Dream meaning Vampire

Dream meaning Vampire


Vampire is not always negative as they also contain cultured dignity that can be considered as a good feature. Vampires in dreams can depict changes in emotions or surroundings. Also they suggest staying away from alluring personality that may cause harm in future. These dreams have many implications on life related to feelings and power. Vampire is a strong dream symbol and showcase inner feelings and several warnings. Dream of you changing to vampire also portray some negative emotions and energies.

Vampire dreams are mainly of two types, one where you see vampire bats in your dream surroundings and other you see a fictions character representing vampires that is Dracula. These dreams are always related to harmful feelings or personalities present around. To get the correct interpretation, it is necessary to focus on type of vampire, his actions, your reactions and other symbols involved in your dream.

Characterization of vampire dreams and related interpretation

To dream of vampire represent fears and possible danger head. The appearance of vampires in your dreams tells you to beware of an unsuitable or harmful person that may cause irreparable damages in your life. To dream of being chased by a vampire in the form of Dracula can indicate that some incidence will enroot a deep fear in your mind. It also implies to a fear that is already present inside and not ready to leave your mind. To kill a vampire in your dreams indicate that you will conquer the enemy and will win a position as a reward. This can be related to your work place politics where you will rise to a strong position. To dream of vampires sucking blood represent a condition, important person or relationship is draining your emotions, energy and patience. To dream of you turned to become a vampire suggest that you are using another person to fulfill your needs and desires concentrated only on you. To bite someone in dreams may indicate that with your careless attitude may are hurting others emotions. The interpretation of vampire dreams changes according to your real life thoughts, if you consider a vampire as a positive or attractive figure then their appearance in your dream may symbolize wish fulfillment.

Ultimate meaning of vampire dreams in your life

To see vampires in dreams signify unknown fears or fear of death if you are frightened with his appearance. These dreams are great signals to warn you about a close person that seem charming but actually have bad intentions for you. As vampire is the veil character, he suggests presence of selfish and harmful people around you that you need to stay away of. Today's image of vampire is quite seductive and hence these vampires are mainly indicating towards dangerous events caused by some toxic personality in future if you continue relations with him. If you see yourself turning into vampire then you need to look into your close relations and try to bind then with unconditional love otherwise everyone will leave you in due time owing to your selfish attitude.

Imaginary vampire dream and its illustration

Consider a dream where you have lost in a web of roads and addresses and are striving to reach your house as early as possible. You find no one on the street to ask and take guidance and see not a bit of light from any of the houses even in night time. You are searching frantically when you realize that someone is chasing you wherever you go. You are frightened to find him an attractive vampire standing your backside with a long grin on face. You really want to get out of that place and start running to find that vampire everywhere. This dream goes to a nightmarish vision where it simply indicate that the dreamer was trapped in worst position earlier in life by falling to a lucrative person or offer and that fear is still deeply enrooted in mind. It can also mean that the dreamer may face a troubling situation owing to some harmful attractions which will turn in nightmare to shatter him completely.

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MaCayla Powers 2023-10-26 19:18:15
I had a dream about vampires last night, it started out with me and my baby daddy Austin who separated 10 months ago and a few other people I didn’t know, and some vampires showed up to take me and Austin didn’t care so I went with them instead of running from them. They took me to a dark badass vampire den/city where the leader wanted me turned, there was a line of people waiting to get turned in front of me and I knew one of them that I went to high school with Jacob Hulsey. They bit him in front of me and he died for a little while before coming back, he was shirtless and ghost white and his head was stuck to his right shoulder, it scared me. My vertical labret lip piercing had come out and I looked in the mirror and shoved it back in and it made my lip bleed, this girl that was a vampire kissed me and made me have vamp teeth but she didn’t fully turn me, but the leader thought I was turned and we all went to take off on a hunt or something and I was afraid he’d find out I wasn’t fully turned, she told him she bit my lip when she kissed me and that’s how I turned, I asked her if there was any way I didn’t have to fully turn and she told me to ask the leader what a “Latimer’s Wh*re” was. He didn’t answer me he just smiled and it went dark. Then the vamp girl was carrying me while jumping and I asked if she could turn me and she said yes and took me to a building in a bathroom where I asked if turning was painful and she said “yea, you have to die first. But I’ll be here to catch you.” And I said “I can’t die I want to have another baby.” Because I have one child and she wants siblings.. So we sat there for a while but had to go bc the leader was waiting on us. The place we went was like a castle, there was fire and screaming, people trying to kill us and we attacked their people. Then I woke up.
HeliosEos 2023-10-27 00:32:04
Vampires are often symbolic of hidden desires, seduction, or fear of losing control. In your dream, the vampires represent a transformative force in your life, as they take you away from your baby daddy Austin, who seems indifferent. This could suggest that you are seeking change or a new beginning, even if it means leaving behind something familiar.

