Dream meaning Sleeping

Dream meaning Sleeping In a Dream



The symbol that is to be elaborate here is sleeping. If you saw in your dream that you are sleeping that means that you are careless for the situation you are facing or it is better to say that you are ignoring the conditions and circumstances around you.

Sleeping also gives the clue of peace of mind. It shows that the person loves peace around him. It shows the prosper behavior of man.

If you saw that you are sleeping with stranger in your dream that symbolize you are avoiding the situations around you. You show the careless attitude toward the things that are happening. And it also may be happen that you are denying accepting your weaknesses or your negativity or hidden truth that never knows. In fact you don't want to see the negative aspect of yourself.

Sleeping may also symbolize with death, and it means that there is something new to be happened, the renewal or refreshing of some task. It may leads to the fact that you need to innovate something from the very beginning.

If someone else is sleeping in your dream means that you are not alert and not informed of the things that are happening around you. And this also shows the unconscious mind of yours own and you reflect in your own dream.

Besides sleeping there are some symbols for sleeping bad, sleeping beauty and sleeping pills nut that have different meanings. The interpretation of sleeping and all these are not same.

To feel sleepy in dreams means that by your careless attitude you may letting the opportunity that are passing besides you. You have to pay extra ordinary attention around your surroundings to take a better action. It is also suggested that perhaps you have lack of knowledge and experience of any specific issues.

So it is said very clearly that over and all sleeping symbolize careless attitude of one's man. It reflects the ignorance behavior, avoiding attitude.

Dreaming is not the controllable action, you are not able to dreamed according to your desire but this is only when you saw dreams with closed eye, the dream with open eye just need hard working and loyalty.

So it is recommended that sleeping dreamer should make them bold and focused for life issues. The ignorant behavior leads to failure in certain steps of life so one should be very caring and strong to move toward destiny.

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Cat 2019-07-07 13:42:46
I just had a dream that I was trying to fall asleep in the same bed as reality and my cat walked into the room. I reached out to pet her but she ran away before I could and I shrugged it off and tried to fall asleep again. After putting my head back on my pillow and closing my eyes, I heard a silent growling sound behind my head and started to feel an arm gradually strangling me. When I realized it was an arm, I grabbed it and immediately woke up from the dream.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:56:15
Considering the elements of your dream, here's one way to interpret the details:

The Cat: Cats in dreams can represent a variety of things depending on the context and your personal relationship with them. They can symbolize independence, femininity, creativity, or mystery. If you have a cat in real life, dreaming of your cat may just reflect your daily experiences or the bond you share.

The Cat Running Away: This might symbolize an opportunity or a comforting presence which is eluding you at the moment. It could also signify a missed connection or a feeling of being unable to reach something or someone important to you.

Growling Sound and Strangling: Hearing a growling sound and feeling a physical threat such as being strangled in a dream could symbolize internal or external pressures that are 'suffocating' you in real life. This might relate to stress, fear, anxiety, or a situation in which you feel a lack of control or autonomy.

The Arm: The arm could represent an aspect of your life that is controlling or dominating you to the point of discomfort. Being strangled by an arm in this context could be an expression of feeling constrained or trapped by a particular relationship or situation.

Reacting to the Strangulation: Grabbing the arm and wakening from the dream can be seen as a positive indicator. It suggests you are ready to confront whatever is putting pressure on you or take action to release yourself from the 'grip' of whatever you feel is holding you back or threatening you.

