Dream Dictionary Crying

Dream Dictionary Crying


Crying in dreams is generally regarded as a negative thing. The meaning of dream regarding crying usually has something to do with self imposed emotional repression. This could also be due to repression from an external source, such as a person that will not allow you to cry or a person that you are afraid to cry in front of. But for the most part, a dream dictionary will tell you that crying means that you need to express your emotions better in life. If you are unable to express emotions that are really important in life, then these emotions might show up in your dreams since it is the only place you can find true release. While it may feel good to cry in your dreams, crying is a negative dream symbol in terms of what it means about your everyday life.

When you cry in real life, it is usually done because you are emotionally overwhelmed. Something very powerful has occurred recently, and you want to put it all behind you, but you need to get your feelings off your chest first. The dream meaning is consistent with this idea, that you have some emotions that you feel the need to express. However, if you find yourself doing this in your dreams instead of your waking life, it could mean that you are poorly managing your own emotions.

Even if a dream involves someone else crying, most dream meanings agree that this is a simple case of projection. Your feelings are so woefully repressed that it becomes easier for you to deal with your emotions indirectly rather than directly. It is easier for you to handle it when you see someone else crying than if you see yourself crying in a dream. If you wake up out of a dream crying, then this is usually suggestive of another kind of repressed emotional hurt. You need to stop lying to yourself and to others and really deal with the subject of your sadness head on. This is what most dream interpretations agree on.

Another dream interpretation regarding crying is when you cry, but no one hears your cries. This is suggestive of feelings of helplessness. When you are feeling totally helpless in life, or feel that nobody is responding to you seriously or taking you seriously, then you may have dreams that nobody is responding to your cries.

When you wake up crying, this is similarly suggestive of negative things involving repression of negative emotions. If dreams are the only place that you can truly find a place to let loose your emotions, then you are truly having issues in life which are preventing you from expressing yourself. Sometimes dreams involving crying can be written off as flukes, but when this type of dream causes you to physically cry while you are awake, then this is one of the few dream symbols that acts as a clear sign that you need to make some lifestyle changes in order to achieve harmony again.

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Crying Dream 2024-01-25 03:30:17
Dreaming of crying signifies fleeting joys leading to sorrow. It suggests hardships in business and home life. Witnessing others cry indicates you may be asked to help unexpectedly.

Dreaming about crying often reflects a complex emotional release within the dreamer's subconscious mind. While tears in real life can represent a multitude of emotions—from sadness and frustration to joy and relief—in the dream world, they often symbolize the more challenging aspects of our emotional spectrum.

When you dream of yourself crying, it's crucial to pay attention to the context within the dream. The tears you shed might represent your innermost feelings of powerlessness or loss that you're not addressing in your waking life. Subconsciously, this outpouring of emotion might be a sign that you need to confront what's troubling you, enabling you to move forward more positively.

Dream tears can also be deceptive—they might feel cathartic, but upon waking, you could find that they indicate a temporary sense of happiness that will soon give way to real-life disappointments. Challenges in both business and personal spheres could be looming, so this symbol serves as a warning to prepare for potential difficulties ahead.

Watching others in your dream break down and cry might indicate your own deep empathy or signal that someone close to you is going through a rough patch and may require your support. It suggests that you possess a keen sensitivity to the needs of others, and the dream may be prompting you to reach out and provide assistance.

