Dream meaning Aliens

Dream meaning Aliens


Dreams about aliens are quite confusing as you might feel is this was real abduction or just a nightmare. Dreams of aliens are not true just impressions of your mind but hold strong symbolic meanings and influence on your life.
Aliens are suggestive of prominent changes in emotional self or environment. Of beings an alien signify contrast emotions that simply observing them in your dreams. The types, color and actions performed by an alien hold great importance in its interpretation. The surroundings observed in alien dreams also matter in analysis. Aliens imply both negative and positive meaning depending on the surroundings and your feelings while dreaming it. Below are some usual dreams about interactions with aliens which you can use to derive a personal meaning of your alien dreams.

Analysis on common registered dreams about aliens

Dreams of aliens suggest towards revolutionary changes that may occur in dreamer's life. To dream that you have turned in alien itself signify that you have some unknown properties or feelings that are not surfaced on your mind earlier. These dreams also indicate towards your conduct to escape from a situation or reality. To dream of a genderless alien indicate that you need to concentrate on some kind of progress in your life that is crucial at this time. To dream of flashes of strange colored lights around the presence of alien signify a positive meaning in the form of an achievement. To see a dream where you have turned into baby alien with indiscriminate body then it suggests your bewilderment about crucial happenings in life. To see a mystic alien signify that you are incapable to comprehend something or some situation. To dream of being kidnapped by aliens indicate that you have a deep rooted fear and anxieties about a peculiar thing. It also indicates that you are having fears about the changes in your surroundings, this may imply to new job, change of place or studies abroad. There are some common parts of alien's dreams that carry negative implications such as observing flying object, being abducted against your will, communications with aliens or worst is producing an alien yourself. To escape these surrounding in your dreams implies to a positive change in circumstances.

Message from alien dreams

Alien dreams generally suggest strange environments or strange feelings that are surfacing in your mind. These do not necessarily be linked to actual alien presence but they are figures created by your own mind. After getting aliens dreams get the message that you are uncomfortable with the circumstances unknown to you. You need to believe in time and should relax your mind to cope with the strange surroundings. These dreams also bring changes in your life, hence be ready to face anything that comes up in future. Do not waste your time taking these dreams as a real experience even though you feel it is really happening. Just relax and indulge yourself in some activities.

Example and analysis of alien dreams

Consider a dream where you are asleep in your bedroom and in midnight your sleep gets disturbed by some loud noise like from electronics or bad mike. You notice a beam of strong light coming inside your room and a strange figure enters inside. You are frightened but the alien just simply sleeps beside you in the bed causing no harm to you. You observe his face throughout the night and in morning he disappears from the room. This dream can be a combination of emotions and day to day life. The noise describes temporary difficulties ahead but as overall dream is normal you can expect piece ahead in life.

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theDream 2024-01-09 08:46:49
When you dream of encountering an alien figure, it often taps into the core of your feelings towards the unknown or unfamiliar aspects of life. If the alien in your dream seems to please you, it can suggest an openness to new experiences and a comfort in changing environments, predicting robust health and enjoyable circumstances in your waking life.

On the other hand, if the alien appears to displease you, it may embody a fear of change or the reluctance to embrace new opportunities, warning you might face disappointments in the near future.

If you dream that you, yourself, are the alien, this can reflect a deep sense of uniqueness or feeling different from those around you. This symbol, however, also implies lasting friendships—hinting that despite your distinctiveness, you will find people who accept and cherish you for who you are.

Example of a Dream with an Alien:
You find yourself wandering a neon-soaked marketplace on a distant planet. Amongst the crowd of curious extraterrestrial beings, an alien creature with a friendly demeanor approaches and offers you a gift—a glowing orb. You feel a sense of ease and acceptance amongst these strange new companions.

