Dream meaning Vampire

Vampire is not always negative as they also contain cultured dignity that can be considered as a good feature. Vampires in dreams can depict changes in emotions or surroundings. Also they suggest staying away from alluring personality that may cause harm in future. These dreams have many implications on life related to feelings and power. Vampire is a strong dream symbol and showcase inner feelings and several warnings. Dream of you changing to vampire also portray some negative emotions and energies.

Vampire dreams are mainly of two types, one where you see vampire bats in your dream surroundings and other you see a fictions character representing vampires that is Dracula. These dreams are always related to harmful feelings or personalities present around. To get the correct interpretation, it is necessary to focus on type of vampire, his actions, your reactions and other symbols involved in your dream.

Characterization of vampire dreams and related interpretation

To dream of vampire represent fears and possible danger head. The appearance of vampires in your dreams tells you to beware of an unsuitable or harmful person that may cause irreparable damages in your life. To dream of being chased by a vampire in the form of Dracula can indicate that some incidence will enroot a deep fear in your mind. It also implies to a fear that is already present inside and not ready to leave your mind. To kill a vampire in your dreams indicate that you will conquer the enemy and will win a position as a reward. This can be related to your work place politics where you will rise to a strong position. To dream of vampires sucking blood represent a condition, important person or relationship is draining your emotions, energy and patience. To dream of you turned to become a vampire suggest that you are using another person to fulfill your needs and desires concentrated only on you. To bite someone in dreams may indicate that with your careless attitude may are hurting others emotions. The interpretation of vampire dreams changes according to your real life thoughts, if you consider a vampire as a positive or attractive figure then their appearance in your dream may symbolize wish fulfillment.

Ultimate meaning of vampire dreams in your life

To see vampires in dreams signify unknown fears or fear of death if you are frightened with his appearance. These dreams are great signals to warn you about a close person that seem charming but actually have bad intentions for you. As vampire is the veil character, he suggests presence of selfish and harmful people around you that you need to stay away of. Today's image of vampire is quite seductive and hence these vampires are mainly indicating towards dangerous events caused by some toxic personality in future if you continue relations with him. If you see yourself turning into vampire then you need to look into your close relations and try to bind then with unconditional love otherwise everyone will leave you in due time owing to your selfish attitude.

Imaginary vampire dream and its illustration

Consider a dream where you have lost in a web of roads and addresses and are striving to reach your house as early as possible. You find no one on the street to ask and take guidance and see not a bit of light from any of the houses even in night time. You are searching frantically when you realize that someone is chasing you wherever you go. You are frightened to find him an attractive vampire standing your backside with a long grin on face. You really want to get out of that place and start running to find that vampire everywhere. This dream goes to a nightmarish vision where it simply indicate that the dreamer was trapped in worst position earlier in life by falling to a lucrative person or offer and that fear is still deeply enrooted in mind. It can also mean that the dreamer may face a troubling situation owing to some harmful attractions which will turn in nightmare to shatter him completely.
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AmberThalinx 2014-03-23 03:35:49
I recently had a dream in which I was a passenger in a carriage with two well-drssed women and a man. All were attractive and seemingly of the nobility. The man asked me if he could drink from me, and I dumbly held out my wrist to him. As he began to suck my blood I felt the oncomings of lust and it felt as though he was causing me to orgasm through drinking my blood. The women were agast at this exchange, mostly at my reaction. Then the dream shifted. What does this mean?

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Laurie 2014-02-21 01:52:12
When I was a young girl, not more than 10 years old, I had a dream so vivid and threatening that I remember every detail to this day ( I am now 40). My mother & her sister are in our kitchen. They are standing at the table. I am there too, as myself (a10 year old girl) in the clutches of a vampire (Dracula). He bends my neck and slowly goes toward my neck to bite - and without screaming or trying to escape, all I am doing is looking towards my mother and aunt, waiting for them to rescue me, to do something. After a few moments, when I realize all they are doing is standing there, watching, as if it were a show - I awake in a panic, sweating, heart racing, scared to death to fall back asleep.

