Dream Dictionary Elephant

Dream Dictionary Elephant


Very few people can resist smiling when they see a figurine of an elephant with an upturned trunk. When you dream of elephants enjoying themselves in their natural habitat, then you can rest assured that your life will be filled with auspicious events. Unfortunately, if the elephant in your dream lives in a cage, is sick, or appears unfriendly, then you may need to prepare yourself for obstacles and general bad luck.

Elephant Dream General Meaning

Since elephants are often a symbol of memory in waking life, they can indicate that you are dealing with some past issue in your dreams. In some cases, you may need to release something from the past, or be reminded of a past lesson. Elephants can also mean that good luck in jut about every area of your life is on the way. If the elephants are happy and in a natural setting, you can expect this omen to be enhanced to a significant degree. Interestingly enough, white elephants can symbolize royalty, or one other highly influential figure. Regardless of whether this person enters your life in a known way, you can rest assured that powerful things are going to happen around you.

How Elephant Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of an elephant, it can easily indicate that you need to take some time to look at a buildup of memories that may be controlling your life. Even though this symbol may be positive, the fact that you are not fully aware of why you do certain things may be problematic. In fact, if the elephant has its trunk down in the dream, or it is in captivity, then you can rest assured that any coming good fortune may soon be overturned as a result of lack of awareness of the consequences of your own actions.

Fortunately, when you dream of elephants, they will give you a chance to delve deep into the past, as well as look at each memory in a way that enables you to release it. Aside from releasing negative events, you may also want to set aside memories of more positive occasions if they prevent you from growing in new directions. While you may still cherish these moments, at least you will be free to move forward and embrace changes that will bring other kinds of happiness and well being into your life.

A Sample Elephant Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you are riding in a land rover somewhere in Africa. As you drive along, you watch the grasses blowing in the wind, and wonder if you will see any wild animals. Before long, you see a herd of elephants. Since they are accustomed to the sound of vehicles, they do not stampede. Happily, you take a picture of the elephants and remark to another passenger how excited you are about the venture.

Suddenly, you hear gunshots, and see the elephants falling to the ground one by one. As poachers continue to kill the elephants, you cannot help but feel horrified and saddened. Upon waking, you remember a time in your life when you had many arguments with a family member that passed before you could resolve your issues.

As with many other elephant dreams, this one is related to past memories. Since the elephants were shot, you can rest assured that the memories you have to deal with may be fairly negative and unpleasant. Rather than let them continue to fester, it will be to your advantage to begin addressing them one at a time. Since you woke up thinking about a specific person, you may want to start with those memories first. If you continue to have recurring dreams of elephants, it may take some time before you exhaust the entire complex of memories that you need to let go of.

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Elephant Dream 2024-01-26 09:39:00
Dreaming of an elephant signifies solid wealth, honor, and authority in business and home. Multiple elephants indicate immense prosperity, while a single one suggests modest living; feeding one implies community benevolence.

The elephant in dreams is a powerful symbol that manifests the subconscious mind's association with strength, wisdom, and steadiness. It is not just an animal but an embodiment of considerable attributes that reflect our own potential and aspirations.

When you dream of riding an elephant, it connotes that you are in charge of your destiny, confidently leading your life with both financial and moral integrity. The act of riding such a majestic creature reflects your journey through life on a path filled with success and respect. This dream implies that you're navigating through your professional and personal life with a calculated and sure-footed approach, much like the elephant's gait; slow but unstoppable.

A dream where one sees numerous elephants could be symbolizing the potential for extraordinary wealth and success that is within reach. It might indicate that the dreamer's efforts are about to pay off on a grand scale, leading to prosperity that is both visible and substantial.

On the other hand, encountering a single elephant suggests a more modest but stable lifestyle. This might infer that the dreamer values quality over quantity, opting for a life that is not extravagant but is reliable and strong, much like the attributes of an elephant.

Feeding an elephant in a dream speaks to the dreamer's altruistic nature. It indicates a wish or an action of elevating one's social standing by extending help and kindness toward those in less fortunate positions. This act can be interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer's own nurturing spirit and their desire to positively impact their community.

