Dream meaning Stranger

The exact meaning is evaluated on the basis of your reaction to the strangerís appearance in dreams. Appearance of strangers in your dreams may imply to some hid dent emotions that are unknown to you. It also means facts that you regret to accept or are neglected by you.

The reason for presence of strangers in dream is that you confront with many people in your daily routine that are known to you only by face and hence the images are stores in your subconscious mind that are reflected in dreams. Our mind uses these images to confront the hidden feeling about your surroundings and other people. Your interactions with these strangers also matter a lot in their interpretation.

Mostly observed stranger dreams and their meanings

Appearance of stranger is generally considered as the mirror to our feelings and emotions or some personality traits. To see stranger of opposite sex signify that you are having some suppressed emotions that are struggling to come out. To see an angry stranger who is shouting at you signify that you are frustrated over a chance that was yours but due to some condition you missed it deliberately. To see a stranger whom you know just by listing to his mention from your friend is suggestive of arrival of good news. To see a stranger who is counseling or giving advice on fields where you need it strongly represent arrival of solution for your nagging problem. To see a stranger wearing soiled clothing represent that some close person will put up obstacles in your goals. To dream of a stranger killing you suggest that you will be backstabbed by a known person. To dream of stranger with vague features and dark clothing indicate deterioration in health. Soft and glowing stranger women in your dreams imply to be a symbol of healing.

Where to set this stranger dream in life

Mostly dreams of stranger are representations of your unknown fears and emotions hence after getting such vivid dreams you should concentrate on eradication these unnecessary fears. Strangers have impact on prominent areas of your life such as marriage, career, financial stage, career and education. Determine the lacking in these areas to find the solution for your problems. Also track the hidden emotions and surface them in your mind to get an insight on your right path. As many stranger dreams imply on health issues, you can concentrate on building health by maintaining diet routines.

One of the common stranger dreams and its related explanation

Consider a dream where you are walking by an empty road at night and searching for someone you donít know. You are just moving ahead on the road and thinking of a known person. While walking you suddenly come across a man wearing clean cloths with sharp features. He starts communicating with you and even though you have never met him before he is aware of every single detail about you. You are slightly frightened and not able to recognize this person who is talking in friendly manner. Such situations in dreams are just representations of your unconscious mind and hidden emotions. Fear of the stranger may reflect anxiety or worries. This dream particularly indicates your fears that you are trying to suppress. The meaning of the fact that the stranger knows everything about you is indicative of fears of unexpected happenings. You actually need to relax and communicate with your inner mind to get to the root of these fears.
The text If you are scared of him then it may suggests feelings that are suppresses by you fearing of its consequences. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
Mary 2014-10-06 20:41:16
I hadas a dream I was walking at night and a stranger with dirty ragged clothes wouldn't let me go where I wanted to go and tried to hurt me.

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shabby 2014-09-22 17:39:08
i had a dream with two strangers at first i was just walking around out side and the first stranger who seemed dangerous and mischievous had taking a particular interest in me, somehow i knew he wanted to talk to me. However i knew very well that this was a hostile situation, so i walked back and forth on a hill to loose him but he followed me back and forth. then some how i had managed to get home. apparently i live alone so i was sitting at a desk when suddenly i have the feeling...more like i know that the first stranger had somehow got in my house and was standing, looking for me i guess...then understanding this i decided to go to the second stranger in my dream, however he didnt have a face.(not that i can remember)and he was kinda bothered by my presence. Because i had invited myself and and expected/pleaded him to protect me, then the emotions came in and all of a sudden i was worried about where i was gonna sleep and i said i didnt mind the floor but he told me to sleep on the bed it was kind of like a demand, however i was flustered cuz this is what i had wanted. but only to sleep beside him not have s*x or anything.

