Dream interpretation Getting shot

Dream interpretation Getting shot


No matter whether you dream once of a shooting, or dozens of times across your life, each dream will be unforgettable. Aside from doing what you can to learn about their symbolic purpose, you can also use shooting dreams to develop a mental resistance to horrifying scenes. At the very least, if you are ever involved in an earthquake, or some other crisis, being able to shift away from distressful thoughts will enable you to take helpful actions. In fact, if you dream of a shooting, but manage to avoid it, or find your way to safety, you can even consider the dream space as a way to liberate yourself from paralysis during times of crisis.

General Dream Meaning: Getting Shot

Interestingly enough, a dream of being shot depends heavily on the equipment being used to do the shooting. This can be as innocent (or dangerous) as a camera, a needle, or a gun. If you dream of your picture, or mug shot being taken, it may indicate that you have to take responsibility for something that you have been trying to hide. By contrast, if you have or see a camera, it may mean that you are trying to avoid living in the present. If the camera is also broken, then you may be refusing to see something important.

Individuals that dream of being forcibly injected, or shot with needles may be an indicator that you are concerned about peer pressure. This may include resenting various social constraints that prevent you from carrying out various plans. That said, if you receive a medicinal shot, it may mean that something will come into your life that will lead to spiritual or emotional development.

If you dream of being shot with a gun, or of shooting a stranger, it can easily mean that you are trying to get rid of some aspect of yourself, or that you do not like or accept some elements of your persona. On the other hand, if you dream of shooting someone that you know, it may also mean that you have some serious resentment toward that person, or the elements within them that remind you of your own worst traits.

How Dream Symbol Getting Shot May Fit in Your Life

While dreaming of a shooting is often based in aggression and anger, you should not automatically think that these feelings are negative. Among other things, sometimes you really and truly need to get angry in order to change things that cause you, or others harm. In a sense, the presence of this kind of anger in a dream can indicate that you have unchanneled energy that can be redirected into some type of useful goal. That said, you should never let the presence of anger, or its release create a situation where you simply fritter your energies away on useless actions. Fortunately, if you dream of shooting something, you can interpret that as aligning with your goal.

A Sample Dream, Getting Shot Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in a medical clinic, and awaiting to receive some kind of vaccination. While you are standing in line, you hear a horrible story about how someone's relative died from the shot you are about to receive. Even though you begin to feel nervous, you enter the examining room when your name is called. As the doctor administers the injection, you begin to feel nervous, and feel like you are dying. Suddenly, you sense a strange presence in the room, and literally see your life passing before your eyes. A loud, booming voice tells you that it is not your time yet. You awaken from the dream feeling frightened and as if you lost something special.

Since this dream focuses on a medical injection, you can begin your dream interpretation by concluding the dream is about an opportunity to develop a new emotional or spiritual understanding. If you do some research, you will find that both kinds of experiences can be filled with difficult and dangerous trials. No matter whether you feel things more strongly, or wind up fighting mental demons, your life will never be the same. Unfortunately, the rebirth you are trying to achieve may not manifest, since you are told to go back to where you started from.