A typical dream involving this symbol might be that you're at a family gathering, and suddenly, you start crying uncontrollably without an apparent reason. The tears might feel therapeutic, but as the dream progresses, the celebration turns into a gathering for a somber occasion, like a funeral. Upon waking, you might interpret this as a sign that what starts as a seemingly joyful time with loved ones could take an unexpected turn, leading to challenges or transitions you must be ready to face. This dream could be nudging you to appreciate the good times but also remain emotionally prepared for life's inevitable ups and downs.
RLove 2023-04-02 08:37:09
I dream about this specific guy and I’m crying coz he’s leaving the country and then i woke up and found out that I literally cried on my sleep.
Vincent 2018-08-26 16:46:34
My question is... why is it that i have no tears when I woke up from my dreams crying?? Is it normal??
Annonymous 2018-05-13 21:52:37
I dreamt a mystery man asked me out on a date he cooked Salmon that he caught and it was just a simple dish but i loved it but more than the dish i loved the effort he put in and that made me feel so sad and I woke up crying cause i know he doesn’t exist and will never be.
Emmie L. 2017-11-02 04:36:22
I keep having this dream for years now that I’m in a comma and my parents are crying because I haven’t woken up apparently I had a comma when I was a baby and then I’m grown up like maybe 14 and still in comma and my mom has presents for me every year.I hear them in my dream and have a tear in my eyes but I can’t wake up in the dream and when I wake up in real life I feel confused because I keep having this dream and keep thinking to myself what if there’s someone out there waiting to see me again ?I grew up with my aunt my first 3 & 1/2 yrs of life and then moved to Mexico with my parents so I always wondered why out of 5 kids I had to go through that could that be why I have this dream?
mystery girl 101 2017-09-27 17:48:04
[b]I never dream but I say things in my sleep apparently and I always wake up with a tear on my cheek and this might be why myfavourite colour is black and I love the rain and hate the sun I wanna die my hair blonde from black and get blue contacts for my brown eyes I hate my life I love negative emotions I can beat some one up and I want to run away but yet I am still a good girl whose never got into trouble and I am eleven if you think this why I wake up with a tear on my cheek and don't dream properly than please reply saying me two/too
A Person 2018-06-20 08:01:02
I wake up and I have tears on my face but I don't remember any dreams either and I apparently talk in my sleep its really confusing.
Maria 2017-09-21 14:14:42
I fell asleep about 4am after not being able to For about an hr... I dreamt of my brother who hasn't wanted to see any of his family for over 5yrs! I woke up crying and cried more after I felt that true pain inside me. I miss him so much!
stageleft 2017-09-12 08:35:28
I dreamt the other night that I walked out of a store and saw two of my friends and someone I dislike smoking cigarettes in my car. I got in the driver's seat and that's when I started crying. All of them just stared at me blankly. Then I woke up crying at l around 1:30 in the morning
Haka 2017-08-13 18:33:54
I've found that lately , I've woken up in tears, only to sit there, fully awake bawling like a baby. The dreams that cause this are always about my disfuntional family. I was raised by both of my grandparents, so we were extremely close. I lost my grandfather when i had just turned 15, and my grandmother just last Christmas. I sometimes dream that they are alive and well, and everything is peachy, and when I wake up, I immediatly breakdown. Other times I'm having fight with them, which rarely occured in my life, or they were fighting each other, which happened on a daily basis. Though technically I didn't wake up in tears, they followed closely after. More frequently though, I've been waking up crying (the full on bawling) because of dreams about my father. He's very much alive to my knowlege, though, I haven't spoken to him in nearly a year. He and I never had a good relationship... In fact, we have the worst relationship possible. I've never felt about anyone, the way I feel about him. And he, I. In short, the best way to describe him is completely insane. There's nothing right about him. He thinks everything I do is a malicious attack against him, no matter what, and I'm always to blame, even if I have no movement whatsoever and am not even present for whatever it is he's bitching about at the time. My life has been threatened many times, yata yata, *insert gif of a lunatic beating doors off their hinges, breaking glass, and bloodying himself in a fit of rage* (which by the way is the sons fault cause he just happened to exist) I have dreams of him and I in a screaming match which resulted in me waking up pissed at him or just really sad. But the most recent one, the dream I had last night, it ended differently than thru usually did. After the yelling, I abruptly stopped and said I had to go. (in the dream I was visiting him in his home). And just as I was about to head out, something unexpected happened. He hugged me. Outside of my dreams, I hadn't had a real hug in a LONG time, so that carried over into my subconscious. Being that I hadn't had a hug in what seemed like forever, and coming from my dad, at that. I broke down. I just held onto him and cried, not wanting to let go. It lasted quite a while, only ending when I woke up, probably due to my face being wet from tears. I lie in bed for a few minutes weeping, only to sit upright and cry my hardest. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got some food then sat in the dark kitchen for another half hour or so until my roommate walked in. I've a lot of pain that won't subside...
Sonya 2017-08-01 09:55:55
Yesterday I woke up crying because I had a dream about my mom leaving me forever and she wouldn't let me come with her wherever she was going. That's pretty much what I remember happening in my dream.
Shin 2017-07-28 13:30:20
I dreamed that my mom embarrassed me in front of BTS and started yelling and grabbing on my clothes aggressively telling me I wasn't allowed to support them anymore I was so devastated in my dream I cried and I woke up crying as well.
Palita 2017-09-20 00:20:01
I love it when I dream of BTS. It's always a happy dream not matter content. #ArmyLove #Love_your_BTS
Jai yang 2017-07-19 02:38:05
Hi. I have this dream last week, my boyfriend broke up with me issued about another girl he just met. I was jealous and i dont want to lose him. Iwas crying hard in my dreams, but suddenly i haved moved on and he realized that he had a big mistake about leaving me and choosing over another girl when i had nother man. But whem i was crying in my dreams, i am also crying real when i woke up. I mean a little tears.