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Isha 2014-02-08 09:49:46
I've been having this dream for a while, it's basically just a vampire dream like others except I'm not afraid of the vampire what so ever, I'm drawn to him, he has long brown hair, crimson eyes, as far as I remember he is tall, nicely built and he wears quite fancy clothing, but last night in my dream he bit me and when I woke up this morning the side of my neck that he bit me on was hurting but there was no bite mark and I have this tendency to daydream and when I'm daydreaming I'm picturing him following me everywhere and sticking by my side like he will never leave me can you tell me what this means please I need an answer soon e-Mail me at ishax_07@homail.co.uk but only someone who can answer the question please

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2013-12-29 00:21:06
I had a dream that I was kissing a charming and mysterious guy who turned out to be a vampire. He took me in as his lover, but I was forced to make a decision between loving him (he is nice, like super nice and wouldn't hurt anyone unless they were to hurt him first) or to turn away from him leaving him to die.

I couldn't figure it out what that dream had meant so I like to get everyone's opinion about it. Please send me a msg about your opinion to pratanmoon@gmail.com thx and happy New Years everyone!!!

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ian smith 2013-10-03 21:51:47
i had a dream that god had created a planet on this realm that was responsible for creating angels.

but the only way to do that was to make orphaned boys into choir boys then offer them up to god by having girls and women suck their blood by kissing them until they died.

the only way to avoid it was to actually ascend and become an angel during the recital. this almost never happened.

this is eeriely reminiscent of the cruxifiction, which really was not necessary. it makes me wonder why god made hell, and i cannot stop thinking about it.

is this a spoof of the reincarnation process or something?

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Dasha 2013-07-22 17:00:04
I had a dream when I was a vampire and my friend wasn't so she met volturi from twilight movie then I wrode a bicycle singing a vampire song then some other new vampires reapet after me it was a celebration of kind of graziy of Dracula! This dream is going on already 6 weeks!! plz tell me why?! I need the answer! Am I a vampire?

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Zhu 2013-07-21 02:34:30
I had a dreAm wherein our house was attack by some bunch of vampires. I was able to hide till morning then run away i got to meet with some friends then we were hiding in a house, vampires where roaming the city. A vampire saw us and we ended up running to a beach. I dont know how we got there then one of then caught me, she used to be my teamate, but she is now a supervisor. She wanted to bit me but said i dont want to hurt you... Then i woke up... Please what does this mean? Thank you.

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srah 2013-07-18 14:49:39
I was finding a way through woods, a huge lane in a forest was there and I didn't know where i had to go. a man arrived, but with a swush he could walk. he suddenly stood next to me, a tall figure, don't remember his clothes but i remember he had yellow eyes with a black pupil. so i asked him how he did that. he said he had special powers. we talked a bit, it came down that i wanted that too. he said if i was sure,a s it binds you to certain conditions too, something he didn't like either. I must have said yes, because he bit me. He told me i should wait, depending on the person, one ability will settle in, after some time.
Some later in my dream, I grew very long pointy, shiny nails. i remember saying the word 'sharp' some times. i could just touch something and it would be ripped in pieces.
When i arrived where i had to be, i saw a woman there with coloured eyes as well, but it was purple instead of yellow.
i am not sure what to think of this all.

