Dream meaning Eagle

Dream meaning Eagle


Eagle is known for high ambitions and subsequent struggle in achieving them. They also suggest the fulfillment of desires after hard work if appear in your dreams. The physical properties of the eagle also endeavor changes in their meaning and relation with life. To see young eagle in dream is also considered good omen and reflects success in present deals.

The magnificent bird eagle emaciates certain affirmative changes in the current position at work place. They are always related to your goals and wishes that you desire to achieve in short time. This dream symbol denotes various things in your life and all are interpreted on the basis of eagle presence and situation observed in the dreams. It particularly signifies different attributes such as golden opportunities, protection from harms, freedom from troubles, possession of accurate skills, willpower and power of authority.

Physical attributes of eagle in dreams and its meaning

To see eagle in its natural behavior that id to ride high on the sky implies that you will get success in your soaring aspirations. Dream of an eagle resting on at high place denotes that you will receive quick fame and financial gains. To see a nest of eagle having young ones inside signifies that you have great contacts with people of authorized position which you will sue to make your profit. This dream also implies that you are going to receive an inherited property in near future. To see your image killing a developed eagle signifies that you will achieve your goals with hook or crook. It also suggests that you will not allow anyone to instill conspiracies to prevent you from getting what you have desired. In short such dreams signify that you will overcome every obstacle and will reach your highest goal. To consume meat of a dead eagle in ream suggests that death also could not stop you from reaching the height you have aspired to. To dream of a dead eagle killed by someone else suggests that you will miss the power and opportunity to reach place of reputation and dominance. To see this bird controlled by heavy chains signifies that you are currently facing a situation where you are not able to do what you really want to. If you live in a country where national bird is eagle (US) then it implies that you are feeling devoted to your country and aspires to do something big for its profit.

Take it slow on your target signifies eagle in your dreams

Eagle dreams signify your ruthless attitude towards the goals of your life and it also denotes that you are not ready to compromise on it on any condition. Your dream is suggesting that you will not think for a minute to hurt anybody if it is in the way of your ambitions and hence you need to think over and relax. Even though ambitions are good in life but ambitions that hurt other are no good and hence this dream is trying to suggest that achieve the goals by taking path of hard work instead of cheating.

Illustration of eagle dream with related meaning

Consider a dream where you are sitting on a beach with cold breeze running and you sit with your eyes closed. You heard voices of your family calling out from a distant and you decide to turnover and go to home. Just as you are ready to walk up, out of nowhere an eagle starts to roam above your head. You try to shoo it away but it is not ready to go from the spot then out of fear you call to your relatives and they shot the eagle dead with bullets. This dream signifies your desire for freedom in life and how desperately you want to be free from situation or people. It also signifies the intensity of this emotion that you are ready to take extreme steps in order to be free and regain the power which you think you have lost.

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Eagle Dream 2024-01-26 07:25:05
Eagles in dreams symbolize high aspirations, success, and association with influential people. Killing one indicates overcoming obstacles, while riding one forecasts a journey towards knowledge and wealth.

The grandeur of an eagle in dream symbolism is impossible to overlook. This majestic bird, known for its commanding presence and supreme control over the skies, carries connotations of power, freedom, and victory. When you dream of an eagle soaring high above you, it's a reflection of your own vaulting ambition and the fierce determination you possess in chasing down those lofty aspirations. This powerful image is a beacon of inspiration, encouraging you to stay steadfast on your path to achievement despite the challenges that may lay ahead.

Should the eagle be perched atop distant heights, the dream takes on an aura of prophecy, indicating that recognition, wealth, and distinguished status are within the grasp of your future. It is a clear signal from your subconscious that your potential for success is as boundless as the sky in which eagles reign.

Witnessing young eagles nestled in their eyrie within your dreamscape is a symbol rich with social significance. This dream is hinting at the fruitful connections you will forge with individuals of high societal standing. Through these contacts, you're likely to gain valuable insights and sage advice, positioning you well on the path to a prosperous inheritance or legacy.

If your dream features the act of killing an eagle, it is imbued with a fearless determination. This act represents the unfaltering strength and resolve you possess in removing any barriers that obstruct the path towards your most ambitious goals. It suggests an absolute dominance over adversaries and points to a future filled with wealth beyond measure.

