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Dream meaning Dragon


Dragon is the symbol of rage, fire and amazing power which is replicated on the life of its dreamer. Appearance of a mythical dragon is taken as carrier of good news regarding your business. The type of dragon, its color and properties are very crucial in extracting the correct interpretation. Dragons are also thought over as guardians of basic principles and spiritual matters. Overall, appearance of dragon should be taken seriously in order to get its advantage.

Dragon dreams and related perspectives

To see dreams of mythical and commonly known dragons signify that you're pestering to authorize person will help you in accomplishing the goals or deals. To see an empty den of dragon signifies that you will have to face many obstacles in your path of reaching certain goal. If the dragon is present inside, then it suggests that you will be able to deal with the hindrance and other problems while reaching the goal. To see a dragon in dreams also indicates that you will have to give some tests to prove yourself amongst your family members. Dream of being scared by appearance of dragon indicate that you will have troubles at home front. To dream of murdering a dragon signifies that you will overcome every obstacle and problems present in your path. To see a flying dragon, indicates solution to your problems and you will conquer all the material problems. To see a dragon evoking fire from his mouth suggests that you will suffer from uncontrolled emotions. Same dream may indicate that you will experience new beginning owing to the destruction caused (by fire). To dream that you are situated on the body of dragon and flying high on the sky implies to great success and profit.

Wisdom expressed by dragon dreams

If you dream of dragon in negative format then you can prepare yourself for forthcoming events and problems. Dragon in this manner signifies to obstacles in your path which you need to surpass in order to achieve your goals and desires. They may indicate towards a test of your attitude and guts to achieve your passion. These dreams signify the need of having ample patience in order to reach your desired position. Dragon generally signify to short tempered people around who hold a key to your success hence they suggest you to control your anger and frustration to reach their heart.

Dream analysis of sample dream about dragons

Consider a dream where you are running in the forest in search of something strange and amazing. While running you get the smell of dragon and as you turn your head you see a tall dragon standing behind with nostrils flared and in fiery expressions. You are scared of him and still a golden thing caught your eyes for which you have started running, the dragon is quite furious and ready to gulp you but then at this point your dream breaks in. this dreams signifies that you are running behind a passion or much wanted goal or desire from long time but facing obstacles of all type. As soon as you get the glimpse of the desire someone or something came in your path and you got stuck. This dream suggests that you have to try hard until you get what you want.

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Jan Myburgh 2022-03-27 16:07:19
My dream was very different, and I would like to know what it means. A friend and I were walking in a town with everything quiet. Next thing I knew people were running like crazy and screaming. We looked up and saw this dragon flying and burning the town piece by piece. We ran in between two busses or containers of some sort, cant remember. But the dragon took the one and while in the air tossed it to one side. While it made a turn to come back we decided to run for a building with some cover. As we got to the next corner the dragon blew fire all ove the place, destroying as much as possible. I decided to go into the building and hide behind the wall next to the window. Next thing I knew I was standing in a warehouse of some sort with a lady speaking with me. She was blonde, with shoulder length hair or a bit shorter. The dragon was sitting on a platform next to us. She was speaking with me to try and stay with them, as if trying to protect me or recruit me, or something. I tried to get away as I was afraid of the dragon which seemed rather calm at that stage. She said If I leave she cant protect me. But as I ran out the door and down the street, the dragon followed and took me back before taking off to burn more of the town. Thats when I knew, that the dragon was looking for me all the time while burning the town, and it wasnt to harm me but protect me. What can this dream mean? The dragon looked almost like the Norwegian ridgeback harry potter drew from the pouch in goblet of fire. Only this one seemed a mix of black, red and another colour. Cant remember exactly.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:31:49
In the context of dream analysis, here's a general breakdown of potential meanings for the elements in your dream:

1. Quiet Town: This may represent a sense of normalcy or peace in your life.

2. Chaos and Running: The sudden onset of chaos could symbolize unexpected changes or feelings of anxiety and a loss of control.