It's important to remember that your personal feelings and the current situation in your life can greatly influence dream interpretation. Consider what is happening in your life and see if any recent events, interactions, or emotions might be reflected in the dream.
sarah lee 2019-04-14 20:50:37
There are many occasions that I find myself sleeping and watching myself sleep. Often more times or not I have dreams also about people physically hurting me. I sometimes sweat heavily in my sleep and I notice when I wake up sometimes I can be frustrated, even though I slept peacefully. Also there are times I can be sleeping and feel as if I am falling off my bed. Or I can see color in my sleep, I can hear music in my sleep. Not even have music playing. I receive many times the feeling of something already occurred but not sure if it did or not. So I am pretty confused and I looked up what it means to see yourself sleeping in your sleep. I thought I could relate to the article and I read some of these responses so I decided to give my example of what I dream of and what I see, feel or hear, also things that I can touch in my dream. You know it's actually odd because sometimes when I am sleeping and trying to run I find myself crawling and/or running in slow motion but I never get to my destination. Just wondering if I can get help on understanding what these dream experiences mean.
S0UL 2018-10-27 07:21:20
I just had a dream where I was in the same bed I sleep in in reality and as I start to fall asleep I keep forcing myself awake (this is in the dream) but it's hard I'll be moving my head to shake it but nothing moves it is like my body is frozen still but my consciousness is awake and fighting. I do manage to wake myself up a few times but I finally fall into a state of paralysis where I'm still fighting it like usual and can vaguely hear everything but my body won't move. I remember while in this state seeing a message from my girl urgently telling me to delete some app that has appeared on people's phones and then my friend wakes me up and there are people searching the house. He stands by the door and I can see the people through the walls for some reason and see then start to approach. There are three and one comes in and immediately I lunge at him. Then my friend wakes me up in reality and I felt so relieved. I told him what happened and he said falling asleep in a dream means you won't wake up and that's probably why in the dream my consciousness fought so hard to stay awake
Shilpa 2019-03-06 05:11:24
I too had a similar dream multiple times and failed to understand the depth of it.. I try so hard to awake myself but not even my tip of finger moves, my eyes are like stick with Fevicol even after all my strength unable to open and when wake up sudden in real get a relief with deep breath and a fear to sleep back...
ada 2018-09-09 08:10:43
i had a dream where i went to church the preacher is well known priest in the wakin life, he was reading the word of God nd i started sleeping, i didnt wake up till after the service, and i was now wondering how come? and someone walked up to me and told me she saw me sleeping when the mass was going on.
Mylee 2018-06-04 06:40:25
I am always having dreams I am with friends at fun events like parties, the club or concerts. Everyone is having fun around me but I'm sleeping!
Yolanda 2018-04-28 22:09:26
I dreamf that I was sleeping and crossing over into the deep sleep but every time I tried to cross over into the deep sleep something would jolt me out of crossing over into the deep sleep. This happened over and over again. Then I dreamt that my lover came over because he got off work and I was happy he came to spend the afternoon with me.
Angel 2017-10-09 12:13:46
i saw a dream of me sleeping exactly at the place where i was really in reality fell asleep and then i felt a real heavy weight like a up side down table on top of me.the weight was quiet heavy. i moved my body in the dark but the object shift with me i was lying on my back but i did not open my eyes because i knew something was on top of me.and i woke up for real i was quiet sick
Sherry mastromarino 2018-12-08 04:09:15
My dream is same but I dreamt of me in my own bed and im.sleeping which I am in real life and dreaming of the same thing in the dream where the. Lights were blowing out and me and myself in the dream really jumped out of bed to see what was happening and when I tried to go back to bed after this happened 3 times my body was shaking really bad I was so scared to sleep in my bed I came and slept on my rocking chair and yes I am a prophetic dreamer and sleepwalker and this is the 1st dream of me on the dream and dreaming of the same thing and reacting the same way as in the dream please help
Diego 2017-08-07 21:45:07
I dreamed that i saw a "Headache pill" you know like aspirin and so after that i kept dreaming of a lot of weird situation for example i was a bull riding competition, where i was fully awake and so right after i got off the bull i dream of falling asleep and then i woke up after like an hour of this
Chris 2017-08-05 05:25:49
I dreamt that I fell asleep at the front desk of my real life new job. Someone told on me and my boss came to wake me up. I could see myself with my head down at the desk and saw my boss walk up to me. I saw her hand touch my arm, shake me and call my name. I then woke up in real life expecting to be at work. I woke up overly anxious and feeling as though someone had touched me on the arm but no one was there. I keep having nightmares about this new job. Although, this is the only time I ever remember having a dream where I was sleeping and could see myself sleeping but was still aware of everything around me.
wens 2017-04-14 11:59:57
I think i was dreaming of being asleep also i was seeing visions in that sleep and I thought it was all a dream because i woke up in a different position on my bed
laquanac 2017-01-01 17:24:15
I had a dream that I was looking in a mirror halfway out my body but I was sleep...I couldn't wake up so I prayed.
No name 2016-12-18 14:02:49
I'm in work or in my bac class and I'm on a stool then I can feel myself falling asleep or I'm already asleep and I see myself there on the table or the bar just sleeping and then I wake up but not fully I can open my eyes but I can't move and I feel drined whenever I'm awake like I haven't sleaped at all. If anyone has any insite on what going on with my please help I failed my mock bc I was exhausted
Ness 2017-08-08 10:03:07
I have had this same dream. Can't sleep or wake up fully in my dream and when I wake up all I want to do is go back to sleep because I'm so tired.
Charity 2019-10-18 19:06:55
I have the same recurring dream! Im sleeping in random places, so drained and tired in my dream that I just lay down in random places and always have my blanket for some reason. But it exhausting in real life, cause all I do is dream about trying to fall asleep :/ I have this dream every night, its awful!!!