Typical dream example:
Imagine dreaming that you are in a lush forest, and suddenly you encounter an elephant standing peacefully in a clearing. You approach with awe and begin to feed the elephant from your hand. The gentle giant accepts your offering with grace.

This type of dream may be suggesting that you are in the process of nurturing your personal growth and extending your goodwill outward. Perhaps there are opportunities in your waking life where you are or could be offering your support and care to others, solidifying your role as a respected and benevolent figure within your circle. The dream reflects your intuitive understanding that by helping others, you invariably create a stable foundation upon which you can build your own success and peace of mind.
Anitha 2018-11-06 03:19:26
I had a dream in which I saw a baby animal ( could not distinguish) followed by another animal leading a long line of elephants... The elephants were holding on to each others tails... They started climbing the small hillock where I saw myself and my mother... Suddenly my mum went forward and picked up the baby animal and carried it up... All the other animals followed...then the scene moves inside the house and there is me and my younger brother... I remember the front door was not strong and a lion was trying to enter... I was trying to hold the door closed and shouting to my brother to bring fire... He brings a burning stick and waves it in the lions face but the lion does not go ...i
immediately start shouting and waving and the lion moves back.... Then I woke up.. Looked at the time it was 1:08 am...
Mani 2018-08-16 07:29:06
I saw one elephant was knocked down by another one and it was happened near to me .. but none of the elephants attacked or turned against me.... need to know abot that
Kjp 2018-04-23 07:46:14
I dreamt that I was a teenager and I was walking home from school and then somehow I was in a big clearing and there were two elephants picking on a baby elephant. Then 2 more elephants came but they were my mum and dad and my dad came in to rescue the baby elephant. Then an even larger elephant came and all three elephants started chasing my parents (elephants) and I woke up just as I saw the one that was my dad climbing up inside this huge pipe to hide
Raja 2017-12-21 03:52:45
I saw a dream where I saw two elephants one was injured and fallen and was drinking water from a dirty pipe and the other was standing beside and looking at me

I was standing outside my house and took a bucket of water to give it to the injured elephant

Can you explain the interpretation
Carol 2017-09-23 23:05:44
I dreamt that I was in a room with an elephant and every time I tried to leave the elephant took his trunk and very gently pulled me back. in the dream the elephant kept nuzzling me with his trunk and just did not want me to leave. what is the meaning of this dream?
Tammy 2017-09-16 18:48:36
I had a dream of one grey elephant walking alone into the sun set. I was following him but every time he moved his ear the sun was so bright that it blinded me. I couldnt look at it. But wanted to
deepika maldar 2017-05-28 01:24:44
Actually I was in venkata ramana temple in my dream. When I peeped in to garbha gudi I saw big black stone idol I bowed my head there that idol looked like some god is doing meditation. But the brahmin pandits and ladies were badly behaving with me because I m not brahmin. They even told me that they will check my bag if I had anything from there. I was tolerating everything because I felt I should respect brahmins. I sat in one place I saw some people brought nice decorated elephant with its baby. On that day I was wearing blue. But after some time I saw in my bag my bronze Krishna murti turned to mud statute and it was broken. So pls try to interpret my dream.
T 2017-05-21 15:05:49
I dreamed my husband and I were in our living room. We apparently had gotten an elephant and were happy with it. We also thought it was good that we could lean up against it and be comfortable, because our couch sucked. Pretty soon, we and the elephant realized or remembered that it was an elephant and it started to gently roll over us as we acknowledged to each other that it probably wasn't smart to get an elephant as a pet.
T 2017-05-21 15:00:58
I dreamed my husband and I were in our living room. We had gotten an elephant and were happy with it. We also thought it was good that we could lean up against it and be comfortable, because our couch sucked. Pretty soon, we and the elephant realized or remember that it was an elephant and it started to gently roll over us as we acknowledged to each other that it probably wasn't smart to get an elephant as a pet.
gurunath 2017-03-13 23:15:20
I saw two very huge elephant like seen in mythology ...it was so Large tht I could see only legs and trunk...but normal colour...It was eating trees and I saw only my relatives in dream like my father's brother my cousins all were in my building and elephant was seen in nextto neighbour building. ......I saw my dad very close to elephant beneath it but was not in danger ....they were just trying to keep an watch on the elephants....we all felt very happy by seeing so huge elephant...I am not exaggerating it cuz I know how huge a normal elephant looks this elephant was very huge like Indian elephant about more than mammoth size....we felt like celebrated by seeing the elephants none were feared. ....
Ann Heiden 2017-02-19 09:53:59
Had a dream there was a young elephant in a warehouse with steel partition walls and mostly below ground level. Someone was trying to flood the room and kill it . The elephant was nervous and looking for a way out. I then saw it had a blue collar and leash. I grabbed the leash and was guiding it out as the water rose above our heads. We stepped out to a lush green grassy area with some trees. The elephant on his own
then kneeled down as flat as possible for me to ride it. We rode onto a beautiful area of long green grass and trees. It was lovely and we were free.