The girl with a NAME 2017-06-26 13:47:57
I had a dream where I was crying because I got blamed for something I didn't do by my brother and my parents believed him and not me so I ran into a empty dark room and cried at the edge of my room with the lights turned off and woke up hearing my sister mumble is she crying to my other sisters and realized I rolled off the bed and was sweating and crying cuz my cheeks and hands were full of water PLEASE Tell Me What This Means
idk 2017-08-03 04:41:20
today i woke up crying and my dream was similar i was crying because my teacher blamed me for something stupid that i didn't do and another person did it i told him and he yelled at me so i started crying
Unicorn 2017-06-21 17:59:21
Hi , I woke up with tears rolling down my cheeks and my eyes are full of tears but I remembered clearly that I did not have any dream , any explanation ?
tinplolp 2017-06-07 16:02:45
it was a half day at school so i was really tired and went to sleep i think i slept for two hours and it was a dream of my family some other people my cat and this one girl that used to be my friend still is but we don't talk we were all at thhis place kt was weird it was a bit haunted i don't know it wasnt so scary tho it Looked a bit like greece ancient and i had grandmas and aunts there as well it was weird bcuz i never met them then in my dream my cat died for some reason icuz of a chicken he was still alive and i kicked the chicken my cat was still alive and had his eyes open and looked at me i was screaming as loud as possible to my parents and my mom and dad came running and my dad has tears in his eyes they took the cat away and i thought he would still be alive then a bit skipped i asked my parents what happened to my cat and no one replied then i asked my dad and he said he died and started crying i cried aswell in my dream the friend died aswell but i don't remember how then i got sent home earlier because i had school the next day and i started bawling in the dream i woke up sad and looked in the mirror and i had tears all over and my mascara was everywhere i grabbed my cat and just started crying i was crying while writing this the thing is my parents are mad at me because i shattered my ipad screen but i didnt cry i told them i broke it and just that was it my parents barely talk now because they are mad and maybe that's the reason i cried but then in a different situation it was pretty weird but it shocked me because i'm known for someone who hides her feelings and emotions and rather than saying anything i keep it to myself i might have to search help because i can't live like this
Some Guy 2017-06-02 10:36:54
I woke up this morning and then fell asleep again. In this next dream I can't remember much but I remember being at a shopping centre somewhere in England and that my house was right next to it. There was a cycling path in red and a walking path in greyish white. My friend came out of the cinema there and he told me to follow him to his brother, who was working in a shop (it looked like B&Q but it looked more foreign. After we went there I left to try and find my house because I didn't know exactly where it was in the dream. Once I got there, there was 3 girls and 1 of my best friends in "my" house. One of the girls I didn't speak to (like I did the day before in real life) because we're on and off and I can't be bothered with it in real life either. Nothing else happened much, but I was transferred to another dream. It was like a fishing village in Viking times, but everyone was wearing scruffy polo shirts and jeans. Across the lake the houses were made of wood aswell. In this dream a wookiee(don't know why) came to the village and started killing everyone. He demolished a house (which the girl from the previous dream was in) and people were shouting it while the wookiee carried on killing. At this point I thought nothing of it so I got some swords and started throwing them at the wookiee but it wasn't doing anything so somehow I ended up getting a gun and holding its charge until I shot it at the wookiee and I was transferred to a different time period, but the same people were still alive. I was in a house with the girls father and I was crying a lot and I asked for a photo of the girl while trying to say her name but for some reason I just couldn't say it. He then ended up giving me 6 photos to pick from. But these photos weren't of the girl from real life, and I'm unsure of who it is. I didn't know this while in the dream so I left and outside I was in the same village but the houses across the lake looked more modern, like 1800's-1900's. I then ended up on a public footpath from somewhere I live by in real life and all I did was cry, pull out the photo, and cry even more. I was with my friend and he said "why do you have a photo it will only make things worse" before I woke up and tears were on my face and in my eyes. I felt confused and upset. I don't know why it happened.
Belin 2017-04-23 13:16:02
I actually woke up and found myself crying 3 times straight during last night's sleep! The 1st time waking up to crying, I vivdly remember that I dreamt that one of my close friends died. I took a moment to wipe my tears away and fell back to sleep right away, only for the same dream to continue on! And that is how I woke up crying the 2nd time, but this time the dream was more focused on me visiting places where fond memories of that friend were created and hence I got super emotional in my dream. I woke up (crying) and heard noises from the living room and was a little embarassed, out of fear that my family members might have heard me sobbing LOL. But i fell back to sleep (AGAIN) shortly. This dream was different, I could only remember seeing my dog inside and I've forgotten what else happened in that dream to cause me to cry the 3rd time. I only got my ass out of the bed when I woke up the 4th time, not crying, if you were wondering. It might seem like I slept for a full day but nah, it was only a 10h sleep.