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Anna 2014-09-08 04:39:01
i was deeply loved by him in my dream without any known figure still i do know who is he so handsome that no one can move their eyes once someone saw him... he was a little bit upset as someone approach me , but still he was their with me until the end. then i went to his book shop suddenly it revels that he is leaving the city and i want him to be with me as i am pregnant with his child with 4 months, trying to convene him not to leave as i am sad about what the doctor said that this child will surely not gonna survive, he is sad but.. some other day i visit him as he is about to leave the city... i was hiding our boy in my coat.... he brought us with him and i left with him..we were happy travling with each other,, and he is saying that the day we become two to one he just want to be the only one to see me in everytime, he wanna hide me from others that much how he loves me.. but in the whole i suddenly found a girl screaming in night and someone is adding the cowling worms over and over and she is tied tightly, next morning she died..and i found that its 3 years since he had gone in accident but suddenly he appear in front of me a secret feeling of deeply being in love is just coming out whenever i saw him in the dream. and all the feeling covering me up to be his.

please if someone do have any answer that whats the meaning of this dream please tell me since i wake up this feeling is just making me sad very sad i am still single but i love someone its just the same feeling but he is not the stranger is not the one i love but he looks like familiar

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John Michael 2014-09-05 10:22:30
I have a dream, I was like a personal assistant with one old woman and old man.The old woman we went to a boat with a dog then suddenly we almost fell down because i moved a bit and she got mad.then later one old man he show me all his stuff in one boutique shop that he sell it but he was showing how should i dress, what kind of clothes i should wear and then i found his wallet collection and he personally picked up for me those wallet that i am interested and he explained each of it and asked me, which one of those that i want to have it. suddenly he disappeared since he needs to go on his turn at the event, a guy who approached us.Then when i am checking the wallet, one guy; very handsome and tall, and he asked me "When you will learn to tell your feelings" i said "I am scared to you". Then i woke up.

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carmela 2014-08-11 15:45:50
In my dreams I always see a lads whom I don't really know... it sounds weird but those guy said to me they are my FRIENDS and they only appear in my dreams cause they are ghosts I have a negative energy and they doesn't appear in reality....
do you really believe?

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Jd 2014-07-26 09:59:40
I just had a dream of a car driving down a old rocky dirt road and behind me houses where buring and i went to a play and i met a stranger and told him about it and he said the world is ending ?? Anybody help me please

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Vic 2014-07-24 05:06:30
I keep having dreams where a guy ( around my age) shows up. He has black hair. When ever I am scared he shows up and calms me down. But once in a dream there were 2 of him. I was near one and the one I was near attacked the other. He told me it's ok you'll be safe. But the other one said he's lying don't listen. What does this mean? Why does he show up in almost every dream?

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A girl 2014-07-07 14:55:18
I had a dream I was walking with an old friend out of doors like at a school, there was a crowd of people and I made eye contact with one guy and as he walked past me he ran his hand across my chest and grinned at me. Me and my friend kept walking and she briefly told me who the guy was, we went out the doors to a covered sidewalk. It was about to storm and there were thousands of brown moths or butterflies dead everywhere falling from the skies and hanging from the sidewalk covering. We kept walking through them in a panic and reached a group of friends at a near by table. Then I woke up.

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pf 2014-07-01 05:05:49
I had a very weird dream. I went to the doctors and this beautiful cute mi-late age lady called me then my sister inlaw and I went to the room and then she had a fit and died and I was screaming for help. Can someone please tell me what that means

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Sofiya 2014-06-29 05:16:03
I had a dream where I was with a famous person and we were friends. We were also with this other boy, and I had no idea who he was. We wanted to go on the roller coaster, and there were a stack of tickets laying on this stand. The celebrity famous person took a ticket and thr other boy took the ticket, and so did I. Finally, an old-ish man (stranger) came in a black tux and told us to all to go buy tickets, but I didn't have any money. I put my ticket back on the stack, but the other two boys didn't and pretended like they bought the tickets. The man let them go on the roller coaster. I was begging the man to let me go, but he wouldn't, & then a young in man came (stranger), & asked the old guy if I could go on. The old guy said "okay", & suddenly there was this countdown going from 10, 9, etc.... and these huge white doors were slowly closing. I tried to run, but I fell, & I tried to get back up but I feel weak. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

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trish 2014-05-23 12:56:58
I had a dream it was about a music all play tipe thing for the teachers and I was off standing of stage for I don't now y but I was then during the play a guy that I could not see cause it was dark and he started saying stuff tthaat I can't remember then he started making kissing noises and kissed my nose then look at my lips and I put my head a little higher so he could kiss my lipes then I put my hand on his head and he had soft hair kinda of short then he left and the lights came on And all the guys were smiling but I could not tell witch on kissed me because they all hade the same hair