3. Dragon: Dragons are potent symbols and could represent many things such as power, fear, subconscious drives, or even a person or an institution with a powerful influence over your life. Your dragon's similarity to a creature from Harry Potter could suggest that your imagination or past influences are shaping your dream experiences.

4. Destruction: The dragon breathing fire and causing destruction might suggest a situation in your life that's 'burning' through your normalcy, a sweeping transformation, or a destructive force that you perceive as being outside of your control.

5. Taking Shelter: Looking for shelter could imply a desire for safety or a need to protect yourself from something harmful or overwhelming in waking life.

6. Blonde Woman and Negotiation: This woman could represent an aspect of yourself offering protection or wisdom, or it could be someone in your life who wants to help you but whom you are hesitant to trust.

7. Reluctance and Fear: Your reluctance to stay with the woman and the dragon could highlight internal conflict or distrust you feel towards someone or a situation that appears to be both protective and threatening.

8. Dragon Protecting You: The dragon’s shift from seemingly destructive to protective might illustrate a reconciling of feelings toward something you initially feared. It might be an acknowledgment of a potential for strength, protection, or a sense of guardianship that you hadn't previously recognized.
noni 2022-03-15 01:44:39
i had a dream where i had 1 dragon as a pet whenver that dragon used to laugh on a top mountain hill small raindrop or rain ised to come but there was a giant dragon these 2 dragons were friendly whenever the 2nd giant laughed tsunami used to come
Srihitha 2021-05-29 08:11:53
I dreamt that two dragons were climbing stairs in the sky to heaven but seconds later they both started playing and fighting,,,, they both were grey in color like a dark cloud smoke but again they turned into some red - yellowish color. Me and my friends are watching them from distance and the thing is my friends( these people are not my friends in real life,,they are actually celebrities😅😅)were just graduated and they were about to go and we found this incident happening.
John 2021-04-19 20:12:55
Last night i dream about a 3 headed baby dragon with 3 colors. The main color of.this dragon is black and decorated with a diamond pattern colored white and lined with red color from his abdomen, and tail..i dont know if its dead or sleeping. I was lying in bed with my.son when i encounter this 3 headed dragon. And i think this is my pet but i felt something like fear.
Lee 2020-11-14 06:49:13
My dream was of a baby golden dragon I saw it from the hallway sitting by the back door. I approached because I thought it was my cat but then it looked up at me a bit like a giraffe face but then spread its little wings and started walking towards me albeit not aggressively.. it was beautiful and a golden/yellow sparkle just felt warmly.
The strangest thing about my dream was I said “ dad quick take a look at this “ but my dad passed away 10 years ago but it really felt like he was in the other room.. the dream came to an end when my dog saw the dragon and started chasing it around the front room where I grabbed my dog so as to stop anymore chaos.
I still remember everything about this dream
Bsrrow 2019-11-20 23:40:50
Hello Everyone
I just woke from sleep and is 5:50pm in Canada
I was woken by a dragon dream
It stood above me whiles i was sleeping and i couldn't wake up no matter how had i tried then it blew a cold air over my entire body and it made me gave up the fight of trying to get up then when i looked on my left side it was my sister beside me fully sober and trying to inject me ....i woke up then then after 2minutes i got a call from my wife whose with my sister
L.C 2019-07-05 12:11:07
My dream wasn’t about seeing a dragon but being told im a dragon. I was on an island with beaches, hills waterfalls and caves in my dream im taking part in a ritual where i took some sort of hallucination drink then im walked up some hills with other people into a cave system with waterfalls running through the cave then the person guiding me in the ritual ( kinda like a right of passage thing ) told me no matter what happens im a dragon then i was told to hold my breath then i jumped/dropped down the small waterfall into water then I immediately woke up after holding my breath going down the waterfall but was fully aware of the dream afterwards and wrote it down.
d 2019-06-30 04:06:11
i keep seeing this same gold dragon in my dreams and don't know why, although i have theories. but the dragon doesnt use words so i know its not a spirit guide. i have a theory that it represents my actual personality in my dreams. its the reason why when i in a dream not to my perspective and attacked the dragon what seemed to be me doing damage to the dragon was actually was me creating a copy of a part of the dragon to my hand. getting rid of it made it disappear. note no dragons were harmed in this dream. it might also explain why the dragon seems so aware almost as if it is more real than the dream. (although some of my dreams take place in future events in real life.) but I'm not sure about the dragon. it certainly would explain my personality though.
white Dragon Head 2019-05-17 05:04:24
My dream was about a white dragon. but it was its head and nothing else. i believe my surrounding was black like, space and the head was there. i believe i was looking at it and it at me. I can't remember a lot but i believe was saying something to me. i don't know what or i can't remember; but it was talking to me. this happen a couple of years ago. That it my sorry of a white Dragons Head.
Elen 2019-02-20 12:11:52
I dreamt that me and my family were being attacked by a ugly monster that sort of resembled smegal from lord of the rings, he was killing my family. So I went to look for help, I went into a tunnel with my friend and we found a dragon at first we ran from it because we thought it would hurt us, so we fled. As the dream went on more people died until I walked into a large room where I saw the dragon trying to eat the creature, it was struggling but the dragon was trying to protect me. I ran up some stairs in the large room so I wasn’t on the same level of the dragon was defeated but the dragon won. And once it had finished its business with the creature it flew up to me and then I woke up.
Meli 2019-09-25 15:26:10
You’re dream almost sounds exactly like mine. I had a dream that this monsters were eating people and I was running away with my family, I saw this lil boy struggling and I helped then we hid. When the monster found us this white dragon came and protected us.
Virgo 2019-01-08 16:07:23
My dream was I looked up in the sky and saw the most beautiful red dragon flying so calmly and then I looked where it might of came from and I climb a large wall to go into what felt like a different world
Brenda 2018-09-05 14:08:44
I dreamed I had a baby pet dragon surrounded by my friends we were laughing and walking up a trail which was green and beautiful. Then somewhere along the way my friends were gone and the landscape turned bleaker and it was just me and my dragon walking and he had grown to a large dragon. On the top of the mountain was a tower in which I stood and watched my dragon stretch itself across the cliff top and the it circles towards me. In my dream I remember thinking I have a dragon which could eat me. Then I woke up

