Dream interpretation Snake

There is no question that snakes can lead to a number of distressing responses during your regular daily life. No matter whether you fear them, despise them, or interpret them in a biblical sense, they will always be evocative symbols. When you dream of snakes, it is very important to observe how you feel about them in the dream, as well as any actions that occur around these animals. One thing is for certain, when you dream of snakes, they can be indicators that you are about to work on some very deep emotional issues, as well as indicators of upcoming life altering events.

General Dream Meaning: Snake

Overall, snakes represent sexuality, especially if they are found in your bed, or where you sleep. Alternatively, if you eat a snake, it may indicate that you are searching for intimacy. Snakes can also represent hidden fears or worries. If you dream of being bitten by a snake, it may mean that there are untrustworthy people around you. In addition, if you dream of a black snake, it may indicate a sudden and imminent death in the family. The following types of snakes also have specific meanings:

Adder - An untrustworthy person in your life.

Cobra - entrancement, or the creative impulse

Rattlesnake - time passing

Serpent - the presence of evil. A winged serpent, on the other hand, represent knowledge and wisdom.

Boa Constrictor - suffocation or stagnation in a relationship

Anaconda - creativity and sexuality

Python - a clear warning of danger. It may also symbolize sexuality, sin, and self determination.

How Dream Symbol Snake may Fit in your Life

Snakes in your dream can easily help you deal with repressed feelings. In particular, if you are not entirely happy with your sensuality, or your love life, this dream may offer some clues for solving those problems. A dream of snakes may also provide you wit a valuable warning of pending problems, as well as where they may come from. Needles to say, if you dream of a black snake, then taking time to prepare for a sudden death in the family can help you manage the situation a bit better when it actually occurs.

A Sample Dream meaning and Snake Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you walk into your supervisor's office. He is sitting there on the phone. Nervously, you take a seat and wait for him to finish the call. While you are waiting, a cobra rears up from a pile of papers at the center of the desk. Even though you are hypnotized by the animal's beauty, you cannot help but worry about some of the things you have been doing in order to secure a promotion. As you sit and wait for the call to end, you decide that you might be better off looking for another job, rather than making use of office politics to oust your current supervisor. The snake slowly recedes back into the pile of papers as the dream ends.

Even though cobras tend to symbolize wisdom in a dream, this one is clearly indicating that others know your secret. In this case, you are already nervous about various tactics that you may be using in order to gain a better position at your current job. Since you are afraid your supervisor already knows, it may be prudent to follow the conclusion that you reached in your dream. That said, if you also find that the work situation is intolerable, then you may want to proceed as planned. While you may have to weigh the risks and benefits of various actions, at least the dream warning presented by the cobra can give you a chance to mitigate any circumstances that you may be creating with your current actions.
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Butterfly 2015-02-20 14:04:52
My dream was a bit odd. I was in my house but I wasn't. The structure was similiar, but it was also different. The door was in the wrong place. There were odd simultaneous feelings. The first, that it wasn't my home but it also was, a strange confliction, the second, and more predominant, was the feeling that it was right, like there was no conflict in the first place. It was between night and day, the morning, but it was unusually bright, like midday.

The snake was long and wide with a large head and large eyes. It had a light green colour like grass, with dark green, like a forest canopy, arabesque-like patterning. (I looked up some snakes later and I think it may have been a python, but I'm no expert, just a guess). It was crashing through the hallway. People were in the wrong bedrooms, but this, too, was right.

My father and I ended up being the main ones chased. We were chased through the hallway, into the loungeroom, out the front door and cornered against the fence in the front yard. First the snake devoured my father from top to bottom. It just kept eating my father, piece by piece and I watched, frozen. Then the snake slithered to me. I watched, I couldn't look away. It moved slowly and surely. It wound up my body leaving my head uncovered. The snake was firm and strong. It had pressure but it was not crushing. There was only a slight difficulty in breathing. It looked at me and slowly moved to my right arm. It bit it, but it was more of a friendly nip. It felt like it was comforting me, supporting me. It slowly, gently, unwound. It was beginning to leave when I awoke.

Throughout the entire dream I was experiencing it from two perspectives. The one being chased was naturally terrified and felt the emotions one would expect in such a situation. But I was also watching from above in third person. Observing the events unfold. This me was calm and accepting. I felt no fear at all. These two were simultaneous. I could separate them, but they were also merged. Two opposite feelings experienced simultaneously.

When I woke up I was deaply affected, but I felt no resentment, nor fear. I was curious about the dream, like an enticement. It was not something to fear, only to accept and explore. I did not even mourn the loss of my family. I felt no loss at the fate of my father, welcomed it even. The dream left no negative nor positive feeling. Merely neutrality. Of course, despite the strange serenity, this lead to confusion, confusion I sincerely hope someone can clear because I'm getting nowhere with this.

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Koda 2015-02-17 17:25:56
The dream that I had was that I was trying to get away from this large green python and I got backed into a corner so i reached out and grabbed this snake to prevent it from biting me when all in all I didn't grab it right and got bite anyways and as soon as it bite me I was in the motion of waking up so in real life I was gasping for air.