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sceptical of you 2013-11-16 00:50:20
So i know that no one provably ever replies to these things but i would like some help. I am currently 16 years old. I went to primary school at belgian gardens in townsville and i never liked it. In fact i hated that school and used to, quite frequently, have nightmares or weird dreams about it. One in particular re-occurred three times. I woyld ve running through the back area of the school. through a building and into the basketball court which sat against castle hill. i would never know what i was running from but it scared me. there was no one else at the school. but once i reached the court i looked at the hillside. There was a strange man standing there. I dont know how i know its a man but it feels masculine. the thing is he had a body of deep brown and a large black box/square head. i never saw a face and the lower half of his body is always covered by the long grass. He never moved. Until the second or third dream when he started teleporting to various places on the hill. never moving closer than a metre to the basketball fence or futher than 15 metres away from it.
He then started to appear in almost any dream i had of castle hill. once when my friends father was in a tin hideout i think i saw him out the corner of, my eye.
Then again i was running but this time to the back oval. he was standing on the hill as i looked over. there were four wolves there with him. the wolves seemed welcoming and like they wanted to protect me. but i didnt want to go near the strange man.
I have not seen him at all in recent years. but he still puzzles me when i think about it. should i have been scared of him?
If anyone could help that would be great.

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Matt 2013-11-15 12:27:43
In my dream my girlfriend who I've never seen in real life(no idea who she is but we got close over the course of my dream) shes walking down the steps into the den as shes coming down i also see another her(identical person) walk past me and when she comes down there's 4 Of her (which was kind of creepy but got over quite quickly)so we're hugging and my eyes happen to scan the room and i see a woman I've never seen before(not even in this dream) shes kinda pale redhead and thin kinda cute just a normal chick but she seems oddly out of place like what the hell is she doing there and i just feel fear..this wasn't a nightmare or anything just a regular dream i just see that woman standing there and i felt so afraid that i had to force myself to wake up...could someone please interpret this?

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Gianna 2013-10-20 13:35:42
Today I had a dream that I went to a party with my two friends in my apartment complex. We did it for some odd reason that I forget. We went in and I saw my friends at first. Then they just disappeared in the crowd. I remember seeing a group that was very pale and I screamed and ran away from them for some reason and I went near some guys my age and I pushed them aside to let me through and I passed through and this girl stops me and just start talking to me about her guy problems and than I gave her advice which is weird cause I don't have a bf. and than I was walking out the door and someone was warning me not to leave, but I ignored it. And I walk out and this old man with glasses, a beard, and a ponytail in scraps was right behind me. I didn't think much of it. He starts mumbling something about how he doesn't get along with the people at the party, and it's too bad we don't get along, when I've never even said two words to the guy; and then I thought he was following me so I changed direction purposely, and he followed me AGAIN. So then I said "EXCUSE ME"
And walked past him and he changed direction again. Then I said,
"Stop following me!"
He didn't respond.
I intended to say, "stop following me! I'll call the cops on you!"

But I couldn't get the rest of the words out. I kept pushing but I wouldn't.
He JUMPED from the top porch to the bottom and took the path I would've like he KNEW where I lived. So I just sat their in the bottom of the apartment building, but it looked more like a cheap lobby now because my dream made it all whacked out, contemplating whether to knock on someone's door and asked for help or hunt down my mom. Because suddenly I couldn't remember where she was. Before I could think it through I was pounding on a door and then I just woke up and my heart was racing and I remembered that my dad said their's like a stalker around here that follows around single moms with children and that he has a BEARD.

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Rose 2013-09-05 13:29:21
I just now awoke from a dream where this guy,I think he said his was Embassious. He was tall and lanky and had pale skin or white skin. also had black hair,couldnt see the eyes. He wore a black collar around his neck. He wore blue jeans with a black leather coat,The whole time i had that dream it felt he was famous,he had posters of him and someone else,randomly gave money out[size=2][/size]. The whole time i was dreaming he acted childish. Then like acted like he was drunk. WE were on some type of boat then it turned into some school building,Embassious was still there,wearing blue coat over his leather jacket. So was my friend. WE ran into the gym of the place,it felt like we had to do that because the campus police were chasing us. Then a commotion was heard outside the doors,it looked it was evening at the time. WE realized that Embassious was not with us. He was outside,with the police. He was holding a bottle and now was drunk. THe police kept asking him questions. Me and my friend hid behind the door afraid to confront the police. BUt one question stood out to me, "Who brought you here? Why did they bring you?" IT looked like Embassious was looking around then he said that I left him. He said my name which i dont remember giving him....The i woke up.

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