The peculiar vision of eating an eagle's flesh can be disturbing, yet symbolically, it speaks of an indomitable spirit. Such a dream suggests you embody a will of iron, undeterred even by the prospect of death, as you pursue your ambitious endeavors. Shortly after, this dream hints at stepping into a realm of immediate abundant prosperity.

However, witnessing a dead eagle, especially one killed by another, warns of a harsh lesson in the transient nature of status and fortune. Such a vision suggests that you may face a merciless battle to hold onto your position and wealth.

Riding on the back of an eagle represents an emblematic journey, both literally and metaphorically. In your dream, this suggests a pursuit of knowledge and riches that takes you on extensive travels to the farthest and least explored corners of your consciousness. Ultimately, it promises the discovery and attainment of substantial wealth and enlightenment.

A typical dream might involve standing atop a rugged mountain peak with the vista of an endless sky before you. Suddenly, an eagle descends, inviting you to grasp its feathers. As you secure your hold, it takes flight, carrying you effortlessly over landscapes that bleed into one another: untamed forests, rolling hills, and cities that seem to fade into insignificance below. The sensation is exhilarating as you absorb the wisdom of the world from this unparalleled vantage point. Upon waking, this dream might be interpreted as a sign to embrace new perspectives, take risks, and pursue your quest for knowledge and wealth, realizing that the journey itself is instrumental in reaching the apex of your personal ambitions.
Spiritualist Messenger 2019-09-03 21:52:09
I am a disabled senior, in constant pain. My eagle dream was vivid and I hope someone can help. I am a Spiritualist and I can communicate with the Spirit world, usually relaying messages from Spirit. Yes, I am a Spiritual Messenger and gladly accept my role in Light working. But... I need help interpreting this.
Saw a fully grown bald eagle, standing on ground. He was tangled in fishing line, around the beak. I sat away from him and slowly slid closer, he did not move. Slowly, I reached behind him, grasping the talons and slid him next to me, he remained still. Using cutters, I removed the monofilament from beak and noticed two hooks in his tongue, which I carefully removed. There was a large fish on the ground but the eagle did not try to eat. I cut the fish in small pieces and fed him as an eagle would feed its young.
Fast forward a few days and the eagle seemed healed and flew away. Next day (I said it was a detailed dream) the eagle landed in front of me, and released a fish at my feet. I sensed something wrong and again examined him. Found more fishing line wrapped near base of neck, it prevented the eagle from bending to eat. I fixed this and then cut a piece of fish from fin to gill and fed him.
The eagle flew away, leaving the fish and the dream ended.

Love and Light always,
Ravikant sahu 2018-05-17 03:41:24
In morning, I was saw a eagle who is come just in front of my face and see to me . I was try to cross him but I can't. Can you say me , what is the meaning of this.


