Dream meaning Chicken

Dream meaning Chickens


Chicken is the flightless bird that gives clue about the personal character. But before interpretation it is necessary to consider the dream you saw and your mood. Chicken represent cowardliness, rumor, chattering and lack of will power. Chickens are not symbolized for intelligence or beauty but it means that you have to more focused and more serious in your life.

If we talk about some positive suggestion then I said that chicken also lay eggs and eggs are symbols of anything new, that may be occur in near future. It may represent full of color life, development and growth.

If you see chicken in dream then it means that you are coward and you have less will power. The dream may make laugh on you to symbolize you as a chicken.

Chickens also identify the person as a chatter box, who loves to chat and make gossip of others. So chickens represent as chattering person, they are focusing that what others are saying for them and what they are saying for others. They take keen interest in listening and saying for others.

If you saw a rubber chicken in your dream it means that you are very ambitious to your goal and you have the serious personality, you need to be brought up as shining star. But sometimes you may react as silly person.

If you dream that you are eating raw chicken, it symbolize that you are not prepared for some situation or circumstances. You are not cleared for your destiny and therefore you are facing difficulties in achieving your goals.

So chickens are the symptoms of bad clues but it gives the positive way to think for future. Don't think that you are not able to change yourself. Human is very flexible creature of GOD, try to remove these bad habits from you and be the good social man.

Dreams are just like the way, the ray to move on. It gives the hope for something better in future and may be give clue to forbid oneself for doing anything wrong. It gives us clue so we will be ready for coming future. But it is necessary to study the complete interpretation of the symbols of dreams.

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marlee 2017-12-16 12:01:22
i had a dream that i was a chicken and my boyfriend cut my wings off still having trouble finding out what this means is it a warning we are having a baby soon in 6 weeks
HeliosEos 2023-12-31 01:04:29
Here are some potential interpretations of your dream, considering the elements you've mentioned and the upcoming significant life event (having a baby):

1. Fear of Loss of Independence: Being a chicken in your dream could symbolize a feeling of vulnerability or fear of being controlled. Having your wings cut off by your boyfriend may represent a fear of losing independence or freedom as you transition into parenthood.

2. Anxiety About the Relationship Changing: The act of having your wings cut off, especially by someone close to you, might signify concerns about how your relationship with your boyfriend might change after the baby arrives. It could be a reflection of worries about whether he will be supportive or if the dynamic between you two will change in a way you're not prepared for.

3. Feeling Unsupported: Your dream could also be expressing a sense of not feeling fully supported by your boyfriend as you approach childbirth, symbolized by the act of cutting off your wings—which you would need to fly and be self-reliant.

4. Transformation and Reprioritization: The image of being a chicken and experiencing such a drastic change could signify the transformation you are going through during pregnancy. The dream might be related to the process of reprioritizing your life and roles as you prepare to become a mother.

5. Fear of the Unknown: The dramatic and perhaps violent imagery of the dream may reflect general fears and anxieties about the unknowns related to childbirth and becoming a parent. It's natural to have fears about the safety and health of both the mother and baby as the due date approaches.

6. Processing Emotions: Dreams often serve to help us process complex emotions that we may not be fully aware of or that we haven't addressed consciously. This dream might be bringing to the surface underlying concerns that you need to discuss with your boyfriend.

It's important to consider how you felt during the dream and upon waking up. Your emotions in the dream can provide clues to its meaning and what it may be signaling about your waking life. If the dream continues to trouble you or if you find it reflective of ongoing anxieties, it may be beneficial to discuss these feelings with your boyfriend, a trusted friend, or a professional counselor. Open communication can help address any concerns and strengthen your relationship as you both prepare for the arrival of your baby.
Secret 2016-08-09 14:04:22
I dreamt about a cat eating a chicken what does that mean?
shaheer 2013-06-17 05:36:40
nice and very much in detail good job man

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