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Jessica 2020-10-03 04:00:42
I had a dream last night that I was at work and trying to help some one. Almost everyone in my practice was present and sitting down at their desks. This person was seizing and foaming at the mouth. When I looked to his significant other to tell her we need to call and an ambulance/cops the person seizing, sat up from their seizure pulled out a gun and shot the person to my left and as I started to run away, he shot me in the back. I managed to slug away into an a closed down exam room and he came in behind me to shoot me again. As I was begging him for my life, I came to and woke up. Almost felt forceful, waking up. Like my body knew I needed to wake up.
Ashley 2021-08-11 08:35:17
I had a similar dream last night...
I'm not exactly sure what was going on, but I was narrating what was happening as if it was happening to some other woman (I kept saying she and her🤔 who was getting mentally and maybe physically abused by some guy (I think it may have been an officer??? But I never saw whose face it was) For some reason, I was peeing into a water drain in what was like a dirty, white tiled part of a room that gives me the creeps to think about... I narrated "and then, he gave her the five finger punch of death... to the face" (??🤔 And a door opens and I see light seeping in, and mystery guy "flicks" a bullet which clips me on the right side of my head... causing me to fall over.
It felt almost like I was sitting on the ground, with my right arm/elbow on a bed holding me upright. Then, he sings a weird song with a tune I havent heard before (I recorded me humming it in a daze when I woke up) and says something in it about "clean up" or maybe something about not getting caught??? Then I hear a gunshot and I grasp the left side of my head (both shots hit like behind my ears) where blood is pouring out, and I feel nothing and am staring at the ground, just holding my bleeding bullet wound for what seems like a creepy amount of time.
Azalea 2020-07-30 04:24:55
I dreamed of me and my bf walking when a car stopped in front of us and a man wth a gun came out to shoot us... he shoot him first then im next bt my bf protected from being shot. Does this mean anything?
Clifford 2019-10-11 05:55:56
I had a dream I was sitting in some kind of yard with my brother and a friend. I didn’t know what happened a friend stood up with Rifle gun and shot it I was trying to get down but one bullet entered my right palm and he shot my left palm too. I escaped crying in pains and blood covered both palm till I saw my brother somewhere. He tried to help me.
Went to nearby clinic and it was closed.
So we went for a long walk searching for hospital. But suddenly something happened still do not understand. I saw the bullet came out from both palms by itself and I felt better.
Didn’t know what happened again I founded myself on my bed at 3:47am in the morning.
ilewile 2018-09-14 11:34:45
Dream last night was that a bunch of youths came onto my porch to distract me while another one tried to rob me. Another youth from about 100 yards away like a sniper shot me in the neck. I was surprised that it didn't kill me. I went and got my gun and was at first firing bbs. My girlfriend brought another one from upstairs and it fired bullets. I hit all of the youths and the sniper. I have no idea what that means, but I was protecting my family and I survived.
Dawnique 2018-09-06 14:15:56
I dreamed that i was trying to cross this bridge but was more like an obstacle course. When this stranger came and started chasing me and shot me in the side of the head. I felt the pain and burning and my ears rang from it but i survived. My family appeared out of no where and shot and killed the stranger who shot me.
Angel 2018-06-23 07:29:48
I had a dream last night I went to a friends house her bf said he liked me and shot her and then shot me in the back of the neck and then a little ways down from there on my back.I was going to try to carry my friend out but he shot her in the head again killing her. I was able to run off and try to get help from the cops down the street at a bank I guess got robbed. They took me in to the er to get cleaned up and somehow I was out a few hours later.well they didnt catch the guy yet and he was shooting at everyone that came near him. So I went to hide but I dont remember where it like a hospital of some sort or something like that but he still showed up and was shooting people. I ran off into a field and then I woke up! What does this dream mean?