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Krish 2015-02-14 17:54:06
I used to have snake dreams very usual from last few years.earlier, I never bothered about it much. but when it's intensity and frequency of snake dreams increasing i started to search . What and why?

I had a dream of huge yellow colored snake with a symbol of trishul on its head. i am not feared of seeing such a huge snakes because , in every dream i feel they are trying to convey something and i bring someone with me and it used to kill the person. same kind of dream i had a year back or something like that. but at that time i killed that snake in the dream.

after that whenever a snake comes into dream , it trying to convey something which i am unable to get it.
What does this type of dreams mean?

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Jinky 2015-02-07 13:38:34

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Xena 2015-02-04 15:01:51
Last night after I had couple of dreams in the night. The only one I can properly remember is when I was watching a man stand there while a massive snake (andaconda)sound attack him, it was strange the snake would open his mouth as wide as he could and tried to swallowv the man but could get back his shoulders,the snake would continue to try but failed.

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neri 2015-01-21 13:19:42
My dream of snakes was different than others I've had in the past... this time it was my kids and I we were laying down when we realize that there was baby cobra snakes all over us and on the bed so we start killing them. I start getting them off my kids and kill them. However, when I around at the same time I see one medium cobra snake eating another and I continue to kill them and then I wake up. What can this mean??? Please reply

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Janejira 2015-01-18 00:49:15
I had a dream of a very big snake was killed

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anurag 2015-01-07 08:34:20
I had a dream about four five years ago,in my dream "i was sleeping and suddenly i wake up and realize a cobra was sitting near my head and suddenly it bites me on forehead".
can someone interpret the message plz?

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Adele 2014-12-28 23:07:23
So I had a dream last night I was in this tree house, it was beautiful. And I was with the man I wish to be with. At one point in the dream there were all these green & light brown small snakes hanging from the trees kind of like a wall of snakes. At first I was shocked by all the snakes but I was calm & not scared. The man I was with in my dream said it's ok they are harmless anyway & I patted one. That's all?
I can't find anything about green snakes or them hanging & just being there calm

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Rachel 2014-12-26 17:44:18
Okay.. so help me figure this out please? I had a dream that an older lady motioned me over to her (now I wasn't scared of her. I've never seen her before but she felt familar. Like if she was family) so I went over to her and she put her arm around me (I felt very comforted) she told me to help her find something and took me over to a large crack in the floor. Large enough I could fit my arm into it. I trusted her and I got down and tried to see into the crack for whatever I was looking for but I couldn't see it. She shook her head no and pointed down to the crack and motioned for me to put my arm down to feel for it beneath a piece of paper. So I did .. at first I was nervous because I didn't want to get bit by a spider or anything but I wanted to help her so I did and after I found what I was looking for I pulled it out but she wasnt interested in it.. she put her arm around my shoulder and told me to look and motioned to the crack. So I looked and there was a snake. A brown snake that almost looked stone but it was moving just not far. I started feeling really weak.. I wasn't scared.. I was just uncomfortable and tried to pull away. But she shook her head no and motioned to the snake and said look. So I did and I kept feeling weaker and weaker.. I felt like I was slipping away and everything was turning black.. I just felt like I was slipping away.. and all of a sudden I heard her say no no no.. Hold on. Just hold on. So I fought. And I held on.. and then she just smiled and I woke up. What does it mean?

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?? 2014-12-28 19:33:15
Please someone help me figure this dream out..

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sonia 2014-12-26 13:55:45
I dreamed people were eating snake. Not any particular snake just regular looking snakes. I couldn't watch it, I felt repulsed by it. They were feasting on it everywhere, in houses, in restaurants.

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Emme 2014-12-24 11:26:06
I dreamt about being in country field setting with my 4 dogs. Only the two small dogs ran out in filed me follwoing them , then noticed a light-med brown python x cobra lifting him seemingly to attcak but didnt. when I turn around the snake has swallowed baby, i could still see its head baby seem calm and peacefull. I call help, a man ran out with a rifle aiming for snake to miss baby but i woke up before he could shoot or recue the baby. However 1) earlier the prev. day my friend show me her big rubber snake she bought placed in the grass in her backyard to scare off birds; 20 as i opne FB last night I read anotification which requesting we must pray for baby bitten by a cobra.
Was this just a reminder of what i experience earlier the day or something completly different.

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NIDHI BARANWAL 2014-12-12 02:13:03
Today i saw a black pythen rolling towards on my bed on my granny but at any how i save her while pulling her...and i was so much active in pushing her out of the room...it was a big fat phython snake...  :ups: plz do tel whether its gud or bad ...

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dani 2014-11-11 23:30:38
i had a dream of millions of yellow pythons that were trying to squeeze the air out of me then one was trying to bite but then i woke up

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Jezz 2014-10-18 14:11:14
I had a dream about a black snake that curled around my wrist & I could not get it off & I was very afraid of it & then in reality the nest day two people that I suspect dislike me came to visit me. Could this be linked? What does my dream mean?

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