Kasthuri 2018-03-16 17:00:34
I had a dream that suddenly I saw a child eagle one the floor, in no title got on to my brothers shoulder and started picking on him, I wanted to save him and tried getting closer. But the eagle got on to my right shoulder and started picking on me real hard that I was shaking all over and then I woke up. What does this mean...any help please?
umita 2018-03-13 11:33:36
i saw a eagle outside mybalcony at night facing the other houses what does it mean
Trizah 2017-10-02 09:12:42
Mine I dreamt that the eagle was very high on sky then it laid an egg[and its target was the egg would hit a rock in ground,when I saw that I rushed a catch the egg BT before I reached I saw a lady looking like a gost crushed over it then she collopsed ,aside there was a big river overflowing with very clean water, she was falling there bt i got hold of her then i woke up whats the meaning?
Joe 2017-05-18 10:45:24
My dream was of two young eagles mostly with white feathers. Both on the ground and one on a higher ground, both looked strong and very healthy... it felt like they had a sense of strength.. Any help interpreting my dream would be greatly appreciated!!
DREAMER 2017-05-17 12:40:26
I dreamed that i was in a place with big light grey wall outside with spiral stairs in front of me...all of a sudden an eagle flew towards me and flew straight in to inside of my my EYE????? i then pulled the eagle out from my eye using his big beak to get it before it got lost inside my head lolol eventually i pulled it out but was shock and then it flew away...
NOW WTF IS THAT ABOUT????????????????
eagle-dreamer-too 2017-07-30 07:35:49
you seem to be having great success that it doesn't want to go away from you even though you try to pull it away from you
Melinda 2017-05-06 02:43:12
I just woke up from a dream...
I was in a house I don't recognize. My kids sleeping in various parts. It was dark. My daughter came out of her room, went outside, and brought an eagle into the house. It had no beak. I warned her the talons could rip her apart. I looked at my hand it it started to bleed from three cuts. From the eagle, but not sure how. I didn't touch it. She went to her room with it and layed down. I went in and tried to get it out. I felt terrified of it. The way it looked at me. It wanted to hurt me. I kept pushing at it with a broom to get it outside, then I woke up.
Swagata 2017-04-23 00:10:50
I was by the sea . People were collecting stones , both old and new making bracelets out of it . I found a bracelet made out of stones in strings of two and everyone else there looked at it and said that they were looking for that bracelet and it was powerful. They asked me not to wear it . I wore it in my left wrist and in no time I could see black birds swooping down from the sky and coming around me then I saw they were eagles . Big ones . There was one which sat right in front of me it was so big I was staring at it . I reached out my left arm to see if it would sit on my wrist but then the dream ended and I saw something else completely.
Tiffany Babineaux 2017-03-08 12:31:53
I had a dream I was at a house were there were many , people , my granny who has passed long ago , acting real stubborn , two men sitting at a table looking and studying old charts , like beginning of time charts looked real old , one eagle big large brown golden eagle , that flew right in front of me holding something in his mouth , as i walked toward it , he or she climbs up onto a table , i put my hand in front of him he bites me but not a angry bite like he/or she was holding my hand letting pet , i can still feel the feathers on my hand , he left on the table , a chime , it was gold maybe brass symbols , with red beads but on the very bottom there was a small strain , of pink , at very tip , was a chime , a , maybe a type of prayer beads , but i believe , if i saw it i would what it was , still looking it up , and then say about 5 to 7 more eagles fly dropping the same table , a bunch of wind chimes , that in my dream my aunt that was also there said , hey these were taking over the years , she even had a list of the ones that were taking and sure enough every chime they brought was hers except the one that he handed me , there were brass maybe gold flat and thin chime maybe 7 or 11 maybe in an octagon shape , with red beads , but at the bottom there were pink , with what could been made of marble , at the very tip , it was the most powerful dream , woke up like a little girl , feeling , so light , so can not explain ,
Amber 2017-02-10 02:50:48
I had a Dream that I quite my job. But when I walked outside there was a huge bald eagle waiting for me and I got on it's back and flew away.

draci 2016-09-11 22:21:55
isaw a very alone place in my dream .iwas walking there with my friend ,and we saw lot of blood in front of the path we walked. after there , we saw lots of dead eagles are fallen front of every house . so my friend take me off from there and we went to my house .i am so afraid from dead eagles .i need to know the meaning of this dream .....
omeshi 2016-09-07 04:45:32
i saw a died eagles are fallen down in front of every house near the death eagles lot of blood was on the roads i saw this incident with my friend this dream giving me atention i want to know it means
mark 2017-04-07 22:39:32
Answer to this....take coal or carbon capsules from the health food store....the fact that you woke up sweating suggests you are unwell and the carbon naturally gets rid of diseae remnants in the body...
Message from Taliah S.
hi i'm Taliah? I had a dream that an eagle was beautiful in my eyes as it was golden with flames around it's wings and came flying in my dream i think it had a coal in its mouth trying to give it to me and then suddenly woke up sweating?? does any body know if its a good sign?

Gayle 2016-08-06 10:50:18
I had a dream with the male and three young ones in a tree with the female being all white with her wings out spread. Any ideas as to what this all means in addition to the above informations?
Time2Go 2016-07-19 21:06:28
I had a dream an eagle was soaring above me and then eventually it came and picked me up with it's tallons. Just as the eagle was about to carry me over this great wall an attractive person screamed something at me and then it was like I came to my messed up senses and fear got me and I let go. I immediately regretted letting go.