Tyrion Talal 2018-08-05 00:48:49
In my dream standing on this rock along side me was this lady and at first sight she has on this long black cloak that covers her shoulders. This black cloak then drops to her feet and she has a red dress on. She then goes to the edge of this cliff and jumps off, but as she jumps, this massive creature what looks like a black dragon (obsidian) with gold feet grabs her by the ankles throws her into the air and she lands on the dragons back. This dragon is then coming towards me and just as soon as I could tell if the dragon was me or not my phone rings.
troy 2018-07-26 21:27:13
i had this weird dream were i was going to the pet store with my mom and friends to get a beardie and there were these two eggs one was in a cage and the other was on a nest up on a shelf. I asked the owner what are those and he said dragons, and there hatching! in the cage a white baby dragon on four legs walked out hit also had a blue horn on his head and in the nest a black dragon came out it had a purple horn on his head and was very cute. everyone was scared of him but i felt a bond with him then i had this feeling the black dragon's name was Nightwing. Me and my friends started working at the pet shop and playing with nightwing then Nightwing and my friends went to a concert and there was a big explosion on the stage and this person flew up on a disc shaped thing towards me i looked around to see everyone running but i was frozen with fear than Nightwing (still small) swooped down in front of me and shot purple fire? balls at the person. then we go back to the pet store and i ask mom if we can buy him but the owner says he eats lots of meat and that we'd have to buy a super expensive container. so instead we got a beardie and made a compromise with the owner that he wouldn't sell Nightwing if i helped out with the store i said ok and the dream ends with me and my mom walking out the door with a beardie following us. plz tell me what this dream means!!!!!!!
Jeanne 2018-03-19 05:59:09
I dreamt that Sean Connery (voice of the dragon in movie "Dragon heart), gave me a dragon. Then he said " wait a moment" and disappeared. I was thinking heck I've always wanted a dragon, hope he hasn't changed his mind.....Then he came back with an even bigger one, handing me the reins and a remote control for it.
Crision 2018-03-17 15:52:20
I was walking at night on a winding path with a group of random friendly people. Half of the path was muddy dirt road and the other side was pavement with potholes everywhere, it was 10ft higher than the dirt road also. I walked both sides, jumping up or down, noticing that the pavement was harder for me to walk on. Felt like I was gonna lose myself if I fell.
When I jumped down to the dirt road, someone from the group called me stupid. I got so mad, I ran acoss them and hit a backflip in front of them. I looked up toward the sky and it was clear, beautiful. Then a celestial dragon flew overhead and I said to myself fly. By sheer will I rose to the sky, and I felt something and looked at my hands. At first I thought they were on fire, but I realized It was mine. My magic. I saw the dragon circle back around and I wanted to test my new power on it, but my unconscious self told me not to. Then I was pulled backwards, out my dream. I tried to stay by flying up and forward, but failed. I really wanted to use my magic before I woke up. Apparently, I can't go against my unconscious self, lol.
Ethan 2018-01-31 14:54:57
So in my dream i was alone in a white space it was bright and i could barely see anything and out of no where i turn to see a black sleek dragon staring down at me and i go out to pet it and it felt rough but cool and i felt calm and glad to be there What dose it mean
Charles 2018-01-24 18:51:09
I had a dream that i was in a battle and as soon as i became overwhelmed i turned into a dragon and covered the battle field in fire.any ideas?
Abe Destiny 2018-01-12 17:59:20
Pls I need interpretation:

I saw a flame of fire ball falling from the sky and I rush to the location. As I get closer to the fire ball it turns out to be a BABY DRAGON, he can barely fly and I caught and held him in my harms. I looked behind me to see other people charging towards me in a bid to collect the baby dragon, immediately I flew to the sky and escape from there. I actually felt the babe dragon is not safe with them and that was why I flew away with it.

Pls help me with the interpretation, send to abedestiny@yahoo.com
Kaara Cassagne 2017-11-14 14:39:44
I had a dream of a Fury Dragon but this Dragon was Myself jumping or flying high into the sky Swallowing 3 moons in the starry night sky but at the same time i would also be seeing it with my own eyes Swallowing the moons,and some people are trying to stop my dragon self from eating them,and in that dream my fury dragon self has a baby dragon offspring that my dragon self is trying to protect and i tell it to hide in a thicket in which both of us end up hiding at,as we both see the people trying to search for us and catch us.it was a sweet yet kinda scary dream what does it mean?...
Blackcrow 2017-11-10 14:39:55
I had a dream. I was at a beach watching people. Then I seen the sea turned angry. Huge waves came out from it. Then I seen 4 headed white dragon raise from the sea. The size of the dragon was massive. It's body was covered in the mist from the sea and it's 4 heads were in the clouds. One of the heads was cut off. In replacement of 1 head 7 red heads came in. The dragon was making it's way to the shore.
Manaia 2017-10-10 19:15:03
Hey guys so last night I had a dream of 2 dragons. A white one and a black one. So me and my boyfriend and his brother was walking donw the street. Then I radomly seen a white dragon, it look like it was just a kid, it was trying to fit itself into this pot plant, then a few seconds later I had told my boyfriend that I seen it, and he thought that I was lying till we waited and then he seen it for himself. We were going to go capture it until we seen this big bpack dragon come swarming past us. None of them was trying to harm us, although the black dragon was spraying out fire. The only reason why I wrote my one down is cause I lost my baby 3months ago, then I had put it into a pot plant.
Ivy 2017-07-26 01:47:20
Ok, lasr night i had a dream of a small WHITE dragon. Its like me and my cousins were fishing and multiple colors of dragons were seen,, i saw a red one but left and the white one stayed. The white tried to escape and we didnt let it instead let it stay in the hut. Hours later we thought the dragon left but it was just on the floor and head was down looking in the sky the dragons eyes were big, it was like a chinese dragon. Later on me and my cousins had a trip and the dragon came along he didnt had wings. And then i think that the person attacked us ,, me and that person looked so similar- and the white dragon tried to fight but left. So,, this dream has Nothing to do with my life right--- this is my firsttime dreaming about a dragon--

