak and tired so I slept

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Cheryl 2015-05-24 15:06:18
I had a dream about a tall, eriee looking stranger. He was standing alone on a sidewalk next to a stop sign. He was looking across the street, away from me when I drove up to stop. It was late in the evening/dark outside, and I was just leaving a gathering with friends, a friend. This stranger seemed not to notice me for a short period of time. I saw him in the lights of the street, which were in color. He was in black and white, and upon a closer, quick insoection, his clothes seemed old and tattered/rumpled. Then, he noticed me and immediately I knew he was looking for a soul. I felt I was in the path or eye of death. I took off in my car through the stop sign and circled around him to go back to te place I had come from. His eyes followed me and his head turned and stared at me, but he did not move from his spot. I felt he was waiting for someone to die/take, but I wasn't "it" that night...at least not yet. (Indeed, earlier that day, a friend and I had been driving home from a fun holiday at the beach when we came across a car which had run a stop sign and crashed into another stop sign across the street...and also crashed into the bank of dirt further on. There were injuries and possibly fatalities, The police, fire dept., and EMTs had just arrived when we drove up. I told My friend that God was watching over us because, had we arrived at this spot in the road a littler earlier, as we had planned (planned to leave a little earlier, but friend and I had to walk around lake to a restroom before leaving/he suggested we drive around the lake, but I said no, we needed to walk...good for us to exercise)...well, a second car might have been involved in this horrible crash as this car blasted through a stop sign at a four way stop. I had this dream later that night.)

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Joann 2015-05-24 15:00:18
My dream had a handsome man somewhat my ideal man give me his number due to him seeing that my husband was a P.O.S When I awoke I almost remembered the number.

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Raine 2015-04-21 08:00:38
I had this dream...outside our house with my father. We were sitting inside a car when this girl aroung my age, late teens, appeared and called me Iris, which is not my name. She seemed eager and kept calling me, saying I am very late and that they were waiting for me. I kept telling her I am not Iris but sheseemed to not hear me. I have a feeling that this girl is getting me to join a sort of religious meeting. Can someone tell me what does this mean?

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anonymous 2015-04-16 00:00:30
I have a dream of meeting an unconscious beautiful girl wearing cosplayer's clothes in the upstairs of my room when i was in elementary i carry that girl and called her honeypie

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someone 2015-04-08 12:35:05
I had a dream that a was in the mall or some things and I was there with this girl. The girl and I went to the dress store and we where the only ones in the mall. And it was dark. Bit this other girl came and tryed to take the girl I was with dress. Then I got the dress back and when she got it on it was the little girl fro into the woods. We started singing and dancing but then I saw "Chris Brenner" who wasn't really him, but I took a video. And when I looked at the video it showed a little girl on the floor with blood all around her and have a seizeir type thing. Then I started crying and put my face in my hands. When I looked up I was in a reacuring nightmare I had for a long time.....please if anyone knows what this means can u help?

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anonymous 2015-04-04 09:35:01
at the start , i was enjoying the the day .
it was a party.
i have seen my friends
suddenly outside the home two strangers with a group of camels arrived.
all my friends and sisters went for a ride on the camel, but i was unable to sit the camel as I was afraid of heights and animals.
after sometime I dared to sit on the camel but I was wearing a saree.
so i could not sit on the camel comfortably.
then i went to change my dress.
By the time i went out they had gone away.
next day they had come at the same time. one of stranger helped me to sit on the camel.
the only features of him i could remember is that he had a curly hair , large eyes and with beard.
he sat at the back and i don't know why he had hold my hands very hardly and guided me how to ride on it.
as it was my usual behavior to say that all the credit of riding should be of mine, i told him to say my relatives that i alone guided the camel.
he left hands and suddenly we lost the grip on the camel.
however, the the stranger managed to take control of it.
we went to an unknown place and he left me saying that the ride was good with my company.

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Alex 2015-03-26 19:35:52
When I was litte in the grades of lets just say elementary, I would have multple dreams of the whole going down to the field because there was a fir drill. I would be taken by an adult(woman) who would pull me aside to a bench far away on the opposite side of the school. We would sit there for about an hour I'm guessing, and all of a sudden I look to my right where I see a man in the distance. I could never recognize him. I have had this same dream for a long time, but now as I grew I dont have them anymore

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Mel 2015-03-03 00:20:02
In My dream, i dreamt that there was a stranger (guy) in my kitchen he was really good looking i was really attracted to him. but the thing was he lookes like a dilinquent and he was having a hard time.. and when he saw me, it looked like he wanted to hurt me but he did the opposite he kissed me.

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eva1899 2015-02-21 20:27:56
I dreamt that I was having sex with my boyfriend in a stranger's house. There was a kid watching us while we ignored him, when the kid went to tell his mom about us being there and what we were doing. My boyfriend and I stood up and got dressed, we went to his mom and told her that we're their neighbors and your kid was watching us. The mom believed us and told her kid not to do so..

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Dale 2015-02-15 00:07:56
In my dream I was hugging a guys slightly older than me by three years. He was wearing dark clothing and he looked kind of like a model. I don't know what it means..

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komal 2015-02-02 02:18:49
In my dream i saw that wid the person whom i love he took me wid him nd i m inside car nd he went his home for collecting his file nd wen he come out from his home one lady also come out wid him. Whats da meaning of dis dream???

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Jazmin 2015-01-22 03:38:04
I had a dream of me and my friends about 3 total , a stranger comes and tries to chase me and Im at I park so I climb up when he's down and climb down when he's up so he Keeps chasing me and my friends died and once try running I wake up .

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sabrina 2015-01-11 13:30:37
I had a dream where i was with this guy(unknown) and he was blonde muscly and had abs and basically we were kissing on my bed i was touching his abs abs and he was kissing my neck and just before it led to sex i said to him im still a virgin i cant do this this im sorry but i do love u but its against my religion we have to marry first and then then for sone some reason i sneaked him out becuase my family were down stairs and then he held my hand and he kissed me good bye

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SARAH 2015-01-09 08:37:28
Am always having a dream when someone tells me i want to talk to you, but we don't finally talk what does this mean?

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