Possible Interpretation:
This dream might indicate that you're entering a phase of your life where you'll be encountering new environments or cultures that, while initially unusual or daunting, will ultimately be enriching. The friendly alien symbolizes novelty bringing joy and harmony into your life. The gift reflects that these novel experiences will have lasting positive impacts, much like meaningful friendships that stand the test of time despite differences.
Sophia 2022-02-10 14:28:49
I dreamed I had an alien tattoo on my right hand
Nali 2017-09-13 02:06:45
I dreamed about alien kiss me on my cheek..can you tell me it means.
Granny 2017-07-28 23:25:43
Everyone's had the dream of the aliens on flying skateboards, chasing them to harvest their kidneys right? Anyone?...just me? Oh well, so far it seems I'm able to get away by screaming and my daughter comes in to wake me and says "wake up mom, you're having your alien dream again".
Renim 2017-06-21 01:09:28
First Time . It Was my Worst Dreams About Dark aliens who are only in form of shadows and they chase you everywhere . More like when you are alone . I remember they try to be out in the physical world in form of Small tiny Sparkles and suddenly grow in size . It's really hard for me to express the exact but I feel it very threatening. Im alone in my home and for the information this cannot be said that I was mentally thinking about Some weird structure before sleep . I remember properly I had slept very early last night . Maybe it was some spirit who dragged me quickly to sleep to experience and see that . Someone please Help me understanding this . Thank You .
Alissa B 2017-05-02 04:48:29
So I just woke up from a creepy ass dream. My friend and I were walking around downtown, it's not like our downtown though, slightly different. We see this odd shaped figure and I say "I think that's an alien." She says that it is, and also says that the thing was down there last night too. It's about 2 blocks behind us, but in our heads we know that it's a threat to us. She and I walk around to the other side of the block and we some how think that by doing this it will not see/harm us. Although we can see to the other side of the street because the blocks aren't very big and on the blocks were surrounded by parking garages. We can see thru the holes in the parking garage, so we keep an eye on this thing. Mind you this thing looks really weird, (we actually saw two differnt aliens but the other one was walking the other way down the block, opposite from us. The one going the opposide direction from us seemed to look tall, greyish, skinny, not human-like, on the top of its head it had this thick antenna that came out the top of its head that hung down to the middle of its forhead and had a ball looking shape on the end of the antenna. It seems to walk with a slump. We seemed to not feel as afraid of this one, but we're still pretty freaked out. Although, the one that seemed to be following us, from a distance it looks grey, has a flat head that looks almost paper skinny (from the side it looks paper skinny, from the front it just looks flat, as if it was smashed) it's head looks like an oval-ish shape, it looks shorter than the other alien that was described before, and it seems to be moving fast. She begins telling me again that she and her boyfriend have seen this thing before and he always helps her to run away from it. the thing seems to be getting really close to us and we're panicking. Mind you, I have a gun on me. This time as I look back I notice that the thing is riding a bike and is full speed chasing us. Its only about a block away. I then notice a flight of stairs that like, lead to a lower floor, the steps kinda just drop off from the ground, it's an open concept though, walking down the stairs we are still outside, so we're not going underground, just down farther on the pavement, the stairs are concrete, the steps seem to come out of no where, (of course, this is a dream so anything can happen lmao.) We begin running down the stairs as fast as we can go. She tells herself "he's on a bike. he's on a bike" as if to motivate herself to go faster. Once we reach the bottom of the stairs the scene changes and we're at the elementary school we went to as kids, on the outside of the school though. The layout is different than usual. We come up from behind the playground.The playground in my dream is slightly moved over, in my dream where normally the grass field is, that's where the playground was. We walk around the playground but as we're doing so I take her phone and dial 911, we're panicking and I'm not sure what to do so I thought that calling the police would help. We stop in a spot as we're trying to call the police. The alien then happens to catch up to us, as it's closer to us it begins to looks more human like. It does not speak English though, more like gibberish or broken English. It seems to be asking us questions or something. Its standing right in front of us and as I'm trying to reach the police, I get a busy tone.. beep beep beep beep.. it's right in front of her and I pull out my gun, it's smaller than a regular looking gun, I'm shaking very bad and can't seem to get my grip on the trigger. Once I finally do I have to pull the trigger really hard. Out comes water, not bullets, the water squirts the alien in the face and on its chest. This seems to shock the alien and it begins now riding away on its bike away from us.
Then I woke up.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:40:02
Your dream includes a mix of suspenseful, bizarre, and somewhat humorous elements, which can often occur in dreams as our subconscious minds work through our emotions, experiences, and anxieties. Here is a possible interpretation of the various elements of your dream:

1. The Unfamiliar Downtown: Dreams about being in familiar places that are slightly altered can symbolize the unknown or unexpected changes in your life. Walking downtown, which is the center of many activities, may represent navigating through the central issues or aspects of your life.

