Dream interpretation Flood, Deluge

No matter whether your car dies out while driving over a flooded road, or you wind up to your waist in floodwater in the basement, chances are your dreams of flooding will be disturbing. While these dreams often reveal that you are overwhelmed in some area of your life, you can use other aspects of the dream to understand just how bad the situation is. For example, if the flooding in the dream is not severe, then you may not be as overwhelmed as you think you are about any given situation.

General Dream Meaning: Flood, Deluge

In general, flooding represents suppressed emotions or actions. In some cases, the repression may have to do with sexual expression, or other feelings surrounding your love life. Dreams of flooding may also suggest that you are the one repressing others in such a way that they want to revolt. If you happen to be unhappy about many areas of your life, a dream of flooding may also indicate that you want to make a new beginning. Depending on the severity of the flood, you can use this factor to interpret the level of disturbance. In addition, if the flooding happens to be mild, or gentle, then you can look forward to the issues being resolved without much difficulty.

How Dream Symbol Flood may Fit in your Life

You can use dreams of floods or flooding to examine your feelings on a wide range of issues. If you are worried about work duties, or responsibilities at home, these dreams may offer you a chance to vent your frustrations. That said, you should not have to rely on your sleep time to do this job for you. At the very least, if you dream of floods as a matter of routine, it may be time to look for ways to change the situations that are bothering you most. In most cases, if your dreams shift to indicate getting through the flood, or the flood being less severe, then you can consider you are on the right track.

A Sample Dream, Flood Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are washing laundry, and enter the basement to put them in the dryer. As you open the door, a stream of soapy water forms a puddle around your feet. Dismayed, you wade into the room and then begin mopping up the water. While you are mopping, you think about the fact that your son causes more laundry to pile up than any other member of the family; and that the entire load was for his clothing. Upon recording this dream, you become irritated over the fact that your son should have a better job so that he is not so dependent on you.

In this particular dream, you would start of by recognizing the fact that the flood represents a situation that you feel overwhelmed by. Since the flood is not very large, and you are able to clean it up fairly easily, you can consider that the disturbance is fairly minor when compared to other matters. The key to determining where the situation is in your life is revealed by what you are thinking about while you are cleaning up the floor. In this instance, you are thinking about your son, who is an adult, but still relies on your for assistance. Clearly, this dream indicates that you are tired of "cleaning up the mess" that your son always seems to leave behind. Rather than go on in this situation, you might want to see if giving your son money for the laundromat will ease your frustrations. This is just one of many things you may want to try doing in order to see if you can avoid further dreams of flooding in relation to your son.
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Suhana 2015-08-21 07:31:32
Yesterday night i saw a dream about a horrible flood came to my home. I exactly saw from my bedroom window a sea came about 1ooo ft... & i tried to save my nephew & niece... with tears

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Tammy 2015-08-24 18:53:23
My dream was drastic. An earthquake on the ring of fire started the dream, I raced to my parents in NV, trying to save them. I knew the tsunami was coming, I had predicted the earthquake. My mother refused to listen, but when the lights went out, the ground began to shake and horses went crazy, she listened to my father as he shoved her into the truck. We raced across the desert towards the St. George gorge. The wave was moving fast and about 80 miles behind us, I watched as it hit the mountain range in NV, just on the other side of Las Vegas. It shot up into the air more than 5,000 feet, a spray of water followed by a massive wall. My dream told me the only safe place was 1100 miles inland and 9500 feet above sea level. I find the dream definitions above do not apply to my experience. I was not in a time of my life that was difficult or troublesome. I had no stresses at all when I had this dream.

Funny thing is less than a month later, I predicted an earthquake that moved the entire plate. As if it were floating on water. After that dream and my earthquake prediction, I moved my family 1100 miles inland and 9500 ft up.

I have had dreams come true in the past. I am still expecting this one. i am not the only one that had moved up here because of dreams like that. When they have had dreams come true as well.

Something is happening. At the time I had my dream, 1500 others had similar dreams about an earthquake and a massive tsunami that cleanses the earth.

I believe we are the cusp of something big.

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Sk 2015-08-05 12:27:06
I dreamed that I was with people at different scenes and it was flooding everywhere. I mean a rushing kind of flooding and rapid. Trying to save myself and others. All the people in my dream were family members. My husband, sister, brother and church friend. What does this mean

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cherry 2014-12-02 21:00:00
Lastnite i dream about walking in the big flooded place together with my daugther.as nw im so stressful about my partner that having an affair lastime

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angelica 2014-04-28 15:15:29
Last night I had a dream of a deluge. A few family members and I in a house were force keep doors shut and lights off as the water swept us away. Moments later rain stopped as we pray after this was over we walk outside and we are in a different worlds with many Suns. People with white paint on their face. As I look up in th sky ones again everything looked back to normal.

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innocentia 2014-04-15 07:03:21
I'm in a stressed possition @ a moment things are not going well .separated for 2years with my husband in a process of divorce the way things are now work I can't find a suitable job for what I've studied for.when my mother pastaway we were roobed money that we were supose to get insted of getting R25000 money forfeited and we received R4000 and something rand.even the place I'm staying I'm renting I wonder if my situation will ever change I wanna build a home for my kids withought a straight Job all that its just a wish

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Abi 2014-04-17 15:22:15
Keep your head up. Watch "the secret"..it will change your life. Visualize you getting what you want a believe that u deserve it <3

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