The leader's desire to turn you into a vampire may symbolize the allure of embracing an alternative lifestyle or indulging in forbidden desires.

The presence of a high school acquaintance, Jacob Hulsey, who is turned into a vampire, could indicate that you are coming to terms with the changes and transformations that take place in life. His ghostly appearance and uncomfortable physical posture could suggest your unease or fear about embracing unfamiliar situations or stepping out of your comfort zone.

The scene with your lip piercing and the girl vampire kissing you may signify the conflict between maintaining your individuality and conforming to others' expectations. The bleeding lip when you put your piercing back in may reflect some pain or sacrifice associated with staying true to yourself in the face of external influences.

The mention of a "Latimer's Wh*re" reveals a quest for knowledge or understanding. It seems that you are searching for answers or seeking guidance from the leader about the nature of your transformation. Unfortunately, his response is ambiguous, which might imply that you need to discover the answers within yourself.

Your concern about having another baby and the realization that dying might be necessary for transformation could indicate conflicting desires or responsibilities. You may feel torn between embracing personal growth and fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent.

The final scenes involving battles and fire could represent the challenges, conflicts, or obstacles you anticipate or are experiencing in your life. Overcoming these challenges may require tapping into your newfound strength or embracing aspects of yourself that were previously hidden.
Dreamer 2022-10-23 22:29:05
On my dream I Saw bat like vampire trying to enter my house through different windows but I managed to hold it outside
Ally 2022-03-03 20:07:48
I had a very strange dream. From what I can remember i was in a very dark place like pitched black and underground. An old white man said to stay here and do not move we'll keep you safe in dark corner. Then vampires came and got me anyway. Someone and a child. Then this woman vampire came and said that he left because he used to feed on the child. Insinuiting that he raped and fed on them and that he was ashamed and was trying to turn a new leaf. Then she climbed on top of me and said she would like to feed on me. She stuck her long tongue in my mouth and i bit it off. I woke up because i felt out of control and incredibly scared because the image of this woman was so vivid like she was on top of me. I could not go back to sleep all night for fear of returning to that dream.
Kunchok sangay 2020-11-10 00:18:08
I had a sudden dream like it was made up in mind or have i seen any movie about it. I already had many dreams of flying like theres no gravity but this one was different. I woke up in morning and felt real and i can feel something different. It felt as if i always had wing but It had grown in one night. It was like white and was directly attached to my skin. The wings look like bats but white. It had horns on its tips. And my mom came to me where my right wing was out. She stated we were a rare vampires and i have now grown into a woman vamp. Like l am going to be 18 this dec. She said she had no wings like our ancestor and my siblings. I spread my wings and felt really dear to it. I flew into the ceiling and another type of boring dream started.
Coyote 338 2020-04-18 03:03:49
I had a dream that I had killed a Vampire. I buried him in the back of an old abandoned house. I had the ground underneath refrigerated so as to keep the body frozen. One day a man told me he had passed by the old house and the ground was wet. When i went to see, there where a group of four men who had dug up the grave. They were pissed off because the Vampires body was alive but his head was missing. Thats because I cut that SOB's head off and moved it far away north and buried it were it was always cold. They began to question me and thats when I woke up. I never did tell them where the head was. But, I knew it was alive and wanted to be with the body. Not on my watch! Ever!
John Dale Henry j.r. 2019-12-10 16:46:14
I had a dream that felt more like a vision or a message it was a wedding chapel and funeral home in one a Caucasian woman in her 30s and young Caucasian girl thats around 12 years of age dress in a wedding gown both vampires said i owe her 1 hour and i run out ass fast i could what does that mean? Jdale999.jh@gmail.com
Nicholas m 2019-01-19 08:15:58
well it started out me getting arrested and thrown in jail,It was an sort of normal looking jail white interior, tile floor ,bars. As I was I. the cell it seemed as I was alone but there were guards a guy by the door and I think a couple on patrol .The layout was the scene from watch dogs the game when you got to break out of jail funny as it was it all to real . so first thing a remember while standing in my cell I waited for the guard as he did of couple of passes I scope out what he's wearing standard wear gray uniform ,tool belt baton pistol ,spray,cuffs and keys. so as he walks by I manage to swipe the keys then I waited.As it approached evening I remember they have an 8 min shift rotation as they go the other cells . so soon I get a chance I unlock the door