Bea 2017-04-02 16:31:59
Today I woke up crying and I can't remember what I dreamt about. But my pillow case is dripping wet. What does that mean?
alexis garcia 2017-03-18 10:59:41
today i woke up from a dream my friend was becoming queen at school but i was in love with 2 people but one person more then the other but i dont know those two in real life.he left and i woke up crying alot what does it mean to dream about someone you dont know but your waking up crying
Yamini chauhan 2017-03-08 04:14:27
I see myself crying in my dreams regularly Bt never woke up with tears...
What does that cry mean?
Is it negative or positive?
Luis 2017-02-12 08:10:14
I had a terrible dream, that my sister had died. I was crying so much in my dream, then I woke up feeling tears on my eyes and cheeks.
kitty 2017-02-06 23:57:22
I remember when I was in the ages of 3-11 I made horrible choices for friends which would be identified as bullies- but I couldn't have known, I thought friends were meant to be this way. I woke up every few nights or so crying, sobbing to myself in cold sweat as my mum would cradle me, hugging me so I could wake up. the fact that I should've broken away from them earlier shames me every time I remember my past, but the dreams I had could never stay in my head. I could never ever remember what it was about... I knew I was terrified but I could never tell anybody about them. However there are two images left in my head that I cannot place where I get them from but the dreams I had. they were about (supposedly) I was trying to fit in a centimetre wide hole while being a person. which would be impossible but somehow ever time I managed to cut enough pieces from myself to fit in. The other had me afraid of a changing butterfly... which is weird since butterflies are beautiful. I guess that would mean I was afraid of fitting (of not) and changing or change. sounds pretty dumb actually but I was terrified every time I went to sleep I would dread having those dreams. I still get them once probably every year or so... but it makes less of an appearance every time.
if you have read this far- thank you for reading my story. I rarely tell anyone but today... I just felt like it because maybe, just maybe someone would listen to this long story of mine.
Thank you.
Rosie 2017-02-04 03:34:14
Tonight i was dreaming that i was in the bathroom listening to my grandma (who i live with) and some one close to us arguing. He saying that im a failure and other stuff and my grandma should just stop trying to help me when it's not working. While still in the bathroom listening, im sobbing hard. Then i woke up still crying , but i didnt realize that i was awake. When i did start to realize, i didnt stop crying. Now that im thinking of my dream, i dont think it was that bad for me to cry like that.
Ex boyfriend 2017-01-14 03:24:05
It's 4:06am i had a terrible dream of my ex boyfriend dying he was in prison funny part is he actually works in a prison this time he was an inmate.. a crazy fight broke out and i happen to be there when it happened the guards didn't care what was going on people were going in and out like nothing into the prison, when I walked in closer to his cell i see him pointing a gun at another inmate as he's being pointed at with a gun too they walking into his cell and that's the last time I get to see him im afraid to go in his cell and find him dead, when i finally go in no one is there no one is anywhere he left me a letter along with other random gifts he was going to give me a day later it sinks in that he's no longer here as im reading his letter telling me how much he loved me i feel myself crying i wake up and still continue to cry even harder. Although we occasionally txt could this mean this is it? We'll no longer talk? It's so sad to think of him no longer being here regardless if he's my ex he's a great friend and I don't want this to happen. Part of me still misses him and i secretly wish we could get back together. I want to txt him and tell him about this dream but I feel i would sound like a creeper if i told him.
Gifted Interpreter 2017-01-15 01:40:46
If your intuition on par and your dreams come true in real life then you might want to Warn him to be careful and let him know you care. He is struggling with some things and need reassurance that someone cares. He cares for you too. However, if your intuition is not on par and your dreams don't always come true in real life then this dream would be symbolic. Instead of his life ending, he'll start a new one by getting hitched. Him reaching out to you means he needs your attention to help him make up his mind with his struggles. Reach out to him about the new year and let him know how special he is in your life and thoughts and see how things will unfold. Go with the flow.
Gifted Interpreter 2017-01-15 00:51:34
If your intuition on par and your dreams come true in real life then you might want to Warn him to be careful and let him know you care. He is struggling with some things and need reassurance that someone cares. He cares for you too. However, if your intuition is not on par and your dreams don't always come true in real life then this dream would be symbolic. Instead of his life ending, he'll start a new one by getting hitched. Him reaching out to you means he needs your attention to help him make up his mind with his struggles. Reach out to him about the new year and let him know how special he is in your life and thoughts and see how things will unfold. Go with the flow.

