Dream interpretation Death and Dying

Dream interpretation Death and Dying

General Dream Meaning: Death and Dying .

Dream interpretation Death and Dying
Dream interpretation Death and Dying, meaning of dream about Death, Dreams symbol Death interpretations.

General Dream Meaning: Death and Dying

Oddly enough, if you dream that you are dead, it can indicate a release from all your current problems and concerns. If you dream of someone else that is dead, but do not know who they are, it may mean you are about to receive an inheritance or some other windfall. A dream of speaking to your mother, if she is dead, may relate to news about your love life. If the dream is about your father, it may pertain to business or financial matters.

Perhaps even stranger, a dream of death may mean a baby will soon be born to you or someone else in your family. You may also view a dream of death as indicating that certain personality features exhibited by people in your dream may no longer be ones that you will be expressing in your own life. Some also have found dreams of death to indicate major life changes, although they are not always negative ones

How Dream Symbol Death and Dying May Fit in Your Life

In general, a dream of death serves as a reminder that nothing stays the same. You will go on with your life, and as you do that, aspects of your inner landscape will change just as much, if not more than outer ones This, in turn, can evoke concerns and anxieties about all the things you will be giving up, as well as uncertainty about what will take their place.

A Sample Dream and Death Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you notice that a stranger is in the process of dying. You feel slightly disturbed, but don't understand why. As the person breathes their last, he turns into a lion and vanishes into thin air. While you do not exactly feel relieved to see that it is over, you are not as upset as you were before. At that point, you walk out of the room and pick up a playful kitten that purrs and seems to be happy you are there.

In this dream, the important thing to focus on is the fact that the person actually turns into a lion, which has deep symbolism. If you see a lion as representing strength, or "king of the jungle", then you can easily see where the death sequence has to do with inner concerns about giving up power. This type of dream may stem from a need to let go of micromanagement. Since you are not the one dying in the dream, it may mean that you will look for a job where you have more freedom, or you will soon have a manager that places fewer restrictions on your work hours. You may want to choose the latter interpretation, since enjoying the presence of a kitten would not symbolize having to deal with overly authoritative figures.

The kitten as an indicator of a new romance. Perhaps once you leave behind all the control issues in your work life, it will leave you with more time and energy to enjoy some new things in this sector of your life. Either way, if you seem to feel happier at the end of the dream, then you can rest assured that whatever died in your life will ultimately represent a positive change.

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Comments: Dream interpretation Death and Dying

tracy 2018-04-14 21:40:25
i had a dream that my son in his 20s come in and said the boy (younger) that lives in the house behind my house that we both no, died (dont no how) then on the day of his funeral i woke up and said why the hell did i dream that, that was strange,,,, i see the boy alot didnt want to scare him , told him i had a strange dream and to be careful a few wks later his good friend got shot and died which him and my son both see the paramedics trying to save him,, was my dream ment to mean something ?

↑ -1 ↓
Becky 2015-11-30 02:37:21
Hi, I have been having lots of strange dreams lately. A few nights ago i dreamt my nan was still alive, the night after i dreamt i had forgotten my mums birthday, the night after i dreamt i gave birth to a baby girl and then lastnight i dreamt a stranger passed away. Any clues why im having these dreams?

↑ +2 ↓
Josh 2015-07-06 21:47:42
I had a dream where me and a large crowd of other people were all in some supernatural shadow realm of sorts (not YuGiOh related) where it was literally just a box-shaped room. A supernatural being told us we would all die, and then it set a count-down timer to when our deaths would take place. The supernatural being left, and later the men were partying on one side of the room and dancing while the women were on the other side of the room. I don't know what they were doing because I was the center of attention in the guy group. There were a BUNCH of other things in the dream, but when the countdown timer reached 0:00, everything just froze. I wasn't sure if I could move or not, but for some reason my mind refused to let me test whether or not I was still free to move. And then I woke up.

For some reason my dreams always do this to me; they leave me with some cliff-hanger that drives me insane.

↑ +1 ↓
chami 2012-09-26 19:24:28
dead father dremt

↑ +8 ↓
mio7 2014-09-21 02:08:42
me too, let's see what will happen

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