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Ronnie 2013-07-10 04:15:52
Last night had dream abt vampires. My friend wanted to go to a vampires party . We reachd there I warned my friend to not go inside , but in the end we had to get in. Inside I knew it that vampires want me or my ass I don't know but for sure the room is filled with males of them . I kind of like can fight with these guys but had to get the fuck outta there and the was this two tall ass vampires wanted to do something to my life but luckily I saw my two friends at the bar getting something to drink so I walked up to these guys and explained what's gonna happen next and there got my back .so I threw the first punch and the guys I know decided to back off and suddenly I got whole room after my life . What did I do ? I fucking ran for my life ....lucky I had a quick mind and decided to not exit thru the entrance but instead I took the fire escape , while running I saw a girl running for a her life too. She took the same escape path I took but I had no time to like be kind of superhero so she was five floors above me . All I could do was letting her there was a female vampire after her a few floors up . We reached the floors where we were kind of traped but manage to escape through the side . We got away from the area and the sun came up which a very feel . Any ideas of the dream? The meaning to it plz lemme knoe thx

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casey 2013-06-27 15:00:07
I had a dream that I was a vampire. Me and a big group of other vampires were teaching little human kids something. I'm not sure what we were there to teach. I was with a little boy and he was scared. I told him:"it's okay. I used to be like you." And then I woke up. The obvious answer was that I meant I used to be human but when vampire me said that in the dream, I know that I meant something different, something deeper maybe.

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lilly 2013-06-14 13:30:25
I had the weirdest dream lastnight,
I was playing on the slid with my friend and as we tried to get off there was this black red and white snake. He was talking to us. Through the air in our minds. We took turns down the slide. First he wanted me. But then he didn't. He wanted my friend. I left her and ran down to this lake, and I saw her in the water. She pulled me Down and turned me into a vampire along with her? We walked around in this forest, finding a gray house with a lot of hot Guys? Haha and we had these three swings.. to find out who was the strongest? My friend went on really fast, but I kinda just drifted on to it. They announced me as the strongest. Then we played foot ball? Really weird....

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Ashley 2013-06-13 21:23:12
I had a dream where I went to Draculas house and with five other girls and he turned us to vampires. But before he could have sec with us we had to be able to us all our powers. His wife taught us and it was time. We all
Dressed very seducively and we went to his room. And we had s*x with him. Afterwards I saw his son and we talked. Then came some vampire hunters and killed all his wives except for me and him. We ran away.

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aashley 2013-05-22 10:53:43
i had a dream i fell inlove with a vampire and we kissed.. he used to protect me from other vampires and at the end of my dream he left me and i cannot find him..  :(

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Amado 2013-05-21 21:06:32
Well my dream had me and my friend inside then we were walking and then this man came up he asked us our names and we followed him idk why but I had the feeling that I had to follow him
Then we went some where and he grabbed my friend and bit her then she turned into one. Then I was scared but didn't movie because I thought how cool it would be to turn into a vampire
Then I started asking my friend how it felt and like she said it felt good. So I wanted to become one to.
Then the man too me and my friend to dinner they both had stake and I had a burger. Then I asked him if he wanted to taste a little bit of my blood so he got my arm and tested it he said " your blood is actually vary good, I will make sure I don't lose you". So then the dream goes to a house and my friend is there with me. Then these people come in and start ditching the house my friend and the vapors went to the roof and I hid behind a big pile of dirty loundry. Then they went and I found my friends and the vampire. After we went into the back of the house were there was this shed like thing. Then three people came out of no where. I asked him one last time of I could be turned into one of him and then he did that. But when he did he grabbed the palm of my left hand and bit into it. Then he started to drag it and then he has some of his dried up blood on his noise he told me to sniff it and I did. Then the most greatest feeling in the world shot all the ought my body and my teeth started to grow long and then the dream went white.
Please email me any questions about this dream or sugestions to what all of this ment I am not joking with this dream
My email is amadorocks123@yahoo.com
Thank you

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Chels 2013-05-19 04:07:57
I have had this dream for the past three nights. I am making love to my boyfriend and I as i look down at him i can see the pulse un is neck i try not to concentrate on it but i feel like its talking to me.It begins to feel like my throat is closing and the inly thing that will help is his blood Before i know what im doing i become a vampire and bite into his neck. He starts to scream and i pull away from him and have blood dripping from my mouth but i just smile at him i always wake up sweating and with a stomach ache...Anyone have any idea what this could mean?

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