2. Alien Figures: Aliens often symbolize something foreign or unknown in our lives — feelings, people, or changes that we do not understand or that make us feel uncomfortable. The presence of two different aliens might represent two different aspects of an unknown situation or two separate issues that you're dealing with.

3. Being Chased: This is a common dream theme and often reflects feelings of anxiety, stress, or avoidance in waking life. You may feel like something is catching up to you or that you can't escape a pressing issue.

4. The Gun Turning into a Water Pistol: This could symbolize feelings of inadequacy or a lack of control and power in a situation. You may feel unprepared to deal with a challenge or that your attempts to assert control are ineffective.

5. The Call to 911: Attempting to call for help and getting a busy signal may reflect a feeling of being overwhelmed or unsupported. It may indicate that you believe you are alone in dealing with your problems or that the usual channels for assistance are not available to you.

6. Elementary School Setting: Returning to a place from childhood could symbolize a desire for the safety and simplicity of earlier times, or it may mean that there are lessons from your past that are relevant to your current situation.

7. Alien Becoming More Human-Like: This transformation might represent the process of understanding and assimilating something that originally seemed alien or incomprehensible to you. It could also suggest that a perceived threat or an unknown element in your life is becoming more familiar and less intimidating.

The dream seems to represent a mix of fear, flight, confrontation, and an eventual realization that the threat is less dangerous than it seemed. Based on this, it's possible that in your waking life, you're facing a situation that is causing you stress or fear, yet you might be starting to recognize that you have the means to confront it, even if the solutions you initially think of aren't the most effective. The surprising outcome with a water pistol might suggest finding alternative, less confrontational ways to address your fears or issues.
Reveca 2017-04-20 10:43:42
I dreamed of alien wanting to ate me, can anyone help to interpret my dream.
Halo 2017-02-23 20:39:03
My dream was very odd. I was dreaming, a typical dream with nothing interesting in particular about it. But when I woke up, I woke up in another dream. This time I was in my bed as if I had waken up from the previous dream and everything was EXACTLY where it actually really was in my dream. I looked to my left (I slept on the right side of my queen size bed) and I saw a Sangheili (which is an alien from the Halo series), an obvious female, she was turned to me watching me and when I saw her she grinned at me. And that's when I woke up for real. What in the heck could this mean?!
Heather 2017-02-03 09:32:17
I dreamt last night.Or at least I think I was dreaming.The aliens were women one was asian .they were super tall.I was in a room with a floor that was beautiful rocks,the walls were chocolate brown,The other alien was even taller than the other and I could not see its face.The one fixed me food that was delicious.Then I was naked and took a bath in thus amazing robotic bathtub the water was warm and the cleanest water I had ever seen.After the asian alien dried me off the towel was a burnt orange color and ragged on the edges.I was not scared .The whole time I felt so peaceful.She talked to me so softly.The bathtub went into the floor and she put abed over it.I smoked a ciggerette but it was as long as a pencil.There were vases with beautiful flowers .and dresser drawers that came out of the wall that were made of mahogany. I do not remember getting dressed but remember putting a bra on the was shiny and stuck to me but then it became tangled and was to big .I woke up feeling refreshed but had a sharp pain in my right buttocks like I had been stung.what does this all mean
Elvis 2017-05-24 19:26:00
I been having dreams of Asian woman since very young the last one was with the Asian woman and one blonde one I could not see the face, but it was very high ranking. I know I was on a spaceship and we speak through thoughts and spoken words. There was sealed book and i was given the numbers 1290 carved into the cover of the book with the finger of the blonde woman. In the bible it speaks of 1290 days.
Molly 2017-01-12 03:32:25
Was in bed asleep but woke up because I had to go to the bathroom, couldnt get up in time & accidentally went in the bed. I tried to get up out of bed to clean the mess the. realized I couldnt move, so then I called out to my boyfriend to please come help me. Someone comes into the room that looks like him but is not him. Whoever it was just stared at me like it was confused & couldnt figure out what was going on with me. I then heard my boyfriends son crying outside of the bedroom & I got scared because I knew he needed help but there was nothing I could do. Then I hear a voice in my head say "Turn it up again, she can hear us.." & I heard what sounded like an electrical machine turning on that built up louder & louder. Then someone said "Now scan her brain & try to remove the thoughts.." Thats when a line of light slowly went down my body & when it was over my eyes it looked like I was seeing into multiple dimensions all at once (can't really explain it).. Then I felt like I was drugged & started laughing. The feeling of not being able to move dissolved from my body. I finally did really wake up & I was relieved to discover that no, I did not actually use the bed as a toilet. At least not in this dimension!
Poonam 2017-01-09 17:47:32
I was just sitting in my house... With some different house members I don't know.. It was noon time and I was sitting by the window of the house that was rarely opened before.
I don't know why I was sitting there but I was happy and blabbering.. after which I saw a UFO ... Round shaped.. metallic brown... Flown nearby... And I was like as always.. excited and screaming...
"Hey.... Look... A UFO... "
One of my friend gave me a very full look saying
"Fine.. good... Nothing new"
Still I was really excited of looking at it. Though it went out of my sight.
After that my same friend came and told me...
"Please close that window. I'm not used to it... And the room looks better when it's closed"
With a heavy heart I closed the window...
Since it was past noon... Everyone had their lunch... I was the only one left.
I went to the kitchen grabbed a plate and put some rice onto it...
But somehow all of the rice fell onto the floor... I was picking up the rice from the floor and putting it into my plate.
After that I had to go to the living room for which I had to go through that open space of the house to reach living room..
Suddenly, I saw the same spaceship... Swooshing towards me... I ran confused... Trying to get a shelter... But somehow they grabbed me. My feet were above the ground. I was so terrified by it that... I woke up.
N 2016-09-14 12:21:51
Had strange dream. Was flying in a small plane over a beach with beautiful green mountains. Landed and was walking thru abandoned cement building with old friend. Walked downstairs and snuck around hospital gown people. While waiting in near a restroom alcove a tall older man saw me a tried waving me over thru two doors. Somehow I ended up walking the other way and turned a corner where gravity seemed to be half that on earth. The closer I got to a glass wall full of math equations and symbols the less gravity there was. I jumped up and down a few times giggling. A very small cloak covered person shuffled by, lifted the liquid glass wall, let the wall down then continued drawing symbols on other side. Someone said I was here to try to understand the aliens thoughts, not the equations.

