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A dream about an elevator is actually a wealth of psychological and emotional information in terms of dream interpretations. Dream meanings found in a dream dictionary will probably tell you that the elevator as a dream symbol applies to the ups and downs of your life. Atypical dream interpretation is that you have been considering your rises and falls in life recently. Going up and down constantly on the elevator implies that you have had many ups and downs in your life. Has anything happened recently that has caused you to re-examine some things that youíve done in the past? Perhaps you have gone through some changes recently and are considering how your life used to be. This usually means that you are poring over your life as it once was which means that you will probably be going over the highs and lows of your life in comparison to where you are in life now.

One other meaning of dream regarding elevators is determined by what direction you are going in the elevator. If you dream that you are going up an elevator, but only go up or down in one direction, then each direction has a dream meaning that is specific to it. When you dream that you are going up in an elevator, it symbolizes great wealth and success. Perhaps you have just gotten a raise or promotion at work. Maybe you have just won an important competition that made you very happy. This could be why you are dreaming about rising in an elevator. If your elevator is going downwards, then you may be dreaming about this because something bad has just happened. Perhaps you have been demoted, or lost much of your money somehow. Maybe you have been struck by a catastrophic blow financially or romantically, and this is your way of understanding that. Going down an elevator usually symbolizes a great loss.

Elevators movements can also symbolize a change in your emotional status. Perhaps you have been experiencing a lot of ups and downs in you motions in rapid succession. As increases and decreases in your levels of success in life are usually tied to your emotions, it is not too hard to see why success and failure would be tied to happiness and sadness. If you spend the dream inside the elevator and are not able to get out, or if the elevator is out of order, it can show that you are losing control over yourself and your emotions. You are no longer able to handle your feelings. Similarly, if the elevator in your dream goes nowhere, or goes sideways instead of up or down, this can mean that you are progressing nowhere in terms of something important to you such as your job, or a relationship.
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Kim 2015-10-22 14:41:23
I have these random elevator dreams where I go in the elevator. It starts to go up at normal speed but the inside starts to rotate very slowly and I start to flip onto the other walls or I hold on height to the bar & I go upside down. This has happened a few times in the last 5 yrs.

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Pattie 2015-08-24 16:31:42
I was on the elevator but it wouldn't stop on my floor , what does that mean ?

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Laurie 2015-08-23 15:47:11
I had a dream i was going up the elevator at the train station and on the other side i was looking at another me going down the stairs then i saw maybe two more of myself walking down the stairs

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montse 2015-04-24 20:53:52
i beg somebody to comment my dream:I was looking an elevator.outside. the elevator, suddently went up. an unknown man tried to stop it and elevator crashed man' s two arms.awfull dream.... what's the meaning, please?

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Sharon 2015-06-26 04:47:37
If I go by what everybody is saying about the dream interpretations , probably there is somebody hindering your success or progress in life , but you will move past it and overcome it , and reach higher than where you expected yourself .

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nik 2015-03-27 05:51:21
I had a dream that i went into a elevator and then suddenty it started going down seriously fast. Like a rolecoaster.

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Gray 2013-11-09 16:16:29
My dream was of an elevator but just being stuck ... What does that mean ?

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