as I slipped out I made my way to the end of the hall it seemed like a maze the halls turn left right and had forks but I noticed no cameras and a Erie silence as all I can hear are my own steps as I swiftly crept in a gowcho position as if I had an rifle but empty hand. then I suddenly heard steps in the distance and a conversation but I couldn't make out the words so I gave a peek as got to the corner ,I noticed there was an exit and some sort of window it was an odd plane of glass but nothing unusual. so as I waited for the guard pass I gather my. thoughts and looked to what I was wearing in was an regular butten up shirt ,white tee and some blue jeans. I watched for the right moment as the guard approach I hid behind this puller it look like an interior support column it was wide enough to block me from his glance .well as he walked by I creeped around the column and quickly lunged over to the door and push it open.It led to an parking lot it seem it was located in the middle of an city like scenario, As I exited I casually walked to not seem suspicious I noticed a man approaching but look singularly dress when we pass each other he gave me a nod as if it was" good keep going" ,I got to the end of the gate and instantly speed towards these hedges and hid quickly to see if anyone was after me . To my avail no one so striped my shirt and took a deep breath to calm my self and started walking I walked along the gate to the jail o was in and as I looked at this building it didn't look like an jail more of an office place ,so I started looking around and it seem as if I was in some sort of plaza and I walked along people started poping up just regular Samaritans so I played along and strolled along like nothing's happening then all of a sudden I see these people they. look like sheriff's so I head in to this restaurant cafe looking .as I head in I gunning for the back exit but not running just power walking .
Got to the room in the back and I see an exit to outside the door was open I see these people gathered in room o by the way the building is occupies as any other restaurant.
They were a few tables in the way and so I had to walk around as I get to the door a man closes it casually and then glances at me as if I wasn't suppose to be here? I turn around abruptly and notice these people were so staring knowing I don't fit in so I got the fuck out of there but walking out they were following me so when I turned around I tripped,and fell as I was falling an asian woman from the group in pursuit got on top of me and grabbed my collar as she was she did that vampire hiss and her fangs withdrawn from mouth and fucking bit me man and I woke up
So what that mean?
names Nicholas 26 y native/Hispanic
NICK 2019-01-07 15:36:31
I hardly remember my dreams but this one I did. I was standing in an open field area. There was some large building on top of a hill.
I heard a sound and looked up and there was this large bat flying, and I was with someone and we knew we had to run and find cover but there was nowhere to run and hide. I knew it saw us. All of a sudden it flew toward us and then it turned into a person. Vampire, or Dracula? I was scared. It looked like Vincent Price but darker and 7ft or so tall. He was looking down at us. Then I was in the building running, being chased by something. Then I was in a car traveling for a long way. Somewhere out west. We stopped for gas and food, went into t hff e store than continued on our way home. Some girl was in the car with me. Old car too. weird dream....
Sujan 2018-12-10 01:14:23
Hey in mrng sleep I saw the dream of vampire. In that dream I myself was vampire from beiginning where I was feeling for other girl vampire who was taller than me and I was trying to protect her from other girl vampire whose face I have seen in real life and in process of saving her I fought with her and couldn't win . So I started to run away with Girl I feel for and another girl vampire was close to us some truck light save us......and at the end when I went home with the girl I feel I saw. My mum who was saying come to eat and I ran away with the girl.....what does this things mean ?
Shabnam 2018-11-06 08:09:42
I dreamt last night that, I have changed vamps. Into good persons by the help of God's blessing what does it mean? plz reply
Derk 2018-08-06 09:57:50
It started off with an orgy in a dark bedroom. Every one left, leaving my self and this girl I knew some time ago. We begin making out and she gets on top of me. All of sudden she stops, and starts asking me questions. Questions like is she the one I truly want, if I love her(which I lied in the dream and said yes) then she reads my mind and figures out who I truly love. She doesn't seem mad and we begin fooling around again. She then tells me she can heal me of some curse. But in order to perform this ritual She has to drain out a lot of my blood. And I agree to the terms. It was at this moment I realise her to be a vampire. No fear, feelings of lust still heavy. So she drains my blood on this grassy field. So much blood is drained that I die. But she brings me back to life. This happens three more times. I wake up in her room, she tells me to eat some food and take it easy. She's reading this hard cover book as she speaks to me. Then this radio/alarm clock turns on and a womans voice begins chanting the same few phrases. "Am I beautiful?" "Will you kiss me?" With moans in between each phrase. For some reason this sent fear down my spine, I knew this to be evil or bad. So I begin trying to turn it off, which felt like it took way too long. When my vision darkens and i become blind. And my dream ends here. I wake from the dream and glance over at my TV and (which is turned off) and strange writing is all over it. I stare at the tv for a minute or two, trying to discern wtf I'm looking at and the writing vanishes.
Denny 2018-05-19 14:57:46
My dreams are almost always the same. there is this handsome vampire chasing me. First I try to escape him but in the end he always catch up to me and bites me. then when I wake up I don't know why... but I wish to go back to this nightmare. Its so messed up. Because I don't even like male human beings. I don't find them attractive at all. Women are wonderful beautiful. Then why do I dream about male vampires. It's really confusing to me.