One of them 2016-09-06 09:11:02
Last night dreamt of being shown things by a couple of people I knew but couldn't place where from. One was sort of a helper, the other in charge, and quite unfriendly. It felt like they were showing me that the real world, the waking world was an illusion. It seemed to make sense at the time. Over the course of the dream, they came to be revealed as greys. The boss one seeming to posess a malevolence, while the helper seemed ok, but controlled. There wad another world behind the "real" and it was a dark Lovecraftian horror. I remember resisting in disbelief, but the more they showed me, the more I knew it was the awful truth. Eventually, as I came to believe, I was able to see that I was one of them, too.
Woke up scared shitless.
Wendy 2016-09-04 09:10:31
I just woke up from a dream where I was in this building and there were alot of men dressed in black. There was a baby on a counter. And I remmeber that I was looking down on him. It felt as if I were the alien or as if I was the baby and the alien was the one looking down at me. Idk but I remember seeing an aliens face and the eyes.. And also that I was watching a scene they recorded of a group of kids they captured and they had them in for expierembents.it seemesd like I knew one of the kids in the expieremenet or as if I was rememberring that I was one of the kids in the expieremnet. Idk I'm confused.. but it was by far the strangest dream i've ever had..
Jaya 2016-07-26 09:11:34
I just woke up to a dream about me walking through our court yard and I seen this flashing. I didn't know what it was but I looked and I seen my mom flashing her,eyes and it's like a camera flashing. And she comes running towards me, and she has a huge thin grin/smile that's like below on eye to the other. so I had just locked the back gate so I had to jump over it, and I ran around he house and I heard my dad. I went over to see if it was him and his eyes were flashing and he had the same crooked smile. So I went and started running up this hill but then apparently my mom had super speed and before I knew it my mom was in front of me. And my dad was behind me, then, everything went black. So then apparently we where having a family get together with me my parents my sister and her boyfriend along with my grandpa, but everyone except for my grandpa woke up in the same bed. We all had this weird feeling to go to one part in my backyard. So we did and this gray blur that is like 7 fool tall, is communicating with us telepathic ly and my grandpa comes out and he's like, oh well someone's just playing a prank. And he's in a wheel chair so he just rolls away. But then the gray thing lets out a super loud high pitch sound and my grandpa falls over and dies on the spot. It was the most terrible dream I've ever had. I legit woke up in tears.
Kyle 2016-07-25 06:33:36
Had a very realistic dream this morning and I usually don't have dreams and when I do something from my dreams usually happens in real life which brings to me major concern for the meaning of the dream I just had. I'm standing in a field out side of Pennsylvania somewhere there is a city far off in the distance then I look up and see torpedo shaped solid figures flying towards the city they have a constant flow of electricity bolts crackling all around the outsides of them and after they passed right behind them were about half a dozen squid shaped shadows dark enough to see in the sky but translucent flying right behind in a wavy swim like way. When they hit the city a man was running towards me and brought me back to a building with some residential people inside when I walked through the front door off to my left beside the front door was a closet with no door that had regular coats and jackets inside it and shelving towards the bottom. On the top shelf was some kind of automatic rifle but I never seen one like it before it wasn't an AK47 but it looked like a shotgun with old wooden stock and barrel grip and a normal metal barrel underneath that shelf was a ton of ammo boxes like you would see in a Walmart ammo case all the rounds were in their cardboard boxes. I grabbed all the boxes that had 101 on the side the man told me they went to the rifle on the top shelf and underneath the shelves was a box with handguns holsters grenades and extra clips. I ended up talking to some of the people in the building don't really remember the conversation we had but made out that we were now part of some sort of resistance against what ever just happened. My dream jumped forward to a point where I was driving with a group of people in my SUV or Jeep looking around everything was barren and demolished. Rubble everywhere trees knocked over completely uprooted. One of my passengers asked where we were and I got out of the vehicle and looked around and noticed a very slightly different but familiar area I told him we were somewhere in Pennsylvania and that's where my dream ended due to my set alarm. I don't claim to see the future or be psychic I don't really believe in that stuff but when I was 5 I had a dream where my grandmother died in her house and my family moved into her house sometime after she died when I was 8 that same grandmother died in her house from cancer and a year later we moved into her house. Shortly after moving into her house I had another dream of a school I have never been to yet at that point I walked around the school in my dream and memorized it's lay out. I was in 4th grade when I had that dream 4 years later my family left my grandmother's house and moved to Corning NY where I finished out 8th grade and over the summer I moved to Bath NY when school started I began to realize my connection with my dream had yet happened again I never been to this school but I knew exactly where to go and how to get through the school like I had gone there my entire life. Another dream I had and have forgotten just came to life dejavoo a couple of days ago where in the dream years ago I was at a place and doing something specifically in the dream and it happened here in Lebanon PA at lions lake. So this alien dream I had doesn't worry me but concerns me on its meaning I doubt we would ever have an alien invasion not saying they are or aren't real but I think this dream may have a meaning to it and something out of that meaning may happen.