Bob 2018-04-20 05:26:45
I have this dream about once or twice a year where I am alone and walking down a dark alley. It's pitch black. It's so black that I can't see my hand in front of me. I hear a noise and I turn around and feel what seems to be the barrel of a gun right up against my forehead. I can't see it but I feel it. Then bang...the sound of the gunshot is so loud and so real that I said up with my heart pounding.
vicki 2018-03-19 17:27:45
A few nights ago i dreamed that someone came up to me and shot me in the stomach.It was a stranger and when i was shot i felt the shot,the burn of the bullet and then i felt my legs go cold.Another dream was someone had a gun and was going to shoot me but my daughter shot him.Last night i dreamed that a bank was getting robbed and several people were shot and i escaped.
Alex b 2018-01-25 23:08:47
I had a dream this morning where I was at my house alone and when I went outside to take the garbage out a strange man got out of his truck and pulled out a shot gun out and shoot me three times. Once in the thigh then another time on the same leg on the front of my calf and when I tried to turn and run he shot me again on the other leg in the back of my calf. Then he brought me into the house and I remember him pacing and talking to himself. Then he turned to me and said,"it was either you or the girl in the parking lot. I saw you first." And then I remember him saying something like he had to do this. And usually when I dream I never see the people speak I just hesr them or somehow know what they are saying without them saying anything so this was different. It seemed more real. Next I remember me talking him into calling the police and it wouldn't be as bad as he thought it was. Next I remember the ambulance show up and take him. I'm laying in the back of a truck and take the blanket off my legs and see very vividly the bullet holes and blood gushing out of them and then I start bawling and I wake up. I couldn't go back to bed for another hour and I can't stop thinking about this dream and it's meaning. It was not like any other dream I have ever had and it was so realistic and vivid.
Trembly 2017-12-27 00:40:04
I had a dream I got shot with a .22 5 times. two in the leg and thee in the stomach. none of the ones in the stomach went fully through but the two in the leg did. I could feel the bullet hit and the pressure in all of the spots. I felt the burning sensation and you would think would happen when you get shot. I kept freaking out about how I though the little caliber bullet bounced around my body. Becuase that’s what they do. And was worried about what organs it hit. But I did survive.
Neesy 2017-12-08 14:49:11
I was at home, walked out the front door and onto the carport. I greeted an old friend that I no longer speak to and haven’t seen in about a year. He smiles genuinely greeting me with a hug, turning around so his back faces me, in the same instance, pull out a very tiny .22 revolver and shoots me from around his waist from behind him in the left lower stomach area and it stays in my body just noticable under the skin directly above the naval. I run but try not to let the bullet travel. I lose some details but end up in an apartment complex just up the street from my home. The same person who shot me continues trying in the most nonchalant way possible, (With a smile, and a hug.) The finale of the dream before I wake is in a Waffle House restaurant hiding from the shooter when this re-accuring elderly lady in a wheelchair rides past laughing while looking at me, another lady tells me the balance of money on my ebt card, I still have the bullet in my stomach apart like a keloid, the shooter walks in and sits down, I wake!
Arianna 2017-12-06 15:07:25
I had a dream that someone came into the house, and started shooting. I ran to the bathroom, locked the door, put something over my face, layed in the tub, and waited. The shooter eventually got to me. He said something then shot me either in the head or neck area I’m not sure because I was covering my face with something so I couldn’t see him. Blood was coming out of my mouth, and I think I died because I woke up from feeling like the blood was real.

