Dream meaning Eagle

Eagle is known for high ambitions and subsequent struggle in achieving them. They also suggest the fulfillment of desires after hard work if appear in your dreams. The physical properties of the eagle also endeavor changes in their meaning and relation with life. To see young eagle in dream is also considered good omen and reflects success in present deals.

The magnificent bird eagle emaciates certain affirmative changes in the current position at work place. They are always related to your goals and wishes that you desire to achieve in short time. This dream symbol denotes various things in your life and all are interpreted on the basis of eagle presence and situation observed in the dreams. It particularly signifies different attributes such as golden opportunities, protection from harms, freedom from troubles, possession of accurate skills, willpower and power of authority.

Physical attributes of eagle in dreams and its meaning

To see eagle in its natural behavior that id to ride high on the sky implies that you will get success in your soaring aspirations. Dream of an eagle resting on at high place denotes that you will receive quick fame and financial gains. To see a nest of eagle having young ones inside signifies that you have great contacts with people of authorized position which you will sue to make your profit. This dream also implies that you are going to receive an inherited property in near future. To see your image killing a developed eagle signifies that you will achieve your goals with hook or crook. It also suggests that you will not allow anyone to instill conspiracies to prevent you from getting what you have desired. In short such dreams signify that you will overcome every obstacle and will reach your highest goal. To consume meat of a dead eagle in ream suggests that death also could not stop you from reaching the height you have aspired to. To dream of a dead eagle killed by someone else suggests that you will miss the power and opportunity to reach place of reputation and dominance. To see this bird controlled by heavy chains signifies that you are currently facing a situation where you are not able to do what you really want to. If you live in a country where national bird is eagle (US) then it implies that you are feeling devoted to your country and aspires to do something big for its profit.

Take it slow on your target signifies eagle in your dreams

Eagle dreams signify your ruthless attitude towards the goals of your life and it also denotes that you are not ready to compromise on it on any condition. Your dream is suggesting that you will not think for a minute to hurt anybody if it is in the way of your ambitions and hence you need to think over and relax. Even though ambitions are good in life but ambitions that hurt other are no good and hence this dream is trying to suggest that achieve the goals by taking path of hard work instead of cheating.

Illustration of eagle dream with related meaning

Consider a dream where you are sitting on a beach with cold breeze running and you sit with your eyes closed. You heard voices of your family calling out from a distant and you decide to turnover and go to home. Just as you are ready to walk up, out of nowhere an eagle starts to roam above your head. You try to shoo it away but it is not ready to go from the spot then out of fear you call to your relatives and they shot the eagle dead with bullets. This dream signifies your desire for freedom in life and how desperately you want to be free from situation or people. It also signifies the intensity of this emotion that you are ready to take extreme steps in order to be free and regain the power which you think you have lost.
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narayana 2014-11-26 13:45:37
If eagle touches head in open place ,what are effects in hindu/jyothishya, please reply.

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Brian 2014-08-17 01:30:44
me i had a dream about very big young gray eagle about 5 feet standing,it was just so big for a young eagle all gray color!

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khalil 2014-05-10 22:51:15
I had a dream a giant eagle was trying to kill me, I think it was blind too, it was tearing apart a warehouse trying to get us inside it was the size of Godzilla, what does this mean?

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mala 2014-04-24 14:45:01
pls tel me eagle has hitted me on my head its not in my dream its fact pls tel me the answer i am tensed very much.

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Phoenixrey 2014-04-07 13:49:58
In my dream the eagle was shot by someone else on its wing I thought it was dead but it was in shock so I took it to the vet then took it home with me and cared for it.what does this mean?

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Cali gal 2014-06-18 18:46:05
I had a similar dream. I found a injured Eagle and tried to help it. all these other animals were trying to attack it along the way. when i was trying to take it to a vet. I have no idea what it means.

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Levi Treigo 2014-10-31 16:09:22
The eagle represents yourself; and the attackers those close to you. You feel your friends making you a less sensitive person. Leave those who tear you down and realize your true potential as a person of spiritual power and compassion.

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jessie 2014-02-18 08:29:37
I had a dream I was an eagle soaring high above mountain tops and i could feel this power it was amazing

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an 2013-11-30 02:38:09
i dreamt of huge eagles soaring above d sky in a circular pattern. pls reply asap

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Renie Curry 2013-06-25 12:23:24
I dreamed I had brought an Eagle home because it was too young to be on its own. The young Eagle was fully feathered, screaming, and flapping its wings.. and I feared for my husband safety as he held the bird on his arm in our living room. Soo I ran.. opened the front door. The young eagle took flight....and joined an adult bald Eagle calling for the baby as it circled over head. I experienced this over whelming since of relief as I watched the two birds reunite in flight.

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Matie 2013-06-23 17:03:17
My dream was of 2 eagles one was walking and the other one apperd to be dead and was being carried/hitched on his back. The eagle seem to be lost and kept walking back an forth.

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noah 2013-04-21 19:25:20
I had a dream last night about an eagle. I was in a field with my mother and my girlfriend. the eagle swooped down and came near us. It also touched each of us with its beak, does anyone know what this means?

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suren 2013-04-09 05:22:51
had a dream of 2 eagles walking toward me. n d eagles are in different colours. what does this dream means?

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Ronald 2012-08-01 09:19:11
i had a dream of an dead eagle and the one who had it was giving the guyz who were with me its peices. I ask for the mouth and it was given to me. What is the meaning of the dream. ronniemaza@gmail.com

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