J 2018-04-18 03:26:14
I had another dream where there was a man standing next to me laughing cause i tried to stand up. When I did I went really really fast across the same road i walked every day to Walmart when I was homeless and stole for substenance. When I crossed I ran inside and there was a different place the beauty isle was but recognized it was a style form of a different Walmart. Somebody was in the isle and it scared the crap out of me and i fell down and quickly quickly got up and ran to the bathroom but i woke up before i left the isle.
J 2018-04-18 03:21:49
I had a dream where I was in Europe Next to this castle built way back in time where there where rolling green hills where I was playing with three other vampires and we stopped running. I looked at this man who looked like an older Marshall Mathers and he said, "stay here I'm going to kill your mother." and he went in and the others went on. i started to and stopped and went inside to peek and stopped at the bottom of the stairs, then went back outside." The castle blew up and i saw some people carrying out a dark casket at night. I woke up. I know that dream was real. What do you think it means?
Jessy 2017-11-19 06:23:47
I always dreamed that I am a vampire. A king in a Kingdom yet a vampire but I am a good vampire who help and protect my people and kill bad vampire.
Rosalynyu 2017-11-18 23:54:01
I had this dream in the beginning i was human then there was vampire outbreak the setting was in school grounds so basically all the vampires were kids i was bitten by one of them but when i turned into a vampire they still attacked me it was then that i realized they were killing each other to prove who was the best i just kept running because i didn't want to hurt anyone vampire or not........ can someone please tell me the meaning of this dream
Chris 2017-08-04 17:54:06
So I had a dream where I was a vampire and was trying to kill other vampires to let me be the only vampire. I am confused what this means
Samantha 2017-03-28 18:36:24
Honestly I had many dreams to where I would be chanting to me attacking someone. I dream I have always remember is that it was really dark outside, but the weird thing is I saw my face in it. At one point, I was drawn to this man. We started kisses when I was trying to stop he goes towards my neck and starts draining a little blood from me. I didn't like it so I stopped him and showed my wrist. Soon, he leaved he went through the window and I say him pacing back and forth over and over again. I remember calling a name, but don't really remember it. I started screaming and crying and he was there in a flash and the thing he said was " wake up, wake up, you have to wake up".
allison gonzalez 2017-01-19 12:30:18
i have had many dreams about vampires for years. where some are attacking the town, one where i was in a coven (lair) with other vampires, one tried to have sex with me, one where i was a vampire and i tried to bite somebody. ive read many meanings to why we have dreams of vampires, but most of them dont relate to me. the only reason i found relatable was negative feelings and emotions, i am a very emotional person. ive never been used by anybody, less tried to use anyone for something. but myself, i am a sadistic person. i adore vampires, ive loved them since day one, they are sort of idols to me, a destiny. i would kill to meet one.

