Dream meaning Eagle

Eagle is known for high ambitions and subsequent struggle in achieving them. They also suggest the fulfillment of desires after hard work if appear in your dreams. The physical properties of the eagle also endeavor changes in their meaning and relation with life. To see young eagle in dream is also considered good omen and reflects success in present deals.

The magnificent bird eagle emaciates certain affirmative changes in the current position at work place. They are always related to your goals and wishes that you desire to achieve in short time. This dream symbol denotes various things in your life and all are interpreted on the basis of eagle presence and situation observed in the dreams. It particularly signifies different attributes such as golden opportunities, protection from harms, freedom from troubles, possession of accurate skills, willpower and power of authority.

Physical attributes of eagle in dreams and its meaning

To see eagle in its natural behavior that id to ride high on the sky implies that you will get success in your soaring aspirations. Dream of an eagle resting on at high place denotes that you will receive quick fame and financial gains. To see a nest of eagle having young ones inside signifies that you have great contacts with people of authorized position which you will sue to make your profit. This dream also implies that you are going to receive an inherited property in near future. To see your image killing a developed eagle signifies that you will achieve your goals with hook or crook. It also suggests that you will not allow anyone to instill conspiracies to prevent you from getting what you have desired. In short such dreams signify that you will overcome every obstacle and will reach your highest goal. To consume meat of a dead eagle in ream suggests that death also could not stop you from reaching the height you have aspired to. To dream of a dead eagle killed by someone else suggests that you will miss the power and opportunity to reach place of reputation and dominance. To see this bird controlled by heavy chains signifies that you are currently facing a situation where you are not able to do what you really want to. If you live in a country where national bird is eagle (US) then it implies that you are feeling devoted to your country and aspires to do something big for its profit.

Take it slow on your target signifies eagle in your dreams

Eagle dreams signify your ruthless attitude towards the goals of your life and it also denotes that you are not ready to compromise on it on any condition. Your dream is suggesting that you will not think for a minute to hurt anybody if it is in the way of your ambitions and hence you need to think over and relax. Even though ambitions are good in life but ambitions that hurt other are no good and hence this dream is trying to suggest that achieve the goals by taking path of hard work instead of cheating.

Illustration of eagle dream with related meaning

Consider a dream where you are sitting on a beach with cold breeze running and you sit with your eyes closed. You heard voices of your family calling out from a distant and you decide to turnover and go to home. Just as you are ready to walk up, out of nowhere an eagle starts to roam above your head. You try to shoo it away but it is not ready to go from the spot then out of fear you call to your relatives and they shot the eagle dead with bullets. This dream signifies your desire for freedom in life and how desperately you want to be free from situation or people. It also signifies the intensity of this emotion that you are ready to take extreme steps in order to be free and regain the power which you think you have lost.
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kam 2015-08-23 16:13:28
I dreamt of going to a place where there were a few birds of prey, like crow and eagles. One smaller sized eagle was perched high up on a wire and it was considering to hunt another bird. But then a bigger black colored eagle came flying and clasped the smaller eagle and took it away to eat. It started eating it at a higher perch place. what does this mean?

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purushottam 2015-08-21 15:56:38
Man set back at eagle and flew

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Pema 2015-08-10 02:21:09
Today, early morning I dreamt of an eagle. It was perching on the tree and as it saw me it came flying down to me, as if it knew me and perched on my hand. It didn't leave me.

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Jennifer 2015-06-25 17:24:23
My dream, "it was my father and myself in a different home,not mine, or any I have ever been in. (My father died 2 years ago) The environment was calm, which was odd pertaining to us. Then an eagle started attacking the outside bamboo curtain, of the window. I went out to see, then there was another eagle, they kept attacking it. But then they would collapse and flop around, get back up, continue with just weirdness. So I put up a gate so they could not get out and hurt themselves further. So my dad and I go out to check the mail, almost at the mail box, these 2 small buffalo cone running to attack my dad, I knocked the 1st away and that's all I remember!" Someone explain that please. So vivid!

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clay786 2015-07-09 04:59:23
my dream was, I was sitting in a room with my mom and an eagle was gaging the distance between him and the window leading to the room. He spread his wings and then took a dive into the room busting through the screen and landing on my head. When I tried to get him off of my head, his talons gripped My head even tighter but when i let gohis grip loosened and he remained on top of my head.

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noheel sandoval 2015-06-17 16:52:23
I dreamed i was high in the mountains there was a big tree my brothers and sister started to claim down i looked around and saw a hollow on the side i go inside and there was an eagles nest with a young baby eagle in the nest and i wonderd where the adult eagle was i was looking around for it the baby eagle lanched at me and i woke up well thats what happed dreams are very interesting. So i decided to share  :)

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Kim 2015-06-05 05:28:54
In my dream, 12 baby Eagles were flying around me. I could feel their feathers touch me - they were soft and it felt good. I felt happy - like a child in a story book experiencing something new and amazing.

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Samia R. 2015-05-14 03:24:47
I had a dream that I came across an enormous eagle lying dead in the road. I walked around it and thought how many eagles are left since they are extinct.

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Cailin Murre 2015-04-14 11:57:28
I dreamt that my uncle took us hunting. Some how he caught a bald eagle and used his weight to pin it down. He slit open its stomach and white intestines poured to the ground, but it just kept writhing and meekly fighting. My uncle got distracted telling a story of another eagle he'd killed and made into a trophy. I wanted to tell him to pit this one out of it's misery, but I couldn't make my mouth work. In the end, he adjusted the bird, it turned into a large lizard and he stabbed it in the head with a hinting knife. Anybody have a translation for that?

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Randy 2015-03-31 10:18:00
a birds landed on my head and i scared it away many many times, till i had to catch it, place it down and matched its head with my foot. what could this mean?

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shreya 2015-02-07 11:39:00
Early in the morning i saw colourful spaceship roaming over moon. next i see shadow of eagle over moon. next i see that eagle flew donw towards earth and i see in front of me a very young, beutiful multicolour eagle. meanwhile it turns into a human being and came to my doorstep to giving blessing to us. i also wish to give blessings to my son & he give his full blessing to him for his future. what was my dream meant? pl tell

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Upen 2015-02-05 03:21:12
A eagle came n sit near my home I c my aunty go near eagle ..suddenly eagle make a man(small size n old man)..
it was a very pleasure moment because this old man bless my aunty my cousin n lastly me and saying about a book ...that my cousin have...he told to my cousin to give this book to me..
Again bless me n disappeared

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pavan 2014-12-26 08:53:40
Today in the morning....an eagle hit me perhaps with its Claws...!! Is it considered bad of good ....??

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Jessie 2014-12-23 13:29:56
Last night I dreamed a baby eagle had clamped its beak on the side of my wrist, my sleeve preventing it from really getting a stronghold. It angrily pulled at me and wouldn't let go. I ran screaming for someone to help me get the baby eagle off my arm--i.e. to protect me.

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dipti kayatsha 2014-11-30 05:59:44
i had dream of an eagle was helping me in my dream . he was door-keeper at Ganga revere and i was searching for my relative there. he helped me to find them.he went inside and allowed me to go inside that gate of the way to revere . what it's meaning?

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narayana 2014-11-26 13:45:37
If eagle touches head in open place ,what are effects in hindu/jyothishya, please reply.

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