Kryzabel 2016-11-05 22:34:53
What about dreaming of sleeping beside someome important to me?
Daylin 2016-11-13 07:35:09
I dreamt that I was sleeping and got raped and I didn't know who was the person . And before that dream I was dreaming about having a baby and I saw my mom and she went to go buy diapers. What does this mean?????
woman supporter 2016-10-17 05:09:20
Jessica 2016-10-05 20:11:11
I have a friend who was a girl. We are not close like before. I dreamt about her sleepinh on my lap while hugging me. What does this mean? PS im not a lesbian neither she is
Emmy 2016-05-01 22:24:50
There is this girl which I have been asking for friendship, but she is not giving full attention on my request, last night I dreamed that she slept on my lap. I carried her on my lap while sleeping. What does that mean, please I need answer
john doe 2016-02-10 04:19:47
i had a dream that i was a young child and i was in a room surrounded by other young kids,and they were all covered in blood and cuts,and thier skin on thier face and upper chest was rubbed raw ,and outsixe the room thier was men chopping the legs off of large black bulls with big thick white horns,and putting one bull ontop of another ,the top cow was upside down and was slamming its head aginst the bottom cow ,and the men would cut deep cuts into the cows and make them bleed,then cutting the children open and violently rubbing ther face and chest onto the bulls.my body was stinging and my hair was gone,then i was let out of the room and people were chasing me trying to kill me.then i forced myself to wake up out of shock and fear
Olivia 2016-12-14 07:25:55
The hurting of the cows could mean that you are unhappy or unfulfilled.
The bulls mean strength and power also could mean fertility.
The children could mean you are worried about your child (if you have one)
Because you are a child that represents a new aspect of yourself one where you don't feel loved or looked after and the people wanting to kill you are because you feel attacked or pressured about something.

If you have children.....then it's probably about you being stressed and worried about them growing up and the pain they will go through in adulthood

If you don't have kids....it'll be because you might be in a spot when you feel helpless and weak. Maybe stressed about something and you want the strength to keep going
robbie 2015-10-13 15:16:24
what does it mean if you dream and see you name in gold all over the place?
Taylor 2015-11-28 07:16:45
You are watching yoo much Harry Potter. You are not voldemort
alka 2015-10-01 03:37:02
before some month's my aunty died and after her death I saw her always in my dream and she said ,.she is not died she come back in her life ... and in my dream I talk to her very closely ..
I don't know why she come in my dream
really I m not think about her ...
Tanya Pera 2015-08-16 09:32:37
I dream I spoke in my dream. I told a man in my dream I want to sleep with you. Will I was walking and he was walking next to me on my left hand side. What that mean.
mr t 2015-05-26 19:51:05
I had a dream that i was looking at my body from above and that there were little white cretures kinda like kids but anyway they were playing around my body
Andrea 2015-05-05 19:57:19
I basically had a dream where i would see someone doze off and then when they awoke they weren't themselves. Also later on some people would keep poking me very hard at my belly. and also when the people that fell asleep and lost control they were very aggressive.
Abby 2015-04-04 15:53:25
I dreamt that I went to my friends party which was on Tuesday, and every time I went to their party I slept and it was in the room, in the movie theater, anywhere!
keith 2015-03-28 20:12:42
I dreamed I saw someone sleeping with there mouth wide open and a man looked at him and stuck his whole head in his mouth. Then I saw Jamie Foxx looking at them like that was disgusting and I started to laugh. I wonder what kind of dream was that.