Siddharth 2016-07-06 13:13:34
I saw a dream about aliens. I saw flying objects and that object was look like triangle in shape and there was a name written on that object and it was star.. It was white and blue.. And I also saw my family who were there.. And when I woke up there was something behind the door who knocked the door thrice... And I didn't opened the door. I saw that dream many times in my life.
Tere 2016-06-23 12:20:16
I had a dream that i was on my room looking at the sky i was thinking of my abduction. An thia other time it looked like it was latqe at night as soon as i saw this supper bright light i ran like crazy to the kitchen. 😨
Benjamin 2016-05-29 08:14:00
I hade a dreams.
i see my self with some aliens friend in the night.
and i feel somthing streng make me scer.
somthing theribol never happinings in my life.
Tina 2016-05-08 06:31:24
I just woke from a dream where I was working with the government. There was a group of us. We were working with an alien species and they had a device that you stepped into and it would change your body back and forth between human and alien. This is what gave us and the aliens the ability to work in each environment and amongst the other species to learn more about one another. One guy was questioning who we actually worked for and my response was the government. He then said but the building said so and so. My response then was We work for no one. They don't exist and we don't exist. Then we were all in a swampy area surrounded by fencing and there where tigers roaming about.
Christopher 2016-04-02 04:06:46
Ok i just experienced a werid dream last night, but in my dream it started off with me and my sister living with a group of people but it seemed that we were at war when the people in the house carrying weapons.There was a fire fight with these shadow figures killing off some people who were fighting then the shadow figures escaped leaving sorrow and crying with these people and i was holding on to my sister in fear, So the next thing that happens is me and my sister have to spy on the next door neighbors home with a big white sign with big black letters written as "DESI" and me, plus my sister snuck at the front gate planting a bomb on the door and in front of or neighbors gate was a box of books, first we ignored the books and ran towards the 5 acre yard and with me and my sister planting bombs around the house we look through a window and horrified we see these grey tall beings wearing aluminium suits with big black beady eyes and a huge head. We were to scared looking at them we ran away towards the gate ducking scared to get blasted and as soon me and my sister on the otherside of the gate i grabbed these box of books and ran while my sister pull the bomb trigger blowing up the house with the sign "DESI" then we retreated back to our home with these strangers and told the people what happen glorifying about the bomb destroying the house then next thing happens we look through the window the house return to normal with the big white sign written black letters "DESI" and the people and me and my sister looked terrified and then i woke up scared in the pitch black dark struggling to find the lamp then i looked around in fear for hours till morning approaches.
Jennifer 2016-04-01 08:33:57
I had a dream that I was in a space shuttle of some sort with around 20 other people I knew. We thought we were safe but we didn't know that someone named Geoffrey on our ship had betrayed us. He had contacted this evil female Ailen dictator who was the leader of our enemy. Aka she wanted us dead. What seemed like a few hours later she barged in the door of the sealed space shuttle we were in. She was followed by two bodyguards who were also aliens. She and them both had big foreheads and different light unnatural skin tones (grey, green, blue) She then told us that the assassination would start soon and suddenly we were bolted to our seats. She then for some reason put on a movie for us to watch while we awaited our deaths. Then the assasitators came out. They were dressed exactly like the bodyguards and picked at random. One turned to me but once I looked at her she moved on. After a while I was watching the movie a different one came up to me. I asked if I could see this part of the movie we were watching but she said no. (For some reason I was really into the movie) Anyways I forgot to say that when the bolted us into our seats they also put masks on us. She then slit my mask so that my face and neck were avaliable. She told me to hold still. Then when my face mask was off I saw myself but it looked nothing like me I was like one of the aliens in head shape but my skin was brown and so were my eyes. I called out someone's name and then I woke up. Weird dream huh?
jackie 2016-04-01 07:46:02
I don't know why I'm writing this but I just had a very vivid dream about an "alien takeover". I guess I just wanted to get out there while it's still fresh.