(Jf it doesnt mean anything yall there you go my dream lmfao)
Nic 2017-06-11 15:08:52
I had a dream I saw a silver dragon when I was a kid.He came almost every night and he let me ride on him above the lake near my village in Cambodia. He came until I was about 10. His scales changed from silver to gold Over the years though. He said that I'm his daughter and I did a lot of bad things so I had to come to the mortal world to pay for my sins. But I am a very sick person. I'm always in pain and usually on the verge of death. He said he felt bad for me and said I can come with him and leave the mortal world then at the age of 10. But I said if only go if he repaid my mother in this life with riches. He said he can't and I told him I won't go with him. He hasn't come since and I am well into my 30s now.
N'Yasha 2017-08-24 03:17:24
Turn it into a story! Very interesting because I heard that dragons exist on another plane.

sandy 2017-06-08 17:25:37
i had the weirdest dream last night... my dad was a dragon, he wanted me to try and find him in some massive forested mountain, i ended up coming across wolves, bears, even mountain lions, but i killed them, i finally got to him, and walked up to him, but thats where i woke up :/ it was SO real though, i seriously thought it was actually happening... he was a huge orangish red dragon, with feathery wings
jr 2017-06-02 12:10:35
My dream was the dragon was in the sky and landing on a ufo that looked like a sword.
sathish ramyen 2017-03-30 06:09:33
last night, i had dream i saw a small green color dragon like a bird but face is like reptilian so shiny and was looks cute it tired to water drink i get close to see the face of dragon, saw it clearly and tried to touch the dragon tat was fly away from me. so cute one. wats the real meaning of my dream?? pls explain sathishramyen@gmail.com
facebook: sathishramyen
Sri lekha 2017-09-25 01:20:43
Message from sathish ramyen
last night, i had dream i saw a small green color dragon like a bird but face is like reptilian so shiny and was looks cute it tired to water drink i get close to see the face of dragon, saw it clearly and tried to touch the dragon tat was fly away from me. so cute one. wats the real meaning of my dream?? pls explain usrilekha999@gmail.com
facebook: sathishramyen

Even I have got the same dream but small changes it has two small wings closed her eyes I felt that it was relaxing... It was so cute...it so friendly I can feel by seeing that dragon... My parents are disturbing it and hurting it was flying away and come back to me... Wat does it mean?

Can u say me
This is my mail Id usrilekha999@gmail.com
Cookie76 2017-03-21 03:16:01
I had a dream of at least 4 dragons flying over my house.I was in the kitchen and I noticed that something blocking the moon light a big shawdow I ran to the living room and looked up through a window we had on the ceiling and saw at least 4 dragons flying overhead ran to call my mom and my mom has passed on since 2009.Just find this dream very curiou.
Nia 2017-03-15 10:04:47
So last night I had a dream where I had a very large egg that I was keeping warm and I did not know it was inside. I went away for a minute to take care of something inside of the house that the egg was in and when I came back to pick it up it was cracked open and outside of the egg spilled an umbilical cord. I stepped on it by accident and it took me a few minutes in the dream to pull it off of the bottom of my foot. When I did that, while sitting down on the floor, I saw something moving underneath my bed when I went to look I saw that it was a pure white baby snake. I tried to pick it up but when I did it tried to devour my hand and I fell on my hand away and with that the white baby snake which hit the wall behind me and I thought I had killed it. Before I went to go and check on the snake I saw underneath the bed when the snake went for my hand a white baby Dragon sleeping beside the snake. I picked up the dragon with little wings and held it against myself and walked away leaving the snake for dead. there is a lot more to this dream but that was most of the significance of it.
Shirley 2017-03-07 22:48:15
I was dreaming of a Golden dragon with small wings it was swimming in a maize of liquid golden little streams all the while collecting golden coins in little heaps of different amounts. I wasn't sacred of it. It felt like I was as floating above him watching and other times like I was him. Can someone explain this to me please

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