Stephanie 2017-11-16 11:42:01
I had a dream that I asked someone to shoot me in the foot because it was a tradition at the place we were and it was supposed to be spiritual. So she did it. It was my left foot and I went to the doctor for it. I could see the hole and the blood. I wasn't scared or regretful, i was almost emotionless about it. Or maybe even excited to have to tell Someone what happened.
Diamond 2017-11-05 12:39:41
I had a dream that i was in a nice place but the guy i was talking to was there (we recently stopped talking) and he seemed mad or upset so he had taken a gun out and i told him "come on you really ganna do this?" then he shot in the air 3 times and i started running then he started shooting random people and i was one of them. I had died in that dream too which was so weird. I just want to know if the "gun man had any meaning towards the dream.
Celeste 2017-10-31 19:39:56
I had a dream I got shot right in the middle of my head and I seen who did it. I thought I didn’t get shot but in my dream I felt dizzy and I checked if I was bleeding and it was. I woke up with a slight throb where I supposedly got shot
Jamie 2018-02-25 12:11:49
I literally just had the same exact dream
Faith 2018-01-02 11:23:19
I had the same dream! I saw who shot me in the head and I was trying to protect my little brother but instead I ended up dying in my dream and when I woke up the part that was "shot" was hurting
Robert 2017-10-15 04:52:20
I had a dream I was shot and killed repeatedly each time I felt the bullet and I slumped then I came back instantly to be shot by the same person I said wait stop it's not working he kept trying
Gabriella 2017-09-11 10:10:36
I had a dream were i was sleeping in my old room and this disfigured guy asks if he could rub my feet i said yes at first i dont know why then we talked for a min and i said u feel like rubbing my feet now and then said u know what im sorry im sorry i take that back im married. So i run into my aunt and uncles room (my au t passed away 3 years ago ) shes sleeping in the same spot her earn is in. My infant daughter is o. Tge bed with my uncle and they are sleeping i try to wake them up quitely my aunt gets up and i hugged her out of fear. The door is locked and the guy is out tgere i tell my uncle he acts like its no big deal. The guy starts bagging on the door. I opened it. My uncle shiy him once it did nothing i must have shot him atleast 5 more times he kept coming towards me. Then i shot again i believe with a rifle and took half his face off through all this tge police were trying to get in. Once he was dead the doir was broken. The end. I would like to know what this means.
Mary 2017-08-11 07:31:25
My house help dream this morning that my husband shoot me. What does it mean?
Molly 2017-07-24 17:13:50
I can only remember fragments of this dream but it still freaks me out. I remember running or something then the next thing I re bed is that I was face down on a concrete floor. When I was laying there (on my front) I think someone (maybe a man) shot at me whilst another man tried to stop him. I removed feeling the impact of the bullet on my back and the warm sensation of blood coming out from the wound. I then thought I was going to die and wouldn't get up from the ground. I think I looked up a bit and was thinking how I didn't want to die but it would be cool to find out what it was like. It was black and fuzzy and silhouettes of pine trees were in the back of this grey image. I then thought in the dream that maybe when people die they can't describe what it's like as its too much effort to do so and they don't want to. This dream kind of freaked me out and I would really love to know what it means.
Deveny 2017-07-20 08:27:11
I had a dream a red car was stalking me while I was on foot at night so I ran to a park where my family was and went into our car to go home then I see the same red car come up to my moms side of the window and shoot her in the face. What does this mean I'm worried
Anonymous 2017-05-29 14:59:43
I had a dream where I needed the toilet, i got up and went to the toilet, my dog at infront if the door while I was peeing, however someone came behind me, I assumed from the window and placed a gun to the back if my head, shooting me twice. In the dream I knew who this person was and I freaked out. I walked dizzily out the bathroom and into the living room where my mum and my auntie, who was visiting at the time, were watching TV. I was panicking and was telling my mum I got shot and she looked at me and smiled sadly but it looked sarcastic and said "well what do you want me to do?" I remember sitting on my knees near the coach and placing my hand on the wound before passing out, mid sob. I woke up in a jolt and I had a migraine and I've had this dream like 3 times and I'm really confused and scared. (I'm 14) I told my friend and she said maybe it mean the ppl I love the most will be the ones that kill me, or maybe I had a short life?? Plz tell mf what this means!!
Candace 2017-07-13 18:07:52
Physical pain to the body also produces dreams that interpret the pain into situations that may fit a viable reason for pain. Maybe your migraines cause the sense of getting shot in a dream. This could also be a dream that means you will feel betrayed by loved ones, not necessarily death by a loved one.
Jodie 2017-04-07 13:22:20
had a dream where i was being chased around the beach by someone i knew in the dream (not in real life) who was trying to shoot me. He kept failing. But his mate/brother turned up abd shot me 3 times. Next thing im being worked by doctors and nurses and watch them put a canula in and my husband is there freaking out if ill be ok. im trying to talk to him and get his attention but i have tubes down my throat. I then woke up from the nightmare cos birds are chirping outside. I have been sobbing eversince. Any idea on what this means
Aamir 2017-04-03 02:33:18
This is my 5th dream where i have been shot. 5 bullets , 4 bullets shot in my hand and 1 at back just it touch and pass away but i didn't died and my hand was ok ..i don't know every time some one is trying to kill me...
Paula 2017-03-21 12:46:25
I want know whats the meaning of my dreamed.