It felt like the dream was saying something is waiting for me but I'm not ready. Also the past week an Eagle or Falcon has been sitting outside my window perched on a tree. It's presence has brought my spirit great peace at a time I am in great pain living in this miserable world.
jack 2016-06-30 10:08:16
i had a dream where an eagle attacked my younger brother and wouldn't stop,i was way down the street, and then i ended up feeling that my brother was in danger, like an extension of my own body, i then ran to the house at what seemed like teleportation and i ripped the eagle off of him. but instead of him being bloody like i expected, he was a clean and unscathed. but before i got to him he was bloody. my brother is 5 years old.

what does this mean?
Carolyn 2016-06-12 08:01:47
Hey Blessings to all! I had a dream of magnificence where multiple adult eagles were flying high in the sky over mountain tops in a unique formation purposely connecting with me and I desperately tried to get my friends to see it and they didn't . . then I woke up
Taliah S. 2016-04-10 21:40:32
hi i'm Taliah? I had a dream that an eagle was beautiful in my eyes as it was golden with flames around it's wings and came flying in my dream i think it had a coal in its mouth trying to give it to me and then suddenly woke up sweating?? does any body know if its a good sign?
Ktt 2016-03-04 23:10:49
Had a dream a black eagle dropped three mice to try to feed me . Please someone tell mr the meaning of this dream .
Sandra 2016-03-03 04:08:13
I dreampt of a young eagle, not a baby, building a nest outside my kitchen window, but the curtains were hung outside and she,?, had pulled one corner of the curtain, rod and all, away to shield the tree she was building the nest in.
Any and all help with this dream would be very much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and effort,
Ravi H 2016-01-05 20:04:06
Eagle touched my head and gone
Request anybody to reply both about good and bad things
Sri 2021-02-27 15:08:53
Hey same happened to me recently.

Can you tell me if something good /bad happened to you there after?
Naif 2015-11-28 16:53:27
I dreamed of a grey young eagle sitting on the top of a building next to a window and me with other people were trying to shoot it down using shotguns until I got it my self then the eagle tried to fly but went down to my feet and it was suffering and looking at me as if it was asking for help then I felt pety and tried to help it to fly again and it did and it was following me and obaying my instructions and felt so happy!! This dream was very clear and has a strong impact on me not like other dreams!! please someone tell me what does that mean?? thank you.
Jmack 2015-11-24 17:01:46
I had a dream that an egale flew off a cliff and followed me and got in front of me and open it wings real wide.in the dream I thought the egale wanted to stop me from getting to were I was going. What does that mean?

Jay 2015-10-23 15:30:31
Hi everyone how are you? Ok i have had two dreams that have very been very detailed. Ok the first one i was standing on a high mountain and a gigantic eagle swoops in and picks me up by the shoulders and takes me to there nest and starts to feed me and treats me like I'm there baby. The second one i was sleep and the eagle woke me up by stirring into my eyes and then I started to see everything i mean everything and so far away. I really need help to understand what this means so please in the name of JESUS help. Thank you and may you have a blessed and wonderful day.
Sarafina 2015-10-10 15:53:20
I had a dream of a bird flying through my bedroom. What does that mean
meera jackson 2015-09-30 11:54:43
Hi i am expecting, 8 months preggy, i had a dream that giant eagle came an protecting my stomach the baby inside me. once i open my eyes in sudden, my little puppy husky sleeping besides me which she newer did that before.
kam 2015-08-23 16:13:28
I dreamt of going to a place where there were a few birds of prey, like crow and eagles. One smaller sized eagle was perched high up on a wire and it was considering to hunt another bird. But then a bigger black colored eagle came flying and clasped the smaller eagle and took it away to eat. It started eating it at a higher perch place. what does this mean?
purushottam 2015-08-21 15:56:38
Man set back at eagle and flew
Pema 2015-08-10 02:21:09
Today, early morning I dreamt of an eagle. It was perching on the tree and as it saw me it came flying down to me, as if it knew me and perched on my hand. It didn't leave me.

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