so it started off with me and my family(mom,dad,and an older sister) just walking around malls. we weren't in them though,just window shopping I guess and everythings normal except for the fact that the place looks more sophisticated than a mall should seem now. so we're there and out of nowhere, there's an earthquake(well we think it's an earthquake ). the tall shops fall and the ground begins to crumble beneath us and my sister takes my hand fast and we run. with our parents behind us, my sister and I try to avoid falling through the ground until we actually do fall. but it's like another floor down there and now there are more people. some have a bunch of gear, like they prepared for war and others are just families. we steal gear as we go(now in my dream I'm starting to get deja vu. like I've been in this situation before and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and what was going to happen). so as we go on my dream kinda cuts to another part and we are now in one of their underground buildings. we're being watched but no one is actually there and the place still seems normal. but it's an arcade now, and there's different types of games that all seem to test our skills in some way. all I know is the higher the points, the more likely you are to survive( I just knew that, no one had to tell me). so we're all playing games and then an alarm sounds and we all solemnly retreat back into another room where we have to strap ourselves on these seats. it was like getting ready to ride a rollercoaster even though it would only act as a car, driving us up ahead and then back. (so I've been on this before and I'm not scared. I know what to expect)so the walls in front of us open and we see a small group of people who are just standing further down this big hallway. it's dark but there's a light casted on them. they're scared but don't move much, until we feel something else is there with them. then one by one they all disappear and all you hear is their screams. our seats move us forward after that and that's when I realize I'm in the first row(the other times I've done this I was always in the last rows. how I think this kinda works is They scare you by taking you to that exact spot those other people were at and pretty much get rid of the first row all together. it's like a warning) and I start to panic. I turn to my mom who's next to me and tell her what I just remembered and she just nods her head before we feel that thing is with us again and I wake up.(this whole time I never actually see an alien but I kinda just knew)
cyreese 2016-03-23 09:29:48
I've had dreams of aliens before but this was different. I was at a party, I knew no one and somehow felt completely comfortable. Everyone was doing drugs. There were so many different substances. I took three different types. The first drug I stole from someone who dropped it on the floor, it immediately made me feel drowsy, sedated and euphoric. I was on the ground laughing. The second drug was given to me from a guy and I just remember feeling very sexual, everything felt good to touch there was this sense of wanting to have sex with one of the guys at the party but it didn't happen. The third drug I begged for i had this feeling that no one wanted to give it to me i remember asking for it because the effects made it possible to see aliens. They eventually gave it to me I remember taking it with a gallon of water from a water bottle that was shaped like an alligator. I went over and sat on the floor by the couch. I closed my eyes and when I Opened them There was a blue being with strange facial features his skin was wrinkled and his head was larger than a humans. He sat on the couch in front of me and beside me, on the floor, Were blue children who were innocent and even smiling. I chose to focus more on them because behind the couch were taller, larger, darker figures, and even at the sight of them i felt uncomfortable. I talked with the being on the couch but i don't remember the conversation the children were behaving like human children they had a lot of energy one of them even grabbed on to my Hand. I remember feeling very Overwhelmed there was a moment were there was a lot of movement And i said out loud can we please just slow down. I noticed that they were all dressed In human clothes and i don't know if my mind just put that there to make me feel more comfortable with the situation. I reminder looking back over at the taller aliens and they were different now they were all dressed in police uniforms and I reminder asking them if they were the police they said Yes. Its only more i realize they weren't police they were authority figures of sort, and then their focus was no longer on me they were drinking and chatting and laughing like normal human beings with blue and purple faces, large wrinkled heads.
Stiv 2016-08-25 20:01:40
Sounds like to me that you like to party. Nothing wrong with that.