but i had one particular dream, that i cant ever forget. it was a few months ago, i dram that these too vampire women were attacking a human. i was a vampire too, but i wasnt doing anything i was letting them do as they wanted, and when they were almost finished they looked at me, like they were waiting for something, they wanted me to be my vampire self, my true self and kill that human, its like they were training me to be what i am. in the dream, i felt my body beginning to get cold and my eyes starting to darken, and then i woke up. its a phobia but an honor at the same time.

i believe i dream of vampires, or anyone else that likes vampires and dreams of them, i believe its because we think of them often. they are in our minds. the way my brain works, i dream of whatever i talk about during the day, what ive watched on t.v, and what ive thought about thoroughly. i watch a lot of vampire movies, i draw them often, and i think of them sometimes. and then that same day ill have a dream related to what i thought of, talked of, or watched that same day.
i believe thats about 50 to 60% of everyones dreams.
this page was very helpful though, thankyou, if i have more dreams of vampires (i havent lately), and i dont understand why, ill come back to this page and im sure ill find my answers.
Rylai 2018-10-28 05:53:25
In my dream, I was sent to a mansion.It was very old.I was wondering around to see if people stay.And there I was greeted by a man dressed very gracefully.He led me to the room I'll be staying.But If I sleep I can hear screaming.So one night I went to checked out.One man was drinking the other woman.He saw me.I started to run to my bedroom.I didn't know when he arrived to my room.He grab me by my waist and started drinking my blood.Soon I become unconscious and fainted.As I woke up no one was there but there was a bandage on my neck.I went to a dining room and I saw seven men there.They were all grining.The man that invited me to the mansion stood up and told me to sit down.Then I saw a man that drank my blood.I was so scared.But later that night I got bitten again.But by different person.I was bitten by them everyday.

But when I woke up I was more scared because the men in my dream were my Idols.
LadyHawk 2017-01-12 07:52:14
I have had the same recurring dream for over forty years. My dreams are very real and in color. Dreams of being visited , bitten and through sharing his blood brought into his realm. The feeling is never one of fear , but of calmness and love. The vampire is a man , sometimes faceless , but always kind and gentle yet firm. The bite is painful but I crave it and always give myself to him willingly and he shares the gift of his blood of which I eagerly drink. I long for each dream to be cloaked in his arms , I feel safe and alive! I die each time he drinks , but he revives me with his blood giving me strength and affirming life once again. However , a feeling of sadness overwhelms me when I do awake , for I am no longer in his arms.

I once had sever back pain, he came to me in that dream and bit me hard in the back where the pain was..... when I awoke , the pain was gone and has been ever since. He is my guardian angel.

When the room grows cold I sometimes feel him near in my waking hours , I can feel his breath on my neck summoning me to sleep. I find myself longing to be with him.
Alice Liddell 2016-10-02 02:44:08
I had a dream where I was somewhere very hilly and my daughter was there. (I just had thia dream today) anyways, the vampire said I had made a blood oath to him that entitled him to my daughter and any future children which freaked me out! So after dream time passed I took my kid and ran down the road away from my house which the vampire was residing in. I made it to the main road and screamed. "She's my child!" Then I woke up.
Gilly 2016-08-19 08:17:24
When I was 12 I had a dream that a vampire was sucking blood from my left thigh. I woke up the following morning to find I had started my period. it felt so real though and was not scared I felt drawn to him somehow
Jenny 2016-07-04 14:53:02
I had a dream I was stuck I was stuck in a house with many vampires. I went looking for them, and I found them. I wasn't at all afraid. I was to curious to be afraid. They surrounded me, then I wake up.
Gwen 2016-07-04 14:48:06
I had a dream I went looking for a vampire, and I found many, however, when they neared me and looked at me with blood piercing eyes, I was not at all afraid, but fascinated, I faked fear, so I would not draw attention to myself as I was not the only human in the room. I'm curious, not stupid. It felt so real at the time. I'm almost disappointed it was merely a dream, almost. Oh, and the vampires were all male, I am female.