Tia 2017-03-07 03:54:23
I had a dream where this guy and his friend came to our house to deliver a package he went away and then went round the corner, came back but when to my friends house they didn't answer and cause he k ew we was in he came back to our house and was shouting and swearing let me in or I'm going to kill you kept repeating things like this I called this police and as I was on the phone to the police they was sending someone over as that happened he somehow got in and shot my mum in her throat and so her boyfriend who was upstairs came running down and they shot him in the leg, I was putting pressure on my mums throats so her bleeding hopefully stops and then they left without injuring me and in the middle of when they shot my mums boyfriend the police turns up but they went again because he was armed and the people who turns up was just regular police officers and they didn't have any protection with them, although when I was on the phone to tell I did say that he has a gun but they thought I was prank calling them.
k8 2017-02-22 11:31:07
lastnight my dad put a gun to my mouth and shot me, i fell done and thought i was dead, i couldnt scream. i got up off the ground and realised all my teeth had gone from the bullet. i was walkig around crying and showing my family and no one believed me..
such a weird dream
Anonymous 2017-03-02 13:28:18
I keep having day dreams about shooting myself with multiple machine guns but falling down and not dying
Rachel 2017-02-15 05:56:56
Ive had multiple dreams about getting shot (but they arent unforgettable because i honestly dont remember much about them other than they happened) they dont ever act like nightmares though, the dreams are usually calm-ish and i dont wake up with urgency, like honestly i havent felt real emotions in my dreams for a while, its rare for me. I always kind of know im dreaming even if i cant acknowledge it in the dream you know?
The one i just had though started with a little boy situated where my front lawn meets the back lawn, and he was hurt somehow? His leg was bleeding i think. And so for some reason in order to help him i needed to find a knife? But then when i found it i had to hide it so i hid it and then went to check the boy. When i looked around the corner i saw my neighbor approaching him pointing a gun at him. He was also pointing one at her. I yelled "shoot her, boy!" But didnt get away before she was upon us. I was kinda frozen for a bit, honestly wondering if she could see me, but also thinking, of course she can im right in the open. Then i realize shes been trying to load the gun so im like oh shit an opportunity to rush her. But i also realized i wasted half of the loading time thinking. I ran up to her fully expecting to get shot, she shot and they grazed my head and i was so suprised i wasnt hurt i guess i faultered for a second and she shot me right in the top of the head multiple times. I felt pain of course, but my main thought while floating in blackness was "i wonder if this was real, if i actually died this time" (because the darkness took longer than usual) but no, i woke up. I woke up regretting not taking the knife with me cuz i could have stabbed her if i did but its all pretty meh in the emotional aspect.
The main reason this dream was unpleasent is just because i woke up too early but i cant go back to sleep cuz i keep thinking about how the dream went (and how i should have been smarter about it hahaha)
Jami 2017-02-07 12:48:13
I have had the same reoccurring dream the last 3 nights in a row. I'm going through a nasty divorce, I was in a mentally and verbally abusive relationship for 8 almost 9 years. The dream consist of me dropping my children off at my ex's or going to drop something off for one of them.. And my ex shoots me in the shoulder, in front of my children, he goes to jail, I place my finger in the bullet hole and recover.. What can this mean??
Diana 2017-09-17 17:12:39
Each dream has its own meaning based on who's having the dream. Based on what you've described it sounds like the divorce has been taking a lot of physical and mental energy. You might be afraid that your exhusband will betray you or hurt you when you aren't expecting it. While being shot might mean represent how scary and painful you feel at this moment in your life. The fact that you are able to heal yourself with your finger might mean that you don't feel ready to take on the new chapter of your life but yet you would be surprised on how easy things will unfold.
This is the vibe that I got from reading your dream, you have to try and look more deeply into it so you can understand what the dream is trying to tell you.
Hope this helps
Abi 2017-02-04 18:32:51
In my dream, my classmates and I were in a large room. A group of ten or twenty men began taking groups of four or five kids to the front of the room. They were forced to their knees facing us, then one of the men stood behind the kids at the front. He raised his gun and randomly shot one of them in the back of the head. The three people that survived were quickly ushered out of the room. Immediately after, everyone pancicked and pushed for the door. The men pushed us back and made us sit. Then they brought four more kids up, shot one, then let the remainder go. They repeated this process until there were only three of us left. A boy, my best friend, and me. They then told the boy to choose which one of us would die. Before he could choose, my friend and I both stepped forward, volunteering to save the other. She told them to shoot her, but I shoved her down, and they shot me instead.
Anomynous 2017-01-24 15:17:48
I was exploring a maze with my friends and something scared us so we ran to the end in a house. The owners of the house was playing a game and waned us to play with them. The game was to exit the house as fast as you can before they catch you, if you got caught the owners practically kidnap you. we all made it out of the house but one of the owners pulled my friend inside the house and said she lost. My other friend and I were saying "hey you can't do that we made it outside of the house!". while my kidnapped friend was telling to let her go. He then started to close the doors with my friends inside and I stopped him from closing the other door and said "let go of my f#$king friend or I will call the cops." The owner pulled out his phone and called the cops saying we broke into his house and I than told my friend to call the cops. The friend that was kidnapped pulled out a gun and shot in the air to get everyone's attention but the owners freaked out and pulled out guns and shot at everyone. he shot my friend who had the gun in the leg and she screamed and shot twice at an angle. Her angled shots scraped my scalp as I was protecting my other friend. The owner than shot my Stomach, Leg (2) and my shoulder. We all lived. But I awoke feeling pain in the places I got shot.

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