Ashley 2016-03-03 18:25:52
Alien Dream

I was in a house, there was like a party or small get together going on, derek was there, heather was there, and I can?€™t remember the rest, anyways 2 aliens were there, showed up as greys kinda but we?€™re green, they weren?€™t to much shorter than me, they could shape shift, I remember talking to one, I can?€™t recall what we were talking about at that time, I know it was something to do with space, next thing I know the house started moving but you couldn?€™t feel it moving, and we were orbiting around the planets before I knew it, looking out the window of a house in outer space, I remember the colors, they were so vibrant, and bright, almost blinding, Saturn had the most beautiful rings, we seen Mars, I don?€™t remember seeing earth but I think we did, and I think we seen the sun too, then I remember sitting on the bed with the skinny shape shifter, his friend in human form, was a little chunky, while me and JF (his initials ) were talking his friend shape shifts into a rabbit, then a dog, then he just leaves, we don?€™t see him for awhile, so we?€™re talking and I remember asking him if we could make babies, he gets out a book and it has pictures of different species of aliens, some I barely remember( it?€™s like their pictures were engraved in my memory or something cause I will notice them on TV during alien shows, and the shows say they are bad guys, which JF said they weren?€™t nice but they knew how to manipulate you or something like that) anyways, there was about 100 different species, and JF said he couldn?€™t reproduce this book was the aliens who could, I remember feeling sad, he seemed sad, I think we had a small emotional moment, idk what happened after that, the next thing I remember is were walking on a street, JF is in disguise, and we?€™re walking by something that involves fire fighters cause they were everywhere but idk if it was a building fire or what, but JF didn?€™t want anybody to see him, I forgot why, I think he would have been in trouble being seen with me, idk, next thing I know his friend runs up and says they have to go, his friend dressed as a firefighter, then they leave. I go home and get on facebook to try and find anything to do with him , I was trying to remember his name, all I could get was the first name started with a J and his last name started with a F so I call him JF. I remember finding somebody on fb but I can?€™t remember if it was him or his friend, all I remember is I was sad I left with so many questions. I still remember what he looks like.
Email me if you can help me contact him.
Sara 2016-02-10 06:20:21
I have a very vivid dream of an alien. I was falling asleep on my couch when all too quickly I felt very tired too tired. I'm a person that takes hours to fall asleep. I have been that way my whole life. As I fell into this deep sleep I felt a huge calming come over me. I felt so peaceful then I remember right as I was about to fall asleep I said I'm not afraid..tgats when I saw him I don't know how I knew it was a him I just did he was sitting beside me on the couch tall grayish blue figure with big black eyes he reached for my hand and as he held my hand I was not scared at all....I was so confused on what I was seeing I look down at my hand and see his fingers wrapped in mine and just got startled out of disbelief and immediately sat straight up out of my sleep wide awake. I looked at my hand and saw a scar on the middle of my palm. But it wasn't scary at all. Please don't think I'm crazy I'm a mother of 4 and a normal person so I believe and have had experienced dreams similar to this throughout my entire life but never this vivid. Can someone please let me know what this may mean am I just dreaming of silly things or is it possible I have met a grey?
Natalie 2016-04-12 11:28:21
I had a dream just like this now, only I was scared. Same everything else though and I have 3 kids. I have a tiny scar on my left ring finger from a time I had a similar dream at the age of 12. I woke up googling it and feeling uneasy about my house and children napping.
Danielle 2016-11-14 02:39:01
I had a dream like this today. I have no kids but saw a blue grayish figure with big eyes staring right into me & we didn't speak. I knew what he wanted me to do - it was a feeling. He reached for my hand and I wasn't afraid. I felt him tell me run- we don't have much time. I ran a little bit & saw a flash of light out the corner of my eye. I assumed it was because a commercial came on my tv but it shocked me & I felt my heart drop like the fear that someone has just died. I was in a meditative state/dream when this occurred. It made me think of someone I dated instantly& I felt like I must be crazy now. Lol
Alicia 2016-02-09 08:05:27
Super weird dream last night, not sure why im posting, maybe just hopeful anyone will have some sort of incite, ive been looking for meanings all morning but nothings seemed to really fit.ive had dreams of aliens before but this was the weirdest.

