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The dream dictionary will give a harsh description of worms, citing them as vile creatures. Of course, worms themselves are not so bad, but it is all about common perception. Because worms feed off of dirt and grime, and only come out of the ground in weather that we usually find muddy and disgusting, they are seen as despicable creatures, and as a dream symbol, this perception is not much different. Dream meanings of worms usually involve the way that you perceive yourself, for example, the meaning of dream about worms if you see them on yourself is a depiction of how you see yourself. The worm represents a part of yourself that you do not like, or that you think is disgusting.

Another possible dream meaning of worms is that you are dealing with self esteem issues. Perhaps you have just experienced something that lowered your self esteem. Maybe someone called you a name, or maybe you were rejected by someone. These could be some of the reasons that you might have lowered your self esteem all of the sudden, and that you might now be dreaming about worms. This dream interpretation is the most common one because the worm is seen as a weak creature.

There are a few entirely different dream interpretations that involve worms though. If the worm is in some way feeding off of you parasitically, or somehow attaching itself to you without your permission, this could symbolize a bad relationship. This doesnít necessarily have to apply to a romantic relationship, though it could. Worms are infamous for attaching themselves to their victims and feeding off of them slowly (if they are the parasitic type of worm). This could mean that the worm in your dream symbolizes a person that may be mooching off of you. They could be taking advantage of your good nature and/or exploiting your kindness for their personal gain. They could also simply be using you to further their social agenda, such as being friends with you only to get introduced to the rest of your social circle.

Worms have a bad reputation and there is nothing positive that can be said about them when they are in your dreams. Even if the worm is attached to someone else in your dream, or bothering another person, it may still be a sign that you see that person in danger, or feel that they are not taking care of themselves to prevent people from taking advantage of them. These interpretations equally apply to your perception of yourself and your perception of others. It all depends on where the worm is in the dream. The main point to remember is that no matter where the worm is, it is always a bad sign.
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Lorna 2014-04-16 13:54:02
I had a dream where I was lying in my bed and there were worms crawling on me over the covers. They began to crawl directly on me and I tried to take them off. I stood up and there were worms all over the floor of my room as well. I accidentally stood on some and stumbled. The worms were in my mouth and I pulled them out and tried to take all of the worms off myself. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what this might mean?

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Ana 2014-03-14 12:32:24
I had a dream that i was laying in bed and when i reached for my candle, that was sitting on my window -i was disgusted to find out there were maggots all over and inside a big earth worm. I was able to shake the lil ones off of my hand and my bed and killed the eath worm. It was so creepy.

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tiffany 2013-12-24 06:19:38
I had a dream that my heel was cracked (my heels crack in the winter especially when I don't get pedis) and in the cracks there were worms of some kind trying to burrow into my foot, I grabbed a spray bottle of bleach and began spraying the bottom of my feet as I did just a small portion of them would show and this guy I went to school with over 10 years ago that I was not even friends with began pulling them out.he pulled aprox. 8/9 out and as he did they got bigger each time, the last one was the size of a snake and I could see into the holes that had been left in my foot after their removal. It didn't hurt but it was disgusting!

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sherri clark 2013-11-14 11:26:05
i had a dream about worms coming from a kitten firt there was one then other and the the whole was coverd in worms and bugs what does that mean???

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Lauren 2013-07-17 14:29:57
I dreamed that as I was moving out of somewhere, I started to see worms crawling on my hoodie. I kept picking them off but found more. Then I gave up, and took the sweater off, just to find that they were all over my body, and in my hair! I grabbed them off as fat as I could, but they were holding on tightly. I woke up shaking. :-( not ok

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Dr.Joseph Daniel Noe 2013-08-05 18:50:31
Message from Lauren
I dreamed that as I was moving out of somewhere, I started to see worms crawling on my hoodie. I kept picking them off but found more. Then I gave up, and took the sweater off, just to find that they were all over my body, and in my hair! I grabbed them off as fat as I could, but they were holding on tightly. I woke up shaking. :-( not ok

Well is not the most pleasant thing to dream about...consider that if its about earth worms where they live wat they eat and their habits.
it may also have to do with how lowly u c urself of how others put u down.
taking off a black hoodie is like removing a shroud off urself of da stimatism
Taking off da jacket is to take off some sort of protection a cover of sorts it changes ur appearance
Finding more worms is not good either way as u struggle to remove them.
Worms 932
9= the completion or ending of a time or term
3= da spiritual things...more importantly causes for sin..lust of da eyes lust of da flesh n da pride of life

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Poole 2013-05-12 17:05:17
I had a dream that my toes were cracking and peeling off. Eventually there were no more toes left it was just hollow and I could see two worms, one red the other blue, feeding of of me. It was quite gruesome and unpleasant.

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Jennapsyde 2012-12-11 11:34:25
I had an awful dream the other night about pimples everywhere on my hands, and they were very painful. I squeezed one out on my left hand, and a tail of a worm came out! It was transparent and I could see the internal organs inside. I grabbed it with my right hand and started to pull, but it was slippery, and finally got it out. Then I realized I could feel MORE crawling inside me! It was horrible.

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Monica 2013-05-15 14:49:53
Jenna I had a very similar dream last night only when I squeezed one of the bumps pus came out it was so disgusting I really dislike disturbing dreams especially when I don't understand the meaning.

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