Melissa 2015-03-17 20:25:42
I had a dream last night about that I was feeling sleepy on like those church seats and this guy that I know was sleeping beside me.and I move but then he got close to me and sleeping beside me. There's was a couple women had makeup up and those 1860s dress and they were ready to perform a play.
kenny 2015-03-08 10:38:36
I was dreaming in my dream in an old house. To be Woking up by a ghost stirring me in the face. I then woke up to fill a presence in my room. Also remember big storms with darkgreen tinge
kendal 2015-05-18 20:33:47
A while ago I remember I had a dream inside a dream and I was in a very unfamiliar house and I felt great tension and when I woke up I was in my room and I though I was awake....I was talking to my brother and he tried to stab me and before he did I woke up for real...........I had one more recently kind of like that too where it was almost like if I wanted to get out of the second dream I had to solve a riddle from this old lady....she had a big red door and it stuck out from the rest although I cant think of what the riddle was or my answer to it.....it sucks
holly 2014-11-20 17:01:11
I had a dream that my roommmate and i shared a room and he asked me to share a bed and we slept together (just sleep not s*x) I felt very comfortable and relaxed. It was difficult to get into our room because the stairs only went half way down.
ligia 2014-10-20 05:16:15
I am a counselor for addiction and I saw myself in my office with a patient and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open because I felt my eyes closing wanting to sleep. Then I saw myself at the office of my supervisor addressed the fact that the patient has reported that I was sleeping instead of giving him his therapy session time and my boss asked me if in fact it was true that I was sleeping in front of the patient in the office and I denied it. In the dream my boss, was in my side and question the credibility of the report from the client since it was hard for her to belief that.

I wake up normal, and I just remember remembering the dream and thinking I better go to bed early so I can be rested and alert as a way to prevent this dream from happening.

Could you please help me finding meaning to it?
Jeffrey 2014-07-21 19:15:40
I dreamt of a business I guess for meditation were a woman and here assistant guided me through different meditations for relaxation my wife was there and I thought at first I was interviewing for a job she asked me 'do you know what we do here? I responded to what I assumed was a job question. But then her and her younger assistant guided me through meditative excersises and with the assistant lying next to me she began running a finger along the side of my head which put me to sleep in the dream. I began to come to and realized I was waking from sleep then the guide began raising a thin sheet of golden material that enveloped the room with its golden hue. I felt my body waking and thought No! I don't want to wake up I knew I was dreaming but the women had brought such peace and calm over me I do not want to awake from the dream my final glimpse was my wife lounged upon a couch across the room waking up herself with feathers and a necklace like headress adorning her forgheAd. I slept as though cradled in the warmth of heaven and I know I had never seen either of those woman before. I am both sad I woke up yet calm and content with having been there even if only in a dream...
Liz 2017-01-15 06:19:16
It might be about something you get or earn in the future. But im not to sure
Sleepingpsy 2014-07-10 08:49:17
Okay this is gonna sound really weird but I just woke up I was having a strange dream that you were sleep kind of intense nightmare you got up in your sleep left got into a car went somewhere and then your mother and grandmother showed up and they were freaking out and then I woke up I don't know what this means I don't know if you believe in these types of things I'm looking into it to see what it means this is something to do with the friend of mine no idea what it means

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