Sahana 2017-01-29 04:19:09
I saw a dream of elephant white metal idol
Seema 2017-01-25 19:08:22
Saw dream of my husband standing on the elephant as a honour and doing Ganeshji ki arati. I was observing it.
Rakha 2017-01-17 18:53:52
There were around 6 to 7 giant elephants, which i thought they were chasing me but they weren't. There was a big ocean too in which I was trying to jump thinking that elephants group is chasing me but they just took diversion and went back and when I returned back to home they were at entrance of my home.
Alekhya 2017-01-09 08:34:12
My dream was I was with my mother and few cousins in an old temple, as I saw a huge elephant without ears and very very long trunk I was very scared and took all of them and went into a small room. After few time the elephant has come to the temple and the priest has called me to do Pooja for that and offer coconut for which I had rejected to do because of the scary feeling to see that elephant. And people started chanting "SADASIVA" after that. "What would be the meaning of my dream?"
Gia 2016-12-15 04:52:35
I just had one where I was swimming with an elephant and I don't have any pools but in this dream I did and it all took place around my back yard, and front yard. He would get out and jump in too. Then after that he was chasing me and then it turned into hide and seek with me hiding on the ground under a tree's branches near my front yard. Don't know what that could mean.
Ganesh Narayan 2016-11-21 00:30:09
in my dream i saw myself at my home with family in mumbai and a elephant passing infront of my door then i try to make my family notice about it, after that the elephant comes back return and enters in my home thru the door at that point of time i was little confused and hesitated what should i do, then elephant picks the idol of Lord Ganesha and walks out of house. i follow the elphant and observes that elephant was hungry and i go back to my home to get the food for elephant and my mom tells food is already finished i arrange the food from my neighbor and the elephant is replaced with a kid and later kid is replaced with one of my friend
Sherif 2017-12-11 16:30:28
Please I saw an elephant passing by my house, and there was a very small stream passing by my house as a result of rain. I doubted whether to go and ride on the elephant or not. I can't remember whether it drunk from the water or not. Pls help with explanation. I had this dream in the cells, when I got locked for 24hours.
kavita 2016-10-20 17:21:12
I saw a herd of elephant in dreams first they were chasing me then suddenly fighting is over and that herd bowed down in front of us. What does this mean
dessy 2016-10-11 00:47:58
Just had a dream about crossing overa road and didn't know it was an elephant there until it was wailing but faced sideways of the ground..cant remember much but that it..idont know what it means
Beth 2016-09-10 06:13:19
I was walking through a huge land area where there were lots of people digging huge holes in the dirt with heavy equipment! I had my daughter and grand daughter with me....I stopped to ask a man why they were digging holes when I realized they were graves! I made the comment that there sure were a lot of people dying when all of a sudden a whitish blob came up out of the ground in the form of an elephant and ran head first into a mound of dirt...there were other whitish elephants standing around as we made our way to a huge building! We passed several whitish blobs that were abnormally large people too! They all felt evilish so I grabbed my grand daughters hand and went into the building thinking my daughter was right behind me but she wasn't! Once inside I could see lots of children and parents in groups! I looked around for my daughter but couldn't find her! I asked several workers that were there if they had seen her to which I was told no! They appeared to be frantic as to something that was happening outside! I heard several discussing a situation that it had never been this bad before! All of a sudden one of them gasped and I turned to look and children were levitating high above the floor! I held tightly to my grand daughter...then several little babies just dropped to the floor lying so still I thought they were dead! Where was my daughter? We started to run but the workers said don't leave the building because things were very bad outside! Then I woke up?
