Dream meaning Ice

Opposite to the meaning of flowing water, ice indicates possible stagnancy and rigidity in life. Ice represents mainly your emotional self and your thoughts about your life. They are generally present to suggest you changes that are necessary to eliminate this stagnancy from your career, relations or marital status. Many times ice also signifies to a shattering experience of heartbreak that has made your mind paralyzed to think about anything else.

Ice dreams have many allied shades that can be depicted in your life. The actual interpretation of dreams about ice can be derived by combining your personal thoughts, conditions and situations observed in the dream. Ice is also indicative of difficulty in moving ahead which should be looked upon closely to find a solution. Owing to its temperature, ice is also linked with lack of ease in some situation or present life condition. To find out more about ice dream interpretations read along in this dream dictionary.

Implications on various dreams about ice

Dreams of ice are both good and bad omen in particular situation and relation to life. To see yourself sitting on ice indicate positive living conditions and improvements depending on your comfort in that situation. To slip on ice or fall on the stack of ice suggest difficulties in future that may concentrate on your career. The other version of this dream is if you cut into the ice and slip on the ground implies that you are caressing baseless anxieties and fears. To see ice floating on water may be in rivers or lakes signify that you will conquer in relationships. To dream of adding ice in drinks indicate that you have to cease wasting your precious time and money attending momentary wishes or pleasures. To dream of walking on ice connotes harm from selfish friends. Ice skating in dream signifies reaching to a respectable position at work place due to recognitions of hard work done by you. To prepare ice in dreams denotes failures in achievement of goals owing to your selfish and self centered behavior. To dream of consuming ice blocks signify deterioration in health conditions. Drinking iced drinks suggest ill health of you or family member. To see icicles suggests distress and mental suffering.

Insight to learn from dreams about ice

Ice mainly indicates to stagnancy in life and it is the insight to take from these dreams. You may have heard that stagnant water gets spoiled in some time which is same with your life if you get stuck with something or someone. Ice dreams are token of distress and very rarely they pronounce a happiness or good fortune. This is the reason if you get these dreams you should extract the warning signal hidden inside to move ahead in life otherwise you will have to face problems in future. It is true that the situation you are in to is not called by you or maybe you have no role to play in it but still you need to involve in activities or take decisions to move on from this stagnancy. It is best to think of marriage for unmarried people to make a positive progress in life.

One of the many ice related dreams with suitable interpretation

Consider a dream where you have planned to swim in nearby pool and venture inside with your family members and enjoying the waters. Then you hear a person who is claiming that the water in the pool is going to turn into ice and you will get trapped inside. You hurriedly try to get out of the water in time and fortunately you are out of the water before it turns to ice. This dream signifies that you have fears in your mind regarding a particular investment or future stagnancy that you may see. At the same time this dream also implies to your emotions of getting trapped in a conditions of wrong situations. The end of this dream is happy hence you may consider that whatever the situation is you will get over it in time.
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Holly 2015-11-26 11:51:35
PLEASE HELP- I keep having dreams where me and a parental figure is tasked with driving over an icy road. We must drive fast before the ice breaks underneath the vehicle, and we drown. We usually get over the icy patches and live. Please explain further what this could mean?

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crazy 2015-10-19 17:14:20
I had a dream that im in this dark place and this demon enters and theres this light and if i follow thid light a bunch of monsters show up and i kill them with i power that comes out of my hands and then i keep following the light and i wake up in the dream but ot in real life and im at home but all my family and friends are traped in different room and an other monster shows up anf fights me but the longer i
take one by one each of them die and then i get killed by being stabed in the throught and stabbed in the harte and i fall in to black water bleeding to death but when i wake up in real life it feels like i a cc truly have been stabbed in the same places and it is really painful all day iv had this same dream for 1 year now and it all ways plays out the same . Any thoughts on it ? I would be great full .

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Vanee 2015-09-14 15:58:55
I dreamy was at a store and bought ice with sprite

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Bridget 2015-09-05 08:00:58
I was asleep and felt something ice cold tracing my lips. At first, I thought that my friend was playing around with me as I slept but when I opened my eyes, he was sleeping. What that?

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Sabrina 2015-01-23 02:51:34
I had a dream that myself and my whole family were at a vacation house (I clean vacation homes for a living) the people I remember most from the dream are my grandpa, who was standing on the edge telling us not to go into the ice(he recently got out of jail.) My older sister saying the ice was dangerous and to not get too close to it, her and I went to sit on the edge of the ice. The thing about the ice was that.. Hmm.. Think of a hot tub(without the warm water because its all cold), now think of it being elevated from the ground and surrounded by ice, except on the inside of the ice the water was flowing in from somewhere and crashing into the sides of the walls of ice. Part of the outer casing(the ice) started to crack so we all had to get off, someone (I think it was me but I can't be sure) stepped on a patch of ice that had frozen over on the surface and it started to crack so I(whoever it was) stepped back and got down. Then we were all watching it from inside the vacation home.
Eve since I can remember I've always had dreams with water in them. I believe I've only had about 5 or so with no water in them in my whole life.

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jenny 2014-11-26 10:33:27
i had a dream that my little daughter was covered with ice.