i was in my apartment i guess, im currently couch surfing so im not sure where it was exactly but i know it felt like my place, i cannot remember why, if there was a light or a sound or what but i was drawn out the back door to a large field, there was another person with me, but im not sure who they were. i looked up and saw something coming from the sky and landing off in the distance in the field. i ran to it, and came apon a play pen, iside there was some sort of flyer and a little baby swaddled in a blanket,the baby looked human but i was cretin he was an alien and had been sent down by them to be raised by us. i picked up the baby and saw he had rashes all over, i unwrapped him to check the gender of the baby, wraped him back up and took him home with me. some time went by, im not sure how long, but i and a bunch of the other people who had been given these children were on a mission to find the real parents of the alien children we had been given, then i woke up.
Tori 2016-01-26 14:20:42
I keep haveing the same dream every night.. I go to bed at 10pm and then I wake up screaming and crying at 3am, my partner has come into our room before after going to the toilte and saw me wake up throwing my arms about then just going bk to sleep.. In my dream I'm laying on a table in there ship i reamber seeing loads off lights, and reamber calling for help and screaming, I know I was dreaming cos I reamber wanting to wake up but I just couldn't move at all, I saw two Aillen figures above my head!. While I'm laying on the table.. And there putting things inside me ect.. I will wake up really sore in the mornings and really tired...
Sergi 2016-01-21 02:56:32
Some one year ago I had a dream about aliens,the dream is like this i was coming out of my room no one was in the house so I goed to the backyard and it happened! A really tall alien sits on the chair and just looking at me like it was weak and injured, then I saw he was covered in like yellow glowing ancient alien tattoos then I got closer to him the whole dream sight was night afterwards the alien touched my chest and I woked up! What does it mean? im only like 12 when i had that dream. After i had that dream dream I discovered strange things about myself I eat alot most of the time but im really skinny! My weight right now from 2014is 30 kg to 2016 only chaned to 36 kg it is bizzarre!
A 2015-12-18 20:40:37
I used to have the same dream multiple times as a child. I dont really remember much because it hasnt really happened much within the last 10 years. But what i do remember is i was laying in bed. (i had just moved into this house in a new city and i was going to a new school, idk if that could have anything to do with it) i think i was laying in my bed in my dream. i remember seeing a bright light coming in through my window from the back yard. i open my curtain and i see a ufo. then i remember seeing aliens standing over me inside my room. i dont remember much after that but i remember i would dream this same exact dream over and over again for months. Anyone know what this might mean??

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