Guri 2016-09-02 00:51:02
My dream is hundreds of elephant chase me and try to kill me ...this type of dreams come very frequenty in nights.and even my family is also i see them with me try to escape.
Zolushka 2016-08-13 06:49:35
Dear Dream Interpretation Journal: Last night I had a dream about many exotic wild animals, and the very last one that I remember is the elephant. It seemed that we were all crossing a shallow body of water, and everyone was generally happy and yes, feeling at home and at peace, ie "in their natural healthy habitat". The elephant stuck out to me in my mind because he is the largest mammal in the world, aside from the wale family representatives (white whale, beluga, etc etc). I have no idea what particular form I was exactly and precisely taking on in this dream that I had last night, but it seemed as if though I could easily communicate on with all the other animals and was guiding them into crossing of the water. The elephant seemed particularly happy and grateful. I think this may have to do with my current particular reality. I live with my Mom 200m away from one of the most popular and largest Zoos in the world, the Kiev Zoo. Every night as soon as it gets dark, the animals like to proudly vocalize their presence, especially the large cats like the lions and perhaps the bears. Then there are a myriad of other noises from all the other animals. I have no idea if they miss their homes in Africa or whatever else geographic region of the world native to them, but I know that some of them would not be able to survive in the wild if they were not being carefully protected and cared for by our people at the zoo. Each animal bares a story. Some were saved from extinction, others taken into protection after a serious life threatening injury. There are a lot of negative perceptions about the public zoo, which is understandable because generally we like to think of the world as a happy and free place where everybody is free to do and go as they please. However, even us humans have many restrictions and regulations which we must strictly adhere to in order to avoid chaos and disorder in our society. I guess that is just how life goes. I simply take this as friendly thank you from the surviving animal kingdom representatives outside my bedroom window for coming to visit them often. The general admission fee pays plenty for their keep. I sincerely hope this doesn't come off as insensitive. I am a practical Virgo girl who simply speaks her mind, I tell it how it is. Definitely keeping a dream interpretation journal is an amazing idea. I love expressing myself in writing, I find it to be a very soothing, healing and practical way to process daily life drama. Thank you Dear Dream Interpretation Journal for listening, God Bless, Namaste and Amen <3 :-)
Nandini 2016-07-31 20:17:44
I had saw a elephant in dream at temple praying god Ganesha is it good signal or please clear it

praveena 2016-07-10 10:31:59
i saw an elephant in my dream
munna 2016-06-26 20:36:54
I saw a mother elephant gave her baby to me for a few hours to protection.
Narendran 2016-06-23 19:08:29
I helped a missed baby elephant to found her mother and finally they met
shuen 2016-06-09 17:47:30
I dreamt of meeting an orange japan water elephant while swimming in a tranquil lake with my sister, brother and 2 other guys who claimed to be my brothers. The elephant came into the lake with us and seemed to take a likeing to humans. I went forward and stroked it and it seemed to like me a lot and so did i. Afterwards, the elephant tamer showed up and told us we could ride it and if we wanted a picture. Me and my sister got up first but we sat instead on a piece of cloth that magically could lift us on water for some reason. The snapshot image of the elephant carrying the 5 of us with its trunk up high spraying water flashed across my mind. Then i woke up.
BABA... 2016-05-15 11:41:01
In my dream an elephant crushed a horse head by mistake...
Gracie 2016-03-09 02:23:51
I dreamt that a pack of elephants (with one large white elephant) were on a rampage and killed everything. There was blood everywhere and they were trampling small animals and even my pet dog.

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