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ocampo 2014-11-07 10:00:54
i dreamed last night,im off to work with my colleagues then suddenly the weather change and the rain came after that i saw a waterfalls,the a flowing water from falls become big and cover us then it turns to ice above us.when we try to walk out from the building the block of ice will fell down but it didnt hit us.then we saw our boss we try to ask him to send us home but he just look up and all of us saw a black bird on a branch.just like his waiting for the bird to fly..
hope you can interpret this dream..thanks,..

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Ally 2014-11-04 19:08:44
I had a lucid dream when my sister my mother and myself were walking at the edge of a large hill about 40 feet high, below down the very steephill was a large pond. It was spring i remember the grass and pink patches of wild flowers and we were walking along the top of the hill on a 5 foot wide walk way to my left was the hill less than 2 feet away , i was afriad i was going to fall, but didnt and to my right my sister and mother. We walk all the way to the end of the walk way approx 50 feet from the edge of the hill and when i turned around it was suddenly early winter we began to walk back. Almost all the way back i heard a heart breaking whine from a dog across the pond, i saw my dog mocka on very thin ice. Enough to hold my weight but not for very long and it was cracking. I freaked my sister and mom were screaming for me not to go onto the ice its too thin but i didnt care. I slid down the hill and saw that the snow was only 2 inches thick underneath was tall heathy grass. When i got to the bottom i decided i would have a better chance of making it all the way across if i ran as fast as i could. I started to run i could feel the ice give out around my boot so i ran faster. I could feel the cold water around my ankles but there was still enough ice to get there. I was one step away from my dog when the ice buckle under our combined weight, i could feel the cold hard abrasive texture of the top layer of ice and the shap corners cutting my leg and cutting up my clothes i started to grab around for her and got a hold around her chest made it to somewhere with thicker ice and started pushing her butt up onto the ice. I started to see black and the last thing i remember was seeing the long green and pink streak down the hill then black. I didnt wake up though it was black for a while i couldnt say how long you know how it is you could fall asleep and wake up 10 secounds later and it be 9 in the morning or only 10 minutes, it was like that for a while then i woke up with a head ache and a bad feeling in my stomach.

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CHannel 2014-04-04 15:17:12
I had a dream that I was cleaning my son's room and there was a medium size block of ice that I placed into a trash bag it didn't melt. I don't understand

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Paofb9-2 2014-03-26 16:02:09
I had a dream that I left a big party at a club in LA, as I had just seen the beach and sea and fancied taking a break from the party to go and swim. As I got closer to the ramp that lead to the beach the flor infront of me suddenly turned to ice, however this didn't faze me and I just slid down it like a kid onto the beach. As I got close to the water it turned to ice including a large wave that had previously been heading towards me. Usually I am calmed by crashing waves as I am an avid surfer but as this wave turned to ice so did the water around me and I began to find it increasingly hard to move as if I was running in thigh deep snow. What worries me more was that this wave was slowly inching towards me and I begain to feel anxious that it was going to hit so I attempted to escape. I can't remember what happened after but the next part of the dream was me in a casino in Kuwait... CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THE MEANING OF THIS DREAM? Thank you!

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jesus 2014-02-26 11:47:53
I had a dream a distant relative shot me in the head, I survived, then I wad driving..im not sure where to and then the truck gets stuck in ice....explanation???

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doris ramratty persid 2014-02-10 22:16:46
too many dreams I do not know where to start

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Jaz 2014-02-04 11:36:45
I JUST had a dream me, my mom, brother and dad had to get away from something, we were running away from it & reached a thin layer of ice, my brother and dad were already walking on it but you could see water above it a little and the ice shaking, they were yelling to me to hurry up and just follow, but I was to scared and didn't want too, and I heard my mom screaming and turned around she wasn't there and I rand back to find her.. & she was fighting off some girl. ? Weird I know but I've been trying to figure out it's meaning for the past 30min  :( pleaseeeee help !

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gabriela 2013-11-14 00:15:43
I had a dream that i was looking at the ocean and there was ice every where as i was looking at the ocean i felt happy clam like if i had no worries then i truned around a i let my self fall into the water and i could feel the frezzing water all around me i tried to get out but i couldnt so i decided to float then as i was floating i felt so peaceful then all of a sudden i turned my head and some one said to me no gabby dont turn your head keep it the way it is and then i started ppining in circles and i woke up if some can please help me in finding out wat my dream mean

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lynn 2013-01-17 08:53:37
My dream was more sad, and kinda really messed up. I was at my grandparents house and was walking outside, then I seen that my grandma was stuck underneth the ice I hit it to break her free, I asked if it was her and she said no and floated away, in the dream I did that a couple times and the same thing happened again, then finally I asked is that you and she said yes. Then I noticed that my grandpa was also under the ice, so I broke it and asked if it was him and he said no and floated away to...I broke more ice and he kept saying no, then finally I seen him in his car, I walked up to him and said grandpa is that you, he jus turned away from me, my grandma then walked up to me and said. You no he has to want to come back... And that was it ..lol...pretty weird but I didn't understand it considering both my grandparents are alive. Maybe it means I'm just scared to lose them. Who knows.

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