No one 2016-12-31 22:52:53
I dream of the colors black and white and than wake up crying it's happened for a week so I want to see if I talked in my sleep for a clue and one night I said don't leave me I don't know what it means
Viri 2016-12-24 10:48:54
So today is Christmas Eve 2016 and it is currently 10:20 AM. So I had this terrible dream that happened SO incredibly fast. So I dreamt that my mom left to do something that involved her leaving the house. She never came back, and then I received the news that she was dead. After that I woke up crying my eyes out. I still kind of am crying about it because I was scared of it becoming true.
Karmen 2016-12-09 03:26:20
While sleeping I heard myself crying uncontrollably, and when i wokw up i started to cry. People can be so cruel. My mom apparently has an issue with me and instead of telling me or dealing with it she just didnt talk to me for an entire night and she did this before where she didnt talk to me for an entire weekend. And i hate it! To the point where i asked her to talk to me if she has issues with me. (NO CHANGES).

I am just sick and tired of it. Last night i dreamt that she literally ran me down and was beating me with a rope. I just feel so defeated and frustrated . I cannot do this for the rest of my life.
Jade 2016-12-01 13:52:04
My trainer sent me a text on thanksgiving saying that he's thankful to have met me and have the opportunity to kick my butt. Which was the nicest thing that has been said to me recently. A few days later I had a dream involving him hugging me from behind. Something about the warmth, intimacy, and love caused me to wake up crying and I have been depressed ever since, and then I had an odd 2 day lust crush on him. I am wondering if there is something about him that he resembles that I am missing in my own life? Stability, independence, emotionally nurturing, a safe place etc. For example: I've been seeing my bf for 8yrs and I don't feel that in love feeling anymore that I use to.. Maybe that's just part of my issue?? Whatever it is its messed me up pretty hard.
Tjane 2016-11-13 07:08:39
Yes two nights in a rowi woke crying, I do think because its supermoon tomorrow i feel sad and bit emotional, the moon definitely affects my sleep
Ranya 2016-11-05 01:00:07
I dreamed of a person or friend in my school this friend is so close to me and my friend got so ungry he did
Not tell me why I went sitting next to him and I calmed him down and I was setting in front of him and I was trying to talk to him and he was trying to kiss me even I have a boyfriend and he got a girlfriend and i was trying to stop him and then I told him that i all ready like some one else. And then I work up.

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