JG 2016-07-04 14:43:02
I had a dream I went looking for a vampire, and I found many, however, when they neared me and looked at me with blood piercing eyes, I was not at all afraid, but fascinated, I faked fear, so I would not draw attention to myself as I was not the only human in the room. I'm curious, not stupid. It felt so real at the time. I'm almost disappointed it was merely a dream, almost. Oh, and the vampires were all male, I am female.
Anon 2016-05-10 22:14:18
I had a dream where it started out at an abandoned mansion like setting, and I was going through a desk with papers and pictures I can't recall. When I was caught by the vampire I turned around quickly, only to be caressed by both my arms and he mentioned something like "I don't believe you understand the full extent of the situation. Your in a giant mansion, with a vampire who has many years of experience..." then a cell rang, he answered, and I heard dracula come from the phone, and I said this out loud to where he tried to shush me. At that moment another 'vampire' came up and dipped me (like in a fancy dance) and left me in that position while saying how fortunate I was and he was more abrasive, and "I'm predator, your pray" and then I woke up ): The weird thing is that the mansion and everything else felt familiar, and so modern but I've never been in a mansion (obviously)
anonymous14 2016-04-20 21:51:11
I recently had a dream where a vampire put me in some kind of trance and sucked my blood until i felt my head throb painfully. But i was aroused when he was sucking my blood. After that he made me sleep in his room then i woke up. It just feels so real. It felt real.
Nacy 2016-06-09 23:02:54
I JUST HAD A DREAM LIKE THAT 2 NIGHTS AGO. I was on the vampires bed and he grabbed me and threw my neck to the left side, then he bit my neck and started sucking. I felt a terrible throbbing in my head and I started to feel really light headed, so I put my head down on his shoulder. However it kinda felt comforting, like I was okay with this. Then I woke up and my head was throbbing and so was my neck. I tried getting up but I was too light headed. I put my hand on my neck and I was confused, like i really thought the dream was actually real.
Marco 2016-03-03 03:57:06
I had a dream that Dracula was haunting me and he would be trying to kill me when I saw I'm then he will always be hurting things I love and family members
Judy 2016-02-02 05:47:31
I was i a park with my friend we were meeting others but we wondered to a isolate area of the and there is were two vampires attack us and we started fighting them when i was almost done fighting mine my friend got really hurt the vampire broke her back and only blood of a vampire heals so my fighter was knockout i grab the vampire's hand cut it so my friend would drink the blood that's when i woke up
Amber 2016-01-11 17:16:36
I had this dream before. It's reoccurring. Since I was a child. I fell madly in love with a guy who is a vampire, I don't know. He'd cheated on me with his Sire, which is a man. (Weird... I know) I grew numb, and strayed away from relationships. However, this other strange male came into my life. (By that time I was pregnant with the guy who cheated on me child) he loved me. We had it good, and I was well cared for, also not struggling with money since I was a book writer/ singer/ actor. We'd live a good life until the the cheater vampire comes back, and he wants me and the child to himself, but the guy who I am with didn't allow him to get me but was gladly to hand over my baby once he was born. I was going to runaway from him. But, he always was near me. I guess he knew of my great escape because I hid a bag containing money and passport stuff so me and my baby can stay together. He and his Sire/ her other vampires which she'd changed also stayed near me, or I can spot them around the town. I also wake up after figuring out he wasn't human and that he only wanted me because I was the Promise One, but confess his love when i figure out what he is. What does that mean? I had this dream since I was just a child. I really need answers. All my dreams from the past is coming back. Also, this strange women came to me from Facebook after having this dream and message me that I was special. I don't know who she is.

Uminyx1@gmail.com <---- If you have the answers. That is my gmail.
Makayla 2016-07-09 07:26:51
You should probably listen to that women and find out who she is

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